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Laparoscopic Gastric Banding: A Powerful Weapon in the Fight Against Adolescent Obesity

Laparoscopic Gastric Banding: A Powerful Weapon in the Fight Against Adolescent Obesity

The results of a recent LapBand® study shed light on a dark problem for America's youth.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) March 25, 2007

A recent article in the Elsevier Journal of Science and Health discussed the results of a study designed to test the impact of laparoscopic gastric banding procedures on morbidly obese adolescents.

The study followed the progress of 17 patients, with a median age of 17, who had undergone laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding by the same surgeon.

After 24 months patients lost a median of 59.3 percent of their excess weight and experienced a drop in BMI (Body Mass Index) from 44.7 kg/m2 to 30.2 kg/m2. Only two patients required follow up procedures to fix complications -- a band slip and a leaking port. Overall, the results determined that LapBand® (http://www. lapsf. com/lapband-weight-loss-surgery. php) is a safe and effective method for medium term weight loss in morbidly obese adolescents.

When asked to comment on the study, Dr. Gregg H. Jossart of Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco, stated, "In a country where 34 percent of the adult population is considered to be overweight, it is of critical importance that we take action against the rising obesity epidemic amongst adolescents."

He continued to explain his stance noting, "This study also represents a huge shift in the way we, as a country, can fight morbid obesity among young people. By giving parents and teenagers real facts about the effectiveness of weight-loss procedures like laparoscopic gastric banding, vertical sleeve gastrectomy (http://www. lapsf. com/vertical-gastrectomy-weight-loss-surgery. php) and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (http://www. lapsf. com/roux-en-y-gastric-bypass-weight-loss-surgery. php), they will begin to realize that surgical intervention can succeed where diet and exercise fail."

While the initial phase of the study has been completed, scientists will continue to monitor the progress of the 17 patients in hopes of discovering laparoscopic gastric banding's long-term ability to prevent obesity-related diseases like diabetes and congestive heart failure.

About Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco:

Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco (LapSF) is a team of surgeons with a compassionate approach to patient care and a proven commitment to laparoscopic advancement for bariatric surgical procedures. Specializing in the four main bariatric procedures: roux-en-y gastric bypass, vertical gastrectomy, LapBand® and duodenal switch, LapSF has performed over 2,000 procedures, and is recognized by the American Society of Bariatric Surgery (ASBS) as a Center of Excellence.


3 Indonesians From Same Family Died of Bird Flu, Unconfirmed Local Tests Show

3 Indonesians From Same Family Died of Bird Flu, Unconfirmed Local Tests Show

The H5N1 bird flu virus has spread to yet another African country in a new region, the Horn of Africa. A 2 year old girl and some chickens are confirmed as infected.

Ballwin, MO (PRWEB) May 15, 2006

Five members of the same family in North Sumatra, Indonesia, have tested positive for bird flu according to the Indonesian health ministry. Three of them died. Two are still alive.

The results won't be official until the United Nations World Health Organization WHO laboratories confirm the results.

Four of the five family members are adults -- 19, 25, 29 and 35 years old. All three of the deceased are adults. The other victims is described only as a toddler.

"It's striking that so much bird flu in Indonesia strikes families," says Richard Stooker, author of How to Protect Yourself and Your Family From Bird Flu. "Either they're all eating the same infected and undercooked chicken, or they catching it from each other. The toddler may have picked up bird flu from village chickens, but it's highly unlikely all four adults had that much close contact with chickens."

Richard Stooker researched the bird flu virus A/H5N1 and created a start to finish proprietary 7 Perimeter Immune Defense System that explains how to defeat bird flu at every stage. He also provides a list of the Super Immunity 7 herbs and supplements.

More information on how you can learn How to Protect Yourself and Your Family is available at the author's website and blog.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

John Tesh Hits New York Times Bestseller List with First Book "Intelligence For Your Life - Powerful Lessons for Personal Growth"

John Tesh Hits New York Times Bestseller List with First Book "Intelligence For Your Life - Powerful Lessons for Personal Growth"

With a nationwide audience of 8 million+ listeners, six-time Emmy winning radio and television host John Tesh can add "New York Times Bestseller" to his already impressive list of accomplishments. His uplifting new book, Intelligence for Your Life, debuts on the prestigious New York Times Bestseller List ("Advice & How-To" list) at #9.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 22, 2008

With a nationwide audience of 8 million+ listeners, six-time Emmy winning radio and television host John Tesh can add "New York Times Bestseller" to his already impressive list of accomplishments. His uplifting new book, Intelligence for Your Life (Thomas Nelson, Inc., ISBN# 978-0-8499-2043-1), debuts on the prestigious New York Times Bestseller List ("Advice & How-To" list) at #9 in only its first week on shelves.

Joining the stellar company on the list such as "The Secret," Tesh shares "The Intelligence" in this uplifting book with his own personal story of how he has applied bold principles to live a purposeful and passionate life. It will also inspire readers to find the deepest desires of their heart, create a plan for pursuing their dreams, overcome crippling fears, and inspire those around them.

In a 30 year career that includes investigative reporting for CBS NEWS, Olympic commentating for NBC sports, 10 years as host of Entertainment tonight, 5 gold albums and current host of THE JOHN TESH RADIO SHOW, John Tesh has established himself as a world-renowned broadcaster/entrepreneur.

Intelligence for Your Life is more than a guide to informed living; it is also a memoir. Tesh shares his own story here, revealing the passions that have driven him and given shape to his extraordinary professional and personal life, and how he's implemented the tools that he talks about on THE JOHN TESH RADIO SHOW every day.

Writes Tesh, "This world is full of people who have dreams of playing Carnegie Hall, of running the marathon, or owning their own business. Do they ever get to live out their dreams? The ones who understand how to live a life of power, passion and purpose do. This book will help you put together an action plan for your own personal goals."

Chapter titles include:
Finding your true passion  The power of focus Developing an action plan for your life  Perfecting your relationships Intelligence for your health  Landing your dream job And more….

The John Tesh Radio Show - Music and Intelligence for Your Life, is heard on over 280 radio stations by more than eight million listeners each week. One of the most popular radio shows in North America, Tesh, along with his ten full-time researchers, has uncovered a wealth of practical information, interesting facts and life-changing options to help you navigate the wide range of topics you encounter every day. Much of that wisdom he shares with his radio show listeners will also appear in Intelligence for Your Life - Powerful Lessons for Personal Growth.

"INTELLIGENCE FOR YOUR LIFE" is available in stores nationwide and at http://www. Tesh. com (http://www. Tesh. com). His new live concert television special JOHN TESH ALIVE! MUSIC & DANCE is currently airing on PBS stations nationwide.


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Stop Stressing About Your Heart Health – Step Up Your Fitness Program Before American Heart Month is Over

Stop Stressing About Your Heart Health – Step Up Your Fitness Program Before American Heart Month is Over

Because heart health occurs over a long period of time and people canÂ’t easily see the internal changes taking place, sticking to a fitness program can be challenging. A Minnesota based fitness author offers some practical tips to help get started. And it all begins with a calendar.

St. Paul, MN (PRWEB) February 17, 2005

FebruaryÂ’s American Heart Month raises awareness of heart disease and inspires and helps many people to take better care of their fitness and health. But for people inclined to stick their heads in the sand, or who feel overwhelmed or stressed out by the challenge of overhauling their unhealthy lifestyles, a Minnesota based fitness author offers some practical tips to help get started. And it all begins with a calendar.

“First, put your health habits into real-time mode by tracking them on a calendar. That will help you realize that you are already on a fitness program by virtue of what you do – or don’t do – every day of your life,” says Stillwater MN based Jennifer Luhrs, creator and publisher of the Streaming Colors™ Fitness Journal, a calendar you color in with your positive fitness actions each day. “No one expects perfection, but today is a good day to start making small improvements in your fitness habits, especially since so many people are reaching out to help you during American Heart Month.”

“Second, look at your calendar and start relating your health habits to the traditional calendar divisions you use all the time – days, weeks, months and years. Look for opportunities to accelerate steady, gradual change. If, like most people, you make resolutions in January and forget about them by February, make a note on your calendar right now to set realistic, action-oriented goals at the beginning of every month. When it comes to your health, you can’t afford to put off improvement for a whole year at a time,” cautions Luhrs, 55, who has a family history of heart disease.

Luhrs advises you to keep breaking your fitness efforts down into smaller and more manageable steps. Set a goal for how many hours you’ll exercise each week, or how often each week you’ll add a healthy food item like fish or oatmeal to your daily diet, or avoid an unhealthy food like greasy french fries. Keep track of it all every day on your calendar. “Studies show that people who keep a journal are more successful in making healthy behavior change,” states daughter Alexis Luhrs, who shares her mother’s goal of making fitness more fun for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Because heart health occurs over a long period of time and people canÂ’t easily see the internal changes taking place, sticking to a fitness program can be challenging. ThatÂ’s why the Luhrs women have created a calendar that offers people a fun, visual way to see the progress they make in taking positive fitness actions over time. On the Streaming Colors Fitness Journal, boldly-outlined daily modules are colored in according to a customized monthly color key. Yellow might indicate exercise, orange could show a workout with weights, and green might celebrate a donut-free day. Seeing too much empty white space helps motivate you to do more.

“With the signs of heart disease showing up in children at younger and younger ages, it’s clear that Americans of all ages need to take steps every day to create a heart healthy lifestyle,” says Alexis Luhrs, 26. “It’s a lifelong gift we can give to ourselves and to the people we love. If you still can’t get started, identify the single most important thing that is standing in your way and resolve to take care of it before American Heart Month is over. Whether it’s calling your doctor for a pre-exercise check-up, shopping for some running shoes, or joining a walking club or weight loss support group, write it down on your calendar and then do it before February is over. There’s magic in just getting started.”

The Streaming Colors Fitness Journal ($15.95) is available online at www. streamingcolors. com and at amazon. com. Ask for it through your employer, health care provider, fitness trainer and other retailers.


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Arbre de Vie Line Now Includes Unique Natural Hair Care With Shea Butter

Arbre de Vie Line Now Includes Unique Natural Hair Care With Shea Butter

BKO Products, the makers of the Arbre de Vie are expanding their Shea bodycare line to include hair products. The company, which launched in December 2004, has made a name for itself offering a line of products uniquely made with pure unrefined shea butter - which is known to have strong regenerative and moisturizing properties. The hair products are a natural extension of the brand as shea butter benefits hair as much as it does skin. Arbre de Vie’s innovative haircare line currently includes a hot oil treatment and a hair and scalp pomade.

Gaithersburg, MD (PRWEB) February 16, 2006

BKO Products, the makers of the Arbre de Vie brand are expanding their Shea bodycare line to include hair products. The company, which launched in December 2004, has made a name for itself by offering a line of products uniquely made with pure unrefined Shea butter - which is known to have strong regenerative and moisturizing properties. The hair products are a natural extension of the brand as Shea butter benefits hair as much as it does skin. Arbre de Vie’s innovative haircare line currently includes a hot oil treatment and a hair and scalp pomade.

The Arbre de Vie Shea Hot Oil Treatment is a deep moisturizing treatment that helps re-hydrate, revitalize, repair and strengthen hair while bringing shine, softness and manageability. This all natural product is made with a combination of pure unrefined Shea butter, avocado butter, and oils that are known to tonify and condition the hair and scalp. The Arbre de Vie Shea Hot Oil Treatment works for all hair types and brings life and bounce back to hair that is dry or has been damaged by heat, straightening, styling, color or sun.

The Arbre de Vie Shea Hair and Scalp Pommade is an innovative natural formula designed for coarse dry hair. This light Pommade contains a well-balanced blend of Shea butter and invigorating oils that promotes hair growth and conditioning and, has a nice subtle fragrance. It is a wonderful leave-in daily conditioning treatment that moisturizes the scalp and hair while its regenerative properties help reduce breakage and split ends. The Pommade, which comes in two convenient jar sizes, can be used on natural or relaxed hair and on dreadlocks.

“I have used all types of treatments on my hair but most use harsh chemicals that do more harm then good.” said Coumba Fall, of Bethesda, MD, “Since I discovered the natural Arbre de Vie hair products my hair looks great and it feels soft and shines - but most important I know it is healthy.”

The Shea Hot Oil Treatment and the Hair and Scalp Pommade are 100% natural and, as all Arbre de Vie products, they are not tested on animals and do not use mineral oil or petrolatum. The new products are available in the United States through the Arbre de Vie website (www. ArbreDeVieProducts. com) and prices range from $4.95 to $19.95.

About BKO Products

The company, founded in December 2004 by two mothers from Gaithersburg, Maryland, offers a large range of body care products made from pure unrefined Shea butter. The name of its Arbre de Vie brand, which signifies “Tree of Life” in French, stands for the wonderful natural properties that Shea butter offers, illustrating the many beneficial functions it has served for hundreds of years. Shea butter offers a wealth of exceptional health and beauty benefits. Arbre de Vie products are unique in that they include generous amounts of Shea butter and that it is used pure and unrefined to retain the innate properties of the oil.

For more information please log on to the Arbre de Vie Web Site at www. ArbreDeVieProducts. com or www. TreeOfLifeProducts. com.


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BicyclesTricyclesAndMore. com Promotes Active and Energizing Lifestyle for Kids

BicyclesTricyclesAndMore. com Promotes Active and Energizing Lifestyle for Kids

Founders of BicyclesTricyclesAndMore. com, Lee and Cheryl Cadel are pleased to voice the publication of their brand-new website. Shoppers will discover a premium selection of active toys for kids including bicycles, tricycles, wagons, pedal cars and more in styles for boys and girls. Visit the site’s blog to learn more about easy ways to keep kids active and healthy.

Old Bridge, NJ (Vocus) September 10, 2010

Web entrepreneurs Lee and Cheryl Cadel are pleased to announce the publication of their brand-new website, http://www. BicyclesTricyclesAndMore. com. Making its debut in August, the online business was developed to provide parents with a premium selection of active-living resources to ensure their children stay fit and healthy as they enjoy their playtime.

“We want to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for children at a young age,” Lee said.

At BicyclesTricyclesAndMore. com shoppers are invited to discover a quality selection of bicycles and tricycles designed for boys and girls ages 18 months to 12 years old. Choose from childrens tricycles that include Fold 2 Go Trikes – great for easy transportation – and Grown ‘N Go Bikes that adjust to fit a child as they grow. A variety of push tricycles, such as the Retro Rocket and the Inchworm are also available.

Big kid options include bicycles like the Boys BMX Racer and the Girl’s Jasmine; these items are available in several sizes to accommodate various age groups. Accessories such as training wheels, a detachable handle bar for parents to guide their kids as they ride and more may also be purchased. Pedal cars and Radio Flyer Wagons are two more items that deliver hours of fun for kids.

“We anticipate the Radio Flyer Wagons to be a popular seller because it’s a well-known and respected brand that’s been around for generations,” Lee said.

Keep an eye out for new products as the couple will continue to update their website with new merchandise. Just on the horizon, shoppers can look forward to the introduction of a complete line of helmets and bike locks as well as the In Step pull along trailer, which attaches to the back of any bike and allows parents to take their children on a family ride. Plus, in the distant future, the couple hopes to introduce a complete line of adult bicycles to complete the spectrum.

To learn more about the specific products available at BicyclesTricyclesAndMore. com, visit the website’s newly formulated blog, http://www. BicyclesTricyclesBlog. com. This social platform will also be used to discuss the many health benefits of active toys like these as well as highlight other simple ways to kids fit and healthy during playtime.

BicyclesTricyclesAndMore. com, where quality products are matched with affordable prices to create the ultimate shopping experience! Stop in today to discover super savings on shipping as the website provides a flat rate of $10 for shipping on any order.

About the Company:
BicyclesTricyclesAndMore. com is owned and operated by web entrepreneurs Lee and Cheryl Cadel.

Lee and Cheryl Cadel
Http://www. BicyclesTricyclesAndMore. com
(877) 511-8864

IePlexus, Inc.
Http://www. iePlexus. com


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Brain Tumor Patients and Their Families Get Dedicated and Educated Attention When They Call for Physical, Emotional and Social Support

Brain Tumor Patients and Their Families Get Dedicated and Educated Attention When They Call for Physical, Emotional and Social Support

Supportive communications efforts, such as toll-free lines, Internet and email are highlighted during the first National Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation Week, May 23-29, 2005.

CHICAGO, IL (PRWEB) May 23, 2005

In a time when callers are sent into voice mail dungeons when they try to find an answer to a question, brain tumor patients and their families say theyÂ’re relieved and pleasantly surprised when they get a live person on the other end of the phone when they call for support.

More than 1,200 people from throughout the country who contact Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation-funded telephone lines, email and Internet accessible areas ask social workers questions about everything from financial challenges that accompany an illness like brain tumors to information about care and treatment of the disease.

“We always have a sense that people are very overwhelmed when they contact us,” Dianne Barounis, a social worker who answers questions via Gullikson Foundation-funded lines at the American Brain Tumor Association, said. “They receive lots of information from their health care providers and don’t know how to interpret it, or they don’t receive any information and want it. Our job is to give them direction.”

Specialist-answered toll-free lines, Internet and email support are just some of the Tim & Tom Gullikson-funded programs that are receiving recognition May 23-29, 2005 which marks the first National Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation Week. Programs and fund raisers continue throughout the FoundationÂ’s 10th Anniversary year that assist brain tumor patients with the physical, emotional and social challenges that result from brain tumor diagnoses.

Jillann Demes, a social worker from Chicago, understands the challenge of finding information all too well as her mother was diagnosed with brain tumors and ultimately lost her battle with the disease.

“As someone who has gone through this illness personally, as I did with my mother, I still [some days] ask myself how I got through it,” Demes said. “When you’re personally involved you feel like although you have access to quality health care and have reasonable intelligence, you still don’t know where to turn.”

It was DemesÂ’ experiences that led to her desire to help make life less complicated for brain tumor patients and their families.

It was also the experience of tennis professional and coach Tim Gullikson that led to the formation of the Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation in 1995.

The Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation was founded by tennis professionals Tim and his twin brother, Tom Gullikson, and their families after Tim was diagnosed with brain tumors in 1995. At the time of diagnosis, Tim Gullikson was coach to No. 1 ranked Pete Sampras. His goal in teaming with his family to create the Foundation was to help brain tumor patients and their families manage the challenges presented by the disease.

The Foundation accepts honorary and memorial donations. It may be contacted at 1-888-GULLIKSON or Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation, 8000 Sears Tower, Chicago, IL 60606.


Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation



Pretzel Crisps® Go Prime Time

Pretzel Crisps® Go Prime Time

The world's first pretzel cracker gets high praise on the Food Network's popular program 'Unwrapped.'

Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) August 9, 2007

Pretzel Crisps got prime time praise on the Food Network's highly popular show 'Unwrapped.' Seen in more than 70 million households, 'Unwrapped' is hosted by Marc Summers who takes viewers behind the scenes to learn more about their favorite foods.

"We were pleased to welcome Unwrapped into our factory to give snackers a glimpse of what goes into making our irresistibly crunchy Pretzel Crisps," said Warren Wilson, president of The Snack Factory. "Of course, we kept the most secret of the secret process under wraps even for 'Unwrapped' but hope that Pretzel Crisps lovers enjoyed a peek behind the package."

The "Good 4 You" episode of Unwrapped featured healthy alternatives that taste great. Pretzel Crisps were noted for their irresistible crunch and versatility as not only a snack, but a gourmet pretzel cracker perfect for dipping, spreading and enhancing any high-class spread. The segment teased the next great flavor expected from the Snack Factory in time for the holiday season, Chocolate-covered Pretzel Crisps.

Watched by primarily affluent, educated men and women ages 18-45, Unwrapped provides great exposure for Pretzel Crisps. The show originally aired on August 6th, 2007 with additional air dates scheduled for August 7th, 17th and 18th. Local listings and show information are available on the Food Network website at: http://301url. com/bi6 (http://301url. com/bi6).

About The Snack Factory:
From the creators and former owners of New York Style Bagel Chip Co. comes Pretzel Crisps, a unique pretzel cracker. Family owned and operated by entrepreneurial husband and wife team Warren and Sara Wilson, the Snack Factory is based in Princeton, NJ. For more information, visit www. pretzelcrisps. com.


Lean Sourcing and Supply Chain Practitioner, Bellwether Services, Strengthens Commitment to Green Supply Chain Sustainability and Quality

Lean Sourcing and Supply Chain Practitioner, Bellwether Services, Strengthens Commitment to Green Supply Chain Sustainability and Quality

Bellwether Services, a leading Lean Sourcing, Spend Management, Green Supply Chain, Lean Six Sigma and Quality Audit Solution Provider publishes a set of comprehensive continuous improvement tools for lean sourcing, supply chain, sustainability, and other professionals.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 4, 2009

Bellwether Services announces a comprehensive Green Supply Chain Performance Tool and Green Supply Chain Glossary for Public Release. These extensive tools provides guidance to Logistics, Sourcing, Industrial Engineering, Procurement, Sustainability, Information Technology (IT), Supply Chain, Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) Professionals.

As a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and ISM Sustainability advocate, Bellwether progressively utilizes a green supply chain thought leadership approach with tools such as the Bellwether Green Supply Chain Maturity Model (http://bellwether-services. blogspot. com/2008_12_01_archive. html) in 2008 and now in 2009 with the release of two transformational tools; Green Supply Chain Glossary and Green Supply Chain Performance Tool.

The Green Supply Chain Glossary provides operational definitions to lean sourcing and supply chain professionals, bringing together often misunderstood environmental concepts into one comprehensive document. This glossary can be used to develop future sourcing events such as; request for proposals (RFP), request for quote (RFQ), and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities.

The second transformational tool, Green Supply Chain Performance Tool, is a continuous improvement instrument that offers an overview of various green supply chain performance drivers including; Air Emissions, Sourcing Events, Supplier Environmental Performance and many others.

"The Bellwether Team is pleased to share these innovative and useful Lean Sourcing and Green Supply Chain materials," says John Wilkerson, CPSM, SSMBB, Executive Director. He continues, "We see of our sourcing and supply chain tools as must have for future Green Supply Chain Transformations or Cost Reduction events."

Details can be found at:
 http://www. bellwether-services. com/downloads/Green_Supply_Chain_Performance_Table. pdf (http://www. bellwether-services. com/downloads/Green_Supply_Chain_Performance_Table. pdf)  http://bellwether-services. com/downloads/Green_Supply_Chain_Glossary. pdf (http://bellwether-services. com/downloads/Green_Supply_Chain_Glossary. pdf)

Bellwether Services:

An internationally recognized Green Supply Chain, Spend Management, Lean Six Sigma, and Quality Audit solution provider, Bellwether Services is dedicated to numerous industries such as; Private Equity, Beverage, Chemical, Food, Aerospace, Financial Services, Global Logistics Solution Providers, as well as Public Health, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical and the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

For more information, please visit our website @ htttp://www. bellwether-services. com/target_market. html (http://www. bellwether-services. com/target_market. html).

John Wilkerson
Http://www. bellwether-services. com/target_market. html (http://www. bellwether-services. com/target_market. html)

"Our Mantra ~ Believe, Execute, Achieve"


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Next Safety, Inc. Offers the Only Solution For UK Smoking Ban: Company Offers Clubs, Pubs, Casinos, and Business People Nicotine Without The Smoke

Next Safety, Inc. Offers the Only Solution For UK Smoking Ban: Company Offers Clubs, Pubs, Casinos, and Business People Nicotine Without The Smoke

Next Safety, Inc.'s responds to the no-smoking ban in the United Kingdom with its revolutionary pulmonary drug delivery device. The handheld device delivers nicotine more effectively than a cigarette, without the smoke. It has enormous potential in the United Kingdom, and other areas of the world, where no-smoking bans have gone into effect.

WEST JEFFERSON, N. C. (PRWEB) July 4, 2007

 Roughly the size of a pack of cigarettes, the device will be used in much the same way as current inhalers. The nicotine is supplied in replaceable cartridges; the cartridges are monitored by electronically stored information to ensure safe dosing. Battery powered circuitry monitors the system to create and deliver nicotine to the lungs at the optimal point during inhalation. The nicotine is delivered through a mouthpiece connected to the system by a flexible hose.

THE RESULT: Using this breakthrough technology, Next Safety has delivered nicotine with such high efficiency and efficacy that an inhaled dose equal to less than 30 percent of that inhaled from the average cigarette yields psychoactive results that last 12 to 18 hours in the average person. Receptors in the brain receive nicotine rapidly without the inhalation of the more than 300 combustion byproducts contained in cigarette smoke. The device delivers extremely high arterial levels of nicotine - with effects felt less than ten seconds after inhalation - and provides higher psychoactive effects than cigarettes or any other tobacco product on the market.

Persons using the hand held device still get the nicotine "hit" that they crave, but won't be breaking any new "no-smoking" laws. The company looks forward to working with the National Health Service organisations to support their important leadership in removing the carcinogens from public spaces.

"Next Safety, Inc. offers the only solution to the no-smoking ban," said C. Eric Hunter, CEO and founder of Next Safety, Inc. "This type of technology has never been seen before. It is a tremendous breakthrough that will save millions of lives as well as allow public and private establishments to operate without losing the revenue of a smoking public."

Initially, the unit will be provided to unregulated global markets with availability in other areas following regulatory compliance. Next Safety, Inc. anticipates production volumes will reach more than one million units monthly in the first quarter of 2008. Primary manufacturing capacity will be provided through contract-manufacturing firms and a significant expansion of Next Safety's West Jefferson, North Carolina, USA facility.

In addition to nicotine, Next Safety will soon launch drug delivery tests utilizing its pulmonary drug delivery method and devices that will include antibiotics (tobramycin), anti-emetics (promethazine), bronchodilators (albuterol), and narcotics (morphine).

About Next Safety, Inc.

Next Safety is located in North Carolina, an area already known for leadership in technology and medicine. The company has leveraged this expertise to develop the worlds most advanced respirator technology and to advance the field of pulmonary medicine. Next Safety's bPure8000(TM) line of respirators provide higher protection against airborne viruses and fine particulate air pollution than any other respirator available globally. Next Safety now brings the same innovative approach to the science of pulmonary drug delivery and nicotine replacement.

For more information about Next Safety, Inc. visit http://www. NextSafety. com (http://www. NextSafety. com).

Adaptive Network Security Solutions from Vernier Networks Selected to Meet HIPAA Requirements for Healthcare Organizations

Adaptive Network Security Solutions from Vernier Networks Selected to Meet HIPAA Requirements for Healthcare Organizations

Vernier NetworksÂ’ Adaptive Network Security Solution Protects Patient Records While Offering Latest Network Security Solutions and Network Services at Howard County General Hospital and St. VincentÂ’s Hospital

Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) October 7, 2004

http://www. verniernetworks. com (http://www. verniernetworks. com) - Vernier Networks®, an adaptive network security solution provider for complete network security, recently announced that several health care organizations have selected the Vernier Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) to secure their networks and help them meet the technical requirements of the 1996 Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect online patient records. Howard County Hospital in Columbia, Md. and St. Vincent's Hospital in Birmingham, Ala. are among the hospitals that have deployed the Vernier adaptive network security solution. The deadline to meet HIPAA requirements is April 21, 2005.

The Vernier ASP is the industry's first adaptive network security solution that enables health care organizations to meet stringent HIPAA requirements while assuring continuous, secure network availability on their wired and wireless networks. These requirements which are directly addressed by the Vernier adaptive network security solution include network access control, authorization control, data authentication, user authentication, data encryption and audit controls. Additionally, Vernier's multi-layered adaptive network security solution proactively protects networks from increasingly complex attacks, while continually adapting network security policy to provide complete worm and virus protection, and to protect against future threats.

Howard County General Hospital, part of the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System, selected the Vernier adaptive network security to offer HIPAA-compliant, secure network access control for more than 750 physicians, while protecting the hospital's network from viruses and worms. Since most of the physicians at Howard County General Hospital are visiting physicians with their own laptops or PDAs, the hospital's IT staff faced a huge amount of work to provide them with access to patient records via the hospital's network.

“We had to find a way to enable visiting physicians and other mobile workers to access patient records or use our Internet access while meeting HIPAA requirements,” said Rick Edwards, director of information systems at Howard County General Hospital. “Using the Vernier ASP, we can now protect the network in a number of ways. We can prevent physicians from unauthorized access to resources on the hospital's internal network, as well as prevent them from accessing network devices such as routers. We can ensure that if a physician's laptop becomes infected with a virus or a worm, it cannot launch a denial of service attack against the hospital's network infrastructure. Should a physician's computing device become infected, the Vernier ASP will automatically detect the infection and quarantine the device until it has been cleaned.”

Networking Concepts Inc., a networking integration firm based in Columbia, Md. installed and configured the Vernier system at Howard County General Hospital.

St. Vincent's Hospital, one of the “100 Most Wired Health Care Facilities” according to Hospitals and Health Networks magazine, also implemented the Vernier adaptive network security solution to provide secure, HIPAA-compliant access to its staff which included physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers.

“At St. Vincent's Hospital, we have a legal obligation to ensure that our patients' records are protected from security threats all the time. Our security system has to be foolproof,” said Eddie Kilgore, information security officer of St. Vincent's Hospital based in Birmingham, Ala. “We found that the Vernier ASP enabled us to track any user's device on the network by their identity and define what network resources they can access and when. The result is total control over all the users on the network while still offering the most advanced services to our patients and staff. Additionally, unlike the competition, the Vernier ASP was easy to configure, eliminating complicated configuration chores.”

“The majority of our healthcare customers have deployed the Vernier ASP to meet stringent HIPAA requirements. The Vernier ASP offers healthcare organizations the highest assurance of comprehensive network security and compliance with HIPAA and other security regulation requirements while enabling them to increase the level of network services to physicians and patients,” said Bethany Mayer, vice president of marketing at Vernier.

The Vernier adaptive network security solution provides five layers of network security, designed to provide enterprises with the most rigorous and stringent security controls for their wired and wireless networks. The Vernier ASP includes: Trusted Network Design, Trusted Network Admission, Trusted Network Defense, Trusted Network Outbreak Management and Trusted Network Remediation. These layers reduce the possibility of an attack, and if an attack occurs, resolve the attack immediately, while adapting policy to prevent future threats to the network. The result is an unprecedented level of network security and an assurance of network continuity.

About Vernier Networks

Vernier Networks offers the industryÂ’s first adaptive network security products for wired and wireless networks that enable enterprises to assure business continuity. VernierÂ’s Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) proactively protects enterprise networks from increasingly complex attacks, actively resolves intrusions, while continually adapting network security policy to protect against future threats and provide complete worm and virus protection. VernierÂ’s proven network security solutions and wireless LAN security solutions operate today in thousands of networks for hundreds of customer worldwide, and have received numerous awards including InfoWorldÂ’s 2004 Technology of the Year Award and the 2003 Product of the Year Award from Network Magazine. Vernier is a privately held company headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. and can be found on the Web at www. verniernetworks. com.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

LASIK Expert Dr. James Salz Co-Authors Article on Pupil Size in Connection with LASIK & Other Laser Eye Surgeries in August 2006 Issue of Current Opinion in Ophthalmology

LASIK Expert Dr. James Salz Co-Authors Article on Pupil Size in Connection with LASIK & Other Laser Eye Surgeries in August 2006 Issue of Current Opinion in Ophthalmology

In the article entitled “Pupil Size and Corneal Laser Surgery” published in the August 2006 Issue of Current Opinion in Ophthalmology on refractive surgery Dr. Salz and Dr. Trattler reviewed recent findings on the role of scotopic pupil size as a factor in predicting night vision complaints from patients who have had laser surgery operations such as LASIK. Dr. Salz and Dr. Trattler recommend that laser eye surgeons accurately measure pupil size of prospective patients in a dark room and advise patients with large pupils of their increased risk as part of their standard informed consent procedure. In addition, studies have shown that Laser eye surgery utilizing Wavefront-based laser eye treatments, which can include LASIK, have reduced the incidence of these complaints compared to conventional treatments.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 7, 2006

Dr. James Salz (www. drsalz. com) co-authored an article entitled “Pupil Size and Corneal Laser Surgery” in the August 2006 issue of Current Opinion in Ophthalmology on refractive surgery. The article was co-written with Dr. William Trattler. In the article, Dr. Salz and Dr. Trattler reviewed recent findings on the role of scotopic pupil size as a factor in predicting night vision complaints from patients who have had laser surgery operations such as LASIK.

According to Dr. Salz, “This article reviews the current thinking on the importance of pupil size. Many patients with large nighttime pupils have night vision complaints following laser refractive surgery procedures such as LASIK. Laser eye surgeons should measure the pupils of prospective patients accurately in a dark room and advise them of a potential increased risk if their pupils are larger than normal. This course of action is an important aspect of the informed consent process. Wavefront-based laser eye treatments, which can include LASIK, have reduced the incidence of these complaints compared to conventional treatments. Patients who do not improve with time can often be helped with eye drops, which can reduce the pupil size for several hours.

For additional information on the importance of pupil size, please visit http://drsalz. com/pupil_size. htm (http://drsalz. com/pupil_size. htm)

About Laser Vision Medical Associates

Laser Vision Medical Associates, Inc. (Laser Vision Medical Associates)(www. drsalz. com) is the refractive surgery medical private practice of Dr. James J. Salz, M. D. and is services patients in the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Orange County regions of Southern California. Dr. James Salz, M. D. is the President and primary physician who performs laser vision surgery for the company. Dr. Salz has been researching and publishing studies as well as performing refractive surgery, including LASIK, for over 20 years. Dr. Salz is Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Southern California and Co-Director of Refractive Surgery Research at the Discovery Fund for Eye Research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He has been the principal investigator for several major studies, including 8 FDA excimer laser studies, STAAR Surgical Implantable Contact Lens for Hyperopia FDA clinical trial. Dr. James Salz has been a paid consultant to Visx, and Alcon. Dr. James Salz is an expert of special interest in all aspects of refractive surgery, including LASIK, PRK, and Phakic implants. Dr. James Salz is also an expert in cataract surgery and lens implantation as well as medical legal matters and device and method patents related to ophthalmology. Dr. James Salz has an extensive listing of publications he has written or edited (www. drsalz. com/publicat. html (http://www. drsalz. com/publicat. html)), and has spoken at hundreds of meetings concerning LASIK and other laser eye surgery procedures in the United States and abroad. For more information about Dr. Salz and LASIK and other laser eye surgery procedures, please visit www. drsalz. com. For information about Dr. James Salz’s unique qualifications for LASIK, please see http://www. drsalz. com/choose_dr_salz. htm (http://www. drsalz. com/choose_dr_salz. htm). Laser Vision Medical Associates performs its LASIK and laser eye surgery procedures at Laser Eye Associates.

About Laser Eye Associates, Inc.

Laser Eye Associates of Los Angeles, Inc. (“Laser Eye Associates”) is an association consisting of about 30 LASIK and laser eye surgeons in the Beverly Hills/Los Angeles area. Laser Eye Associates is one of the few laser vision centers in the world with 3 different FDA approved excimer laser systems (Alcon, Visx and Alegretto): a femtosecond laser (Intralase) for creating the LASIK flap without a blade; (2) a Holmium laser system for treating low degrees of hyperopia; and (3) the only FDA approved procedure for treating presbyopia (the condition which requires reading glasses after age 40 the Refractec Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) instrument. Dr. James J. Salz is currently President of Laser Eye Associates and a shareholder of the company.

Source: Laser Vision Medical Associates

Laser Vision Medical Associates

Attn: Dr. James Salz

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

At Mark Goodson Building

444 S. San Vicente Blvd, Suite 703

Los Angeles, CA. 90048

Contact: Donna Jones

Phone: (323) 653-3800

Website: www. drsalz. com

About Current Opinion in Ophthalmology

Current Opinion in Ophthalmology is a reader-friendly, bimonthly resource that provides a powerful, broad-based perspective on the most important advances from throughout the world literature. Featuring renowned guest editors and focusing exclusively on one or two topics, every issue of Current Opinion in Ophthalmology delivers unvarnished, expert assessments of developments from the previous year. Insightful editorials and on-the-mark invited reviews cover seven key subjects in all, spanning cataract surgery and lens implantation; glaucoma; retina and vitreous disorders; corneal and external disorders and refractive surgery; oculoplastic and orbital surgery; strabismus; neuro-ophthalmology; and ocular manifestations of systemic disease.

Website: http://www. co-ophthalmology. com (http://www. co-ophthalmology. com)

Current Opinion in Ophthalmology is published by Published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (“LWW”), a leading international publisher of professional health information for physicians, nurses, specialized clinicians and students. LWW provides essential information for healthcare professionals in print and electronic formats, including textbooks, journals, CD-ROM, and via Intranets and the Internet.

Website: http://www. lwwonline. com (http://www. lwwonline. com)

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

530 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106-3621

Phone: (215) 521-8300

Fax: (215)/521-8902


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Celebrate Earth Day at one of The Nature Conservancy's Preserves

Celebrate Earth Day at one of The Nature Conservancy's Preserves

Reconnect With ArizonaÂ’s Natural Beauty, Diverse Wildlife And Cultural Heritage In Quiet, Outdoor Sanctuaries

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) April 20, 2005

Urban-weary Arizonans looking for an Earth Day escape can rediscover the stateÂ’s simple and bucolic pleasures at four of The Nature ConservancyÂ’s outdoor preserves located around Arizona. In addition to scenic landscapes, preserve visitors will enjoy hiking, bird-watching, glimpses of wildlife and guided walks where docents explain the interdependence of plants and animals.

“If we’re going to protect Arizona’s unique natural assets, we need to learn about and experience them,” said Pat Graham, state director of The Nature Conservancy in Arizona. “Many of us living in urban areas are spending less and less time outdoors. Our preserves provide the perfect place to get outside and explore the natural world around us.”

The Conservancy’s Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve will offer several guided nature walks this weekend, April 23-24, in conjunction with “The Birdland Art and Nature Affair” in Patagonia (call preserve for details or visit www. patagoniaaz. com). All four Conservancy preserves listed below will celebrate Earth Day next week with docent-led nature walks on Saturday morning, April 30, at the times indicated:

Phoenix Area

• Hassayampa River Preserve: The 100-mile-long, mostly underground Hassayampa River—one of the Sonoran DesertÂ’s few flowing, un-dammed rivers—surfaces in this lush river setting to provide a home to more than 280 resident and migratory bird species, including several varieties of hummingbirds. Site of one of ArizonaÂ’s first guest ranches, the historic 660-acre preserve also supports one of the desertÂ’s best remaining stands of cottonwood-willow forest. Docent-led nature walk 8:30-10:30 a. m.; reservations required by April 28. Call (928) 684-2772 for information.. Located on Highway 60, three miles southeast of Wickenburg. Currently open 8:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. Wednesday through Sunday. Admission $5 per person over 12, Conservancy members $3.

Tucson Area

• Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve: Nestled in a verdant valley between the Patagonia and Santa Rita mountains—at the heart of ArizonaÂ’s ranching and wine-making country—this 1,350-acre preserve protects magnificent, streamside 100-foot-high cottonwood and willow trees more than a century old. Spring-fed Sonoita Creek also supports an incredibly diverse neighborhood of butterflies, birds, wildlife and endangered fishes, including the Gila topminnow. Docent-led nature walk 9:00-11:00 a. m. Call (520) 394-2400 for information. Located 60 miles southeast of Tucson, near Patagonia. Currently open 6:30 a. m. to 4:00 p. m. Wednesday through Sunday. Admission $5, Conservancy members $3, Patagonia residents and children under 16 free.

• Ramsey Canyon Preserve: This world-renowned bird-watching paradise hosts such rare species as the elegant trogon in its steep mountain canyon sheltered by a canopy of trees. The preserveÂ’s unusually moist, cool environment is home to more than 400 plant types, with water-loving trees like sycamores and maples sharing the banks of Ramsey Creek with cacti, yucca and agaves. Surrounding the preserve, mountains rising abruptly from native prairies create sky “islands.” Docent-led nature walk 9:00-11:00 a. m. Call (520) 803-6873 for information. Located 90 miles southeast of Tucson, 10 miles south of Sierra Vista. Currently open 8:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. daily. Admission $5, Conservancy members and Cochise County residents $3, children under 16 free.

• Muleshoe Ranch Preserve: Stretching across 49,000 acres, this rugged and diverse landscape ranges from Sonoran and Chihuahuan desert at 3,400 feet to pine trees at elevations over 7,500 feet high. Flowing strong, five perennial streams criss-cross the preserveÂ’s robust prairie lands and support fishes like the Gila chub. The Conservancy shares management of the area with federal agencies—together, theyÂ’re using controlled fires to make damaged lands healthy again. Docent-led nature walk 8:00-10:00 a. m. Call (520) 507-5229 for information. Located 30 miles northwest of Willcox. Currently open Thursday through Monday through Memorial Day. No admission fee. Casita-style lodging available.

For more details about these preserves or The Nature Conservancy in Arizona, visit the ConservancyÂ’s web site at nature. org/arizona.

The Nature Conservancy is a leading international, nonprofit organization that preserves plants, animals and natural communities representing the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. In Arizona, the Conservancy has been actively engaged in saving the stateÂ’s last great places for over 40 years. For more information about our work in Arizona, visit nature. org/arizona.


Buy Tension Headache, Migraine, Muscle Spasm and Fibromyalgia Online Discount Medication Without a Prior Prescription. Also Amoxicillin, Zithromax Z-Pac, Levitra, Watson Brand Soma and Many More

Buy Tension Headache, Migraine, Muscle Spasm and Fibromyalgia Online Discount Medication Without a Prior Prescription. Also Amoxicillin, Zithromax Z-Pac, Levitra, Watson Brand Soma and Many More.

TensionHeadacheMedication. com provides a marketing service which allows patients to legally order over 90 discount FDA approved prescription medications for tension headache, migraine, arthritis and muscle spasms plus more.

(PRWEB) November 28, 2004

While there is a great debate in the U. S. medical community over the pros and cons of allowing consumers to purchase prescriptions online the facts and figures prove the number of uninsured is alarming. Add to the number of uninsured all the individuals which are currently without a doctor due to relocation, the retirement of the doctor or any other number of reasons.

The following is the statement of Kathleen Stoll; Health Policy Director of Families USA, about the Census Bureau's newly released findings that the number of uninsured Americans rose to 45 million during 2003:

"Last year's growth in the number of people without health coverage represents the third increase in a row. The number of uninsured Americans has grown significantly over the past three years, escalating from 41.2 million in 2001 to 45 million in 2003.”

TensionHeadacheMedication. com provides a legal online ordering system. Board certified physicians licensed to practice in the U. S.A. and licensed pharmacists approve and dispense your prescription. The medications are supplied by pharmaceutical wholesalers who also supply your neighborhood pharmacy. Only FDA approved medications are available. Prescriptions are only delivered to states where it is legal to do so. There is no required prior prescription, no consultation fee and no subscription or hidden fees.

When ordering medication online at http://www. tensionheadachemedication. com (http://www. tensionheadachemedication. com) you receive emails every step of the way. This includes an initial order number all the way through to a Fed-Ex tracking number. You may check your order status online or call customer service at a toll-free number.

Free shipping is available on many products such as the following:

Acyclovir 90 tablets – 800 mg

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Carisoprodol (Generic Soma) 90 tablets – 350 mg

Celebrex 100 capsules – 200 mg

Cyclobenzaprine (Generic Flexeril) 90 tablets – 10 mg

Estradiol 90 tablets – 2 mg

Fluoxetine 90 tablets – 20 mg

Levitra 20 tablets – 20 mg

Naproxen (Generic Naprosyn) 60 tablets – 500 mg

Tetracycline 90 tablets – 500 mg

Tramadol 90 tablets – 50 mg

Watson Brand Soma 90 tablets – 350 mg

Zithromax Z-Pac

Those are just a small example of the products available. Products are available for allergies, infections, anxiety, depression, arthritis, genital warts, herpes, contraceptives, hair loss, headaches, muscle spasms, motion sickness, osteoporosis, pain, parasites, skin care, sexual health, smoking, weight loss and female health.

Visit us at http://www. tensionheadachemedication. com (http://www. tensionheadachemedication. com) for a complete product list.

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A Must-Hear Free Summer Seminar - Dr. Sherrill Sellman Reveals "Secrets for Getting in 'Summer Shape' with Ancient Herbs"

A Must-Hear Free Summer Seminar - Dr. Sherrill Sellman Reveals "Secrets for Getting in 'Summer Shape' with Ancient Herbs"

Learn about the role of Metabolic Syndrome in increased weight and how it impacts our health, and discover the major contributions of the Greek-Arabic herbal system for optimal weight. Sponsored by Sprunk-Jansen LLC and Sunflower Farmers Markets. Goody Bags for all attendees!

Petaluma, CA (PRWEB) May 19, 2010

Well known author, educator, and Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Sherrill Sellman, will reveal the secrets for getting in summer shape by utilizing the ancient wisdom of Greek-Arabic herbal medicine. In her dynamic presentation, she will provide the necessary information to teach everyone how taking the exact combinations of unique Greek-Arabic herbs can help us all to stay healthy and shed weight this summer at these four Sunflower Farmers Market locations:
Las Vegas, NV: Monday, May 24th, 2010, 6 - 8 pm Denver, CO: Tuesday, May 25th, 2010, 6 - 8 pm Albuquerque, NM: Wednesday, May 26th, 2010, 6 - 8 pm Scottsdale, AZ: Thursday, May 27th, 2010, 6 - 8 pm

Dr. Sellman will explain the role of metabolic syndrome in increased weight -- and how it impacts one's health --in clear, concise language. Attendees will hear a fascinating history lesson as Dr. Sellman provides the rich background and in-depth details as to how the ancient Greek-Arabic herbal system offers major contributions for optimal weight today. And Dr. Sellman will educate the attendees at each Sunflower Farmers Market as to the numerous health benefits of these totally unique, new-to-the-US herbs, brought to this country by Denmark-based Sprunk-Jansen.

WEIGH LEVEL, CHOLESTEROL LEVEL and GLUCOSE LEVEL are the components of the Sprunk - Jansen Metabolic Syndrome products, all based on Greek-Arabic herbal medicine and coupled with modern science and clinical studies. All of Sprunk-Jansen's products have had research conducted proving both their safety and their efficacy. The most recent study was on WEIGH LEVEL, published in the February 2010 issue of the peer-reviewed Open Complementary Medicine Journal. It was entitled "A Double Blinded-Randomized Clinical Study with WEIGHLEVEL, a combination of four medicinal plants used in Traditional Greco-Arab and Islamic Medicine."

ALL ATTENDEES will receive a "Goody Bag" with coupons & a chance to win free Sprunk-Jansen product! All door prizes will be drawn at the conclusion of the lecture; attendee must be present to win.

NOTE: Seating is limited, so please RSVP at each local market:

Sunflower Farmers Market, Las Vegas, 3365 East Tropicana Avenue, 702-777-0650
Sunflower Farmers Market, Denver, 4700 38th Avenue (at Wolff) , 303-433-2350
Sunflower Farmers Market, Albuquerque, 5112 Lomas Blvd. NE, 505-268-5127
Sunflower Farmers Market, Scottsdale, 4402 N. Miller Road, 480-941-6001

Sherrill Sellman, N. D., Naturopathic Doctor and Board-Certified in Integrative Medicine, is an educator, natural health expert, psychotherapist, and journalist.. She is also a much sought-after international lecturer, radio host, senior editor and contributing writer to numerous health publications. Dr. Sellman is the best-selling author of Hormone Heresy: What Women MUST Know and What Women MUST Know to Protect Their Daughters from Breast Cancer.

Sprunk-Jansen LLC is the pioneer in bringing the time-honored concepts and in-depth knowledge of Greek-Arabic herbal medicine to the United States. Their vision is simple: To put herbal remedies back on the global map where they belong - to work alongside modern medicine and in harmony with it.

Sprunk-Jansen manufactures a range of safe and effective herbal products based on the knowledge and use of medicinal plants in the Greek-Arabic tradition. The company was founded by pharmaceutical executive Erik Sprunk-Jansen in 2004 to create safer botanical therapeutic formulas to support human health and well being. All Sprunk-Jansen products are proven formulas with results on efficacy and safety published in peer-reviewed international journals.

For more information, visit www. sprunk-jansen. com or call 888-977-7865. For interview opportunities & for further scientific information, please use Press Contact: Linda Roxanne Bryer at bryerpr(at)yahoo(dot)com and 831-479-8725.

Sunflower Farmers Markets (www. sfmarkets. com) was founded by Mike Gilliland back in 2002. Today it is a rapidly growing chain of full-service grocery stores offering consumers the highest quality natural and organic products at the lowest possible price. The company is a pioneer in developing the emerging value segment of the natural and organic foods retailing industry. They have remained true to their motto "Serious Food…Silly Prices®" since the market's inception. The company has 29 retail stores located throughout Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Texas.

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Planclear Study Highlights Positron's 2010 Progress

Planclear Study Highlights Positron's 2010 Progress

PlanClear, the nuclear medicine industry's premier Growth Management firm, has finalized and issued its performance report for the 2010 3rd Qtr and (partial) 4th Qtr accomplishments of industry leader Positron (POSC). The PlanClear report highlighted the accomplishment of three critical benchmarks: 1) Sale of 15 PET Camera systems within one year after receiving FDA approval, 2) Eliminating debt and strengthening the POSC balance sheet, and 3) Successful R&D efforts resulting in a new product launch that will automate SPECT dispensing process.

Herndon, VA (PRWEB) December 1, 2010

PlanClear, the nuclear medicine industry's premier Growth Management firm, has finalized and issued its performance report for the 2010 3rd Qtr and (partial) 4th Qtr accomplishments of industry leader Positron (POSC).

The PlanClear report highlighted the accomplishment of three critical benchmarks:

1) Sale of 15 PET Camera systems within one year after receiving FDA approval,
2) Eliminating debt and strengthening the POSC balance sheet, and
3) Successful R&D efforts resulting in a new product launch that will automate SPECT dispensing process.

"We wanted an independent study done by a company that truly understands the nuclear medicine field and the rapidly changing dynamics of the sector," said Positron CEO Patrick Rooney, "and are thrilled to receive such a strong vote of confidence in our strategy - and results."

PlanClear’s analysis shows the demand for PET cameras will continue to grow in the next ten years, with the dominant emerging design to be the PET-Only camera. PlanClear believes that although SPECT will gradually decline in the next decade, it will continue to play an important role in nuclear medicine. Specifically, the SPECT value chain will be altered via automation, with radiopharmaceutical intermediaries eliminated and direct customer access established between generator manufacturers and end users. PlanClear sees a strong future for Positron, as the company’s newly launched product will play a critical role in the SPECT value chain transformation.

PlanClear's report confirms that Positron's management is now taking the company in the right direction, with a leadership team providing the right balance between strategy and operating expertise. PlanClear does caution that execution and operating risks can impact future progress, and hence management would need a continuing and unwavering focus on operating excellence.

"PlanClear is impressed with the growth performance of the company – especially given that these results were achieved during extremely unfavorable economic conditions when healthcare spending had stagnated. We consequently see strong potential for the company," said the PlanClear CEO Al Naqvi.

Report available for downloading at http://www. positron. com or http://www. planclear. com.

About Positron: a molecular imaging company focused on Nuclear Cardiology, Positron’s proprietary product line provides unique solutions to the Nuclear Medicine community, ranging from imaging to radiopharmaceutical distribution. Positron products include: the AttriusR, a PET imaging device; the PulseR, a SPECT imaging device; the Nuclear Pharm-AssistR, an automated radiopharmaceutical distribution device; and the Tech-AssistT, a radiopharmaceutical injection shield. More information is available at http://www. positron. com.

About PlanClear: a growth management firm that specializes in nuclear medicine industry, PlanClear enables companies to more quickly achieve sustainable and strong growth. The company offers the following services: strategic growth consulting, growth capital advisory, merger and acquisition strategy, new product success management, growth risk management and analysis, international growth management, and growth impact on stock value studies.

Forward Looking Statements: Statements in this document contain certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. These statements are based on many assumptions and estimates and are not guarantees of future performance and may involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of Positron Corporation to be materially different from future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Positron assumes no obligation to publicly update or revise these forward-looking statements for any reason, or to update the reasons actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements, even if new information becomes available in the future. Our actual results may differ materially from the results anticipated in these forward-looking statements due to a variety of factors, including, without limitation those set forth as "Risk Factors" in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

For further information:
Al Naqvi
President and CEO, Plan Clear Company
Direct: 703-421-2229


Bob Marro
EVP, Plan Clear Company
Direct 703-421-8045

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Entrepreneurs From Around the World Enter Boomer Market Contest

Entrepreneurs From Around the World Enter Boomer Market Contest

Silicon Valley Boomer Business Plan Competition draws innovative companies targeting the 40+ marketplace.

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) March 22, 2007

Enormous business opportunities are being created around the world as countries grow older. In the United States alone, baby boomers now spend more than $2 trillion per year on goods and services, driven by the lifestage transitions they're making in areas such as housing, health, fitness, fashion, finance, romance, travel and family.

Opportunities for service and profit are also expanding throughout Europe and Japan, where populations are aging rapidly, as well as in fast-developing countries like China and India, where mature consumers comprise a burgeoning market segment.

Recognizing these opportunities, entrepreneurs around the globe are developing products and services geared for consumers age 40 and up.

The 2007 Silicon Valley Boomer Business Plan Competition attracts new ventures from entrepreneurs, early-stage companies and college students around the world. The Competition is co-produced by Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business and Mary Furlong & Associates.

Last year's Competition drew more than 70 business plans, from as far away as New Zealand and the Philippines, targeting a range of industries poised for significant growth as the population ages, including medicine, technology, fashion and financial services. Plans submitted last year included treatments for glaucoma and sleep apnea, brain stimulation games, sexy sleepwear for mature women and services that help retirees buy property in Latin America.

"We are constantly in a talent race, trying to identify entrepreneurs with great business ideas," explains Michael Goldberg, a partner at Mohr, Davidow Ventures, a Silicon Valley venture firm that invests in innovative early-stage businesses. "The Boomer Business Plan Competition is a great place to find entrepreneurs who have a vision and an idea to solve a problem around an enormous market."

Those interested in entering the 2007 Boomer Business Plan Competition have until April 20 to register as contestants. For more information about the Competition, please visit www. boomerventuresummit. com/competition (http://www. boomerventuresummit. com/competition).

All contestants will have their plans reviewed by top Silicon Valley venture capitalists and boomer market experts. Twenty semifinalists will be selected and announced on April 28. Five finalists will then be chosen in each of two categories -- Health and General.

A panel of judges will review the finalist plans and choose two $10,000 grand prize winners at the 2007 Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit, which takes place on June 19 at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California. For more information about the Summit, please visit www. boomerventuresummit. com.

This year's panel of finalist judges includes Charles (Chip) F. Baird, Jr., Managing Partner, North Castle Partners; Jody Holtzman, Director of Strategic Analysis, AARP; James L. Koch, Executive Director of the Center for Science, Technology & Society and Professor of Management, Santa Clara University; Aileen Lee, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; Ilya Oshman, VP, General Manager, Pfizer Strategic Investments Group; Emilio Pardo, Chief Brand Officer, AARP; Bijan Salehizadeh, MD, Partner, Highland Capital Partners; Robert Stein, President & CEO, American Society on Aging; Brad Vale, Ph. D., VP, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation; Vance Vanier, MD, Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures. Screening judges include Robert Stein, President & CEO, American Society on Aging and Sandra Timmerman, Assistant VP and Director, MetLife Mature Market Institute.

About the co-producers

Founded in 1926, the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University was one of the first business schools in the country to receive national accreditation. Its undergraduate business program was recently acknowledged among the best across the U. S., and its MBA and Executive MBA programs are ranked 12th and 21st, respectively, in the nation among graduate business programs. More than 80 percent of its 1,100 MBA students are working professionals in Silicon Valley. More information is available at www. scu. edu/business (http://www. scu. edu/business).

Founded in 2003, Mary Furlong & Associates (MFA) is a proven team of business innovators, comprised of talent from marketing, editorial, business, online content and community. Mary Furlong, Ed. D., the firm's founder and CEO, has guided the offline and online 40+ market strategies of leading corporations and nonprofit organizations for more than 20 years. Furlong is Dean's Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business, and previously founded SeniorNet and ThirdAge Media. Her latest book, "Turning Silver into Gold: How to Profit in the New Boomer Marketplace," was published in February 2007. More information is available at www. maryfurlong. com.

Press Contact:

John Doxey

Mary Furlong & Associates

Ph: 415.290.2050


Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Mexico VA Health Care System Selects Sensotech Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

New Mexico VA Health Care System Selects Sensotech Wireless Temperature Monitoring System

NMVAHCS improves safety and regulatory compliance and increases operational efficiency by selecting Sensotech cutting edge wireless monitoring system to monitor its main hospital, clinics, healthcare, and medical and research facilities.

Tarzana, CA (PRWEB) December 29, 2009

NMVAHCS improves safety and regulatory compliance and increases operational efficiency by selecting Sensotech cutting edge wireless monitoring solution to monitor its main hospital, clinics, healthcare, and medical and research facilities. Simi Valley, CA Dec 26, 2009 -- The NMVAHCS has selected Sensotech over the existing wireless temperature monitoring systems and data loggers due to its scalability, compliance, reporting capability and for its zero cost infrastructure models. They needed a system that is simple, secure, non subscription based or hosted, and that offers a comprehensive reporting capability. In addition, Sensotech can meet future expansion needs of the NMVAHCS.

Before Sensotech, healthcare facilities had limited options. They either had to use an antiquated hardware/software based system (client server technology) that runs on a 20 year old platform, or a web based system that is hosted or subscription based with major security concerns. With the web hosting solution data resides outside of the facilities’ private networks and fire walls therefore the vendor becomes the sole custodian and has to be trusted to protect the data!
Healthcare facilities now have a better choice. With its patent pending and breakthrough embedded technology, Sensotech raises the bar on current and available wireless temperature monitoring technologies on the market.
The embedded system does not require any software installation or external servers, thereby reducing the total cost of infrastructure and technology ownership. The comprehensive wireless temperature data logging, web reporting and monitoring system requires minimal IT support. The Sensotech solution allows for full web access and functionality and full control of data, without the security risks associated with outside hosting or HIPAA compliance. Sensotech Clients include FDA (US food and drug administration), Hospital Corporation of America, Kerr Drugs, United States Coast Guard, Catholic Health Care West, and United States Veteran Affairs. Sensotech is also the contracted supplier of Amerinet and The Pediatric Federation.

About Sensotech Sensotech is a market leader in RF and RFID environmental monitoring and environmental data loggers for healthcare, laboratories and the food industry. Sensotech provides a practical and comprehensive solution to meet the needs of clinical, pharmacy, nursing, laboratory, dietary, biomed, blood banks, vaccine clinics, and food services all in one integrated system. The system provides an array of alert notifications and ensures regulatory compliance for Joint Commission, FDA, HACCP, AABB and CAP. We are headquartered in Simi Valley, CA. For more information please visit us at  www. sensotechnologies. com


Users Speak Out About SAP NetWeaver

Users Speak Out About SAP NetWeaver

Service Oriented Archiectures are the future of enterprise software, and this ground-breaking report on SAP NetWeaver early adopters delivers insights and recommendations.

Orange, CA (PRWEB) January 4, 2006

Based on 300 user interviews split between existing R/3 users and early adopters to NetWeaver, this comprehensive report provides an insightful look into early adopters of SAP's NetWeaver platform and their experiences regarding scalability, integration, usability, and emerging set of best practices.

This report provides invaluable insights into what the profile of SAP NetWeaver customers is quickly emerging as, compares SAP NetWeaver with Web Services, and defines Service Oriented Architecture insights from this exclusive set of users spoken with. Applications used today and users' roadmaps for the futures are defined here in detail, and there are recommendations for companies who are considering the NetWeaver platform. The momentum of SAP's partnerships' efforts are also explained succinctly and to the level anyone evaluating NetWeaver needs to know. The bottom line is that if you compete with, are considering purchasing, or are interested in what SAP NetWeaver early adopters are thinking, buy this report.

Specific insights include:

 For many NetWeaver adopters, scaling across a global value chain is the vision that is accomplishable yet difficult. Issues of complex integration with legacy systems, internal political battles, licensing issues with SAP and concerns about security all make this strategy stay in vision versus reality status.  Consumer Products and Chemicals are the two verticals leading the SAP R/3 customer base in adopting NetWeaver. Healthcare, Higher Education & Research, Insurance and Life Sciences are lagging relative to all other verticals SAP competes in.  Existing SAP customers are 70% more likely to be early adopters of NetWeaver than non-SAP accounts. SAP is being successful in its upsell strategy to existing accounts.  Even the most loyal SAP customers are using NetWeaver the majority of time outside their firewalls. For many of the early adopters, NetWeaver is the foundation for internal processes that are secure already and have strong ROI associated with them.

Priced at $25.00, this report is available for digital download from Amazon. com at the following URL:

Http://www. amazon. com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000CVIL0I/qid=1135962554/sr=2-1/ref=sr_2_1/103-3147897-3195809?v=glance&s=ebooks (http://www. amazon. com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000CVIL0I/qid=1135962554/sr=2-1/ref=sr_2_1/103-3147897-3195809?v=glance&s=ebooks)

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Friday, April 11, 2008

AP9 HomeWorksPlus Offers Sons and Daughters Affordable, Useful Ideas for FatherÂ’s Day Gifts

AP9 HomeWorksPlus Offers Sons and Daughters Affordable, Useful Ideas for FatherÂ’s Day Gifts

AP9 Homework Plus, from Adaptive Marketing LLC, Provides Members Significant Savings on Home Interests, Yard Needs, Much More

Stamford, CT (PRWEB) May 25, 2005

With FatherÂ’s Day less than a month away, savvy members of AP9 HomeWorksPlus (http://www. homeworksplus-program. com/), a leading membership discount program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC, can access their benefits via DealPass. com to make sure their FatherÂ’s Day gifts are both appealing and affordable.

While many fathers will say the best FatherÂ’s Day gift is simply spending time with them, AP9 HomeWorksPlus (http://www. homeworksplus-program. com/) members can give Dad the perfect gift while saving money (something every parent would be proud of). Members can access a variety of savings on home and yard needs as well as family interests. They can log on to the members-only website at DealPass (http://www. DealPass. com) to save at major home centers, department stores and other national retailers.

AP9 HomeWorksPlus has a few ideas on gifts you can offer in addition to quality time:

Help around the house. Whether you chip in on some yard work or indoor renovations, or you hire a professional to do it, your father will appreciate a little help with home and yard maintenance. Tools heÂ’ll use. Many fathers fancy themselves a handyman. Check your fatherÂ’s toolkit for worn-out items; those are the tools he uses, and heÂ’ll appreciate the upgrade. Gadgets and gear. Men canÂ’t help themselves; when they see a new doohickey, they want to check it out. From iPods and cellphone cameras to GPS systems, fishfinders, golfing gizmos and more, thereÂ’s a gadget out there with your fatherÂ’s name on it. The gourmet touch. If you canÂ’t be there to prepare a delicious meal for your father, send a gift basket of gourmet foods or a bottle of wine that heÂ’ll want to save for a special occasion. The gift of entertainment. How does your father amuse himself in his leisure time? With classic black-and-white movies? The latest political tome? Big-band sounds? Whatever it is, you can bet thereÂ’s a book, CD or DVD that will keep him entertained.

While each father has his own unique interests and personality, AP9 HomeWorksPlus knows that the most important part of a FatherÂ’s Day Gift is the affection behind it.

About AP9 HomeWorksPlus

AP9 HomeWorksPlus is a leading membership discount program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC (http://www. adaptivemarketing. com). Headquartered in Stamford, Conn., Adaptive Marketing is a category leader in both membership and loyalty programs, bringing value direct to consumers through an array of benefits in healthcare, discounts, security, personal property and personals. Members may access their benefits at DealPass. com, an online portal for Adaptive Marketing membership programs. With broad online and offline distribution capabilities, Adaptive Marketing offers its corporate client partners effective tools to enhance market presence, strengthen customer affinity and generate additional value through programs, such as AP9 HomeWorksPlus.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ambe Skin Care Line Now Reaches a Much Larger Audience

Ambe Skin Care Line Now Reaches a Much Larger Audience

Dr. Milind Ambe has released the Dr. Ambe skin care line to the public. Formerly available only to the doctor’s clients, the surgeon-created skin care line is now offered to customers throughout Newport Beach and the rest of the country through an online store.

Newport Beach, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) December 07, 2010

Dr. Milind Ambe has released the Ambe skin care line to the public. Formerly available only to the doctor’s clients, the surgeon-created skin care line is now offered to customers throughout Newport Beach and the rest of the country through an online store.

The Ambe skin care system, known as Ambé Private Client Formulas, is a fully inclusive skin care system designed by a plastic surgeon for his patients. It helps patients deal with all types of problems associated with aging, including wrinkles, lines, dullness, pore size, skin tone, uneven pigmentation, age spots, texture issues, and even skin dehydration. Customers who continuously use Ambé Private Client Formulas report an improvement in these situations and an overall improvement in appearance.

When asked about his product and what makes it different from other high-end skin care products, Dr. Ambe stated, “We took a great deal of time to find a formulation that makes the skin healthier. Ambé Private Client Formulas uses nutrition to repair and revitalize the skin, rather than alcohol to strip the skin. Our clients see improvement because their skin is allowed to stay or become healthy, not dried out and dull.”

The Ambe Skin Care line is a favorite among Orange County and Newport Beach celebrities. Tamra Barney of Real Housewives of Orange County has been a patient of Dr. Ambe for quite some time, and she has been using the system. It has worked so well for her that she became the spokes-model for it. In fact, Tamra Barney states that Ambé Private Client Formulas is what caused her to be named the hottest housewife on the show. As she says, “The product makes my skin tighter, more radiant, and more luminous, making me look better than my 20 year old self.” Ms. Barney has been using the products for two years.

The Ambe Skin Care system contains everything a woman needs for healthy skin. It has a full skin care system, including cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, and specialty treatments. Dr. Ambe also offers skin care tools to his customers. In addition, he has developed a line of cosmetics that are healthier for the skin than traditional options. These products can be purchased online at or at Dr. Ambe’s Newport Beach clinic.

About the Ambe Skin Care System
Ambe Private Client Formulas is a skin care product designed by Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Milind K. Ambe MD. The products include a full skin care system, skin care tools, and cosmetics. Tamra Barney of Real Housewives of Orange County uses the Ambe skin care line, attributing her excellent complexion to the quality of the products. To purchase the skin care system or to learn more, visit http://www. ambe. net. Dr. Ambe practices in a Newport Beach clinic and surgery center, offering all types of cosmetic procedures in addition to his skin care products. To learn more about his services, visit http://www. newportbeachplasticsurgery. com.

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Jackson Lake Lodge Offers "You Decide" Package

Jackson Lake Lodge Offers "You Decide" Package

Value-Added Package Lets Guests Customize Their Grand Teton National Park Vacation

Grand Teton National Park, Wyo. (Vocus) March 4, 2009

Want to go fly fishing? No problem. Would you rather take a scenic float trip down the Snake River? Or is exploring Grand Teton National Park by horseback more your type of adventure? Jackson Lake Lodge (http://www. gtlc. com/pr) is offering the "You Decide" package giving guests a $100 resort credit when they book a two-night stay. Guests can use the resort credit to customize a vacation experience in Grand Teton National Park with an activity that reflects their interests. The resort credit can also be used in the restaurants or gift shops at Jackson Lake Lodge. Some of the many adventures guests can embark on during their "You Decide" vacation include:

 Guided lake fishing on Jackson Lake  Snake River float trip with experienced guides sharing the human and natural history of the valley while you enjoy the views and catch a glimpse of wildlife along the way  A wrangler-guided horseback ride through the back trails of the Park  Scenic lake cruise with a delicious cowboy breakfast on Elk Island complemented by stunning views of Mt. Moran  Narrated bus tour of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks  A visual and culinary feast featuring the Mural Room's sustainable Rocky Mountain cuisine harmonized with breathtaking, panoramic views of the Tetons and the magnificent Rendezvous Murals by acclaimed artist Carl Roters Jackson Lake Lodge's You Decide package is valid from May 18 through June 14, 2009 and August 28 through September 26, 2009 for new bookings only, is based on space availability for single or double occupancy, and is not applicable to groups or conventions. The $100 resort credit is limited to one per family and based upon a two-night stay. The resort credit can not be applied to the room rate or refunded if unused. Room rates at Jackson Lake Lodge begin at $219 per night for a classic cottage. Other restrictions may apply. Advance reservations are required and can be made by calling 800-628-9988.

About Jackson Lake Lodge:
Perched on a bluff overlooking Jackson Lake with the Grand Teton Mountains as a backdrop, Jackson Lake Lodge is designated as a National Historic Landmark and offers 385 guestrooms, suites and cottages with spectacular views. The upper lobby's 60-foot picture windows frame the Teton Mountain range providing a relaxing place for guests to watch for moose, buffalo and an abundance of other wildlife that gather near Jackson Lake. The full-service resort also offers two restaurants, several gift shops, transportation services, a business center, and complimentary high-speed wireless Internet access in the main lodge. Despite the variety of modern conveniences and amenities that are at guests' fingertips, Jackson Lake Lodge still retains its historic charm.

About Grand Teton Lodge Company:
With a mission to preserve, protect and inspire, Grand Teton Lodge Company is the concessioner in Grand Teton National Park operating the lodging, restaurants, tours and activities at Jackson Lake Lodge, Jenny Lake Lodge, Colter Bay Village, Jenny Lake and Gros Ventre Campgrounds as well as the Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis Club, which is located just outside the Park in Jackson Hole, Wyo. The company's Envision program represents its commitment to a comprehensive systematic approach to sustainable business practices that preserve the environment, ensure quality service, and provide for the health and safety of its guests and employees. For more information about Grand Teton Lodge Company, call 307-543-3100 or visit www. gtlc. com/pr (http://www. gtlc. com/pr).

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How to Stop Snoring (and Perhaps Save a Marriage)

How to Stop Snoring (and Perhaps Save a Marriage)

What if your spouse left your bed every night - preferring to sleep on the couch? The EasyAir (www. myeasyair. com) has been helping snorers and their spouses find relief in Europe since 1995. Now patented internationally, the device is available for sale in the United States, a country teeming with snorers.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 18, 2006

What if your spouse left your bed every night - preferring to sleep on the couch?

That’s what happens to millions of couples every night when one of the partners snores.

“There’s no easy answer to what causes snoring, ” says Dr. Atle Freng, a leading Norwegian otolaryngologist.*. “Invasive surgery is a last resort, but even that doesn’t guarantee success. I always recommend trying to tame the snoring problem naturally if possible.”

Snoring can cripple a relationship. It can also become a health risk. Sprays and pills touted to eliminate snoring don’t always work and have side effects, some of them dangerous. And few people find relief with the strips or earplugs. So, what’s the solution?

Enter Dr. Ole Sigmund Braathen of Olso, Norway. His creation, the EasyAir (www. myeasyair. com), has been helping snorers and their spouses find relief in Europe since 1995. Now patented internationally, the device is available for sale in the United States, a country teeming with snorers. An alarming 1 out of four people have serious snoring issues. At one time or another, almost all adults suffer from snoring.

The results have been miraculous for Easyair users. One couple from Raleigh, North Carolina had tried everything and were spending every night in separate beds. “It wasn’t good at all for our relationship. Somehow sleeping together is an integral part of intimacy,” says Julie Tams, whose partner snores incessantly. “We tried everything short of surgery. When I found the EasyAir on the Internet, I bought it, in reality, because it was only $20. Even if it didn’t work for me, at that price, it was worth trying.” The couple tried it and the first night they found relief. “We both slept through the night for the first time in months!”

The EasyAir works naturally by increasing airflow through the nasal passage, which increases air intake to reduce or eliminate snoring.

About EasyAir

EasyAir is a product of Bionor USA. EasyAir effectively and safely relieves the symptoms of snoring and other breathing related issues. Bionor USA has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information about Bionor USA or EasyAir, visit www. myeasyair. com or contact Dan Antonelli 404-259-8614

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Kritter Kommunity Invites Pet Lovers Who Tweet to Win Big in Their Upcoming Twitter Contest

Kritter Kommunity Invites Pet Lovers Who Tweet to Win Big in Their Upcoming Twitter Contest

Kritter Kommunity announces their latest contest for cat and dog lovers. Pet owners who are following @KritterKondo on Twitter will have the opportunity to answer questions about various blogs and websites in order to win over $1,000 in prizes.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) February 17, 2010

On Sunday, February 21st 2010, from 11 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, Kritter Kommunity will be giving away over $1,000 in prizes for pet lovers. Fans that are following @KritterKondo on Twitter will have the opportunity to answer questions about various pet related blogs and websites. Prizes will be awarded throughout the time allotted including gift certificates from a variety of stores.

According to Illman, “We feature the top products in the pet industry. Each of these vendors sells quality products including the Kritter Kondo, that will keep your pets happy and healthy. It is our pleasure to give back to the pet community.”

(2) $50 Kritter Kommunity
(2) $50 Cat Toys. com
(2) $50 Nips and Bones
(2) $50 The Cat and Kitten Store
(2) $50 Licks and Giggles (http://licksandgigglesboutique. com)
As well as other product prizes.

“Giving away quality pet products on Twitter is one of my favorite things to do”, said Lisa Illman, President of Kritter Kommunity. “The contests and the prizes have been getting bigger and bigger over the last few months, and it’s something the pet community really looks forward to. Twitter is such an essential tool in the way we do business at the Kritter Kommunity. Twitter gives us direct access to our vendors and customers so we hear first hand what is important to them as we continue to grow. Our quality products are a direct result of the voice of our customers. Tweeting with them is one of our top priorities.”

The Kritter Kondo, one of the items that will be available for the winners of the contest, is an outdoor cat enclosure that is 2 feet high, 2.5 feet wide, and 5.5 feet long, which gives the cats a comfortable area for them to safely bask in the sun and enjoy their surroundings. It also protects them from motorists, other animals, and unhealthy food. Illman’s two adopted rescue cats, Madi and Abi, inspired her to invent the Kritter Kondo. The two felines continue to be a driving force for Lisa as she invents outdoor solutions for indoor pets.

No purchase is necessary to enter or win the contest, but you must be following @KritterKondo on Twitter to win (http://www. Twitter. com/KritterKondo (http://www. Twitter. com/KritterKondo)). The contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, and contestants must be 18 years or older.

For more information about the Kritter Kondo, or to purchase one for your pet, visit http://www. KritterKommunity. com (http://www. KritterKommunity. com).

The Kritter Kondo also makes a great gift for Rescues and friends with pets.

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wildly Popular Natural Health Champion Shocks, Informs Readers With Outrageous Web Content

Wildly Popular Natural Health Champion Shocks, Informs Readers With Outrageous Web Content

NewsTarget. com's Mike Adams gains popularity as a strong proponent of natural health and harsh critic of conventional medicine.

(PRWEB) August 11, 2005

You can't argue with his popularity. Natural health writer and modern medicine critic Mike Adams is now reaching half a million readers monthly with articles, commentary and satire pieces found at NewsTarget. com, now the internet's fastest-growing natural health website.

Even without an advertising campaign, word about the site is spreading across the 'net, and readers keep coming back for an apparently good reason: the content is astounding. It's also polarizing: you'll either love it or hate it, depending on what you believe about health and medicine.

Adams, who swore off conventional medicine and turned to natural health to transform his own life, venomously attacks the principle players of conventional medicine: doctors, surgeons, drug companies and even the FDA. Although he isn't winning any friends in the ivory towers of modern medicine, he is winning the attention of literally millions of site visitors. Readers are flocking to NewsTarget. com to read his essays, listen to his free MP3 rants, and learn more about solving common health problems without drugs or surgery.

Adams may be radical, but he at least has a point of credibility: he posts his own astonishing health statistics and blood chemistry lab tests for everyone to see. With an LDL cholesterol of 67, blood pressure of 105/60, and a bone mineral density score better than most 20-year-olds, it's hard to argue with this 35-year-old champion of personal health transformation whose own health statistics probably put most doctors to shame.

"When doctors question my credibility, I ask them to post their own blood chemistry results online," explains Adams. "As of yet, not a single doctor has agreed to do it. You know why? Because they aren't healthy." That's the kind of blunt criticism you'll hear from this middle-aged guy who isn't afraid to put doctors in their place when it comes to actually teaching people how to be healthy.

You can find Adams' health statistics, mission statement and fitness photos at http://www. HealthRanger. org (http://www. HealthRanger. org)

His articles are routinely posted at http://www. NewsTarget. com (http://www. NewsTarget. com)


Thursday, April 3, 2008

MobiHealth Provides Healthcare Practitioners with Ability to Research and Retrieve Essential Drug Information Directly at the Bedside on a Handheld

MobiHealth Provides Healthcare Practitioners with Ability to Research and Retrieve Essential Drug Information Directly at the Bedside on a Handheld

Agreement with Gold Standard Multimedia Enhances Wireless Clinical Applications

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) May 26, 2004 -–

MobiHealth, Inc., a leading provider of wireless clinical solutions and premier technology firm to enhance healthcare delivery at the point of care, announced that it has signed an agreement with industry leading electronic drug information developer, Gold Standard Multimedia (GSM), to integrate its award-winning Clinical Pharmacology drug information content into MobiHealth’s clinical suite of applications.

“Our clinical solutions are designed around providing healthcare practitioners with timely, accurate and clinically-relevant information during the decision-making process at the point of care on a handheld device,” said Gene Poole, Director of Sales and Marketing of MobiHealth. “Through this partnership, we hope to enhance physicians’ and other clinicians’ productivity, saving them invaluable time, and also to improve clinical outcomes.”

GSM’s Clinical Pharmacology drug data for handheld devices arms users with current, peer-reviewed, clinically-relevant content, including drug descriptions, indications, interactions, precautions/ contraindications, classifications, adverse reactions, pregnancy/ lactation and administration information, and dosage forms/strengths. Drug information covers US prescription drugs, over-the-counter products, and herbal supplement. Pediatric, adult, geriatric, and pregnancy dosing specific to indication, including off-label uses – plus renal and hepatic dosing and dosage limits – is also featured. Drug Interactions can be checked against lifestyle factors, such as caffeine, food, alcohol, enteral feedings, grapefruit juice and tobacco, and interaction severity rankings are available. Clinical Pharmacology’s IV Compatibility data checks the compatibility of two or more intravenous products and/or solutions when mixed in solution or a syringe, or via Y-site administration.

“We are delighted to have been selected by MobiHealth to provide drug information and medication management tools within their clinical solutions at the point of care,” said Marianne Messer, SVP Sales and Marketing of Gold Standard Multimedia. “Point of care applications are ideal for helping to reduce medication errors, which have been reported to adversely affect over 770,000 lives each year.”

Written by healthcare professionals for healthcare practitioners, Clinical Pharmacology provides a broad scope of critical information during the patient encounter to create a detailed profile of the patient’s therapeutic regimen, identifying potential interactions, adverse reactions, contraindications, allergies, drug/medical condition mismatches, and therapeutic duplication. With the addition of GSM’s Clinical Pharmacology drug information tools, GSM and MobiHealth’s integrated solutions provide a healthcare infrastructure, which establishes electronic communications between physicians, prescribers and pharmacists to make the electronic exchange of prescription information a reality.

”With our recently announced strategic alliances with RxHub and Surescripts, our new alignment with Clinical Pharmacology will round out our suite of mobile software offerings, allowing healthcare practitioners access to patient-specific information, including formulary, generic alternatives, drug interaction warnings, and other decision support information to treat patients safely, and to route electronically, fax and print prescriptions directly at the bedside from a handheld,” continued Poole.

MobiHealth offers a personalized approach to meet the individual needs of physicians, nurses and clinicians. By providing the flexibility to access existing patient information and clinical tools during the patient encounter from Hospital Information Systems and Practice Management Systems, MobiHealth connects disparate health information systems, creating a cost-effective approach for interoperability via HL7 messaging integrated with its proprietary m-Integrator interface engine.

MobiHealth’s award-winning suite of mobile clinical applications – charge capture, prescribing, orders and clinical documentation – combined with GSM’s Clinical Pharmacology drug content, offers healthcare professionals a “go anywhere, use anytime” robust resource critical to enhancing job performance and patient safety.

For more information about MobiHealth’s suite of applications or to see an on-line demo, visit MobiHealth’s website at www. mhealthapps. com; e-mail, us. info@mhealthapps. com; or call 703.469.1915.

About MobiHealth, Inc.

MobiHealth, Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, offering healthcare facilities and practitioners a suite of mobile applications that enhance healthcare delivery at the point of care. Our award-winning, proprietary software application empowers healthcare practitioners with the latest in wireless technology to streamline operations, reduce cost, increase revenue dramatically, and comply with regulatory requirements. . . to get back to what really matters. . . the patient encounter. For more information, visit MobiHealth’s website at www. mhealthapps. com; call 703.469.1915; or e-mail, us. info@mhealthapps. com.

About Gold Standard Multimedia

Tampa, Florida-based Gold Standard Multimedia (GSM) is a leading developer of clinical drug information and medical education software. GSM’s staff of highly trained healthcare professionals has extensive experience in clinical and retail pharmacy practice, electronic publishing and software development. The company’s products are used by the majority of the country's largest retail pharmacy chains and consultant pharmacy corporations, over 700 hospitals, leading healthcare-related websites, in over 95% of U. S. pharmacy and medical schools, and by hundreds-of-thousands of healthcare professionals worldwide. Additional company information is available at www. gsm. com.