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How to Succeed With Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution Dallas Weight Loss Expert Provides Action Plan

How to Succeed With Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution Dallas Weight Loss Expert Provides Action Plan

Media heavyweight, Dr. Phil McGraw, is driving home the weight loss message that reputable health, fitness, and nutrition experts have so far been unsuccessful in delivering to the masses: “There is no magic pill, fad diet or exercise gizmo that will melt away your fat - it takes a personal commitment and a supportive plan of action."

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) September 21, 2003

In his new book, The Ultimate Weight Solution: 7 Keys To Weight Loss Freedom, Dr. Phil addresses the behavioral modifications necessary to achieving successful, long term weight loss:

1. The Right Thinking: His idea is that you have to believe you can achieve results and that you can't always blame others.

2. The Healing Feelings: His idea is that people too often eat for emotional reasons and that is a large cause of gradual weight gain over time.

3. Create a No-Fail Environment: Simply put, if you get rid of the junk food in your house, you can't be tempted to eat it.

4. Mastery Over Food and Impulse Eating: His idea is that you need to be aware of the time during the day when you are likely to binge on food, and then to make sure you are doing something during that time so you can't over-eat.

5. Eat High-Response, High Nutrition Foods: His idea is that you should focus on eating foods that take longer to prepare and longer to eat. The idea behind this is that most of these foods are more natural and are less likely to be binge foods.

6. Intentional Exercise: Dr. Phil believes that you have to plan your exercise. If you don't, it probably won't happen. He also believes you should do it even if it's not fun because you are doing it not only for yourself, but also for your family.

7. Circle of Support: Have friends that will support your weight management goals, rather than detract from them. If you have friends that are constantly living an unhealthy lifestyle, what are the chances that you will be able to make healthy choices when you are around them?

Based on this solid foundation of no-nonsense practical advice, Dr. Phil will likely sell millions of books, but the readers will not benefit without supportive action.

To spur readers of Dr. Phil's book to action, a Dallas certified Personal Trainer and Master Fitness by Phone® Coach, Dolletta Mitchell, of EliteTrainersUSA. com reveals the “ultimate” fitness system. “Nothing is more power and more effective for achieving a client’s fitness goals than Fitness by Phone®," says Mitchell.

“The phone coaching program get people motivated to get results anytime, anyplace, based on objective feedback, at a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training, and guarantees client results or their money back,” says Mitchell. Armed with the latest in fitness monitoring technology as their 24/7 personal trainers (called Motivational Activity Monitors), Fitness by Phone® clients check in weekly with their coach for a 20 minute phone session designed to provide the expert focus and guidance necessary to increase the rate at which clients get results and get motivated. “The Fitness by Phone® clients get far better results than almost any personal training client I’ve ever had in my career as a personal trainer,” says Mitchell.

Ms. Mitchell is a provocative and informative expert on motivation and fitness and welcomes all questions from the media or public. You can also visit her website at http://EliteTrainersUSA. com (http://EliteTrainersUSA. com) for a detailed description of the programs.


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OCI'S Solution Helps ABB Risk Management Staff Improve Operational Efficiency--Web-based Certificate of Insurance Helps Reduce Time and Errors

OCI'S Solution Helps ABB Risk Management Staff Improve Operational Efficiency--Web-based Certificate of Insurance Helps Reduce Time and Errors

OCI today announced its collaboration with ABB Inc., a global leader in power and automation technologies, to improve ABBÂ’s, risk management tools by streamlining and consolidating the firmÂ’s certificate of insurance process into a Web-based platform integrated with its Risk Management Information System (RMIS).

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (PRWEB) September 30, 2005

OCI today announced its collaboration with ABB Inc., a global leader in power and automation technologies, to improve ABBÂ’s, risk management tools by streamlining and consolidating the firmÂ’s certificate of insurance process into a Web-based platform integrated with its Risk Management Information System (RMIS).

In today’s business environment, insurance costs continue to increase aggressively. Healthcare costs alone increased 12 percent in the past year, according to the PricewaterhouseCoopers Health Research Institute. “One in four companies said double-digit healthcare cost increases may force them to lower wage increases, and one in five expects to slow hiring in the year ahead,” according to survey respondents. Increases like this are driving the need for better, more accurate and timely information. There is an ever-present need to streamline and reduce the administrative burden of risk managers to allow time to proactively manage risk.

“OCI’s platform makes it more efficient and easier for the people in the field and the ABB risk management staff to get the job done,” said Stephen Raimondi, ABB Director of Risk Management Services for North America.

ABB issues about 3,000 certificates of insurance annually to demonstrate that its North American locations are appropriately insured. Historically, ABB used a legacy, broker system to manage those certificates. The system was highly manual and required forms to be filled out by hand and faxed in. The dated system lacked numerous features, including the ability to print effectively, to capture and store the necessary textual information with each certificate, and to provide an audit trail of certificates requested and issued. Additionally, because of the systemÂ’s age, support for problems and upgrades were not guaranteed by the broker.

In addition, ABB was in the midst of centralizing its risk information system, and program managers were looking for a system that is fully integrated in a single online location to offer ease of use.

ABB turned to OCI to build on the application solutions they have collaborated on over their six-year relationship. OCI provided a web-based Certificate of Insurance application that significantly modernized ABBÂ’s certificate handling process and filled the gaps left open by ABBÂ’s previous, manual system.

Now, 50 of ABBÂ’s users manage certificate requests and issuance from the OCI-developed system. The Web-based tool has improved operational efficiency by placing the process within a single platform, which many of the certificate users already use for other risk management-related activities and functionality; thus reducing the administrative burden from using the legacy process.

“Our broker, who retains its role as process ‘gatekeeper/administrator’ is very positive about it, too,” Raimondi said. OCI’s Web-based Certificate of Insurance solution has resulted in improved access to certificate data and more efficient management of the certificate process.

Companies are recognizing the role todayÂ’s technology solutions can play in transforming manual, error-prone methods into efficient processes for delivering accurate information. By itself, though, technology is only an enabler. OCI offers end-to-end solutions built on a deep understanding of the problems risk managers face and the ways that technology can be used to help solve those problems.

About ABB

ABB Inc.(www. abb. com) is a leader in power and automation technologies that enables utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 103,000 people.

About OCI

Since 1984, OCI has delivered flexible, integrated solutions to companies that need timely information to effectively manage their risk programs, control costs and improve productivity. As a premier application service provider, OCI delivers customizable information solutions exclusively over the Internet, managing the technology so companies can focus on managing their businesses. For more information, visit www. oci. com or call (800) 678-6604.

Ann Snortland

Matrix Marketing Group, Inc.

866.456.9100 Ext 714

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The Green Cup of Polo is Washington D. C.'s First Cleaner and Greener Certified® Event

The Green Cup of Polo is Washington D. C.'s First Cleaner and Greener Certified® Event

Leonardo Academy, a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability through the competitive market, announced today that The Green Cup of Polo, to be held in Potomac, Maryland on July 19, 2008, has earned event certification under Leonardo Academy's Cleaner and Greener® Program. The Cleaner and Greener® Program certifies events and organizations for reducing and offsetting emissions caused by energy use. This program addresses the full range of emissions that impact human health and contribute to climate change, including CO2, SO2, NOx, particulate matter, and mercury.

Madison, WI (PRWEB) July 7, 2008

Leonardo Academy, a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability through the competitive market, announced today that The Green Cup of Polo, to be held in Potomac, Maryland on July 19, 2008, has earned event certification under Leonardo Academy's Cleaner and Greener® Program. The Cleaner and Greener® Program certifies events and organizations for reducing and offsetting emissions caused by energy use. This program addresses the full range of emissions that impact human health and contribute to climate change, including CO2, SO2, NOx, particulate matter, and mercury.

Sponsored by the Capitol Polo Club of Montgomery County, Maryland, The Green Cup of Polo is the first Cleaner and Greener® Certified event in the Washington DC area. Climate Clean has donated enough "intelligent offsets" -- the company's proprietary mix of all six greenhouse gases, sourced from emissions reductions projects including energy generation and efficiency, agriculture, and industrial gas abatement -- to offset 100% of the CO2 and NOx emissions generated by this event.

In addition to being certified carbon neutral, The Green Cup of Polo has incorporated significant green practices into nearly every component of the event. Key eco-conscious elements include printing on recycled paper with soy-based ink, serving organic and sustainably grown food and beverages, using biodegradable serving ware, extensive recycling and composting of event waste, t-shirts made from organic cotton and reusable VIP bags for event attendees, hiring an eco-friendly cleaning crew, and promoting green companies. Also, the outdoors nature of the event minimizes electricity consumption associated with event activities.

In addition to being an exemplary 'green' event in terms of sustainable practices, The Green Cup of Polo also raises awareness of environmental issues and supports local environmental organizations. The profits from this year's event will benefit the following organizations:
ACORE (American Council on Renewable Energy): a nonprofit based in Washington D. C., that works to advance renewable energy (including wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and biofuels, waste energy and hydropower) into the mainstream of America's economy and lifestyle through collaborative research and communication EarthEcho International: a nonprofit organization that uses media and experiences to empower people to use resources that can restore and protect Earth's ocean and freshwater systems EPIC (Equestrian Partners in Conservation): a nonprofit created to preserve the equestrian heritage and rural character of Montgomery County, Maryland, through natural resource conservation and protection Live Green: an organization devoted to making eco-friendly and socially responsible living and business practices accessible, affordable and easy. Live Green serves as a liaison to consumers in search of green products, green jobs, sustainable food and eco-friendly services and to businesses that provide these services and that are looking for affordable alternatives to help green their operations. Michael Arny, President of Leonardo Academy said, "The Green Cup of Polo is truly an innovative 'green' event in that it utilizes multiple eco-conscious strategies to increase awareness of a wide range of environmental issues. We commend The Green Cup of Polo for its far-reaching efforts to be a sustainable, carbon neutral event and for its financial support of key environmental organizations. This event has set an outstanding precedent for green events not only in the Washington DC area but across the nation."

Arny continued, "We would also like to thank Climate Clean for it generous donation of emission offsets to help make The Green Cup of Polo a Cleaner and Greener® Certified event. This is Leonardo Academy's first experience working with both Climate Clean and The Green Cup of Polo organizers, and we look forward to building sustainability-focused relationships with these groups in the future."

To learn more about The Green Cup of Polo, visit http://www. greencuppolo. com/greenpoloclub. php (http://www. greencuppolo. com/greenpoloclub. php) and http://www. cleanerandgreener. org/eventcertification/events/greencupofpolo2008.html (http://www. cleanerandgreener. org/eventcertification/events/greencupofpolo2008.html).

To learn more about Climate Clean, visit http://climateclean. net/ (http://climateclean. net/).

About Leonardo Academy:
Leonardo Academy (www. leonardoacademy. org) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1997 that is dedicated to advancing sustainability and putting the competitive market to work on improving the environment. We are a "Think and Do Tank." We develop and distribute new strategies, guidance, metrics, standards, education, and information on how to increase sustainability. We also help companies, organizations, families, and individuals successfully promote, encourage, and implement sustainability. Our integrated approach makes sustainability very practical for our clients. We provide: sustainability assessments and strategies for companies and organizations, LEED® and LEED-EB implementation and certification, emissions footprint analysis and emission reduction and offset strategies, sustainable land management, sustainability education and training, and Cleaner and Greener Certification® of emission reduction and offset achievements for events, companies and organizations, and individuals (www. cleanerandgreener. org).


New Martin-O'Neil Cancer Treatment Center Opens in Napa Valley, CA at St. Helena Hospital

New Martin-O'Neil Cancer Treatment Center Opens in Napa Valley, CA at St. Helena Hospital

The new patient-centered, Martin-O'Neil Cancer Treatment Center offers world-class care, state-of-the-art technology and three types of oncology in one convenient location. The center serves Napa Valley and the surrounding San Franciso Bay Area communities. The new facility was designed to give patients' and their families a positive, healing experience at a very difficult time in their lives.

St. Helena, CA (PRWEB) December 2, 2009

A new era of patient-centered cancer treatment for the North Bay has begun with the opening of St. Helena Hospital's new Martin-O'Neil Cancer Center.

"We offer world-class care and technology and three types of oncology in one convenient location. But what will set us apart is how we have built the entire center around patients' needs to give them and their families a positive, healing experience at a very difficult time in their lives," said Gregory Smith, M. D., medical oncologist. As medical director, Dr. Smith leads a medical team that includes David Tate, M. D, radiation oncologist who trained and taught at Stanford University Medical Center, and Pedro Ramirez, M. D., surgical oncologist who trained at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

The cancer center occupies a 12,500-square-foot floor of the new Johnson Pavilion building, which also houses a state-of-the-art surgery floor. The project was funded by community donations to a capital campaign that raised $28.2 million.

Everything in One Place
"Even in our nation's best cancer treatment centers, patients must navigate a distressing maze of buildings, labs and medical offices-even drive across town-for consultations, tests, evaluations, treatment, prescriptions and follow-up care," said St. Helena Hospital President/CEO Terry Newmyer. "We designed our cancer center to provide convenient, centralized care. Patients and their families are literally steps away from everything they need to navigate the healing process, and we will continue St. Helena Hospital's philosophy of whole-person health care to address the physical, mental and spiritual needs of every patient."

Medical Expertise & USCF Affiliation
"We have recruited a highly experienced team of cancer specialists," said Newmyer. "Our nurses are oncology-certified, and our physicians are all board-certified in their specialties and have extensive experience working with the latest technologies and treatment for cancer care."

The Martin-O'Neil Cancer Center also has established a formal affiliation with the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center that provides patients access to clinical research trials from a convenient Napa Valley location and express referrals to cancer sub-specialists. The UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center is one of the nation's largest clinical and research cancer and is designated as a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute.

State of Art Radiation Therapy
The technological showpiece of the Martin-O'Neil Cancer Center is a $2.8-million Varian linear accelerator-found in only a handful of the nation's top cancer centers-featuring Intensive Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Image Guided RadioTherapy (IGRT) that shapes radiation beams with pinpoint accuracy to target tumor cells and spare healthy surrounding tissue.

The Patient Experience: A Lesson from the Hospitality Industry
In designing the Martin-O'Neil Cancer Center, St. Helena Hospital borrowed a page from the hospitality industry, setting a goal of creating a comfortable, positive patient experience focused on complete, whole-person care and support services, including a dedicated care team for each patient that includes a nurse navigator, a patient guide, and specialists in nutrition, exercise, and psychosocial and spiritual counseling.

Cynthia Cantril, RN, an oncology-certified nurse navigator with 30 years of experience in the field, coordinates each patient's treatment plan, working with their personal physician and oncology specialist. This begins before the patient arrives for their first appointment. The nurse navigator also assists patients with scheduling treatments and provides information about treatment options and support services.

The key, patient-centered features of the cancer center include:
The medical oncology and multi-station chemotherapy suite was designed to accommodate family and friends and overlooks a healing garden. Patients and families tested and selected the chairs used in room. The restoration and therapy spa incorporate massage, yoga, relaxation and other therapies to address patients' emotional and spiritual well-being. The retail boutique features products specific to the needs of cancer patients as well gift items and a gift registry. The cancer resource library is staffed by a specialist who assists patients, families and community members with gathering information about cancer treatments.

A Message of Hope
Patients and visitors to the Martin-O'Neil Cancer Center lobby are greeted by an uplifting, 13-foot-tall, steel and bronze sculpture-called the Hope Tree-that is adorned with delicate copper leaves. The artist carved 48 symbols of hope from around the world into the base that were chosen, in part, by hospital employees.

For information about the Martin-O'Neil Cancer Center at St. Helena Hospital, call 707-967-5721 or go online to www. NapaValleyCancerCare. org.


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Clinical Documentation Improvement and Compliance Topic at Case Managers' Meeting

Clinical Documentation Improvement and Compliance Topic at Case Managers' Meeting

Russo & Russo present Clinical Documentation Programs and the CAMP™ Method: How Case Managers Can Benefit to the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Case Management Society of America (CMSA).

Bethlehem, PA (PRWEB) December 26, 2008

Dr. Ruthann Russo, author of A Compelling Case for Clinical Documentation (http://www. acompellingcase. com (http://www. acompellingcase. com)) and creator of the CAMP™ Method training system and Joseph J. Russo, Esq., compliance attorney presented to the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) on Wednesday, December 10 at the Doubletree Hotel in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. The theme of the presentation was, "Clinical Documentation Programs and the CAMP™ Method: How Case Managers Can Benefit."

Dr. Ruthann Russo described how working through a hospital's physicians, and not around them is the most effective method in achieving high quality clinical documentation. Using the CAMP™ Method for clinical documentation involves coaching, asking, mastering, and peer learning, and Dr. Russo talked about each of these pieces and how to use them.

Atty. Joseph Russo discussed some of the U. S. Office of the Inspector General's recent investigations of clinical documentation programs.

Mid-Atlantic chapter president, Kathryn Sletten, noted, "The case for clear and complete clinical documentation was effectively presented along with the need for enhanced education for clinicians and medical administrators. The CAMP Method offers an opportunity to facilitate this training in a concise, effective manner and provided valuable insight into an alternative educational method."

Other sections of the presentation included how to identify clinical documentation synergies with the electronic medical record and how to achieve strategic alignment with the hospital's medical staff using clinical documentation practices.

About Dr. Ruthann Russo:
Ruthann Russo, PhD, JD, MPH, RHIT is a Managing Director with Navigant Consulting and a Partner in the law firm of Russo & Russo, LLP based in New York City and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She has been working in and advising healthcare organizations and their medical staffs for over 20 years. Previously the chief executive officer of HP3, Inc., HP3 Research Institute, and Cabot Marsh, Dr. Russo has written seven books addressing the industry-wide issues of documentation, coding, and compliance in healthcare. She also wrote Mindful Healthcare: The Conscious Person's Guide to Living in Harmony with the U. S. Healthcare System. She created the HealthMap™ program to help healthcare consumers proactively create a vision and plan for their care.

About Atty. Joseph J. Russo:
Attorney Joseph J. Russo is founder and Senior Partner of the law firm of Russo & Russo, LLP. The firms' practice areas include personal injury, wrongful death, corporate law, employment law, healthcare law, and criminal defense. He is admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. He is also admitted to practice before the United States Court of Appeals (3rd Circuit). Mr. Russo is member of the American Association for Justice (AAJ), formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA). He is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) Criminal Justice and Health Law Sections, as well as the Forum Committee on Entertainment and Sports Industries. He is a member of the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA). Mr. Russo is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (PACDL). He was a founding board member of the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA).

Contact Information
Phone: 610-882-2200
Web: http://www. ACompellingCase. com (http://www. ACompellingCase. com)


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Hot Banana Wins 2006 “CMS IDOL” Title at San Francisco Gilbane Conference on Content Management

Hot Banana Wins 2006 “CMS IDOL” Title at San Francisco Gilbane Conference on Content Management

Hot Banana Software Inc., a leader in Web Content Management software for marketing, is the winner of the 2006 “CMS Idol" competition held at the Gilbane Conference on Content Management Technologies, April 24-26, 2006 in San Francisco, California. The award recognizes the most innovative content management solution from a group of four competitors who were demonstrating their best features. The four competitors were - Hot Banana, PaperThin, Refresh and Vasont.

Barrie, ON (PRWEB) May 2, 2006

Hot Banana Software Inc., a leader in Web Content Management software for marketing, is the winner of the 2006 “CMS Idol" competition held at the Gilbane Conference on Content Management Technologies, April 24-26, 2006 in San Francisco, California. The award recognizes the most innovative content management solution from a group of four competitors who were demonstrating their best features. The four competitors were - Hot Banana, PaperThin, Refresh and Vasont.

"CMS Idol is an excellent opportunity for our conference attendees to get lively demonstrations from several offerings," said Frank Gilbane, CEO and Publisher, The Gilbane Group. "This is a fun forum where attendees choose the winner after seeing succinct, comparative presentations on the latest content management solutions."

Chris Adams, Hot Banana’s CTO, faced off with the winning presentation featuring a scenario where a marketing coordinator set up a mock marketing campaign and easily completed the following ‘typical’ eMarketing tasks using Hot Banana software in just 7 minutes: -

 Optimized a Web page for the organic ranking of keywords in search engines, using Hot Banana’s exclusive keyword phrase analyzer  Imported a streaming video flash file that went live on the Web site  Distributed a press release via email, RSS feed and PRWeb, and added it to the Web site home page and on the press release listing page  Created of a custom landing page with a two-step form, linked to salesforce. com, followed up with a confirmation email  Set up WebTrends analytics on the campaign pages for results measurement.

The 2006 “CMS Idol” competition was presided over by a panel of content management experts, playing the roles of the various judges in the popular TV show, American Idol, and the audience got to vote for the best solution.

"It's no surprise to me that Hot Banana won the 2006 CMS Idol,” says Scott Abel, Content Management Strategist, The Content Wrangler, Inc., who hosted the event as “Ryan”. “After all, successful marketers know how to both communicate their value proposition, and differentiate themselves from the competition, and Hot Banana's Chris Adams delivered an excellent demonstration of the popular marketing content management system and the audience responded by awarding the company the top spot."

"We’re thrilled that Hot Banana’s Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite got recognized by our peers, industry experts and end-users," says Krista Lariviere, CEO, Hot Banana Software Inc. “Hot Banana is clearly establishing itself as the industry leader and is opening up the category of Web Content Management For Marketing.”

About Hot Banana Software, Inc.

Founded in 1999, Hot Banana Software powers Corporate Web sites, Intranets, Extranets, Micro Marketing Sites and Landing Pages for more than 200 companies worldwide in more than 16 languages. Designed for non-technical users, Hot Banana’s core technology is an easy-to-use, fully-loaded Web Content Management Suite designed to manage a Web site's content creation, publishing and optimization process.

Hot Banana’s Active Marketing Solution is an eMarketing platform for corporate communications, branding, sales lead generation, lead conversion, email marketing, event management and customer retention programs. Hot Banana For Agencies, is the company’s latest software initiative to help marketing agencies manage and publish Forms, Landing Pages and Micro Marketing Sites.

Hot Banana is available directly, or from 20+ Channel Partners Worldwide, either On-Demand (SaaS), or Licensed. Clients include: InsureMe, Unico System, Hondros College, General Board of Global Ministries - UMC, Algoma Steel, Bell Industries, Parents Action for Children, Archdiocese of New York, Ansell Healthcare Europe, World Vision, Beaver Machine, Los Alamos School Board (New Mexico), Law Society of Upper Canada, Expertech, and The County of Simcoe. Hot Banana Software Inc. is profitable and privately held. For more information, visit www. hotbanana. com, or call 866-296-1803.

Hot Banana, Active Marketing and Active Marketing Web Content Management Suite are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hot Banana Software Inc. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Media Contact for Hot Banana

David Terry,

VP Sales and Marketing,

Hot Banana Software Inc.

705-792-3880 ext. 222


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RM Auctions Sets New World Record in Monterey With $31 Million in Vintage Automobiles Sold

RM Auctions Sets New World Record in Monterey With $31 Million in Vintage Automobiles Sold

Rare European 1938 Talbot-Lago Teardrop Coupe Sells for $3.6 Million Highlighting Monterey Sports & Classic Car Auction at Portola Plaza Hotel

BLENHEIM, Ontario (PRWEB) September 9, 2005

RM Auctions completed another outstanding sale at its 20th annual Monterey Sports and Classic Car Auction totaling $31 million and topping all other auction events.

The 2005 auction event held August 19-20, 2005 at the Portola Plaza Hotel in Monterey, CA, was the largest single offering in the history of the famed Monterey weekend and a new world record for a two-day auction of vintage automobiles. The sale saw an outstanding 91 percent of cars sold and included seven cars that sold for more than $1 million apiece.

Headlining the auction was a stunning 1938 Talbot-Lago T150-C Lago Speciale Teardrop Coupe that sold for $3,685,000. The one-off car had spent its entire life in Europe – making its first North American appearance on the RM auction block. The Teardrop Coupe, named for the seductive shape of the car’s pillarless windows and sculptured body, is recognized as the pinnacle of French Art Deco design.

Excitement also built around the North American debut of the super-luxury 2006 Maybach 57 S which was driven on stage by Tonight Show host Jay Leno and a surprise “hitchhiker” - the legendary racer Sir Stirling Moss and sold for $550,000 to a Texas collector. With encouragement from Leno and a special appearance by Ulrich Maybach, great-grandson of founder Wilheim Maybach, charitable proceeds from the Maybach 57 S and the generosity of RM's clients raised a total of $427,000 for the Boys & Girls Club of America.

“We are more than pleased with the results of our Monterey event which was the most exciting and largest sale in our company’s history and set a new world record for a two-day auction of vintage automobiles,” said Rob Myers, Founder of RM Auctions. “We saw strong prices across the board on the sports and racing cars, muscle cars and even the more popular classics – sure signs of a healthy market.”

Joining the Talbot-Lago in the million dollar plus category were six other incredible automobiles:

1964 Ford GT40 Prototype – the actual car that won the 1965 Daytona Continental Race, driven by Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby, splendid in its 1966 racing livery. ($2,502,500)

1932 Alfa Romeo P3 Tipo B Monoposto – one of three remaining examples out of 6, this ex-Scuderia team car won the 1934 Monaco Grands Prix in additions to finishes at Monza, Nurburgring and Rheims ($2,100,000)

1970 Ferrari 512S Spyder Sports Racing Car - 550bhp, 4,496cc dual overhead cam V12 made this the fastest car Ferrari had ever built to date, capable of 235mph plus ($1,947,000)

1958 Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France Berlinetta – a Scaglietti-bodied, Pinin Farina design was the last Tour de France built with a storied racing provenance. ($1,457,500)

1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder – Known to collectors as one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever built, it is as graceful standing still as it is at top speed. ($1,320,000)

1938 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster - The centerpiece of the Â’37 Berlin Motor Show, it was the automobile of choice of royalty and international celebrities. ($1,017,500)

Other notable highlights from the two-day RM Monterey auction included:

1951 Ferrari 340 America Berlinetta - this hot rod of sports racing Ferraris and one of only two closed Berlinettas to receive TouringÂ’s superlight coachwork. ($973,500)

1971 Porsche 917 Spyder – formerly from the famed Harrah Collection and considered to be one of the most desirable of all vintage Porsche racers. Recently restored to its former glory. ($863,500)

1962 Chaparral 1 Sports Racing Car, a revolutionary design by legendary Jim Hall that would dominate its class in the 1960Â’s. One of five built of the original first series. ($577,500) 

1964 Shelby 289 Cobra “Dragonsnake” – born into the prime of the drag racing era, this Cobra successfully defended Carroll Shelby’s legacy, winning countless events. ($451,000)

949 Jaguar XK120 Roadster Prototype - the first XK120 prototype ever built (Chassis 67001) was the world's fastest production car and launched the Jaguar sports car dynasty. ($440,000)

1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda - the holy grail of muscle cars today. This factory original, with less 30,100 miles was one of only two finished in Autumn Mist Metallic, out of only 108 built. ($412,500)

Final results from Monterey Sports and Classic Car Auction can be found at: www. rmauctions. com

Celebrating more than 25 years in the collector car industry, RM Auctions, Inc. and its sister companies are responsible for acquiring, restoring and selling of the worldÂ’s rarest and most expensive vintage automobiles including Best of Show winning cars at the prestigious Meadow Brook and Pebble Beach Concours. For the latest information on this event and RM Auctions, Inc., please call toll-free (800) 211-4371, or visit the corporate web site at www. rmauctions. com

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sexy Ganja, the New All-Natural Hemp-Based Lubricating Gel Slides across Canada!

Sexy Ganja, the New All-Natural Hemp-Based Lubricating Gel Slides across Canada!

Canolio, recently launched Sexy Ganja a lubricating gel created using the HomeoSativa process and combining homeopathic techniques with the use of hemp oil. Sexy Ganja offers all the therapeutic benefits of hemp along with the numerous advantages of using a lubricating gel.

(PRWEB) December 7, 2004

Sexy Ganja jelly is made with hemp oil cultivated without herbicides or pesticides and low in THC, in accordance with Health Canada norms for therapeutic products. It contains essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, antioxidants and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D and E, all of which contribute to slowing down the degeneration of cell membranes. It is interesting to note that Omega 3 acids increase surface circulation on the skin, which can contribute to improving erection strength.

Thus, in addition to providing intense moisturizing for the genitals upon application, Sexy Ganja has the long-term effect of preserving the skinÂ’s natural moisturizing system.

Unlike other products on the market, a single application of Sexy Ganja maintains lubrication for twenty minutes. Sexy Ganja is not sticky and does not leave an unpleasant film on the skin. The lubricated surface feels clean and softer to the touch.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Sexy Ganja personal lubricant represent a great advantage for those with sensitive skin or who have developed allergies to traditional, petroleum-based jellies. Sexy Ganja is suitable for all skin types; its soothing properties are particularly appreciated by individuals suffering from eczema or minor skin irritations.

Since it is water-based and created using a homeopathic process, Sexy Ganja is suitable for use with condoms. It is important to note, however, that it is not a contraceptive lubricant.

Offered in 100-gram tubes, Sexy Ganja can be used daily. It is water-based, non-greasy, tasteless and fragrance-free. It also will not stain fabric.

Available at www. Canolio. com, major drugstores, all natural food stores and erotic boutiques.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

When Usama bin Laden Sneezes We Spend a Billion That We DonÂ’t Have!

When Usama bin Laden Sneezes We Spend a Billion That We DonÂ’t Have!

Most people think that the international war on terrorism will be very long and very expensive. Where’s the money going to come from? A new Internet based effort calling for fiscally responsible government and a national sales tax to replace the IRS was launched today. “What’s different about this effort”, said Ralph Zimmerman, the organizer, “is that our effort covers the two things that need to be before we go bankrupt as a country or lose to the terrorists. We must have fiscally responsible government that does not waste our money and something to replace the IRS with to make it easier and certain for all of us pay our fair share. There are other efforts out there but they only address one issue or the other. When we get upset over government spending and waste, we need to be equally upset at the tax system that doesn’t do its job. The gap needs to closed at both ends of the balance sheet.” And, if we’re not upset about this we should be.

(PRWEB) September 17, 2004

Our national debt is increasing at the rate of $1.72 billion dollars per day since September 30, 2003. Our current terrorist enemies have taken a page from our old communist enemies. They will try their best to undermine us from within, stretch our military and break our bank. The Department of Homeland Security says that the cost of raising the threat level is “enormous” and yet they must spend your money every time that they even think that there might be an attack or an elevated risk.

In the 50’s, the communist party said they would bury our grandchildren. When they realized they couldn’t do it with war, their plan became subversive – an effort to undermine us from within. America was very concerned about communism then. The party and the country behind the statement didn’t last long enough to do it but we’re fearful enough now of terrorism that if bin Laden or his associates sneeze into the wind the wrong way we raise the alert and go spend a few billion. In the 50’s and 60’s we knew who and where they enemy was. Today, it’s much harder to define our enemies. In order to fight the war on terrorism and still maintain a healthy home we’ve simply got to close the gap between spending and income.

This new effort through the website is filled with facts and figures to educate and dozens of links to back up facts. “People need to care and be involved”, said Zimmerman “and through this new effort we will provide forums and live moderated chat rooms to give our supporters the facts they need, and a way to formulate and exchange ideas.” There are no politics practiced at the site. Only right and wrong. What’s wrong is government spending and waste that is totally out of control. What is right is that the tax code be simplified to make certain that we all pay our fair share and do away with the IRS that will spend over ten billion dollars next year to collect taxes and still won’t even come close to making sure that all that should be due is collected.

According to the IRS Oversight BoardÂ’s 2004 Report, the nationÂ’s annual tax gap, the difference between what taxpayers are supposed to pay and what is actually collected, is estimated at $311 billion. WhatÂ’s worse, is that IRS commissioner Mark W. Everson testified before Congress earlier this year that current estimates of the tax gap are based on 1988 data, and when the IRS completes its new research study, the gap is likely to be even higher. WhatÂ’s even worse yet, is that it is the problem is so large, widespread and unmanageable that they can only guess.

Zimmerman continued “Our grass roots efforts is aimed at encouraging the candidates to stop talking just to hear themselves talk, and start backing up their promises of programs and spending with specific plans on how you’re going to continue to spend money without deficit spending. Very few of our businesses and public companies and almost no household could survive if they spent money like our governments do.”

This effort will give those who truly care about tomorrow a truly non-political platform to carry forward to elected representatives of all levels of government regardless of their current affiliation and it will be easy to be involved. The fact that government calls the budget deficit “manageable” and within historical limits as defined by a percentage of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is simply not enough. We could do so much more without the waste and if everyone paid their fair share.

ItÂ’s time to get involved and pressure our lawmakers close the gap between income and expenditures, to make us safer and to leave a better world tomorrow.

Visit the website at www. changemylifenow. tv for additional information.

Ralph Zimmerman is a retired investor and software engineer living in Colorado Springs.


Gate Concrete Products Company Lands Key Precast Construction Contracts

Gate Concrete Products Company Lands Key Precast Construction Contracts

For more than three decades Gate Concrete has been recognized as a premier supplier of Precast Concrete products in the Southeast. Gate has been awarded four construction projects showcasing its wide range of products including hollow core, double tees and wall panels.

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) April 28, 2010

Jacksonville based Gate Concrete Products has been awarded $4,100,000 in new construction projects.

Gate Concrete will produce and install hollow core plank for the new Mayo House of Care in Jacksonville starting in July.

Gate was selected to furnish the new four-level, 1,000-car parking garage at The Sanctuary, a student housing project near the University of Florida in Gainesville.

The company will also begin production on Pump Station Build-Outs in Palm Beach and in Hendry County which deliver in late 2010 and early 2011, respectively. For additional information at Gate Concrete Products Company, contact Jane Martin at (251) 575-2803 or visit www. gateprecast. com.

About Gate:
Gate Concrete Products is a subsidiary of Gate Petroleum Company, headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. Gate owns and operates eight manufacturing facilities and has become one of the largest and most diversified producers of architectural and structural precast, prestressed concrete in the United States. Structural and architectural precast concrete products are produced at its facilities located in Jacksonville and Kissimmee, Florida; Hillsboro and Pearland, Texas; Monroeville, Alabama; Winchester, Kentucky; Ashland City, Tennessee; and in Oxford, North Carolina.

The company is recognized annually as a top subcontractor by Engineering News Record Magazine and provides design assistance in the early stages of design for its clients in school, government, health care, entertainment, commercial, parking garage and multi-family markets.

Jane Martin, MIS Director/Corporate Marketing Associate
Gate Precast Company
Http://www. gateprecast. com (http://www. gateprecast. com)


Hummingbird Coaching White Paper Advises Employers on Evaluating Health Coaching Programs

Hummingbird Coaching White Paper Advises Employers on Evaluating Health Coaching Programs

Growing market increases coaching choices, confusion

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) September 30, 2009 –-

Burgeoning interest in coaching may be a great boon for the wellness industry, yet may leave many employers with little clue how to evaluate the rapidly increasing coaching options now available.

In a new white paper, “Choosing a Coaching Vendor,” http://www. hummingbirdcoaching. com/default. aspx? tabid=7316 (http://www. hummingbirdcoaching. com/default. aspx? tabid=7316), Hummingbird Coaching Services details the basic elements that employers should consider as they assess the quality of coaching programs.

Health, parenting and lifestyle coaching are increasingly popular options within employee benefit programs. Educational approaches for behavior change (http://www. hummingbirdcoaching. com/default. aspx? tabid=7203) have fallen short in helping employees sustain lasting behavior change. Yet the demand is attracting some vendors to tweak existing programs and re-label them as “coaching.” And due to the lack of standards in this relatively new field, even those who do develop new coaching programs fall short of a valid evidence-based program.

“Employees often need some level of personal support to convert their best intentions into their best actions,” said Dr. Neal Mayerson, Hummingbird chairman and a pioneer in the field of Positive Psychology (http://www. hummingbirdcoaching. com/default. aspx? tabid=7205). “Coaching provides that support, and is especially effective when coaches are continually trained in behavior change.”

Content experts can fall into the trap of advice-giving, Mayerson explained, whereas studies show that clients stay engaged in a coaching program that is defined by a collaborative relationship. Coaching is about helping clients establish new behaviors, so employers should expect vendors to be able to explain specific elements of behavioral science within their programs. These include:
 Targeting behavior  Functional behavior assessments  Goal setting  Positive Psychology – using client strengths and positive affect  Active listening

Convenience in delivery also has been shown to increase client engagement. Employers should look for vendors with programs that leverage the newest methods of communication to increase convenience for clients.

For more information, download “Choosing a Coaching Vendor” at http://www. hummingbirdcoaching. com/default. aspx? tabid=7316 (http://www. hummingbirdcoaching. com/default. aspx? tabid=7316)

Hummingbird Coaching Services has provided one-on-one health coaching since 1997. Their proprietary coaching model (http://www. hummingbirdcoaching. com/default. aspx? tabid=7215) and online delivery platform is used by major employers, health plans and pharmaceutical companies to drive behavior change among employees and patients; www. hummingbirdcoaching. com.


Gail DeLano
Fisher Vista/HRmarketer
Gdelano(at)fishervista. com

Sean Slovenski 
Hummingbird Coaching Services 
Sean. Slovenski(at)hummingbirdcoaching. com

This press release was distributed through PR Web by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sex Educator Discusses Why Mutual Satisfaction is Rare and How Some Couples Achieve It

Sex Educator Discusses Why Mutual Satisfaction is Rare and How Some Couples Achieve It

In a recent interview, a sex educator discussed the inherent difficulties of couples achieving consistent mutual satisfaction, which research shows has been true through history, and three specific approaches that solve this long-standing problem.

Mount Jackson, VA (PRWEB) November 13, 2007

"The lucky couples are the ones that figure out one of the three techniques for bringing both partners to a satisfying conclusion. I'm talking about mutual satisfaction here…They are on the road to a fulfilling physically passionate relationship that can last into their 70's and 80's," says Kim Marshall, author of "The Great Sex Secret" during a recent interview on "Inside Romance Success".

Marshall was raised in the typical uptight family environment that rarely, if ever talked about the 'S' word. He grew up with all of the misconceptions that, according to his surveys, many of us have about how intercourse really works. Despite the openness of our culture compared to ages past in discussing this taboo issue, Marshall has found there is very little real information available to help couples solve the ancient riddle.

Marshall is optimistic that mutual satisfaction is possible and can be learned. His book gives a detailed description of three approaches that bring full satisfaction for both partners and create a healthy, joyful intimate relationship. In Marshall's book, he says "these simple straightforward approaches can work for any couple."

· According to a report published in the February 10, 1999 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, 46% of women suffer from sexual dissatisfaction compared to only 23% of men.
· Studies done by Alfred Kinsey on female sexuality stated approximately 30 percent of women regularly reach climax by penile-vaginal intercourse alone.
· In a survey of 100 married couples, "48% of the women reported they sometimes had trouble getting aroused, 46% reported only occasionally reaching climax, and 15% never had an orgasm" (Heiman & Lopiccolo, 1976:24).
Marshall is passionate about changing these sad statistics. Through the ages women were considered sick, undersexed, frigid, or crazy if they did not reach climax during intercourse. Yet, because of the way human bodies physically relate to each other, women do not reach climax with straightforward intercourse.

Marshall is devoted to teaching couples techniques to bring both partners to fulfillment. He stresses communication as the number one requirement for consistently achieving satisfaction. While communication is always great marriage advice, this means trusting one's partner enough to tell the most intimate details. Couples have reported back to Marshall that using his book as a 'third-person' crutch, not only provided valuable information on technique but also opened discussion between their partners and even their adult kids.

Kim Marshall's book, "The Great Sex Secret" is available at: http://www. amazon. com/Great-Sex-Secret-Kim-Marshall/dp/1402208103 (http://www. amazon. com/Great-Sex-Secret-Kim-Marshall/dp/1402208103)
About the Author:
Inside Success Radio is the most talked about Internet talk show, earning its reputation for quality interviews with the best-known experts of many fields. Each interview provides practical tips, strategies, and secrets direct from the masters.
The online podcast and transcript of Marshall's interview with the Inside Romance Success Show is available at (insidesuccessradio. com/Guests/Kim-Marshall)

Media Contacts:
Debbie Wolf
Associate Producer


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New Service for Renters to Help Improve Credit

New Service for Renters to Help Improve Credit

UCan2 Opportunity, Inc. announced the launch of their new nationwide service, Rent Reporting. Through the corporate web site and its network of independent business owners (IBO’s), the company will begin to offer consumers a valuable way to significantly improve their credit profiles by having their timely monthly rent payments added as a major positive factor to their credit score.

(PRWEB) June 30, 2006

UCan2 Opportunity, Inc. announced the launch of their new nationwide service, Rent Reporting. Through the corporate web site and its network of independent business owners (IBO’s), the company will begin to offer consumers a valuable way to significantly improve their credit profiles by having their timely monthly rent payments added as a major positive factor to their credit score.

"According to the U. S. Census Bureau approximately 34 million Americans pay rent each month," said CEO Marco Carbajo. "Currently, the major national consumer reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) do not track, or factor into credit scores, timely monthly rent payments. As they continue to explore alternative credit data and incorporate them into their scoring models, UCan2 Opportunity’s Rent Reporting program offers a service that has an immediate and direct impact."

As a financial solutions company, UCan2 Opportunity focuses on comprehensive services such as: Credit Repair and Rent Reporting. The UCan2 Rent Reporting program enables apartment renters to build credit with rental payments as homeowners do with mortgage payments, regardless of income or geography. The program helps individuals establish credit without having to resort to high interest loans or credit cards. For most people, a person’s rent payment is the single largest payment they make each month, yet it is not used in the calculation of a persons credit score.

“By reporting timely rent payments to the major credit bureaus, we give our customers the opportunity to significantly improve their individual credit scores. A better credit score enhances their chances to take advantage of favorable credit offers from lenders, including home loans, auto loans, personal loans, and credit cards. By offering consumers the chance to improve their financial health, we are enabling them to enrich their lives,” says Carbajo.

UCan2 Opportunity represents a family of financial solutions companies that help their clients resolve credit, debt, and money problems through innovative financial solutions. But more importantly, the organization understands the importance of education. "We give clients an opportunity to change the way they view money," says Carbajo, "so they don't duplicate the bad decisions of the past. We believe UCan2 is making a significant contribution to helping create a new financial mindset in America. From living as a debtor to becoming an investor."

For more information about UCan2 Opportunity, Inc. and how they can help you or others visit our website at http://www. ucan2opty. com (http://www. ucan2opty. com) or http://www. ucan2rentreports. com (http://www. ucan2rentreports. com). You can also call 800-844-8293.

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New Jersey Marriage Counselor Merges TV with Internet, Radio, and Blogging to Provide Expert Advice

New Jersey Marriage Counselor Merges TV with Internet, Radio, and Blogging to Provide Expert Advice

Dr. Marty Tashman, a New Jersey Marriage Counselor, has five promises. These promises are unique not only to him as a counselor, but to virtually anyone in his line of work. Suppose you were offered free follow-up sessions, or perhaps the freedom to cancel last minute, with no charge. Suppose you do not feel progress during your session, and you don't have to pay for that session. Well, that is what Dr. Tashman promises.

Somerset, NJ (PRWEB) March 8, 2008

Anyone who is married understands the ups and downs that go with long term commitment. Even the very best of relationships cycle through periods of good times and unfortunately bad times -- and nobody is exempt from these "bad times." Dr. Marty Tashman, a New Jersey marriage counselor (http://www. yourmarriagecounselor. com), understands this fully and has the education, experience, and compassion to help those couples who are looking to improve their relationships.

Dr. Tashman has been a therapist for over 30 years, and is always in favor of salvaging a marriage as long as it is not physically or emotionally destructive. He counsels a broad range of couples including those who are dating, in long term relationships, living together, engaged, newlyweds or couples who have been married for years. During his sessions he teaches his patients how to improve communication, as well as how to deal with emotional pain and anger.

Dr. Tashman has a sincere desire to help his clients achieve a healthier relationship and has provided several tools to get them started on that road. Not only does he have a very useful website (YourMarriageCounselor. com) for anyone interested in learning more about him or his counseling style, but he has also made several appearances on television and radio broadcast shows -- a few of which can be viewed or listened to on his website.

An important recurring theme in Dr. Tashman's therapy sessions is that of reconnection. In his most recent television interview (http://www. yourmarriagecounselor. com/relationships-marriage/dr-marty-on-daily-connections/), he guides his viewers through dealing with a workaholic partner. He essentially teaches them the workaholic's point of view, and then proceeds to offer suggestions on how to approach that partner in a non-threatening way.

It's true that Dr. Tashman's website offers information about himself, but it also has many useful resources to help a troubled couple rekindle the relationship they used to share. He has a broad range of articles that offer relational assistance on several topics, and although his articles are very helpful, his expectations are still realistic. In one of his articles, "Ten Strategies for Effective Communication" he lists ten strategies, as the title suggests, but before listing them he advises the reader to adopt those strategies slowly. Change does not come about overnight.

Dr. Tashman also makes some very unique promises to his clients that are a testimony to how important it is to him that his clients achieve success. Unlike many therapists, he guarantees that there will be no charge for the client who feels they aren't making any progress during their sessions. He also encourages emails between sessions and does not charge for brief follow-up phone calls after sessions. And if all that weren't enough, he doesn't even charge for last minute cancellations because he understands how hectic life can be and that sometimes important things just come up.

For more information about Dr. Marty Tashman (http://www. yourmarriagecounselor. com/about/), please don't hesitate to visit his website at YourMarriageCounselor. com.


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The Zambian Ministry of Education has invited New Hampshire-based non-profit Students Partnership Worldwide (SPW) to establish its community health education program in Central Province this year, with a view to expanding it nationwide. Uniquely, SPW teams together trained young African volunteers with young American, British and Australian volunteers and places them in rural African communities as peer health educators.

(PRWEB) July 28, 2003

The announcement comes shortly after President BushÂ’s recent tour of 5 African nations last week. During his tour, the President highlighted the devastating impact HIV/AIDS has had on the ContinentÂ’s people, where 5,000 people die every day from the disease.

SPW’s Executive Director, James Cogan, stresses how young people have often been overlooked as a valuable resource in the fight against communicable disease and poverty. “There are enormous numbers of young people across Africa passionate about fighting issues such as HIV/AIDS. Considering that peer pressure is the single most influential factor determining sexual behavior among youth, it’s ridiculous not to recruit and train these young people as peer health educators, particularly when they’re excited to volunteer their time to do this work.”

Part of the attraction for the African volunteers is the opportunity to work with international volunteers, and it is the efforts of these international volunteers that enable the program to run. Without a secure source of funding from government or private sources, the organization relies heavily on the fees fundraised by the international volunteers to offset the training and placement costs of the local volunteers.

While larger international development agencies are spending millions searching for a low-cost approach to health education that can effectively reach impoverished rural communities, SPW has been quietly empowering the people most at risk there with an opportunity to make a difference in their communities.

Robyn Munford (from North Conway, NH) volunteered with SPW. She said it was a shock to realize how basic the health services were in her community. “When we arrived, the 500 school children were sharing one pit latrine. Working with my counterpart volunteer, Sarita, we taught them about sanitation though fun activitiesthat made them pay attention, and also showed them how to build latrines.”

Most importantly of all, the young people that SPW works with recognize the importance of the programs. Christine Athieno,15 year old girl from Nakaloke Secondary School, Uganda declared “Before the SPW volunteers came, I knew there was a disease called AIDS but I never thought the disease could even catch me. Now I know it can catch me but I know just how to avoid it thanks to the knowledge the SPW volunteers have imparted to us”

SPW was established in 1985 and runs programs in South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, India and Nepal. Its US office is in New Hampshire. The organization recruits 18-28 year olds Americans to work on programs in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, India and Nepal.

More information is available on the web at www. spw. org.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

AORN and Mercy Ships Collaborate to Increase Patient Care Aboard Hospital Ships

AORN and Mercy Ships Collaborate to Increase Patient Care Aboard Hospital Ships

High Level of Volunteer Participation is Expected From Perioperative Nurse Professionals.

Chicago, IL (Vocus) March 24, 2009

Patrick Voight, president of the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN), announced on Thursday to more than 5000 attendees at its 56th annual Congress that AORN has entered into a collaboration with Mercy Ships, the operator of the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship, the Africa Mercy.

Through the collaboration, the RN membership of AORN will be invited to volunteer their operating room training and skills in six state-of-the-art operating rooms on the Africa Mercy by providing surgical support and health care in African nations.

Mercy Ships supports the mission of AORN which is to promote safety and optimal outcomes for patients undergoing operative and other invasive procedures by providing practice support and professional development opportunities to perioperative nurses. “This important collaboration enables our members to share their knowledge and expertise at the international level, caring for populations that might not otherwise have access to safe and professional help,” said Voight.

Mercy Ships relies on volunteer medical professionals to fulfill its mission of bringing hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor. Approximately 150-200 operating room nurses are needed annually to serve the 5400 patients that receive operations onboard the ship. “We rely on the expertise, knowledge and skills of our qualified volunteers.

The perioperative nurse professionals of AORN are an excellent resource of expert nurses to help us provide the high standard of care that we deliver to all patients onboard the Africa Mercy,” stated Sam Smith, CEO of Mercy Ships.

AORN, Inc., the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, represents more than 42,000 perioperative professionals in the U. S. and abroad who facilitate the management, teaching and practice of perioperative nursing, or who are enrolled in nursing education or engaged in perioperative research. Its members also include perioperative nurses who work in related business and industry sectors.

AORN’s mission is to promote safety and optimal outcomes for patients undergoing operative and other invasive procedures by providing practice support and professional development opportunities to perioperative nurses. AORN will collaborate with professional and regulatory organizations, industry leaders, and other healthcare partners who support the mission. www. aorn. org

Mercy Ships
Mercy Ships (www. mercyships. org) is the leader in using hospital ships to deliver free, world-class health care services to the poor. Founded in 1978 by Don and Deyon Stephens, Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the poor in developing nations. Over the past 30 years, Mercy Ships has worked in more than 70 countries providing services valued at more than $670 million, directly impacting more than 1.9 million people. More than 850 crew worldwide, representing more than 35 nations, are joined each year by hundreds of short-term volunteers. Professionals including surgeons, dentists, nurses, community developers, teachers, cooks, seamen, engineers, and agriculturalists donate their time and skills to the effort.

For more information, click on www. mercyships. org. Hi-res photos and general Mercy Ships broadcast footage clips are available for download at www. mercyshipsnews. org or upon request.


Pauline Rick
U. S. Public Relations Director
Rickp(at)mercyships. org

Diane Rickard
Int’l Public Relations Director
Mercy Ships International Operations
Tel: 44.1438 727 800
Email: rickardd(at)mercyships. org

Gayle Davis
Desk: 800-755-2676 Ext. 225
Cell: 303-249-2989
Gdavis(at)aorn. org


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Baltimore Business Owners Organization (BBO) Outlines Solution to Health Care Crisis

Baltimore Business Owners Organization (BBO) Outlines Solution to Health Care Crisis

A Coalition of Baltimore Business Owners, (The BBO) proposes a basic 4 step solution to our Health Care Crisis, which is simple to implement and easy to understand!

Curtis Bay, MD (PRWEB) December 10, 2009

The Baltimore Business Owners Organization (BBO), a coalition of Baltimore employers chaired by Michael Vallerie, owner of Vallerie Trailer Rentals, has outlined a plan to reform our health care system on their Web site http://www. mikesplan. net.

The goal of the BBO is to see the cost of health care so significantly reduced that small employers and their employees can again afford health care.

Assuming that the employer is paying 50 percent of the employee's premium, Mike Vallerie and the BBO would like to see the employee's cost of insurance (single coverage) reduced to approximately $20 a week.

Is this realistic? The BBO argues that it is. “With a tort reform as strong as that of our workers' compensation system, malpractice premiums could be eliminated,” they claim. Malpractice premiums are exorbitant: for an obstetrician they are approximately $140,000 annually, though rates will vary from state to state. “With the elimination of malpractice premiums the cost of health care will be reduced by approximately 25 percent,” says Vallerie.

The subject of tort reform can initially be overwhelming for the average person until it's realized that tort reform is nothing new. Workers' compensation, which has existed for years, is a process of tort reform. “In essence we don't need to recreate the wheel, we simply need to copy it and retrofit it to our health care system,” claims the BBO.

Workers' compensation, a social insurance, "is a pact between employers and employees. Employers are mandated to cover medical care and provide wage replacement for injured workers; in exchange for this protection, workers compensation becomes the exclusive remedy for workers. The courts have upheld this doctrine for nearly a century," according to http://www. workerscompinsider. com].

Politicians such as Howard Dean have openly stated that they have ignored the need for tort reform and malpractice premiums because they are not willing to take on the attorneys of America.

The second part of the BBO's plan calls for a redefinition of covered medical services designed to eliminate the use of insurance for routine office visits coupled with expanded use of health savings accounts, or HSAs.

Insurance was originally established to guard against risk of financial devastation resulting from debilitating disease such as cancer. “Office visits for routine care are not a risk; they are a common event, a certainty. No one should need insurance to be able to afford to see a doctor for a common cold,” says the BBO.

Funding office visits through insurance premiums is simply a more expensive way to pay for the office visit. According to Uwe E. Reinhardt, a economist at Princeton University, 21 percent of every dollar that flows through an insurance company is eaten up in administrative cost.

“With so many Americans using high co-pays and HSAs to pay for routine care it is not a big leap to simply exclude these services from insurance reimbursement. In fact, by excluding this level of service from eligibility for insurance reimbursement we have eliminated a layer of administrative service and expense both for the insurance carrier and the physician's office,” says the BBO. HSAs allow the individual to use tax deductible dollars to pay for medical services even if those services are not recognized as a covered health insurance expense.

What is an HSA and how does it work? At Vallerie Trailer the employee and the employer split the cost of employees' premium evenly. In addition, the employee contributes $50 per month to his HSA and the employer matches that $50. Under this plan the employee has a $1,250 annual deductible, and at the same time the employee is banking $1200 annually in his HSA. The idea is that he can cover his deductible with funds in the HSA and that hopefully he can use what is left of the $1,200 to begin to accumulate a nest egg.

“By implementing these points, Americans should realize a reduction in the cost of health care of 35 to 45 percent,” the BBO claims.

They continue: “with the elimination of malpractice premiums on outpatient services, physicians will return to private practice, making accessibility to medical care easier and cheaper. With more physicians returning to private practice and with the elimination of having insurance company involvement in out patient services, we will see physicians establishing office visit rates at a price consumers can afford.”

Why is the BBO recommending tort reform on only out patient services? To impose tort reform across the board could throw the entire medical industry in to financial chaos, which could in turn force the tax payer to bail out said medical institutions.

The purpose of reform is to eliminate the bureaucracy of our health care system and thus result in a more efficient process with a downsizing of staff. The BBO believes the two steps stated above could drastically reduce the administrative needs of the medical industry and supporting industries.

This savings in health premiums could also have a tremendous positive effect on every state's budget, every business' budget and every employee's budget. Reducing state deficits to this degree could have an immediate stimulating effect on local economies, the BBO anticipates.

“The current health care bill which is being debated in Congress (H. R.3200) has no significant positive impact on the cost of health insurance. In addition to the steps proposed by the BBO there is a lot more to be done.

Once health care is affordable, we will then need to look at issues such as:
Basing rates on age encourages discrimination, making it extremely difficult for those in their 50s and 60s to secure employment with health benefits. Eligibility for coverage and rates based upon medical history needs to be eliminated on all policies.

The first step, however, is to make health care affordable,” summarizes the BBO.

To learn more about the BBO proposal visit http://www. mikesplan. net.

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Friday, May 9, 2008

New South Florida Non-Profit Giving Hope and Comfort to Underprivileged Children Fighting Cancer

New South Florida Non-Profit Giving Hope and Comfort to Underprivileged Children Fighting Cancer

The Jessica June ChildrenÂ’s Cancer Foundation (JJCCF) was founded in May 2004 as a non-profit, IRS approved, 501(c)3 organization by Sandra Muvdi Swartz. It was created in memory of her only child, Jessica June Eiler Muvdi (February 16, 1996 to October 9, 2003), and other children who have lost the battle against cancer.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) October 22, 2004

The Jessica June ChildrenÂ’s Cancer Foundation (JJCCF) was founded in May 2004 as a non-profit, IRS approved, 501(c)3 organization by Sandra Muvdi Swartz. It was created in memory of her only child, Jessica June Eiler Muvdi (February 16, 1996 to October 9, 2003), and other children who have lost the battle against cancer.

“For some unknown reason these beautiful children earned their angel wings before their time,” says JJCCF founder, Sandra Muvdi Swartz. “Jessie was like any other normal 7 year old girl. She had many dreams and a strong desire to live and help others. She lived her short 7 years with intensity as if she knew that it was all the time she had left.”


After “Jessie” lost her life to Leukemia, Sandra Muvdi left her job as a Middle School Math Teacher and spent a few months grieving with her family who lives in Barranquilla, Colombia. Sandra and her family soon came in contact with a small non-profit hospital that provides free cancer care and treatment to very poor children fighting cancer. They started visiting Sanar Hospital and became acquainted with the children receiving cancer related care and treatment. The poverty, misery, and tragic cancerous sickness these children were encountering truly touched their hearts. Soon after having seen the needs of the hospital, her family decided to make a donation to help equip the hospital room for the children receiving overnight treatment. In February 2004, the hospital room was inaugurated in memory of Jessica. Additionally, Ms. Swartz’s brother-in-law and his family made a generous contribution by donating enough money to pay for the salary of a full time nurse for the needs of Sanar Hospital and its patients.

During her initial stages of grieving in October 2003, Sandra decided to turn the pain and emptiness she felt from JessicaÂ’s absence into something functional and positive, and she started the Jessica June ChildrenÂ’s Cancer Foundation.


The Jessica June ChildrenÂ’s Cancer Foundation has the tireless mission of giving hope and comfort to underprivileged children fighting cancer. It helps impoverished, sick children whose parents donÂ’t have the financial means to pay for the required cancer care and treatment (check-ups/chemotherapy/radiation/operations). The children in need do not have health insurance, and receiving private donations is their only alternative for treatment and hope.

A child diagnosed with cancer today has a 70% chance of being alive and well five years from now. This fact is only true if the childÂ’s family has the financial means needed to pay for proper cancer care and treatment. Often, money becomes an impediment for choosing life. The Jessica June ChildrenÂ’s Cancer Foundation is working to prevent this situation from occurring.


Although Ms. Muvdi and JJCCF would like to help all underprivileged children, they are confined to giving only as much as they receive in donations.

“As we grow, we will be able to reach out and give to an increasing number of little patients,” states Ms. Muvdi. “For now, we try to keep our overhead expenses to a minimum, and by having a 100% volunteer working staff, your donations directly benefit underprivileged children fighting cancer.”

Programs and Events

Cancer Awareness Program

This program was created to educate elementary school children and teens on various aspects of cancer. The program usually runs for one month at the school. During this time, teachers provide students with age sensitive cancer awareness resources such as books/stories, videos and activities. Participants learn about various aspects of cancer, learn to value and be thankful for their health, and learn that giving a little can make a big difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

During the program, the foundation sells colorful T-shirts and buttons with the foundation name, logo, and mission. Students and teachers wear the t-shirts and buttons on “Cancer Awareness Day” which marks the conclusion of the program. Proceeds from the purchases of these items directly benefit underprivileged children with cancer. Buying and wearing them are encouraged for the demonstration of solidarity and support for cancer victims and for the Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation.

NOTE: The first Cancer Awareness Program will take place at Virginia Shuman Young Elementary, where Jessica attended Kindergarten through 2nd grade, during the month of October. The program will culminate in conjunction with the Fall Festival on Friday, October 22nd. JessicaÂ’s fellow students and teachers will wear JJCCF buttons and t-shirts in honor of Cancer Awareness Day and the foundationÂ’s mission.

Community Working Hours

Most high schools require students to complete community service hours during each year of their education. The Jessica June ChildrenÂ’s Cancer Foundation would like for students to complete these hours by helping the foundation accomplish its mission. There are various projects students can choose from including bake sales, making and selling jewelry, conducting a car wash, and organizing a social or sporting event.

Adoption Wish Program

This program grants material wishes to children affected by cancer. In most circumstances, cancer patients living in overseas countries, are not eligible candidates to benefit from programs such as Make a Wish Foundation, and this is why Adoption Wish was created.

JJCCF has interviewed several underprivileged children receiving cancer treatment at Sanar Hospital and has their history, picture, and their wish list. Some wishes are as simple as a toy car or doll, while others are more sophisticated wishes such as a computer, a bicycle or a small TV.

Further Information/Donations

Donations are fully tax-deductible (JJCCF is a fully approved 501(c)3 organization) and are desperately needed as the foundation builds awareness in South Florida and throughout the healthcare community.

For additional information on the Jessica June ChildrenÂ’s Cancer Foundation, contact Misty Maaya at (954) 829-6468.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hosting. com Supports Right To Play And Microsoft's Kick-It! Program With Three Months Free Offer

Hosting. com Supports Right To Play And Microsoft's Kick-It! Program With Three Months Free Offer

New Hosting. com Dedicated and Cloud Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and/or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Will Receive Three Months of Complimentary Hosting

Denver, CO (PRWEB) May 18, 2010

Hosting. com (http://hosting. com/?utm_source=prel_prweb&utm_medium=prel&utm_campaign=prel_kickit3mosfreecampaign_20100518), a leading provider of managed hosting, cloud hosting and colocation solutions, today announced its participation in Microsoft’s Right To Play “Kick-It!” (http://www. kickitwithwindowsserver. com/) charitable campaign. The “Kick-It!” campaign provides donations and support to Right To Play, an international humanitarian organization utilizing the power of sport and play to enhance child development in areas of disadvantage around the world.

For a limited time, Hosting. com customers purchasing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and/or Windows Server 2008 with a Dedicated Hosting or Cloud Hosting solution will receive three months of complimentary hosting – Hosting. com Three Months Free Offer (http://hosting. com/kickit/?utm_source=prel_prweb&utm_medium=prel&utm_campaign=prel_kickit3mosfreecampaign_20100518). For every Windows Server purchase, Microsoft Corp. will make a donation to Right To Play.

“Hosting. com serves clients that span the globe and is proud to support the efforts of an organization like Right To Play that also serves a global need and cause. We feel confident that the complimentary hosting offer we have put into place will result in increased server adoption and, equally important, donations to Right To Play. The World Cup is the most inclusive and anticipated sporting event in the world and we are excited to work with Microsoft to participate in a small part this year,” stated Hosting. com Marketing Director, Aaron Hollobaugh.

“Microsoft and its hosting partner community are working together to support the Right To Play organization,” said Brian Goldfarb, director of the developer platform group at Microsoft. “Microsoft and Hosting. com are pleased to work together to provide customers an offer that benefits both their organization and helps create a healthier world through the power of sport and play.”

Hosting. com tailors a customer’s hosting solution to fit their security and performance needs with Hybrid Hosting solutions (http://www. hosting. com/hybridhosting/?utm_source=prel_prweb&utm_medium=prel&utm_campaign=prel_kickit3mosfreecampaign_20100518) – combining cloud, dedicated and colocation solutions via a private dedicated network. Hybrid Hosting solutions allow standalone components to run independently or as part of a network resulting in increased computing power and improved data management with multi-threat security and 100% availability.

“Our mission is to use sport and play as a tool to help children build critical life skills, such as self-esteem, respect for oneself and others, tolerance, and teamwork. We believe this is critical to a child’s development and must be fostered in order to create a safer, healthier and more productive society,” said Johann Olav Koss, President and CEO, Right To Play. “Each week, almost 700,000 children attend regular Right To Play programming and special sports events made possible by the contributions of companies such as Microsoft along with its hosting partners.”

About Hosting. com
Hosting. com is a global provider of enterprise-class IT infrastructure solutions, services and facilities. Hosting. com’s geographically-dispersed data centers and Cloud Super Sites coupled with the industry’s top networking and connectivity technologies provide clients with the highest levels of security, reliability and support. The most recognized names in Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, Technology and Web 2.0 rely on Hosting. com’s colocation, cloud hosting, dedicated and managed hosting solutions.

Hosting. com currently operates SAS 70 Type II certified datacenters in Irvine, CA; Louisville, KY; Newark, DE; San Francisco, CA; and Denver, CO.

All Hosting. com products and services are supported by 24x7x365 live expert technical support through toll-free telephone, email, and online chat. Hosting. com’s Entourage Support and Migration Managers set the industry standard in customer support, consultation and responsiveness.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Initiates Enrollment in Phase 1 Combination Study of MM-121 and paclitaxel in Gynecologic and Breast Cancers

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Initiates Enrollment in Phase 1 Combination Study of MM-121 and paclitaxel in Gynecologic and Breast Cancers

Enrollment in a Phase 1 Combination Study of MM-121 and paclitaxel in Gynecologic and Breast Cancers are initiated by Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

Cambridge, MA (Vocus/PRWEB) December 01, 2010

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced today that the first patient has received an initial dose in a Phase I clinical study combining MM-121 with paclitaxel in gynecologic and breast cancer patients.

MM-121, Merrimack’s lead oncology therapeutic candidate, is an antibody designed to block signaling of ErbB3. ErbB3 has been shown to be a central signaling node in the ErbB pathway, and is believed to play a critical role in the development of resistance to most of the currently available anticancer therapies. Paclitaxel is a chemotherapy agent.

“MM-121 has shown, in pre-clinical research models, the ability to significantly enhance the antitumor activity of paclitaxel. This clinical trial is designed to evaluate the safety of various dosing regimens for MM-121 when used in combination with paclitaxel and will hence facilitate further clinical testing to evaluate the efficacy of this combination regimen as a new anticancer treatment,” said William Kubasek, a Vice President at Merrimack and the MM-121 development project team leader. 

The first patient in this study was enrolled at Pinnacle Oncology Hematology in Scottsdale, Arizona, one of multiple study sites participating in this trial. This Phase I clinical study is a collaboration between Merrimack and sanofi-aventis, which is part of an exclusive, global collaboration and licensing agreement for MM-121 entered into by the companies in 2009.

MM-121 is a monoclonal antibody designed to block signaling of the ErbB3 receptor. ErbB3 is a member of the ErbB family consisting of four different receptors, ErbB1 (a. k.a. EGFR), ErbB2 (Her2), ErbB3 (Her3) and ErbB4 (Her4). ErbB3 pairs up with the other receptors within the same family to form potent signaling complexes. These receptors play a critical role in cancer signaling. MM-121 was the first engineered antibody that emerged from Merrimack’s Network Biology platform, as well as the first selective ErbB3 antagonist to enter human clinical development. MM-121 is being studied in a Phase 2 study in combination with exemestane in breast cancer patients, a Phase 1/2 study in combination with erlotinib in patients with non-small cell lung cancer and a Phase 1 dose escalation trial testing the safety and pharmacokinetics of MM-121. Preclinical data exhibiting MM-121’s impact on multiple cancer models were presented at the 2010 annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

About Merrimack
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel medicines for the treatment of cancer and inflammation. The Company is advancing a robust pipeline of engineered therapeutics paired with molecular diagnostics. Merrimack has three oncology candidates in clinical development: MM-121, partnered with sanofi-aventis, in Phase 2 clinical testing, MM-111 in Phase 1/2 clinical testing, MM-398, partnered with PharmaEngine, Inc., in Phase 2 clinical testing and multiple pre-clinical development and research stage programs in the pipeline. MM-121, MM-111, and MM-398 are investigational drugs and have not been approved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration or any international regulatory agency. The Company’s proprietary Network Biology discovery platform, developed with the help of leading scientists from MIT and Harvard, integrates the fields of engineering, biology and computing to enable mechanism-based model driven discovery and development of both therapeutics and diagnostics. Merrimack is a privately-held company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For additional information, please visit http://www. merrimackpharma. com.

Kathleen Petrozzelli, Corporate Communications, 617-441-1043, kpetrozzelli(at)merrimackpharma(dot)com;
Betsy Raymond Stevenson, RaymondStevenson Healthcare Comms, 860-984-1424, betsy(at)raymondstevenson(dot)com

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

‘Million Step March’ Celebrates Crossing the Finish Line after 600-Mile Walk Across North Carolina

‘Million Step March’ Celebrates Crossing the Finish Line after 600-Mile Walk Across North Carolina

More than 6,400 North Carolinians logged over half a billion steps during statewide campaign

Wilmington, N. C. (Vocus) June 12, 2008

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina’s Million Step March crossed the finish line today to the cheers of a crowd at Riverfront Park in downtown Wilmington. The event concluded a 10-week, 600-mile walk across the state to promote the benefits of physical activity.

The journey kicked off in Asheville on April 1 when the team – led by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) Vice President of Community Relations Kathy Higgins and spokesman Gary Marino – began a walk from the mountains to the coast, inspiring thousands of North Carolinians along the way to lace up their walking shoes and join the march, both in person and online.

Along the way, the team hosted more than 4,500 North Carolinians at 38 educational events held at nonprofit organizations, parks, worksites, schools and other locations in towns large and small. Another 6,400 people participated online by logging more than half a billion steps, equal to walking about 270,000 miles, on the Million Step March’s interactive Web site, www. BetterHealthNC. com.

During the finish line celebration, Higgins and Marino reflected on their statewide journey and challenged families to take steps to improve their health. “This experience has truly been life-changing for me,” said Higgins. “I feel healthier and stronger. More importantly, we’ve inspired North Carolinians to believe that anyone can make good health a habit, one step at a time.”

“I made a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle, so that I can be around to watch my children and grandchildren grow up,” said Marino, who has lost more than 25 pounds since starting the walk. “I talked to many North Carolinians on our journey who made the same commitment. Eating better and getting more exercise are the best steps you can take for yourself and your entire family.”

The event featured fun and interactive wellness activities, such as “bicycle blenders” that make fruit smoothies as you pedal and healthy cooking demonstrations. Several farmers from the Riverfront Farmers Market also participated, encouraging families to include more fresh vegetables and fruits in their diets.

Higgins and Marino walked the last part of their journey with several BCBSNC and state leaders, including George C. Stokes, executive administrator of the North Carolina State Health Plan. The plan covers North Carolina’s public school teachers and state employees. “As a walker representing 648,000 State Health Plan members, I commend Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina for sponsoring the Million Step March,” said Stokes. “Wellness programs like this are vital to improving health status, preventing chronic disease and ultimately, controlling health care costs.”

Also at the finale event, Girl Scouts - North Carolina Coastal Pines was announced as winner of the Million Step March ‘Step It Up’ contest. For a period of one month, members of the public voted at www. BetterHealthNC. com to determine which of 12 nonprofit applicant organizations could best promote physical activity in NC communities. The Girl Scout council received the highest vote total for their proposed program, Make Every Dance Step Count.

Higgins presented the Girl Scouts with a $75,000 physical activity award, sponsored by BCBSNC and Be Active North Carolina, to implement their dance program across 41 counties. Make Every Dance Step Count is fun way for girls, volunteers, families and community members to boost their physical activity through dance. The program will give Girl Scouts the opportunity to explore various styles of dance, the history and culture behind the steps, and the health benefits of dancing.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a full 58 percent of North Carolinians do not get the recommended levels of physical activity.* BCBSNC, which insures more than one in three North Carolinians, reports that 61 percent of its customers are overweight or obese. Walking just 30 minutes on most days may help prevent chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity – in turn helping to keep health care affordable. BCBSNC is dedicated to improving the health of all North Carolinians, one step at a time.
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2005. About BCBSNC:
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is a leader in delivering innovative health care products, services and information to more than 3.7 million members, including approximately 904,000 served on behalf of other Blue Plans. For 75 years, the company has served its customers by offering health insurance at a competitive price and has served the people of North Carolina through support of community organizations, programs and events that promote good health. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Access BCBSNC online at www. bcbsnc. com.

About Million Step March:
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is stepping up its commitment to physical activity with its Million Step March. This new statewide wellness initiative focuses on promoting the benefits of simple, yet effective forms of physical activity like walking. The March begins in Asheville and ends in Wilmington. It also includes an interactive web site which provides North Carolinians with opportunities to join the March online, and shows them how to make good health a habit, one step at a time. To step it up, visit www. BetterHealthNC. com.


Friday, May 2, 2008

'Detox, Heal and Relieve the Pain' with Three-Step System

'Detox, Heal and Relieve the Pain' with Three-Step System

Years of exposure to environmental impurities are flushed through regular use of Body Balance System, available online from DB Research, LC.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) July 10, 2006

Healing the body from years of illness, getting rid of chronic aches and pains, may be easier than once thought.

David Black, aka DrDA, the Health Detoxor, America's Dr of Detoxology and owner of DB Research, LC, is living proof that the three-step detoxification system that he markets works. Ill the majority of his life, he tried everything to feel better and heal his body.

"My focus is to help people detox, heal, relieve pain and own their body," he explained.

By using the detoxification system on a regular basis, Black said, "I have personally received help from arthritis, diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, and cracked and bleeding skin. My hair color has gone from an unnatural brown back to the strawberry blonde it was when I was a boy." He added that others have credited the system for increasing sensation in the feet, enabling circulation, aiding sleep, increasing energy, and more.

The three-step system is incorporates the use of the Electro-Wave Miracle Foot Massager, as well as the Body Balance System Detoxification Pro Foot and Bath Spa, then back to the massager. Black also recommends drinking activated mineral water and detoxification tea throughout the process. Black recommends a two-to-three-times per week regiment.

The products are available online at http://www. dbresearchlc. com (http://www. dbresearchlc. com).

The foot massager uses acupressure to relieve nervous tension through the application of pressure to the feet, according to Black. When blood circulation is properly restored, aches and pains in the limbs and spine are naturally reduced. The system relieves pain by addressing the root of the problem -- lack of proper blood flow.

The body has a natural process for detoxification through the lymphatic and circulatory systems, Black said. The ionic foot bath enhances that process, helping to rid the body of toxic build-up that may cause chronic pain and illnesses.

"Putting one's feet into a basin of warm water through which an electric current is coursing to generate an ionic field will detoxify the body, improve the immune system and restore energy," Black said. "This is the footpath to greater health."

For more information, visit DB Research, LC, on the Internet at www. dbresearchlc. com, call Black at 435-616-5480. You can also read his journal at http://detoxspa. blogspot. com (http://detoxspa. blogspot. com).

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