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FFF Enterprises Observes National Patient Safety Awareness Week

FFF Enterprises Observes National Patient Safety Awareness Week

With its ‘Patients First’ approach, the nation’s largest distributor of critical-care biopharmaceuticals and industry leader in pharmaceutical supply chain safety, participates in National Patient Safety Awareness Week with an awareness campaign and safety tips, to empower patients to become involved in their own healthcare.

Temecula, CA (Vocus) March 10, 2009

FFF Enterprises, the nation’s most trusted distributor of plasma products, vaccines and critical-care biopharmaceuticals announced today that it will participate in National Patient Safety Awareness Week (PSAW) with an awareness campaign and safety tips for patients everywhere. PSAW which takes place this year from March 8th – 14th, is sponsored by the National Patient Safety Foundation (http://www. npsf. org/hp/psaw) and is a national education and awareness-building campaign for improving patient safety at the local level. Educational activities are centered around showing patients how to become involved in their own healthcare.

One of FFF Enterprises primary goals is to positively impact the safety of America’s pharmaceutical distribution system. With its “Patients First” philosophy that guides every decision it makes, FFF has made the uncompromising decision to purchase only from the manufacturer and sell only to certified healthcare providers to secure the chain of custody, protecting patients from counterfeit risks inherent in secondary and gray market channels. FFF has also created a system to track this chain of custody, verifying each product’s pedigree.

“Many patients do not realize that they have a right to ask for the pedigree – the exact lineage – of the pharmaceutical product they receive,” states Patrick M. Schmidt, chief executive officer, FFF Enterprises, Inc. “Our Verified Electronic Pedigree™ (VEP) system electronically displays the chain of custody for every product that passes through our care.” With counterfeit products on the rise, patients and their healthcare providers need to take extra precautions.

Now in its 21st year and with a perfect safety record, the company recently unveiled its best practices model -- The 8 Critical Steps to Guaranteed Channel Integrity™. “We are creating a standard for safety and excellence that we hope will continue to have a positive influence on the industry as a whole,” continues Schmidt.

In encouraging patients to proactively manage their safety concerns, FFF Enterprises recommends a “take charge” approach. A few suggested tips include:
Request the pedigree of your pharmaceutical product from your healthcare provider. Ask your hospital or healthcare professional about patient safety, and how communication and partnership between you and your providers can be improved. Talk with your healthcare providers about where they buy their drugs and ask if they follow “own use” policy. Ask your pharmacist if the pharmacy has a policy of not dealing in the secondary wholesale market. Call your doctor if you experience new or different side-effects from those you’ve had previously or that are disclosed on the drug’s packaging. If a drug is either not effective or stops being effective, return it to the pharmacy. Examine your product’s packaging: Is it clean and sealed? Look closely at the preciseness of the labeling. About FFF Enterprises, Inc.:
FFF Enterprises, Inc., a privately held corporation, is the largest and most trusted distributor of plasma products, vaccines and other biopharmaceuticals in the U. S. Founded in 1988, FFF is celebrating its 21st year with more than a billion dollars in annual sales and a flawless safety track record. FFF’s Guaranteed Channel Integrity™ ensures that products are purchased only from the manufacturer and shipped only to healthcare providers, protecting patients and manufacturers from counterfeit risks and pricing irregularities inherent in secondary and gray market channels. FFF’s proprietary technologies, Verified Electronic Pedigree™ and Lot-Track™, provide verification of this secure channel. FFF’s MyFluVaccine (www. MyFluVaccine. com) has revolutionized the flu marketplace, offering a dedicated flu vaccine supply, delivered to customers on the date of their choosing, and offering certainty in a volatile market segment. FFF’s ability to move rapidly in a dynamically changing marketplace allows the creation of new opportunities for customers through innovative vehicles for distribution.


HIPAA Experts Available to Review Privacy, Security, Training and Compliance. HCPro, Inc. Leads in HIPAA Compliance Content and Training

HIPAA Experts Available to Review Privacy, Security, Training and Compliance. HCPro, Inc. Leads in HIPAA Compliance Content and Training

For clear, incisive information on how HIPAA privacy and security compliance affects patient information management, utilize the expertise of developers and distributors of HIPAA training content, Paul Nash and Brian Driscoll. They are available for interviews, expert Q&AÂ’s, or to author byline features

(PRWEB) May 5, 2003


HIPAA Experts Available to Review Privacy, Security, Training and Compliance

HCPro, Inc. Leads in HIPAA Compliance Content and Training

MARBLEHEAD, MA (PRWEB) May 1, 2003 – The deadline for healthcare entities to meet federal compliance for the privacy regulations issued under the Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) passed on April 14. While most organizations are in the process of complying, it is merely the beginning of compliance that will continue to change the way patient information is managed for the foreseeable future.

HCPro, Inc. (www. hcpro. com) has been dedicated to HIPAA compliance since its enactment in 1996. Today, more than one - million healthcare workers have been trained in HIPPA privacy compliance using HCPro multi-platform solutions. Paul Nash and Brian Driscoll of HCPro, Inc. are leaders in content expertise for HIPAA compliance. They are available to help editors understand HIPAAÂ’s impact on the healthcare industry. For example, the HIPAA privacy rule requires that new hires be trained on protecting patient privacy within a reasonable period of time. As policies and procedures are revised within an organization, re-training is also required. Protecting patient privacy reduces the risk of a privacy breach that could result in expensive fines.

The deadline for healthcare entities to comply with the HIPAA security rule is April 21, 2005. The security rule specifies how each facility must secure protected health information (PHI) on computer networks, the Internet, disks and magnetic tape, and over extranets. The final security rule also mandates that all staff, including management, receive security awareness training. Organizations must also implement audit controls that record and examine workers who have logged into information systems that contain PHI, and organizations must limit physical access to facilities that contain electronic PHI.

For clear, incisive information on how HIPAA privacy and security compliance affects patient information management, utilize the expertise of developers and distributors of HIPAA training content, Paul Nash and Brian Driscoll. They are available for interviews, expert Q&AÂ’s, or to author byline features.


Nancy Sarles

HCPro, Inc.

781-639-1872 Ext: 3857

Nsarles@hcpro. com

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Body & Spa Beauty - "Skincare-News" Presents Comprehensive Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook - Part 5: Body & Spa

Body & Spa Beauty - "Skincare-News" Presents Comprehensive Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook - Part 5: Body & Spa

Proper skincare doesn’t stop at the neck. Caring for the body is an essential part of a complete beauty regimen, whether that means DIY pampering like homemade body scrubs or professional spa treatments like extractions and body wraps. In Part 4 of Skincare-News. com’s Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook, people can learn about luxurious treatments, effective hair removal techniques, treating cellulite and caring for tired feet.

Rancho Cordova, CA (PRWEB) December 13, 2010

People’s bodies weather a lot of challenges, from dry winter skin to shaving irritation to foot calluses. But not everybody has the time or money to get expensive spa treatments on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to create an easy regimen at home that treats the body from head to toe.

In the chapter excerpt below, people can find sample FAQs from Skincare-News. com’s latest guide, “Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook – Part 5: Body & Spa.”

Spa treatments & DIY

Q: What is body brushing, and is it really good for the skin?

A: Body brushing, also known as dry brushing, is said to slough off dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and boost dull skin. The practice requires a natural bristle body brush or mitt, ideally with stiff bristles to increase stimulation. Prior to showering, sweep the brush over the entire body, starting at the feet and moving upward and using circular motions for larger areas of the body like the buttocks and chest. As a bonus, try applying organic body oil after brushing.

Shaving & hair removal

Q: What are some at-home hair removal techniques people can try besides shaving?

A: For people who don’t want to abandon shaving altogether, they can try an electric razor. It’s gentler on the skin, so it’s great for anyone with sensitive skin. Other at-home options include depilatories and waxing. A depilatory is a foam that contains chemicals that remove the hair. Before using depilatories, be sure to test a patch of skin. Waxing can get messy, so wax in small sections.


Q: What are some of the causes of cellulite?

A: A variety of factors can contribute to cellulite including poor circulation, genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, crash diets and lack of exercise.

Foot care

Q: What’s an inexpensive way to hydrate cracked, rough feet?

A: To hydrate even the roughest feet, people need just two inexpensive supplies: petroleum jelly and cotton socks. Coat feet in petroleum jelly in the evening. Then, seal in the moisture by putting on socks and leaving them on while sleeping. Exfoliate feet regularly to help the cream sink into the skin.

Read the complete FAQ Handbook on spa treatments and caring for the body at Skincare-News. com.
Http://www. skincare-news. com/a-7864-Skincare__Beauty_FAQ_Handbook__Part_5_Body__Spa. aspx

Skincare-News. com consistently covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe, including acne and other skincare conditions. For example, check out these latest articles:

Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook – Part 2: Acne
Http://skincare-news. com/a-7821-Skincare__Beauty_FAQ_Handbook__Part_2_Acne. aspx

Looking for answers on effective ways to fight acne? With Skincare-News. com’s Beauty & Skincare Guide, anyone can learn the ins and outs of healthy skincare from head to toe. Whether the goal is to find a gentle acne treatment for dry skin or banish back acne for good, these FAQs can help create a personalized skincare regimen. People will also find tips on treating adult acne during menopause or after discontinuing birth control.

Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook – Part 3: Anti-Aging
Http://skincare-news. com/a-7834-Skincare__Beauty_FAQ_Handbook__Part_3_AntiAging. aspx

For most people, aging gracefully requires some help. Before spending a fortune on anti-aging treatments, look to Part 3 of Skincare-News. com’s Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook for practical advice on healthy, youthful skin from head to toe. In Part 3, learn about the different types of aging, treatments for the face and body, and the best ingredients to battle everything from crow’s feet to sagging skin.

Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook – Part 4: Pregnancy, Babies & Kids
Http://www. skincare-news. com/a-7853-Skincare__Beauty_FAQ_Handbook__Part_4_Pregnancy_Babies__Kids. aspx

Caring for children’s skin requires gentle ingredients, proper sun care, and treatment for the occasional rash or bruise. And during pregnancy, a woman’s skin needs some adjustments and TLC as well. Read on for questions and answers about safe ingredients to use during pregnancy, how to treat children’s sensitive skin, and essential tips on sun protection.

About Skincare-News. com -- "Your Source for Intelligent Skin Care"

Skincare-News. com is the online source for consumers seeking intelligent beauty and skin care news, advice, tips and articles. Founded in 2005, Skincare-News. com features articles, news items and frequently asked questions on skincare and beauty-related issues. Skincare-News. com is located in Sacramento, California, but receives visitors from all around the world. For more information, visit http://www. skincare-news. com.

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New Consumer Advocacy Group Promises to Assist with Credit and Financial Recovery, Rebuilding and Maintenance

New Consumer Advocacy Group Promises to Assist with Credit and Financial Recovery, Rebuilding and Maintenance

The National Association for Credit Responsibility and Advocacy (NACRA) was founded in 2007 by Luis O. Rodriguez and is headquartered in Coral Springs, Fla. NACRA is a consumer-friendly association whose mission is to help consumers recover, rebuild, and then maintain their good credit and good name. As part of their "Credit and Financial-Direction and Protection" plan, NACRA provides benefits and services dedicated to accomplishing and realizing this goal. To learn more visit www. nacraonline. org or call 954.340.5894.

Coral Springs, Fla. (PRWEB) May 19, 2008

Last year over two million people filed for personal bankruptcy, foreclosures jumped 75% to more than 2.2 million filings, and unemployment claims surged in the latest weeks to the highest level since September 2005. These adverse economic conditions coupled with a study conducted by the PIRG (Public Information Group)], of Washington, D. C., which revealed that 79% of credit reports contained either serious errors or mistakes of some kind, are indicative of a consumer credit crisis.

In tough economic times, people who are qualified to receive credit that will help stimulate the sluggish U. S. economy find themselves being denied loans, insurance, and employment opportunities because of inaccurate and negative credit information (http://www. nacraonline. org/video. html) being made available by credit reporting bureaus.

A new consumer advocacy organization, The National Association for Credit Responsibility and Advocacy (NACRA) (http://www. nacraonline. org), based in South Florida has been founded with the singular goal of helping consumers recover, rebuild, and then maintain their good credit and name by providing members with benefits and services in order to build a 'Credit and Financial-Direction and Protection' plan for them, moving forward.

"Consumer credit scores have taken on even more importance in a consumer culture and economy increasingly based on credit use," commented NACRA founder Luis O. Rodriguez. "By employing affiliated attorneys, experienced in consumer law to audit members credit reports, our members are provided with legal representation to the three major national credit bureaus as well as debt collectors and others in removing inaccurate and negative items from their credit reports."

"The difference of having an experienced consumer law attorney working for members through this process is invaluable and will make all the difference in their lives and their financial future, moving forward," pointed out Rodriguez.

This expert legal representation forNACRA members is just one powerful component of several (http://www. nacraonline. org/membership. php) that distinguishes NACRA from credit recovery services. By offering Free ID theft protection and credit monitoring, Financial Education and Guidance, Tax Advice - Preparation and Audit, Legal Representation, and many more benefits and services bundled into their membership, NACRA ensures that the culmination is a financially healthier, stable, and educated consumer, ready and prepared to successfully re-join the credit economy.

"I understand how difficult, frustrating, and time consuming it can be dealing with the credit bureaus and I wanted to create a service people could turn to for guidance, assistance, and answers," said Rodriguez. "We are really excited about moving forward with our other consumer-minded services, such as I. D. Theft Protection and Credit Monitoring."

NACRA (http://www. nacraonline. org) also has an online resource library (http://www. nacraonline. org/onlineresourcelibrary. php) of articles about credit scores, credit reports, identity theft and debt, among others. This resource is meant to answer important questions consumers have regarding their credit and will be available for use by non-members as well at www. nacraonline. org].

More information about NACRA
The National Association for Credit Responsibility and Advocacy (NACRA) was founded in 2007 by Luis O. Rodriguez and is headquartered in Coral Springs, Fla. NACRA is a consumer-friendly association whose mission (http://www. nacraonline. org/mission. php) is to help consumers recover, rebuild, and then maintain their good credit and good name. As part of their "Credit and Financial-Direction and Protection" plan, NACRA provides benefits and services dedicated to accomplishing and realizing this goal. To learn more visit www. nacraonline. org or call 954.340.5894.

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Galen Healthcare Solutions Launches Electronic Health Record Downtime Solution

Galen Healthcare Solutions Launches Electronic Health Record Downtime Solution

Galen Healthcare Solutions has announced the release of VitalCenter, a business continuity solution for health care organizations that rely on the availability of their electronic health records to provide patient care.

Grosse Pointe, MI (PRWEB) April 27, 2009

Physicians need access to their patients' charts, even when the EHR is unavailable. VitalCenter (http://vitalcenter. galenhealthcare. com) delivers off-line electronic copies of patients' charts to PCs within the clinic, where they are viewed or printed when the EHR is not available. Whether the downtime is a result of a network outage, application or hardware failure, or any other cause, VitalCenter allows organizations relying on access to their electronic health record to continue functioning during periods of downtime.

"VitalCenter is the answer to the first question on everyone's mind when they move to a paperless practice," said Steve McQueen, CEO of Galen. "'How do I safely and effectively see patients if I can't get to my charts?' VitalCenter overcomes that obstacle and provides our clients with predictable encounter volumes, regardless of the circumstances."

Shutting down clinics early for maintenance is an inconvenience for patients and is also a missed opportunity for physicians. An upgrade to the server environment, network or EHR may require that the EHR be unavailable to providers. VitalCenter will continue to deliver crucial patient information to caregivers with no interruption in service.

For additional information on VitalCenter (http://vitalcenter. galenhealthcare. com), or to schedule a demo, please contact Cary Bresloff at 888.GALEN.44 ext 706 or visit vitalcenter. galenhealthcare. com (http://vitalcenter. galenhealthcare. com).

About Galen Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (http://www. galenhealthcare. com):
Galen Healthcare Solutions was founded in 2005 with a specific focus on assisting members of the health care community with the challenging, sometimes daunting task of migrating to a predominantly paperless world. Galen resources possess decades of clinical and electronic health record experience. Galen has been on the forefront of the EHR movement and offers a vast array of skills from database architecture to senior-level project management and implementation. Galen resources have been involved in hundreds of EHR implementations, from inception to completion, varying in size from 6 physician specialty practices to 1,200 physician multi-specialty organizations.

Galen Healthcare Solutions is the foremost third party expert on Allscripts Enterprise EHR.


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Minos Medical Inc. and Vision Sciences Inc. Conduct Pioneering NOTES Cadaver Lab

Minos Medical Inc. and Vision Sciences Inc. Conduct Pioneering NOTES Cadaver Lab

Natural orifice surgery, the next frontier in surgery is already here. Minos Medical Inc and Vision Sciences Inc investigate exciting new NOTES procedures.

Irvine CA (PRWEB) August 31, 2007

Access into the abdominal cavity is needed to perform surgical procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. For centuries, abdominal access was achieved using a scalpel to create traditional surgical incisions. During the late 1980's the laparoscopic approach, also called "keyhole surgery," changed the face of surgery. It provided entry into the abdomen through multiple trocars, small hollow tubes inserted into the abdominal cavity to facilitate the passage of a laparoscope (a rigid tube containing a video camera and combined light source to provide vision) as well as biopsy and operating instruments. Prior to that, laparoscopy was primarily performed to visualize the underlying abdominal structures and organs, or to remove small amounts of tissue for biopsy. Today, with the advent of improved surgical instrumentation, laparoscopic surgery has become a standard of care for many surgical procedures.

The recognized advantages of laparoscopic surgeries such as removal of gallbladders are decreased incisional pain, reduced trauma, less post operative recovery time, quicker return to normal activity and, of course, improved cosmetics for the patient. These benefits have launched a worldwide acceptance of this type of minimally invasive surgery.

While beneficial to most patients, even laparoscopic procedures may still present with potential post-surgical drawbacks such as trocar incisional hernias, tissue adhesion, wound infection, improved but still poor cosmesis, and pain. With laparoscopy the main organ that doctors have to traverse is the largest organ of the body… the skin.

Currently, teams of doctors around the world are evaluating the access to the abdominal cavity by inserting long endoscopes, (flexible tubes with a camera and light source) through natural body openings such as the mouth, rectum or vagina. They avoid cutting the skin, and proceed through a different and much smaller organ such as the stomach, colon, bladder or uterus as a means of performing different types of "Natural Orifice Surgery."

Just as before, when laparoscopy was expanded to enable more complex procedures, doctors are finding innovative ways to access via the mouth, rectum or vagina and traverse through the stomach and other organs to reach inside the abdomen. Once done, the procedure becomes known as NOTES (Natural Orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery). This method of surgery eliminates all skin incisions, and much of the post operative pain. Once inside the abdomen, the doctors can then navigate using advanced instrumentation to perform more complex procedures.

So far, much of the NOTES work has been only experimentation and still needs to be validated by the medical community. Recently, several doctors around the world, including the US and Europe, have started to perform operations in human patients. Procedures have included removal of the appendix or gallbladder via the stomach and vaginal canal.

Key to this advanced surgery will be the use of flexible endoscopes that have small channels down which instruments are passed to perform the surgery. These small channels, approximately 2mm to 4mm in diameter, prove notoriously difficult to clean and then sterilize. Further, most flexible endoscopes required for this type of surgery cannot be sterilized because the process would damage them. Thus, sterile instrument access to the operative site is a significant challenge for the long-term prospects of NOTES.

Vision Sciences, Inc. (VSI) develops a unique range of flexible endoscopes that simply slide into a proprietary sterile, disposable sheath, ensuring only a sterile flexible insertion tube ever enters the patient. With the need for sterility in NOTES procedures VSI is uniquely positioned to penetrate this space in a convincing manner. Along with the high quality image which doctors will need to accurately perform NOTES procedures, VSI's disposable Endosheath® technology also houses the operating channel or channels, assuring a sterile pathway for each endoscopic procedure. Moreover, the Endosheath® technology allows for customization of the sheath configuration, the number of integrated channels, their size and the diameter of the sheath to accommodate an array of various sizes and shapes of laparoscopic tools which many surgeons are already familiar with.

Several other companies are already developing other exciting technologies to make natural orifice surgery easier. Minos Medical, Inc (Minimally Invasive Natural Orifice Systems) of Irvine, California is one of the pioneering companies developing both new therapies and surgical devices. VSI is a significant shareholder of Minos, and the two companies are collaborating in the field of natural orifice and NOTES to accelerate development.

"It's an exciting time for surgery," says Brad Sharp, CEO of Minos Medical. "We are pleased to be developing such novel therapies and devices. This is something that could really change the way surgery is done."

Minos is developing NOTES systems for treating the appendix, the gallbladder, and for entering the abdomen to perform diagnostic & therapeutic procedures. Also under development are new therapies for diverticulitis and vaginal hysterectomy. Minos plans to start first human trials with their Appendoectomy™ system by the end of 2007.

"Minos Medical is a major leader in this space," says Mr. Ron Hadani, CEO of Vision Sciences. "Their progress in this area is the major reason we have invested in this progressive company."

Recently, Minos and VSI jointly conducted successful cadaveric studies to evaluate performance of their NOTES technologies at a major academic institution in New York City. Performing the procedures were Dr. Mark Slack, Head of department of Urogynaecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery, University of Cambridge Teaching Hospitals Trust, Cambridge, UK and Stephan Grochmal, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Division of Operative Gynecology, Endoscopy and Laser Surgery, Howard University College of Medicine, Washington, DC.

Both doctors agreed with Mr. Carlos Babini, Executive Vice President of Vision Sciences, Inc., who had an extensive role in ushering in the laparoscopic surgery era during the late 80's when he stated, "The last time I saw this much promise was during the formative laparoscopic years."

Doctors may soon have another set of innovative tools for their practice, and hospitals may see a reduction in total healthcare spending, however the ultimate winner with this type of surgery will clearly be the patient.


FDA Clears Unilateral Stimulation for the RT300 Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Motorized Cycle Ergometer

FDA Clears Unilateral Stimulation for the RT300 Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Motorized Cycle Ergometer

Restorative Therapies, Inc., today announced FDA clearance of Unilateral Stimulation for its successful medical device, the RT300, a Functional electrical stimulation (FES) motorized cycle ergometer. Unilateral Stimulation allows clinicians to provide the RT300 activity based therapy to a wider range of patients who were previously unable to benefit from FES cycling therapy as a part of their rehabilitation.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) September 12, 2007

Restorative Therapies, Inc., advances its New Era in Treatment for Neurological Injury and Paralysis.

Restorative Therapies, Inc., a designer of medical devices, today announced FDA clearance of Unilateral Stimulation for its successful medical device, the RT300 (http://www. restorative-therapies. com), a functional electrical stimulation (FES) motorized cycle ergometer.

In the treatment of neurological damage, FES is used to evoke physical activity and exercise not otherwise possible for individuals with neurological impairment. The RT300 delivers electrical currents to activate leg muscles important for walking including the quadriceps, hamstring and gluteal muscles, enabling paralyzed legs to move through a regular patterned physical activity.

The new Unilateral Stimulation feature also stimulates the muscle groups in the lower leg which raise and lower the foot during walking.

"Often after a stroke, only one side of the body is impaired," says John McDonald, MD, PhD, founder of Restorative Therapies, Inc., lead Neurologist to the Late Christopher Reeve, and director of the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore. "This new Unilateral Stimulation feature allows clinicians to provide the RT300 activity based therapy to a much wider range of patients who were previously unable to benefit from FES cycling therapy as a part of their rehabilitation." McDonald concludes.

"Unilateral stimulation expands the number of muscle groups that we electrically stimulate so that the whole lower extremity becomes involved," says Andrew Barriskill, CEO of Restorative Therapies. "We are now starting a study with Dr Gad Alon at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine, to further investigate the benefits of this new therapy for chronic stroke patients."

Unilateral Stimulation is the latest result of Restorative Therapies commitment to ongoing development of the RT300 system. This includes a pending FDA 510(k) submission expanding the RT300 to also provide electrical stimulation for the arms.

About Restorative Therapies, Inc.
Restorative Therapies (www. restorative-therapies. com), is a privately-held company headquartered in Baltimore, Md., whose mission is to help people with neurological impairment achieve their full recovery potential. Restorative Therapies is one of the first companies to target activity-based therapy and FES as a treatment for immobility associated with paralysis such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury. For further information please call 800 609-9166.

About Dr. John McDonald
John W. McDonald, MD, PhD, directs the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury at Kennedy Krieger Institute. From 1998-2004, prior to joining Kennedy Krieger, he founded and served as director of the Spinal Cord Injury Program at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. His clinical and scientific work has been recognized by many organizations, including the National Institutes of Health, International Neurotrauma Society and American Academy of Neurology.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

US Brachytherapy Market to Reach $1.6 Billion by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc

US Brachytherapy Market to Reach $1.6 Billion by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global report on Brachytherapy market. Brachytherapy is emerging as an effective treatment option for cancer patients with the market projected to reach $1.6 billion by 2015. Primary growth drivers include rising prevalence of cancer, growing medical awareness, improving success rate of brachytherapy, and advent of advanced radiation technologies.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) June 22, 2009

Rising proportion of cancer population in both developed and developing countries is expected to enhance the demand for brachytherapy for cancer treatment. In particular, brachytherapy has emerged as the effective treatment option for prostate cancer patients, who have failed to achieve desirable results through surgery or external radiation therapy. With long-term clinical data offering support for the effectiveness of brachytherapy in reducing size of the tumor, the therapy is expected to gain strength. With indications for brachytherapy ranging from prostate cancer, head and neck cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer to coronary applications, the rapidly aging world population represents a strong demographic growth driver.

The United States represents the largest as well as the fastest growing market for brachytherapy (http://www. strategyr. com/Brachytherapy_Market_Report. asp). In the United States, increasing incidence of cancer cases and related mortality rates are contributing to the increasing demand for brachytherapy, as stated in the new report. Rising awareness about risks of surgery and external radiation therapy are fostering advancements in technologies and products for less invasive treatment for cancer. Growing uptake of brachytherapy is also attributed to the increasing success rates of prostate brachytherapy, breast brachytherapy, and head and neck brachytherapy procedures. Driven by the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, Implantable Prostate Seed Therapy (http://www. strategyr. com/Brachytherapy_Market_Report. asp) is expected to continue posting healthy gains in the market.

Further, balloon brachytherapy (http://www. strategyr. com/Brachytherapy_Market_Report. asp) for breast cancer treatment is expected to gain rapid acceptance among patients and physicians alike. Post-Operative Brachytherapy market (http://www. strategyr. com/Brachytherapy_Market_Report. asp) is the fastest growing segment. Growing concerns over rising cancer levels, increasing awareness about adverse effects of EBRT, constant improvements in technologies and devices, and wider acceptance of brachytherapy are expected to boost prospects in the European post-surgical brachytherapy market.

Competition in the brachytherapy market is intensifying, particularly in the implantable prostate seed segment with Oncura Corp., CR Bard, NAS Medical, Theragenics Corporation, and Xoft, competing for a share of the lucrative market. Major players profiled in the report include Best Medical International Inc, BrachySciences Inc, C. R. Bard Inc, Core Oncology, Cytogen Corporation, Cytyc Corporation, Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen - und Medizintechnik AG, International Brachytherapy SA, Oncura, Inc., Theragenics Corporation Sirtex Medical Ltd, Varian Medical Systems Inc, Xoft Inc, among several others.

"Brachytherapy: A US and European Market Report" announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a comprehensive review of prevailing market issues and trends, competitive scenario, and recent industry activity in the brachytherapy market. Analytics for the period 2005-2015 provide a comprehensive understanding of markets including the United States and Europe. The markets are analyzed in terms of Number of Procedures (Thousands) and Annual Revenues (US$ Million) for the segments - Implantable Prostate Seed and Post-Surgical Brachytherapy.

For more details about this comprehensive market research report, please visit - http://www. strategyr. com/Brachytherapy_Market_Report. asp (http://www. strategyr. com/Brachytherapy_Market_Report. asp)

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) (http://www. strategyR. com/) is a reputed publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company is globally recognized as one of the world's largest market research publishers. The company employs over 800 people worldwide and publishes more than 1100 full-scale research reports each year. Additionally, the company also offers thousands of smaller research products including company reports, market trend reports, and industry reports encompassing all major industries worldwide.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Telephone 408-528-9966
Fax 408-528-9977
Email press (at) StrategyR. com
Web Site http://www. StrategyR. com/ (http://www. StrategyR. com/)

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Actress Bern Nadette Stanis, (Thelma from Good Times) Signs Debut Book at Tavis Smiley Health Fair

Actress Bern Nadette Stanis, (Thelma from Good Times) Signs Debut Book at Tavis Smiley Health Fair

Stanis will sign her new release, "Situations 101", a hot dialogue about relationship drama. Stanis is also a featured panelist during the community event, which is free and open to the public.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) September 22, 2006

PRWEB) September 22, 2006 -- Most remembered for her role as Thelma on the first African American sitcom, "Good Times", Stanis has been touring with the new release. The affable actress and author will be on hand September 23, 2006 for the Road to Health Fair presented by Kaiser.

She recently appeared as a panelist and featured author during the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference earlier this month in Washington, D. C., followed by an appearance in support of a charitable event hosted by Big Boi of Outkast held in Atlanta, Ga this past weekend.

The book, filled with wowing dilemmas and engrossing quandaries, gives a bird's-eye view of what so many people are dealing with in relationships, including the good, the bad and the ugly. By the reads end, you'll have found a way to a healthier relationship. Situations 101 is a fast, sometimes comical read. Yet, it is not always easily digested as Stanis 'tells it like it is' in this 'ole school-ish', no nonsense stylized book. The scenarios and 'personalized feedback' breaks dramas down to allow a microscopic self-reflection of how we perpetually contribute to unhealthy, hazardous relationship situations. Stanis challenges women and men to get real when considering their respective roles in relationships, including the initial pursuit of one.

About Bern Nadette Stanis

In the 70’s, BernNadette Stanis was the personification of Black Beauty. As sophisticated and graceful as she was, she still became TV’s first Black sex symbol or “It” girl. Thelma/BernNadette and the Evans Family also proved many stereotypes wrong about the ghetto and the young black girl, like for instance… that all Black girls and Black families in the ghetto had no hopes and dreams, or class. Thelma showed that a “ghetto girl” had hopes and dreams, intelligence, respect, dignity and grace, and it wasn’t just acting. BernNadette was that naturally. She introduced a new definitive image of the young Black girl and woman. She is a wonderful, graceful dancer which she displayed several times on Good Times. In everything BernNadette did it was marked with delicacy with diminutive beauty, and form.

Her grace and beauty was a welcoming presence on T. V in the 1970’s and still is today and will be as long as there’s a T. V. Her dramatic, comedic charm, witty one-liners, daintiness, winsomeness, sexy but innocent image, were versatile qualities that make her a great talent and great favorite who’ll never be forgotten.

Visit Bern Nadette Online at http://www. thelmaofgoodtimes. com (http://www. thelmaofgoodtimes. com)
To learn more about "Situations 101" ISBN# 0-9770361-0-3. Library of Congress #2006923133.

About The Tavis Smiley Health Fair

Road to Health is a two day multi-city health and fitness expo, symposium presented by Kaiser, which presents interactive health, wellness and fitness pavilions on cooking and nutrition, fitness, beauty and wellness combined with information packed seminars, medical screenings and referrals, live symposium discussion, celebrity guests, walk-a-thon, indoor and outdoor exercise activities, contests, and literature.

Please contact Vanesse Lloyd-Sgambati, Publicist (215) 877-2012 or visit their website at http://www. roadtohealthtour. com/ (http://www. roadtohealthtour. com/)

About Sheba Media Group

Sheba Media Group is a full service marketing & public relations firm.

For interview request, panelist/guest speaker or other appearances, contact Melanie Armstrong at 713-331-0357.

Visit us online at www. shebamedia. com


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Q Comm International Announces Partnership With Global Business Services in Middle East

Q Comm International Announces Partnership With Global Business Services in Middle East

Q Comm International, Inc., a provider of prepaid transaction processing and electronic point-of-sale (POS) distribution solutions, announced that Global Business Services (GBS) has selected Q Comm in an exclusive agreement to provide POS terminals and transaction processing software for the purpose of distributing prepaid products throughout the Middle East and into North Africa.

Orem, UT (PRWEB) April 7, 2006

Q Comm International, Inc. (Amex: QMM; QMM. WS), a provider of prepaid transaction processing and electronic point-of-sale (POS) distribution solutions, today announced that Global Business Services (GBS) has selected Q Comm International in an exclusive agreement to provide point-of-sale terminals and transaction processing software for distribution of prepaid products throughout Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and the rest of the Middle East and North Africa.

Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, Global Business Services is a full-service provider of cross-platform interactive media solutions and one of the prime movers of interactive television technologies in the Middle East and North African regions. GBS’ highly competent software developers, technical specialists and industry-leading partners are dedicated to the development of customized software and services, as well as a wide range of state-of-the-art applications for telecommunications and television. GBS was recently appointed by Etisalat, the sole wireless telecommunications provider in the United Arab Emirates, to be an Electronic Services Provider for prepaid services. This relationship with Etisalat is in addition to other telecommunication projects of mutual cooperation, such as premium value-added services and enhanced television.

GBS purchased 4,100 Q Xpress 200TM POS terminals to date as part of Q Comm’s Service Bureau model and is responsible for buying and reselling prepaid products, deploying POS terminals, generating sales reports, and managing customer support going forward.

In relation to the terminal sale, Q Comm will recognize revenue of $610,000 and an impairment charge of $776,000 in the first quarter of 2006.

Michael Keough, President and Chief Executive Officer of Q Comm said, “The increasing popularity of prepaid products around the world, as well as our flexible technology and robust point-of-sale platform, drove today’s announcement. GBS is one of the leading diversified technology companies in the Middle East and they turned to us to effectively distribute prepaid products. We look forward to working with GBS in the future as we mutually promote prepaid usage throughout the region. In fact, Abdul Razzak Al Abdullah, the Chairman and CEO of GBS, expects to deliver about 15 million prepaid transactions this year for Etisalat.”


Q Comm International is a prepaid transaction processor that electronically distributes prepaid products from service providers to the point of sale. Q Comm offers proprietary prepaid transaction processing platforms, support of various point-of-sale (POS) terminals, product management, merchandising, customer support and engineering. Q Comm systems replace traditional hard cards (also known as scratch cards or vouchers) that are costly to distribute, and provide more comprehensive reporting and inventory management among other benefits. Q Comm’s solutions are currently used by wireless carriers, telecom distributors, and various retailers to sell a wide range of prepaid products and services including prepaid wireless, prepaid phone cards, prepaid dial tone and prepaid debit cards, such as prepaid MasterCard and Visa. Visit http://www. qcomm. com (http://www. qcomm. com) for more information.


GBS is a leading technology-oriented business group that provides services and solutions for a variety of customers in the telecommunications, broadcasting, film and audio-visual production, art and fashion, health, and utility industries. Visit http://www. gbs. ae (http://www. gbs. ae) for more information.

Statements made in this press release are forward-looking and are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such statements involve risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially from those set forth in these statements. The economic, competitive, governmental, technological, and other factors identified in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2004, may cause actual results or events to differ materially from those described in the forward looking statements in this press release. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether because of new information, future events, or otherwise.

Contact Information:

Ashley M. Ammon, Investor Relations

Q Comm International, Inc.

+1 (801) 226-4222 x6090

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Announcing the Holiday Entertaining Survival Guide(TM) from Gastronomic Meditations(TM)

Announcing the Holiday Entertaining Survival Guide(TM) from Gastronomic Meditations(TM)

Gastronomic Meditations(TM) serves up elegance, chaos management, and peace of mind with their new e-book. Designed for cooks and non-cooks alike, the guide offers advice on entertaining in -- or out -- with less stress and more panache.

Hudson Valley, NY (PRWEB) November 17, 2005

The prospect of holiday entertaining sends many would-be hosts scurrying for a martini. However, according to the writers at Gastronomic Meditations™, elegant entertaining does not have to be complicated. Their new e-book, the Holiday Entertaining Survival Guide™, offers solutions that are never fussy, but always sumptuous — for cooks and non-cooks alike.

Rather than touting “quick and easy,” or prepared foods, this guide takes the elegant and breaks it into manageable steps to fit within one’s holiday schedule, including:

Over 50 recipes in both color and printer-friendly formats, almost all of which have make-ahead elements Numerous options for vegetarians Sample menus with wine pairings Advice for food styling and table displays Templates for planning needs, including shopping lists, prep lists, and a master calendar Advice for hiring caterers, personal chefs, or entertaining at a restaurant

With brevity, sumptuous photography, and a healthy sense of humor, the Holiday Entertaining Survival Guide™ makes elegance achievable.

A book preview may be viewed at http://www. gastronomicmeditations. com/shopping/holiday-book-preview. pdf (http://www. gastronomicmeditations. com/shopping/holiday-book-preview. pdf). Photos available upon request.

The Holiday Entertaining Survival Guide

141 pp. (plus printer-friendly recipes)


Gastronomic Meditations™ is the weekly online magazine celebrating the sensual pleasures of food, with wine and food articles, recipes, personal perspectives, and a healthy dose of sass. Nominated for 2005 World Food Media Awards for Best Food/Drink Site.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

'Don't Pee in The Pond' Says beTurtle. com, a Newly Launched Green Community

'Don't Pee in The Pond' Says beTurtle. com, a Newly Launched Green Community

BeTurtle. com, a new environmental web community and information portal launched in beta today. The site combines social media and rich content with an irreverent tone.

Morganville, NJ (PRWEB) October 27, 2007

beTurtle. com, a new environmental web community and information portal was launched in beta today with the unusual tag line and appeal, "don't pee in the pond." The site combines social media and rich content with an irreverent tone to target what they call 'eco lites' -- non-activists who care about the environment.

"I don't have the time to sweat through scientific reports," says Chief Operating Officer Joe Toth. "And I don't want to be preached to by Wal-Mart or Exxon. We want 'be turtle' to be an active state of mind."

BeTurtle is positioned as the premier environmental site to get green information, meet green friends and be entertained. It includes a broad range of content and features including: eco news and views; watchdog write-ups on corporations; funny stories of members trying to live more eco friendly; member forums; comical videos and an 'eco kind' store where members can buy and review organic products.

"beTurtle is for eco-lites who realize something is seriously wrong, but don't fully understand it or have the time to devote to it," says Chief Executive Mechele Shoneman. "We try to get through the confusion and hype with clarity, simplicity, humor and an engaging community."

To remain credible and accurate, the site is also gathering some of the leading environmental 'movers and shakers' to answer community questions and concerns. The most recent member to join the beTurtle Board of Advisors is Dr. Matt Prescott, director of banthebulb. org and organizer of the Oxford Earth Summit.

The new 'green economy' is evidenced everywhere and according to LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) over 63 million people (30% of US adults) can be considered 'green' or environmentally friendly. This translates to $228.9 billion annually. Many believe there will be a huge shift in social consciousness over the next few years. It can be seen in the UK and Canada where the concept of environmental awareness is commonplace. "In the US, the idea will eventually affect every area of our personal, social and commercial lives. We believe that in the new 'green economy' the old model of being profitable at the expense of the environment will go the way of the dinosaur," says Shoneman.

There is a wide divide between the media-abused term 'going green' and the average person's willingness to do so. According to Shoneman, "We realize that social change directly impacts behavior, but first there's got to be buy-in, and right now that's not happening. Corporate giants and traditional media can't force the tipping point -- they're no longer trusted. Change comes from community reinforcement; from a porous line between producers and consumers; from the proverbial pebble rippling through the pond. That's where beTurtle comes in."

For more information on beTurtle. com a newly launched green web community, contact Mechele Shoneman at mechele@beturtle. com or visit http://www. beturtle. com/ (http://www. beturtle. com/).

About beTurtle. com -- based in Morganville, New Jersey, beTurtle. com is new environmental community and information portal.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Belden Joins HDcctv Alliance to Provide High-Performance Coaxial Cable for HDcctv Applications

Belden Joins HDcctv Alliance to Provide High-Performance Coaxial Cable for HDcctv Applications

Belden to ensure its coaxial cable continues to meet the high performance requirements of HDcctv applications.

SYDNEY, Australia, (PRWEB) June 21, 2010 –

HDcctv Alliance®, the global security industry consortium established to manage and promote technical standards for HDcctv equipment interoperability, announced today that Belden, the world's largest manufacturer of professional video cable, has joined the Alliance to enhance their position in the evolution of video surveillance camera connection technology.

“Belden continues to be at the forefront of video technology,” said Josh Dixon, Belden vertical market manager, safety and security. “We joined the HDcctv Alliance because we recognize both the value of HDcctv in the video surveillance market and the importance of having interoperability standards. Delivering high-resolution video images, this new camera connection technology allows for higher performing systems, with a lower installation learning curve and a much lower cost of entry.”

HDcctv surveillance cameras deliver digital high-definition video over coaxial cable. The HDcctv Alliance standards enable interoperable plug-and-play high definition (HD) security systems with the highest possible signal integrity, without any perceivable latency or image artifacts from transmission-related compression.

“In this post-9/11 world, video surveillance has expanded in every area,” noted Steve Lampen, Belden multimedia technology manager. “From traffic light video and airport surveillance to casino face recognition and gaming table detail, we believe HDcctv offers dramatic improvements in video performance to a host of existing and emerging applications.”

According to Lampen, all Belden CCTV coaxial cables are recommended for use in HDcctv installations. “Some of our professional cables are without equal in the industry and offer unparalleled performance in HDcctv applications,” continued Lampen. “Our engineering and marketing teams are ready to apply themselves to any new product development opportunities that HDcctv offers.”

“Belden is the leader in supplying the worldwide demand for CCTV cabling, and we are delighted they have chosen to participate in crafting the HDcctv standard,” said Todd Rockoff, HDcctv Alliance executive director. “With plans to provide for direct transmission over media such as Category cable and optical fiber in future versions of the HDcctv standard, the Alliance looks forward to significant contributions from Belden.”

The HDcctv Alliance has partnered with SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) to leverage the HD-SDI (High-Definition Serial Digital Interface) broadcast television standard as the basis for the HDcctv Specification. HDcctv includes a variety of enhancements to HD-SDI that are vital to surveillance, including bi-directional audio and data, up-the-cable power, and Long Reach Mode for 300m transmission over conventional RG-59 cable.

The Alliance is rapidly growing, drawing its international membership from diverse sectors of the security industry, from component, OEM and branded equipment manufacturers, to security sales, support and system installers. Alliance members benefit from access to the specification, participation in the standard creation process, and certification of compliant products. Marketing benefits include HDcctv logo product branding to signify interoperability and promotions to increase members’ international visibility. Membership registration is available at www. highdefcctv. org.

To learn more about HDcctv, watch videos on YouTube at http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=ee1Iq8mBCYg (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=ee1Iq8mBCYg)

Follow the Alliance at HDcctvAlliance on Twitter and join the LinkedIn HDcctv Alliance group for discussions and news.

About HDcctv Alliance
HDcctv Alliance is a non-profit, global consortium that manages global industry specifications for high-definition closed-circuit television (HDcctv). HDcctv systems transmit digital video over various media. HDcctv includes features for security applications, while it is derived from broadcast industry standards for serialized transmission of uncompressed video over coaxial cable. The Alliance promotes industry adoption of HDcctv and provides education to the security industry and end market. The Alliance compliance program facilitates the development of high-quality interoperable HDcctv devices. Devices that have passed compliance testing display the HDcctv logo and are promoted by the Alliance. Detailed information about the HDcctv Specification is available only to members on the Alliance's Website. Further information is available by visiting the HDcctv Alliance website at www. highdefcctv. org

About Belden
St. Louis-based Belden is a leader in comprehensive cable, wireless signal, industrial networking and other transmission solutions. It has approximately 6,200 employees, and provides value for industrial automation, enterprise, education, healthcare, entertainment and broadcast, sound and security, transportation, infrastructure, consumer electronics and other industries. Belden has manufacturing capabilities throughout North America and Europe and a market presence in nearly every region of the world. Belden was founded in 1902, and today is a leader with some of the strongest brands in the signal transmission industry. For more information, visit www. belden. com.


BREEZE Software Available for Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessment

BREEZE Software Available for Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessment

BREEZE® Software introduces BREEZE® Risk Analyst, human health and ecological risk assessment software.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 18, 2009

BREEZE® Software introduces BREEZE Risk Analyst, human health and ecological risk assessment software. BREEZE Risk Analyst can be used to conduct GIS-based analyses of multipathway human health risk assessments or food-web based ecological risk assessment modeling. The application provides the framework for conducting risk assessment modeling for both regulatory and non-regulatory applications, including:
Air monitoring health impact analysis  Toxic tort and odor/nuisance litigation Air toxics risk assessment  Air toxics permitting Community-based cumulative  Air toxics risk assessment library methodologies risk assessment programs  Ecological risk assessment HHRAP - RCRA hazardous waste  Cumulative risk combustion permitting  Environmental justice  Residual risk

The BREEZE Risk Analyst system can be enhanced with the addition of individual risk modules. These modules are designed to support a specific regulatory program or non-regulatory application through the implementation of specific risk assessment methodologies; supporting fate, transport, and exposure equations; and chemical parameter databases. The U. S. EPA Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol (HHRAP) module is the first available module for integration with BREEZE Risk Analyst. Future module development will focus on risk modeling components of programs such as: TRIM, HARP, HAPEM4, HEM-3, SLERAP, and RAGS. BREEZE Risk Analyst is available in two application formats including a standalone application with fully integrated GIS capabilities or as an Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) ArcView™ Extension. Learn more about
BREEZE Risk Analyst at http://www. breeze-software. com/RiskAnalyst (http://www. breeze-software. com/RiskAnalyst).

BREEZE Software is recognized as the market-leading air dispersion modeling software that is used by environmental professionals around the world. The same tools and functionality BREEZE provides in its air, fire, and explosion modeling software will now benefit the risk assessment modeling community.

BREEZE products are developed and distributed by Trinity Consultants, an environmental consulting firm with extensive expertise in dispersion modeling. BREEZE air dispersion, fire, and explosion modeling software are used by more than 4,000 EH&S professionals in 70 countries worldwide. For more information on BREEZE products, visit http://www. breeze-software. com (http://www. breeze-software. com).


Medical Tourism In India

Medical Tourism In India

Indiahealthtour. com specializes in facilitating international patients, in using world class medical and health services in India. Its dedicated teams of Marketing, Hospitality, and Patient Care specialize in taking utmost care of the international medical value tourists. Indiahealthtour. com represents more than 12 super specialty hospitals, specialty clinics and several world class ayurvedic and alternative healing centers. Patient care is our passion at Indiahealthtour. com

(PRWEB) June 7, 2006

India has become a favourable tourist destination for many. The booming economy, varied destinations, hospitable culture has been attracting a large number of foreign tourists to India.

Adding fire to the existing phenomenon is the remarkable excellence of Indian Doctors and Hospitals in the field of world class medical care (with international accreditation) coupled with low cost – as low as unimaginable.

And this phenomenon is popularly known as Medical Tourism or Medical Value Travel.

Making all this possible and easier for the patients is a world class medical assistance and brokerage company We Care Health Services with the flagship arm Indiahealthtour. com.

Indianhealthtour. com has been a perfect example of an accelerator for the medical tourism section of India. It creates a total communication and facilitation network between the patient and the hospital by providing a 24 hr Health Helpline and Patient Care Team to take care of the patients while in India and follow up after the treatment. All the Hospitality services including visa processing and ticketing services in the hometown, car transfers, accommodation and touring in India are all taken care of by Indiahealthtour. com. And, to mention the best, most of these end to end services are offered either complimentary or at regular Indian prices. And with total transparency.

Some of the packages offered are :

Coronary Angiography :  $ 550

CABG ( Bypass Surgery )  $ 6500

Hip Replacement   $ 6200 

Abdomen Liposuction  $ 1900

Root Canal Treatment  $ 115 / tooth

Lithrotripsy ( Stone Removal )  $ 700 ….

To popularize the concept and reach out to the masses to provide the needy with the information and assistance, Indiahealthtour. com is currently recruiting Marketing and Facilitation Associates. Individuals and Firms based in UAE, US, UK, Canada and other countries who have a certain network and can reach out to the people who need medical treatment and can assist them in coming to India are welcome.

To know more log on to

Www. indiahealthtour. com

Or mail : info @ indiahealthtour. com

Or call 0091 22 25786464

 0091 22 32461601


Monday, July 14, 2008

SmartDraw Provides Visual Productivity Solution for Lotus Symphony

SmartDraw Provides Visual Productivity Solution for Lotus Symphony

SmartDraw. com, maker of SmartDraw, the software that helps you work smarter by communicating visually, today announced that it has published a plug-in for IBM Lotus users, which allows them to integrate SmartDraw into the Symphony Suite.

San Diego, CA (Vocus) March 19, 2009

SmartDraw. com, maker of SmartDraw, the software that helps you work smarter by communicating visually, today announced that it has published a plug-in for IBM Lotus users, which allows them to integrate SmartDraw into the Symphony Suite.

"The SmartDraw plug-in allows Lotus' three million users the opportunity to use SmartDraw to improve communications by communicating visually," said Todd Savitt, Chief Sales Officer for SmartDraw. com. "Lotus users can now create a flowchart to explain a business process, a Gantt chart to show a project schedule or an organizational chart, or any of SmartDraw's 40 types of visuals, without a learning curve and in just minutes."

A free trial of SmartDraw is included with the Lotus plug-in and can be downloaded at http://www. smartdraw. com/support/lotus-plugin. htm (http://www. smartdraw. com/support/lotus-plugin. htm).

About SmartDraw. com
SmartDraw. com is the creator of SmartDraw, software that helps you work smarter by communicating visually. Because people are six time more likely to retain and understand information presented to them visually, SmartDraw helps businesses increase their bottom line by improving communication, refining operations, completing projects on time, and successfully implementing their plans. Whether it's a flowchart to explain a business process, a Gantt chart to show a project schedule or an organizational chart, SmartDraw is unique because it draws more than 40 different types of visuals for you, including timelines, maps, charts, decision trees and floor plans, resulting in presentation-quality visuals in just minutes. The company's customers include more than half of the members of the Fortune 500, 2,000 K-12 schools and universities, and thousands of law firms, police departments, health systems and private enterprises of all sizes. In fact, SmartDraw is downloaded more than 3 million times each year. Founded in 1994, SmartDraw. com is a privately-held, San Diego, CA-based company and is part of the Working Smarter Network. For more information or to download a free trial version, please visit www. smartdraw. com.

Contact: Denise Herich, for SmartDraw
Peak3 Communications
Dherich (at) peak3communications (dot) com

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US Firm Goes Where GPS Can't with Indoor Location System

US Firm Goes Where GPS Can't with Indoor Location System

Official Launch of the 'Pennies Per Tag Day System Bundles'. Parco, a leader in the commercialization of location systems for six years, is revolutionizing the industry with new tag rental prices. The new bundles focus on renting the system, including installation and training, on a per tag day basis.

Portland, ME (PRWEB) December 18, 2007

Parco Merged Media Corp. announced today the official launch of its "Pennies Per Tag Day System Bundles." Parco, a leader in the commercialization of location systems for six years, is revolutionizing the industry with new tag rental prices. While the system begins as a tag rental program the financing feature of the program includes the possibility for the customer to purchase the system after the first year.

Throughout Parco's six plus year history it has been recognized with awards from both research firms and its peers. Peer recognition from TechMaine (formerly MESDA) includes the 'Technology of the Year' award. In addition to its award winning software, the company has a vibrant product line including: high efficiency antennas, safety rated reader enclosures and a variety of RFID/RTLS/Barcode technologies.

Parco has incorporated Time Domain's Precision Location Ultra Wideband System (PLUS™) into the Précis system. "PLUS is the only scalable RTLS product line which can provide consistent and highly accurate room level location monitoring without requiring a reader in every room. The capability of reading thousands of tags with 12-36" accuracy is significant in many business processes. Parco truly understands UWB and what it takes to build a system around the technology to provide location-based services. As our first PLUS solution provider, Parco was an important contributor to PLUS' requirements and they are a leader in integrating our products' precision location capabilities into a solution-based platform." said Greg Clawson, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Time Domain.

Initially there are two system bundles offered which focus on serving the proximity location needs of both business and healthcare. The daily rental rates vary from eight to fourteen cents per tag day. The low costs enable a facility to recognize returns on investment when used with the Parco certified tracking software product included in the bundle. Additionally, the systems are proximity based which means that the data granularity is now wing based instead of the precision sub-room. The system can be upgraded to precision location by purchasing SDP ports.

"Of course, we're banking on the facilities over time consuming more than the base number of tags per year," says Scott Cohen the president and CEO of Parco. "These systems are focused on helping the facility leverage its existing investment in structured cabling and local area network products." The new system hardware uses existing network cabling thus dramatically reducing the infrastructure costs to install proximity tracking. "In a minimum install configuration, the facility would expect to pay less for a system rental over a five year commitment than it would on a zero interest lease over the same period."

Initial customers include Trax Technologies, a Parco authorized reseller and a supplier of products to the supply chain and logistics vertical markets, which is in the first stage of deployment of the Per Tag Day Bundle. "This exceptionally low tag rental rate has enabled us to widely distribute RFID tracking solutions to our customers," say Donna Uettwiller of Trax. "Currently we're in stealth mode with a specific customer who wishes to remain confidential. However, I can report that they are enthusiastic with the initial results. If we stay on track with deployments, we could surpass one hundred thousand deployed tags by early 2009.' Features of the Précis product including the high tag capacity and frequent reads available using the UWB components are very attractive in the supply chain and logistics businesses. Parco's antenna systems, enclosures and other product integration features such as built-in wireless networking in the enclosures add value to these types of customers.

The '8 Cents Per Tag Day' package includes 750 Précis asset tags and the '14 Cents Per Tag Day' package includes 1,000 Précis asset tags plus 24 SDP Ports. Both systems include up to 45 Précis Readers, POE injectors, Parco Software Site License, product warranty, patch cables, installation, support, training and asset tracking software. The SDP ports are used to provide precision location in certain parts of the facility. The systems include all but the network cabling, network switches/hubs, Microsoft SQL Database and servers (a Microsoft server OS is required.) Customers can customize the system by buying additional components and software.

Purchasers of the packages will have a choice of several asset tracking software packages. The following software and vendors represent the initial list of included product choices:
-- a lite version of AIMS from Phoenix Data Systems
-- a lite version of Central Suites from American Biomedical Group
-- a lite version of TracPoint from Sysgen
-- a lite version of Critical Resource Management System from BeanCounter Europe
-- a lite version of RealTime from Skyline Connections
-- a lite version of SYMX Atlas from SYMX Technologies, Inc.

"We've had initial success using the Parco solutions at nursing home facilities," says Raphael Feldman, CEO of Sysgen. "For us it was an easy decision to help Parco with a low cost asset tracking feature for these new bundles. It is a win scenario for our customers because the low annual costs provide a rapid return."

"The real question for those contemplating a purchase of a RFID system today is --- what have you got to lose with a Précis rental? We're talking about an annual rental commitment from $21,900 to $51,100. That's less for a commercial deployment than any pilot system on the market. Overall it is not a lot of risk for a manager to take" concludes Cohen.

Additional Information Can be found on the Parco BuyNow Website (http://buynow. parcowireless. com/category_s/40.htm) or by calling 1-877-754-8535 x 110.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Bella-Dura™: State-of-the-Art Performance Fabric Bringing Performance Back to Earth Soft, Strong, Colorfast, Anti-Microbial, Recyclable

Bella-Dura™: State-of-the-Art Performance Fabric Bringing Performance Back to Earth Soft, Strong, Colorfast, Anti-Microbial, Recyclable

With Bella-Dura you don't have to choose between performance, style, or the environment. In fact, with Bella-Dura™ you can have it all…a performance fabric that surpasses all other performance fabrics in the marketplace (for indoor and outdoor applications). Inherently and permanently stain-resistant, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and bleach-cleanable, Bella-Dura fabrics also exceed 50,000 double rubs and 1,500 hours lightfastness. To top it off, Bella-Dura fabrics are earth-friendly, 100% recyclable and Cradle-to-Cradle certified by MBDC gold and silver.

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 1, 2008

Imagine a world where you don't have to choose between performance and the environment. A world where performance fabrics are soft, beautiful, and durable while working equally well indoors and out. Imagine Bella-Dura™ an entirely new class of fabric; a revolutionary fabric technology that surpasses other fabrics in the marketplace in terms of performance and sustainability.

Bella-Dura is available in almost limitless color, pattern, and weave options. Offering an unlimited yarn palate, Bella-Dura single-handedly dispels the myth that earth-friendly fabrics have to be drab. It applies this palate - which ranges from bright, saturated colors to more muted neutrals - to its family of woven products which include: Bella-Dura Classic, cotton-like flat woven fabrics, Bella-Dura Plush, a chenille, and Bella-Dura Drapery.

Comfortable, cleanable, and breathable, Bella-Dura exceeds 1500 hours of light fastness and 50,000 double rubs, is inherently bleach-cleanable, anti-microbial and Bella-Dura Drapery passes the stringent British Standard certification for drapery

The Innovative Indoor/Outdoor Fabric Technology
Bella-Dura is the result of collaboration between Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills and the engineers at American Fibers and Yarns Company and was three years of R & D in the making. The goal, to create a new fabric, not a "me too" fabric, that responded to industry demands of a fabric that performed equally well indoors and out, with all the performance features bundled into one. "When we began, we knew it was a challenge, but with the combination of talents, experience and technical proficiency we knew we could do it. We did. Bella-Dura fabric is stain resistant, anti-microbial, bleach cleanable, light fast, easy to clean, durable and of course possessed a great hand and a wide range of color and pattern options. In addition it exceeds all industry standards, in every category. It is a fiber breakthrough," says Irwin Gasner, CEO of Wearbest Sil-Tex Mills.

It's all in the Fibers
What makes Bella-Dura so different is that it is the very fiber itself that packs the performance. The fabric is woven from proprietary fibers that has its performance attributes of stain, microbial and fade resistance engineered right into the fiber itself. "Unlike other fabrics, we don't need to rely on harmful coatings or stain resistant finishes in the processing of our fabric to provide performance. Bella-Dura's performance is literally engineered into the fibers themselves, "says Irwin Gasner.

Because of this, Bella-Dura is inherently and permanently stain and microbial resistant and light fast from the fibers up, a concept that until now was unavailable in one fabric (in either the indoor or outdoor markets). But high performance is not enough, Bella-Dura performs equally well for the environment.

Fabric for the Future
Bella-Dura is an environmentally responsible fabric from its beginning to its end. It is the only fiber on the market, synthetic or natural, that begins as a by-product of post-industrial waste and ends its life as a fully recyclable product. It requires substantially less energy to manufacture, uses only a small amount of water during its manufacturing process, and produces no harmful industrial waste.

Bella-Dura fabrics have achieved a Silver Cradle-to-Cradle™ certification and are classified as "preferred products" by MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry). A limited but presently expanding color-line has achieved Gold Cradle-to-Cradle™ certification through MBDC. These certifications confirm that Bella-Dura meets or exceeds MBDC's strict standards for human and environmental health, environmentally preferable materials, strategy for renewable energy, and a comprehensive material re-utilization program.

These factors of cradle-to-cradle design make Bella-Dura™ the leading environmentally responsible fabric option in the marketplace; in fact, it could be called the environmental champion of all synthetic fibers.

The engineered, proprietary yarn technology of Bella-Dura yarn is made of a by-product from the petroleum refining process, thus reducing the need for virgin product. The very processing of Bella-Dura salvages a by-product that would otherwise be incinerated which would further contaminate the environment. The fabric is also fully recyclable after its long useful life with a breakthrough recycling program. "We wanted to create an innovative and responsible product. Its earth friendly attributes are as important, if not more important, than its performance attributes," continues Gasner.

Beautiful Indoors and Out
It wasn't enough to create the most durable fabrics for the industry; the company also strives create the most beautiful fabrics available in the marketplace. Designers demand the best and most innovative for their projects, so providing the full spectrum of color was paramount.

With its unlimited color palette and jacquard design capability, Bella-Dura creates distinctive fabrics for its distributors, fabrics that are prefect for almost any application: indoors, outdoors, hospitality, health care, commercial or residential applications.

"We are able to provide our distributors with the colors, fabrics, and textures that their clients demand," says Gasner, "and we are continuing to push the boundaries, developing more innovations and continuing to provide the very best fabric solutions to the marketplace." For more information visit www. bella-dura. com.


Health Care Costs Can Shrink by One Third if Feds Focus on Preventative Senior Care, Says Aging Expert

Health Care Costs Can Shrink by One Third if Feds Focus on Preventative Senior Care, Says Aging Expert

Dr. Roger Landry, president of Masterpiece Living, a nonprofit focused on successful aging, says senior citizens who are physically active, mentally-challenged and connected with their families, friends and community live healthier lives. Landry spoke to the Deaconess Assocations Foundation's "Vital Signs Forum on Aging" Nov. 17 in Cincinnati. The foundation awarded its inaugural Innovation Award, a $25,000 prize to an organization which helps seniors live more vibrant, active and engaged lives, to Hebrew Home of Riverdale, New York. Hebrew Home offers Alzheimer's patients the nation's only overnight medical care program.

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) November 23, 2010

One-third of our $2 trillion annual health care budget could be cut by focusing on preventative health care for senior citizens, said Dr. Roger Landry at the recent “Vital Signs Forum on Aging” in Cincinnati.

Landry is a medical doctor and president of Masterpiece Living, LLC, a Florida-based nonprofit organization focused on helping seniors age successfully. He spoke at the third annual aging forum sponsored by Deaconess Associations Foundation (DAF).

“We see aging as a critical issue in the years ahead, impacting our health, social and financial systems,” said Pat Ward, executive director of the Deaconess Associations Foundation. “We have to face up to these challenges.”

Only three percent of federal funds each year are spent on preventative health care, said Landry, yet 36 percent of all health care funds go to people over the age of sixty-five.

Landry said Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine and a member of the MacArthur Foundation Study on Aging, became interested in the 1980s in why some 82-year-olds were on cross-country skis while others were in wheelchairs. Landry has summarized the 10-year study and writes extensively on the subject.

He identified from the study ways senior citizens can age successfully and stay in their homes longer. They are: Use it or lose it (move and exercise); Challenge your brain; Stay connected with family, friends; Love risks; Never act your age (challenge yourself); Wherever you are, be there (focus); Have grandchildren, plants around; and Laugh.

“Older adults can grow,” he said. “When we stop growing, we die.”

He acknowledged that the federal government is unlikely to change senior health care without more definitive research on successful aging, and announced that Masterpiece Living will begin a $300,000 study with the city of Boston in 2011 to look at unscheduled health care events with high-risk patients.

“Senior citizens who are hospitalized and need post-operative care are often high risks for re-hospitalization,” Landry said. He said the two - to three-year study will look at what works with senior citizens, obtain data, and build a compelling argument to improve preventative senior health care in the U. S. The study will include about 50 families and use life coaches to help seniors engage in goal-setting that resonates with them.

DAF awarded Hebrew Home of Riverdale, New York, its inaugural $25,000 Innovation Award for implementing a seven-day-a-week, overnight medical care program for Alzheimer’s patients who live at home with caretakers. The prize was awarded to an organization that enables older adults to experience more vibrant, active and fulfilling lives.

There are an estimated 5.3 million Americans of all ages who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, and about 11 million Americans nationally provide unpaid care for a person with Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Association Web site.

Hebrew Home’s ElderServe program has been ongoing for 12 years, said director of adult day/evening services Deborah Messina. The program allows Alzheimer’s patients to stay with their families and in their communities.

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, evenings become a challenge for caretakers. Many Alzheimer’s patients experience “sundowning,” a symptom of dementia in which circadian rhythms are disrupted and patients spend fitful, sleepless nights, which overwhelm and exhaust caretakers.

ElderServe is the only overnight elder care program in the nation and has not been replicated, said Messina, perhaps because Medicaid reimburses Hebrew Home for only about five of the 12 hours of medical care offered per night. The care is couched in recreational programming using massage therapy, touch therapy, and aromatherapy. It took about five to six years for the program to become profitable, she said, but now the program has a waiting list.

Landry said that senior health care in the U. S. is like a cruise ship: it’s not easily turned. Yet it can be turned, he stressed, with a new preventative care focus on engaging senior citizens, encouraging them to achieve small goals and helping them stay connected with their communities.

Landry also lauded Deaconess for its implementation of the Independent Transportation Network (iTNGreaterCincinnati), which provides rides for the elderly and visually-impaired. The program, which began in May, 2010, averages 200 rides a month, said director Nancy Schuster. The service is provided by volunteer drivers.

For more information about the Deaconess Associations Foundation or its Innovation Award, go to http://www. livefull. org.

About the Deaconess Associations Foundation
Deaconess Associations Foundation’s (DAF) mission is to find innovative solutions to complex healthcare challenges. FullLife is an outgrowth of Deaconess Associations Foundation’s efforts to offer solutions to the challenges of aging. The Foundation sees aging as the critical issue facing our country in the years ahead. The large percentage of the population entering retirement will challenge our healthcare system and our financial system – as well as our stereotypes about aging. More information about the Deaconess Associations Foundation is available at http://www. DeaconessFoundation. org.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Knowledge Portal Donates Living Will Kit Proceeds to Raise Brain Injury Awareness

Knowledge Portal Donates Living Will Kit Proceeds to Raise Brain Injury Awareness

A Los Angeles-area Web portal has agreed to donate funds to a national organization dedicated to brain injury research in memory of Terri Schiavo, the Florida woman who passed away Thursday after being in a persistent vegetative state for 15 years.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 4, 2005

A Los Angeles-area Web portal has agreed to donate funds to a national organization dedicated to brain injury research in memory of Terri Schiavo, the Florida woman who passed away today after being in a persistent vegetative state for 15 years.

Frank Buddenbrock, president of expertsadvice. info wants to help educate the public about the importance of Living Wills and how they can help family members make important decisions in the event an illness of injury requires them to be placed on life support systems.

“The Terri Schiavo case has the entire country thinking about how our families would react if we were ever in a situation like this,” Buddenbrock said. “That’s why we are going to donate two-dollars from the sale of every copy of The InfoAmerica Living Will Kit to aid in researching neurological disorders and stroke in honor of Terri.”

Buddenbrock will donate proceeds to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, which is part of the National Institutes of Health to raise awareness about traumatic brain injury. More information is online at www. ninds. nih. gov.

Developed in 1985, The InfoAmerica Living Will Kit is an educational software package that helps consumers make immediate decisions regarding their medical and financial situation should they become incapacitated in the future. The Living Will Kit is legal in all 50 states.

The kit includes Living Will forms and Durable Power of Attorney forms for both health care and financial care, along with complete instructions. It retails for $11.95 and can be purchased at www. expertsadvice. info.

A durable power of attorney is a legal document which authorizes one person to act on behalf of the individual granting the durable power of attorney to make financial and/or medical decisions on the individual's behalf should the individual become incapacitated. “Durable” means the power of attorney survives if the individual preparing it becomes incapacitated. If no durable power of attorney is prepared and the individual becomes incapacitated, the court will appoint a guardian or conservator to make the decisions.

“Education is part of our mission and we feel strongly about this,” Buddenbrock said. “We want to empower people to take control so they can be prepared, heaven forbid, if they should ever require a feeding tube or life support.”

About expertsadvice. info: Founded in 2004 by Frank Buddenbrock, expertsadvice. info has a mission of becoming the worldÂ’s No. 1 source for information on How-to, Where-to, What-to, Why-to, When-to and Who-to. Buddenbrock, who is also working on a number of How-to books himself, also serves as president of Buddenbrock Foto Gruppe Inc., a company he has operated more than 20 years.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Virgo Publishing To Acquire Food Product Design Magazine

Virgo Publishing To Acquire Food Product Design Magazine

Virgo Publishing announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Northbrook, Ill.-based Food Product Design magazine, the leading publication in the food ingredient and flavors industry.

PHOENIX (PRWEB) October 20, 2005

Virgo Publishing announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Northbrook, Ill.-based Food Product Design magazine, the leading publication in the food ingredient and flavors industry. Closing is scheduled for later this week. Food Product Design operations will remain in the Northbrook office, with Bob Weeks maintaining his role as publisher, Lynn Kuntz continuing in her position as editor, and Michael Leonard as sales manager.

"Food Product Design will continue to fulfill its mission of delivering practical, use-it-now, take it to the bench editorial to those in the food industry who are involved in developing products for the retail, foodservice and functional food markets," said Bob Weeks, publisher of Food Product Design. "The prospect of bringing Virgo Publishing's capabilities and experience in the areas of trade shows, conferences, information systems and electronic media to bear on the Food Product Design franchise is very exciting. It will allow us to further solidify Food Product Design's position as the industry's leading product development content and information source while significantly increasing value to both our reader and advertiser audiences. I am truly excited about the future of Food Product Design as a part of the Virgo Publishing family."

Virgo Publishing produces more than 18 business magazine titles and eight trade shows and conferences. The Health & Nutrition division of Virgo Publishing publishes Natural Products INSIDER and HSR: Health Supplement Retailer magazines and produces the largest event for the nutritional ingredients business, SupplySide. SupplySide, launched in 1997, produces two shows per year, SupplySide East and SupplySide West. More than 750 booths for nutritional ingredients are on display at SupplySide West, making it the largest show in the world for the supplement ingredient industry.

"Acquiring Food Product Design is an important part of our plan to expand our reach beyond serving the supplement ingredient market into the food ingredient side of the business," said Jenny Bolton, president of Virgo Publishing. "We currently have a growing readership and attendee base from the food ingredient business, and this merger will allow us to expand more quickly into the food segment of the market. As consumers continue to seek foods with healthy and functional ingredients, the aligning of business media covering supplement ingredients and food ingredients is natural. This acquisition positions us perfectly to take advantage of the growth both these markets will enjoy in the future."

Food Product Design will become part of the Health & Nutrition division of Virgo Publishing under the leadership of Peggy Jackson, director of publishing. Jackson stated, "We are ecstatic to join forces with the Food Product Design team. The synergy of our two groups uniting will bring great value to all of our readers, advertisers and industries. This will make our already successful magazines, events and communications services even better."

About Virgo Publishing

Virgo Publishing, founded in 1986, is based in Phoenix, and produces leading business-to-business titles and trade shows/conferences in the telecom, medical, health, lifestyle and light industrial industries. Virgo Publishing, a diversified business media company, employs more than 130 talented individuals.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) Launches New Discussion Forum

Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) Launches New Discussion Forum

CAPCconnect(SM) is the frst forum specifically for hospital palliative care programs. This new discussion platform is for health care professionals who want to share information, exchange ideas, and get advice from their colleagues on operational issues affecting their palliative care programs.

(PRWEB) January 2, 2008

New York, NY PRWEB) January 2, 2008 -- The Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) has launched CAPCconnect(SM) - the only discussion forum dedicated to palliative care program development and growth.

"This new discussion platform is where the palliative care community can get informed, interact with colleagues, and begin to put into practice what they learn from others," says Lisa Morgan, CAPC Director of Communications.

The CAPCconnect(SM) palliative care discussion forum is a free resource for health care professionals who want to share information, exchange ideas, and get advice from their colleagues on operational issues affecting their palliative care programs. Forum members can:
get feedback from other programs hear from CAPC and Palliative Care Leadership Centers(SM) (PCLC) faculty benefit from peer-to-peer networking

Discussion forum topic areas include "Designing a Program," "Data Collection and Measurement," "Staffing" and "Palliative Care Out-Patient Services."

To learn more and join, visit http://www. capc. org/forums (http://www. capc. org/forums)

The Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) provides health care professionals with the tools, training, and technical assistance necessary to start and sustain successful palliative care programs in hospitals and other health care settings. Located at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, CAPC is a national organization dedicated to increasing the availability of quality palliative care services for people facing serious illness. http://www. capc. org (http://www. capc. org)


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Major Trends in the Slumping U. S. Economy

Major Trends in the Slumping U. S. Economy

Larry Edelson takes a closer look at the ups and downs in the U. S. economy. In this issue of Money and Markets, Mr. Edelson examines the economy and advises on what could potentially happen throughout the course of 2008.

Jupiter, Fla. (PRWEB) March 22, 2008

Larry Edelson takes a closer look at the ups and downs in the U. S. economy. Mr. Edelson examines the economy and advises on what could potentially happen throughout the course of 2008.

The onslaught of nightmarish news about the U. S. economy has hit financial markets around the world like a Category 5 hurricane. Wild, short-term swings in the markets can often be confusing. But through it all, the major trends remain firmly intact:
The Federal Reserve will continue to do everything in its power to prevent a financial meltdown: pumping in fiat money like there's no tomorrow; accepting more and more forms of weak collateral to lend even more money to the system; slashing interest rates; and more. The dollar will continue to decline in value against every major, and almost every minor, currency on the planet. China and India's economic growth - despite what is heard and read to the contrary - continues to barrel ahead. This is inflationary. Global demand for natural resources remains at record highs in virtually every commodity. Meanwhile, supplies of most major natural resources remain tight as a drum, including oil, gold, wheat, platinum, and more.

On January 17 in Money & Markets, Edelson stated:

"... 2008 is going to be a doozy. We're going to see wild swings in virtually all markets... lots of fake out moves... new trends emerge... and old trends become reinvigorated.

-- The sinking dollar, which has much more to fall …

-- The crumbling empire of debt in the U. S. of which the subprime crisis is just the opening act …

-- The surprising inflation that is going to soon shock almost everyone …

-- And soaring prices for natural resources, which are now entering their next phase, an accelerated up-move that will take most investors by surprise, but be the most profitable phase yet."

In January, Edelson said about gold:

"Major support is way down at the $854 level.

"On the upside, gold is in uncharted territory, record highs. The key points to watch are the $1,000 level, which should pose some psychological resistance, followed by $1,250."

Gold has traded as high as $1,034, decisively breaking through the $1,000 level. Next target: $1,250. Gold could retreat before heading higher. If so, it would be a normal, healthy pullback.

Regarding oil Edelson said:

"Oil is still very much in a very strong long-term uptrend, with higher prices yet to come."

Oil hit $100 on Feb 26, and reached as high as $111.80 earlier this week. That's up 21.5% in just two months. There will probably be some consolidation, possibly a decline back to the $98 level, which should provide strong support. If oil breaks the $98 level on any decline, look for it to find solid support at the $88 level.

Either way, oil is clearly in a long-term uptrend. Edelson expects to see black gold hit $125 as its next main target. From there, it could go even higher.

Also back in January Edelson said:

"If (copper) closes above $3.67, the metal is off to the races... to new record highs."

Copper closed above $3.67 on Feb. 20, and then it zoomed to a new record high at $4.02 a pound on March 6, before retreating a tad. This is amazing, especially considering the real estate disaster in the U. S. and the supposed slowdown in Asia.

The U. S. economic problems are hurting copper demand. But it's more than offset by soaring demand coming from China, India and other emerging economies. In fact, right now there are only three days of global copper supplies on the shelves.

But copper is heading higher after some consolidation, like we've seen with other metals. There's solid support at the $3.66 level, followed by $3.45 -- $3.50. As long as those support levels hold, then new record highs remain ahead for copper.

Agricultural commodities have also soared. Edelson states:

"Back in January, I told you, "Foods are now in a major bull market... Corn, wheat, soybeans, sugar, and coffee -- are all taking off to the upside. This sector will be one of the stars in 2008, with much
Higher prices to come."

Since the first of the year wheat is up 26%; corn is up 17%; soybean prices have risen 6%.

Edelson's models continue to point to 11,000 on the Dow, possibly much lower. The Dow has bounced off the 11,800 level three times. The next time it tests that area, it should pierce it and swoon to 11,000. 11,000 is a critical level of support on the Dow. If it gives way, look out below.

"The most important message from this is: The major trends - rising commodity prices and rising inflation - are not only very much intact, they're accelerating to the upside. After some more wild gyrations and pullbacks, I expect new highs in all of the above, except for the Dow!" states Edelson.

To read this issue online, please visit:
Http://www. moneyandmarkets. com/Issues. aspx? Inflation-and-Falling-Dollar-Good-for-Commodities-Investors-1568 (http://www. moneyandmarkets. com/Issues. aspx? Inflation-and-Falling-Dollar-Good-for-Commodities-Investors-1568)
About Larry Edelson and Money and Markets

With nearly three decades of experience in precious metals and natural resources markets, Larry Edelson has played a pivotal role in training Weiss Research staff and in guiding Weiss Research's customers to prudent investments in the sector. His Real Wealth Report, Gold Trader Hotline and Energy Options Alert provide a continuing education on natural resource investments, with recommendations aiming for both profit and risk management. His team of technical analysts helps enhance the timing of investment recommendations with the aim of continually improving the performance results for investors.

Mr. Edelson is also a regular contributor to the daily e-letter, Money and Markets. Recognized as an expert in precious metals and natural resources, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Mr. Edelson has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters, and CNBC as well as The New York Times, New York Sun, and Marketwatch. com

Mr. Edelson holds a B. A. degree from Columbia University.

Money and Markets (www. moneyandmarkets. com) is a free daily investment newsletter from Dr. Martin Weiss and Weiss Research analysts offering the latest investing news and financial insights for the stock market, including tips and advice on investing in gold, energy and oil. Weiss Research, Inc. is located in Jupiter, Florida. For more information about our editors, or to set up an interview, please contact Jennifer Moran at 561-627-3300 or visit www. moneyandmarkets. com.