Saturday, January 17, 2009

Medical Bill Advocates Give You Medical Bill Relief!

Medical Bill Advocates Give You Medical Bill Relief!

Pap Smears Billed to Men! A Toothbrush for $1,000? Hospital Billing Errors Cost You $$$!

Marietta, GA (PRWEB) September 15, 2010

Medical Refund Service Inc., of Marietta, Georgia wants to announce our 12th year as medical billing advocates for you. Are you having problems with errors on your hospital bills? Is your health insurer not paying your medical claims? Founder (http://medicalrefundservice. com). Our association, "The Medical Billing Advocates of America", is having our 1st Medical Bill Cost Control Conference, November 1-2nd in Baltimore, MD.

Here are just a few examples of medical billing errors are: a Tylenol for $140, $560 for a wooden tongue depressor, $1,000 toothbrush, a charge for "Oral Administration Fee"-actually a nurse hands you a pill, Pap smears billed to men and circumcisions on baby girls.

Tips: Always demand an itemized hospital bill and review it (especially the quantity column). Keep in touch with all the providers that are billing you so you stay out of collections. Negotiations are always possible, but difficult when you are in collections, don't ignore your bills. Write down the name (and extension if possible) of everyone that you speak with, the date and what was discussed. To find an advocate nationwide, please visit: The Medical Billing Advocates of America - http://www. billadvocates. com (http://www. billadvocates. com)