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The “Right” Way to Part… CEO of World’s Largest Dating Service Advises on Breaking Up

The “Right” Way to Part… CEO of World’s Largest Dating Service Advises on Breaking Up

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for weeks, months or years - realizing that it’s not working out and breaking up, is most always difficult and emotionally draining. And oftentimes, very uncivil.

Kingston, MA (PRWEB) August 20, 2006

According to Paul A. Falzone, CEO of The Right One and Together Dating, “Deciding to break up and doing so is a painful process. But, what can make it even worse is the behavior of one or both people involved.

For example, one of you wants out of the relationship, but the other is not ready to break up and move on because he/she still has feelings for the other. Does that make it okay for one person to treat the other disrespectfully by trashing his/her stuff or bothering him/her at work? No. It’s not healthy and doesn’t help either party.”

Below, Falzone shares “etiquette” tips for breaking up.

Be direct. So, you’ve decided that this relationship isn’t for you and what you want for yourself is so very different than what you’ve got. Or, your goals and values just don’t mesh. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided to break up with your partner. When telling him/her, don’t cite a long list of his/her faults or lie about the fact that you’ve just decided he/she is not right for you. It may be painful for you both in the short term, but be honest and to the point, as it is the fastest way to gain closure.

Face to face break up. Yes, breaking up over the phone is almost as unacceptable as breaking up via e-mail. These are the easiest, yet worst ways to break up with someone and the quickest way to fuel the fires of anger. Translation? These types of bad break-ups just about warrant bad, trashing your stuff, behavior from your former lover. Don’t go there. He/she deserves better, so break up face to face.

Find neutral ground. Your best friend’s wedding is not a good place to break up. Nor is a restaurant or somewhere else with optimum visibility, as emotions will run high and you don’t need an audience. Find neutral territory, like a public park.

Custody battles. Figuring out who gets custody of items you purchased together and shared will be tough. It almost becomes a game – “the JetSki for the plasma screen TV. Deal or no deal?” You will have to compromise. Unfortunately, you two may not be good at compromise, and it may be the reason you’re at the break-up stage. In any case, try to work it out in the most civil, respectful manner possible. Bring in a friend as a mediator to help keep everyone calm. One additional note: Items given as gifts on a holiday or a birthday cannot be taken back.

Singles help is on the way

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Romantic Locations

The Right One’s offices and affiliates located throughout the United States include: California (San Diego); Colorado (Glendale); Florida (Miami); Georgia (Atlanta); Kansas (Wichita and Overland Park); Illinois (Downers Grove, Rockford and Bloomington); New Jersey (Cherry Hill, Hackensack); Massachusetts (Norwell, Newton, Shrewsbury and Woburn); Nebraska (Omaha and Lincoln); Pennsylvania (King of Prussia, Pittsburgh and Monroeville); Rhode Island (Warwick); Texas (Dallas, Austin); and Wisconsin (Madison, Appleton, Brookfield).

North American locations and affiliates of Together are: California (Encino, Irvine, Los Angeles, Upland); Florida (Palm Beach, Vero Beach); Georgia (Savannah); Indiana (Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis, South Bend); Kentucky (Lexington, Louisville); Louisiana (New Orleans); Maryland (Columbia, Frederick); Minnesota (Minneapolis); Nevada (Reno); New Hampshire (Hooksett, Nashua, Portsmouth and Salem); New Jersey (Bridgewater, Clark, Colts Neck and Lawrenceville); Ohio (Cincinnati); Pennsylvania (Mechanicsburg); South Carolina (Greenville); South Dakota (Sioux Falls); Texas (San Antonio, Beaumont and Houston) and Virginia (Falls Church).

For more information about Together Dating and The Right One, please visit their websites at www. therightone. com, www. togetherdating. com, and www. elove. com or call

(800) 818-DATE (3283).

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