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ScreenScape key To Rapid Expansion Of Optometry News Network - Now Reaching 60,000 Patients Per Month

ScreenScape key To Rapid Expansion Of Optometry News Network - Now Reaching 60,000 Patients Per Month

ScreenScape’s scalable group license affords rapid expansion of Optometry News Network to include 35 FYidoctors practices

Charlottetown, PE (PRWEB) May 10, 2010

The Optometry News Network (ONN) and ScreenScape are pleased to announce the addition of approximately 35 FYidoctors’ practices to the ONN digital venue network, increasing ONN's national reach to 60,000 optometry patients per month.

FYidoctors chose ONN as their digital venue network provider in an effort to re-define the waiting room experience of their patients. This provides a great opportunity to reach out to patients at a time when they are most likely to be curious about the health of their eyes and making decisions about their eye care needs. FYidoctors has already started to use the ONN displays within their waiting rooms to educate and reinforce the importance of eye care – namely, to increase patient awareness on how best to take care of their eyes, as well as advanced products, services and current styles offered at FYidoctors’ practices.

Scott Shaw, Director of Operations for FYidoctors, summarized, “The decision to go with ONN is a great choice in light of ONN's capabilities and strong understanding of the needs of optometry clinics and, more importantly, their patients. Choosing ONN is aligned with our corporate belief in selecting effective solutions, as well as realizing the potential of partnerships with key suppliers for the ultimate betterment of our patients.”

Founder of ONN, Dr. Hari Amarnath, commented, “The endorsement and vote of confidence by FYidoctors in selecting ONN for their clinics reinforces the success of our business model. It speaks volumes to our ability to add value to FYidoctors, both on a global and independent clinic basis. This is a very exciting development for ONN and is another step in solidifying our leadership position in the digital venue sector serving Canada's optometry community.”

ScreenScape. net allows ONN to cost effectively manage and rapidly scale their digital optometry network through the use of their popular online platform.

With the functionality and ease of use afforded by ScreenScape. net, FYidoctors are able to select from existing content while maintaining the flexibility to provide local, customized and contextually relevant content. Edits are easily made to ensure that all of the content played within the FYidoctors’ group of practices meets appropriate branding standards.

“With the addition of FYidoctors to our community of clinics along with ongoing organic growth, we are rapidly approaching our goal of making in excess of one million 'valuable' impressions per year while ensuring each individual viewer, patient and clinic derives benefit from ONN.” stated Dr. Amarnath.

About FYi
FYidoctors is a private optometry owned eyecare services company with its head office located in Calgary, Alberta and a fully automated production and distribution facility based in Burnaby, British Columbia. FYidoctors is currently one of Canada’s largest providers of ophthalmic products and services with over 65 locations across the country. For more information on FYidoctors please visit our website at www. fyidoctors. com.

About ONN
The Optometry News Network (ONN) is a narrow casting marketing tool that speaks directly to patients faced with imminent optometric buying decisions. The Canadian Association of Optometrists recognizes Optometry News Network as a valuable partner in the promotion of eye health awareness in Canada. For additional information you can find ONN on the web at: www. clinicalnetworks. ca.

About ScreenScape Networks
ScreenScape is an Internet Service and Community that offers a smarter, simpler and more cost-effective way to use screen displays in your venue. Members of ScreenScape form a community of venues interconnecting to establish a shared resource and a marketplace for exchanging content. Join the network today at http://screenscape. net (http://screenscape. net)