Monday, February 16, 2009

OnMessage Founder Featured as Expert on Clear and Concise Messaging in a Down Economy

OnMessage Founder Featured as Expert on Clear and Concise Messaging in a Down Economy

OnMessage Founder, Jim O'Gara, featured as the guest speaker at the Dallas-Fort Worth Business Marketing Association (BMA) luncheon, to discuss the importance and benefits of a strong, consistent company message in today's market.

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) May 29, 2009

Marketing industry professionals, business owners, and others recently attended the Dallas-Fort Worth Business Marketing Association (BMA) luncheon to hear Jim O'Gara, president and founder of OnMessage, discuss the importance of consistently auditing your company's message and overall business strategy as the market and ecosystem of communication channels continue to change.

"The simple truth is most companies approach messaging at a very tactical level," said O'Gara. "Messaging development becomes a vehicle or campaign-based activity. This is completely ineffective. Companies need to fundamentally change the way they develop, monitor and improve their overall message and story."

O'Gara was invited to serve as the expert speaker on this topic due to his extensive experience developing strategic marketing plans and brand "stories" that emotionally connect with a specific audience through various advertising and marketing vehicles.

"At OnMessage, we use a five-step messaging development methodology that enables companies to build a clear, concise and compelling messaging platform. This platform serves as the foundation for more accurate and effective messaging across every communication channel," he said.

During the presentation, O'Gara explained that sales people spend 40-60 hours a month recreating messages that are more relevant and timely. In addition, he stated that 80 percent of all marketing materials never get used because sales professionals don't believe the content is on message or relevant to their prospects and customers.

"When it comes to messaging, we recommend a routine audit every six months. The audit will enable you to keep your messaging, market opportunities and business strategy in complete alignment," O'Gara added.

At the event, O'Gara also stressed the importance of aggressive differentiation through bold positioning and messaging as well as maintaining an intense, disciplined focus on delivering a single, memorable message.

"Now more than ever our brains are programmed to act as filters -- we only notice what's different. Marketing professionals need to understand this as they develop their company's story," O'Gara added.

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To see video excerpts from the DFW/BMA presentation go to http://yttwt. com/qwdzq (http://yttwt. com/qwdzq).

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