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U. S. Consumers Turn to IsraMeds. com Israeli Pharmacy, Other Foreign Sources, as Canadian Pharmacies Expected to Stop Serving Americans

U. S. Consumers Turn to IsraMeds. com Israeli Pharmacy, Other Foreign Sources, as Canadian Pharmacies Expected to Stop Serving Americans

As Canadian drug supplies become scarcer for Americans, a growing number of U. S. consumers are buying low-cost medications from Israel. There, the prices are typically even lower than Canada. IsraMeds. com, a network of licensed Israeli pharmacies has had a 70% percent jump in sales to Americans this past quarter.

Rechovot, Israel (PRWEB) April 20, 2005

With Canada's Health Minister expected to soon stop Canadian pharmacies from filling drug orders for U. S. consumers, many American seniors are turning to pharmacies in Israel and other foreign countries with high pharmacy standards to save money on their prescription medications. IsraMeds. com is a licensed Israeli pharmacy that has recently been deluged with orders from U. S. consumers.

"The astounding growth in new U. S. patients caught us by complete surprise," said Avi Fadida, IsraMeds. com marketing manager. "In the past four months alone, we have had a 70 percent increase in American orders compared to the prior quarter." He adds that the typical U. S. patient is saving 50 to 90 percent off U. S. prices, and paying less than they had been if they had bought their drugs before from Canada. 

"In Israel, pharmacies are legally free to sell our drugs to Americans, Europeans or anyone else worldwide without government interference,” said Fadida. "Our prices are typically 10-20 percent less than Canadian prices, and our high quality medications are safely packaged by the manufacturers in foil-wrapped blister packs.

IsraMeds. com is so confident of its very competitive pricing that it offers a low price guarantee. It will refund patients the difference if they find a better deal elsewhere.

With 150 staff, IsraMeds is a network of licensed pharmacies. Its main office is in Rechovot, a city of 100,000 people located about a 20-minute drive southeast of Tel Aviv. Rechovot is known for its large pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

"Actually, our highest quality medications have such rock-bottom prices that several Canadian pharmacies have started having Israeli pharmacies fill their orders," explains Fadida. "However, by choosing Isrameds. com, our American consumers can cut out the middleman completely and get streamlined and professional service and delivery. Our pharmacy gets the drugs directly from the manufacturers and we ship them to our customers. They are packaged in manufacturer's own blister-packs that are safely foil sealed. 

Fadida says the average American customer buys 3-6 different medications and spends from US$150 to $500 per order. Customers are coming from all states, but especially strong are Florida, New York, Minnesota, California and Texas.  

For a comparison of drug prices in the U. S., Canada and Israel, a three-month supply of 90 tablets of the cholesterol drug Lipitor (10mg) costs $196 from Drugstore. com (U. S.), $164 from Canadadrugs. com, and $129 from IsraMeds. com. And, 12 tablets, a three-month supply, of the popular osteoporis drug Fosamax (70mg) costs $188 at Drugstore. com, $159 at Canadadrugs. com and $129 from Isrameds. com. (All prices rounded to closest US$, subject to change and exclude shipping fees if any.)

"Relieved" and "very thankful," is how Fadida describes anxious U. S. consumers once they learn that Isrameds can serve them and has guaranteed supplies. "Many were in fear of being unable to fill their orders in Canada. Now with IsraMeds, they can be assured of getting the best drugs at affordable prices."

CanadaÂ’s Health Minister, Ujjal Dosanjh, is expected to soon announce that Canadian pharmacies will no longer be able to sell Canadian drugs to U. S. customers. Canada is being forced to act to prevent possible drug shortages for Canadians and because of pressure from U. S. pharmaceutical companies and President Bush.

The situation has led Medsforall. com, Canadian Drug Outlet and many other Canadian pharmacy services to close or consolidate, and surviving services to turn to pharmacies in Israel and other nations to fill their orders. Most of the remaining Canadian pharmacies, are in effect, then “middlemen,” having foreign pharmacies fill their orders and they are forced to share profits.

IsraMeds. com says that several U. S. states and some major American corporations have contacted the pharmacy to consider having it provide medications to constituents and employees, respectively. He declined to name these prospects for competitive and legal reasons.

IsraMeds. com charges US$14.95 shipping fee per order (multiple drugs can fit in each order for no additional shipping charge), and for orders over US$450 provides free shipping. Consumers receive their orders by mail two to four weeks later and can purchase up to a three-month supply of drugs at one time. Prescription drugs require a valid U. S. prescription and a licensed Israeli pharmacist reviews and cosigns each prescription before it can be filled. The pharmacy accepts payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and wire transfer. Customers who refer new customers to IsraMeds pharmacy receive a 3 percent discount on their order.

To learn more or place an order, consumers can visit www. isrameds. com or call toll-free 1-866-ISRA-BUY (1-866-477-2289). To write IsraMeds, the address is IsraMeds. com, Neve Ilan Shopping Center, Yavne, Israel, 85100.

Established in 1981, the pharmacyÂ’s parent company has filled more than 2 million prescriptions, most for Israel residents. Opened in 2001, Isrameds was the first international mail order pharmacy in Israel, and is the only one in the country today. IsraMeds. com is fully licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health and staffed by trained and experienced pharmacists and their assistants.


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