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GBK Productions Partners with Charities to Give Celebrities the Opportunity to Give Back at this year's Gift Suite

GBK Productions Partners with Charities to Give Celebrities the Opportunity to Give Back at this year's Gift Suite.

GBK Productions (formally GBK Events) will hold its annual OSCAR Gift Suite this year at The Historic Roosevelt Hotel, directly across the street from the KODAK Theater. Once again this Philanthropic company will give the celebrities the opportunity to get involved in the various charities present, while receiving a gift bag valued at close to $40,000.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 17, 2007

GBK Productions/ Official Celebrity Gift LLC will once again donate 20% of its profits from their Gift Suite, while giving Celebrities the opportunity to be pampered and give back to the various charities involved in the process. Gavin Keilly, founder, said, "We anticipate donating over $15,000 to non-profits involved, plus additional celebrity donations." Nominees & Presenters from this year's Academy Awards will be invited to GBK Productions gift suite at Roosevelt hotel to receive their choice of over $40,000 products & services. All Guests will be given the opportunity to meet representatives from the beneficiaries: So the World May Hear, John Wayne Cancer Institute, and Global Green.

As Global Green is one of the Beneficiaries, Gavin Keilly decided to set up one-third of his suite with Eco-Friendly Products, including the spa where his guests will be pampered. Renowned Green Bliss Eco Spa will be providing a myriad of Luxurious Services, including Manicure, Pedicures, Facials & Massages. They will be using all Eco-Friendly products, including - Cutica Smart Spa - Zoya and others… After their Pedi they can use their new amazing "Yoga Toes" to spread and relax their toes. Celebs will then be able to get their hair blown out and be given products by AVEDA. No pampering is complete without the opportunity to get their make-up professionally done by Jane Iredale Cosmetics or without a clean men's Shave from the SHAVE of Beverly Hills. The Spa Bar will also be completely Organic to make sure those wanting that "Natural Experience" can in fact do so. The "Spa Bar" includes: ONE Natural Experience Coconut Water, Tibetan Tea, Malava, Organic Vintner Wines, and Fat Tire Beer from New Belgium Brewing.

They can continue the relaxation at home with an amazing Foot/Body Massager from Medi Rub Corp and a set of the Sensual La Tee Da Candles. Bodega Chocolates will also give them the experience of a lifetime with the opportunity to make their own chocolate and tour the Chocolate Factory with a guest… (Can one say a Willy Wonka Experience?) Of course they will take plenty of chocolates home with them too.

The "Green" Experience does not stop in relaxation department. They will then enter into a room designed by Robert Craymer Designs where there they will be given a certificate to also have this Renowned Designer come design "their" home and make their entire home or a just a room completely Eco-Friendly with the materials and furniture that he uses. The celebs will also be given Organic Jeans from Delforte, Amazing Purses from Helen E. Riegle Design, A Year Supply of Dogswell Natural Treats for their pup, Massage Oils & Candles from Earthy Body, and Caniglia Skin Care. Pure-Rest Organic Bedding Company will be giving remarkable soft bedding, and they will have enough 'Shaklee "Get Clean" Green Cleaning Products to keep that their beautiful home clean for at least a year.

Once they are thru with the Eco-Experience they will have the ability to take a look at the various other products available to them. The OSCAR Nominees will be invited to select one of the many gorgeous GEVRIL Watches on hand. In addition El Dorado Spa Resorts and Azul Hotels will be giving all the celebrities the opportunity to take a well deserved vacation for 5 nights with First Class Accommodations. To make sure they wake up in time for their flight they will be given an EZ Wake IPOD Alarm Clock from EZ Gear. In case they need directions there or get lost in their city of Choice, Magellan will be providing them with the first expandable, pocket-sized and advanced portable auto navigation system, the RoadMate 2200T or the Magellan CrossoverGPS the first rugged, IPX4-waterproof, pocket-sized portable GPS delivering both in-car and outdoor navigation in a single device. Lifepop will also be giving the celebs a one-of-a-kind dog carrier, which they can connect their Ipod and play music thru the speakers…

Celebrities will also browse the fashion section that will include Amazing Leather Belts from INDULGE, Heidi Merrick Dresses, Shoes by Oscar De La Renta, Rosa Loves T-Shirts "for a cause," a custom made shirt by and a personal fashion consultation by Glenn Laiken Designs for Alandales, and Pure Color Luxury Jeans & new Knit Line.

The Game room will also be an exciting destination as "Official Game Haven" will be having the celebrities sign one of their $15,000 Gold Gaming System's and auctioning it off for charity. GBK Productions anticipates being able to donate at least another $15,000 to charity from the sell of this system if not more, due to all the signatures… Scene it DVD Game by Mattel will also be in this room for the celebs to kick back test their varieties of knowledge.

To make sure the celebrities are Healthy DSEA (Dietary Supplement Education Alliance) will be on hand consulting about the all necessary supplements they need. Freedom Laser Therapy is providing a certificate for a laser treatment to help them either quit smoking or lose weight. Now that they can work out again without having to catch their breath, their new iPlatform F. L.S Exercise unit by Gadget Universe will do wonders, along with the Steinhousen Watch which will keep time perfectly while they run that next marathon. Laser Away will also be giving gift certificates for one of their many fantastic services, and for those that are having difficulty seeing that teleprompter, Kawesch Laser Center can give them 20/20 vision in just minutes… Now that don't need their glasses, Cinzia Design will give them their choice of Stylish Sunglasses. 3 Lab will help them take those winkles away, that they got from squinting all the time, with their phenomenal facial crèmes and Bodyography will provide products that the guests will be speaking about for years. Barbar International will not only help them feel good, they will also help them look good with their variety of Beauty products, including hair dyers, and curling irons. If that is not enough, or if the celebrities feel as though they need more out of life, Laura Fenamore will be there giving 3 free Life Coaching sessions.

To keep the celebs going thru rehearsals VOJO is giving everyone a year supply of Energy Mints, and to keep that buzz going Who's Your Daddy will be giving a year supply of Energy Drinks that taste amazing. These celebs will definitely be buzzing. As they will certainly be hungry Vidalia Grills will be cookin' up the best meat in town and giving Grills away too. Metromint water will be on hand with their special minty water to make sure all the goodies are washed down and the celebs have fresh breath to return to work.

About GBK:

GBK Productions (formerly GBK Events), founded in 2000 by Gavin B. Keilly, is an event productions company specializing in fund raising for major charitable organizations and celebrity events. GBK Productions has helped non-profit clients raise millions of dollars and produces the most-sought after gift suites, including EXTRA's Oscar & Emmy Suites, Lounges for the Golden Globes, as well as various other award shows.

Headquartered in Hollywood, California, GBK productions serves multinational charities and corporations throughout the world. For additional information about GBK Productions, please visit www. GBKProductions. com.

About Global Green USA:

Global Green USA is a national environmental organization addressing three of the greatest challenges facing humanity: stemming global climate change by creating green buildings and cities; eliminating weapons of mass destruction that threaten lives and the environment; and providing clean, safe drinking water for the 2.4 billion people who lack access to clean water. President Gorbachev founded the organization in order to create a new approach to solving the world's most pressing environmental challenges by reconnecting humanity to the environment. Global Green's unique approach merges innovative research, cutting-edge community based projects and targeted advocacy that educates hundreds of millions of people annually, leverages billions of dollars for environmental initiatives and implements ground-breaking environmental policy.

About So The World May Hear:

In 1973 The Starkey Hearing Foundation started with a simple premise: "Alone we can't do much. But, together we can change the world." With "So the World May Hear" as his goal, Starkey Hearing Foundation founder William F. Austin built an organization upon this vision.

Today the Foundation is sustained by the efforts of thousands of volunteers and donors around the world. Your support allows us to deliver more than 20,000 hearing aids annually through more than 100 hearing missions a year in countries stretching from the U. S. to Vietnam. Besides giving the gift of hearing, the Foundation promotes hearing health awareness while supporting research and education.

About John Wayne Cancer Institute

Since 1985, the John Wayne Cancer Foundation has been committed to groundbreaking cancer research and education at the John Wayne Cancer Institute (JWCI). The Institute has received worldwide acclaim for advances in melanoma (skin cancer), breast and colon cancer as well as immune therapy of cancer. Other areas of research include prostate and liver cancer. With its unique ability to rapidly turn scientific breakthroughs into innovative approaches to treatment and early detection, JWCI provides immediate hope to cancer patients from around the globe. Patients from over 40 foreign countries and 48 states in the US have come to JWCI for assistance in the management of difficult cancer problems.

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