Tuesday, March 17, 2009

PLUM Bottle Belt Bags Give Workers Access to Eye First Aid at all Times

PLUM Bottle Belt Bags Give Workers Access to Eye First Aid at all Times

Plum Belt Bags let mobile workers keep eye wash first aid with them at all times. Each bag holds a 200ml bottle of Plum sterile saline or pH neutralizing solution for quick, immediate relief when foreign substances enter the eye.

Pequannock, NJ (PRWEB) June 23, 2010

By the very nature of their ever changing work area, mobile workers are faced with some inherent safety risks. Accidents can and do happen while workers are on the road or at remote job sites. Vehicle or tool box first aid kits are one important component to ensuring appropriate response to accidents. Now, a quick response time to eye injuries can be assured through the use of PLUM 200ml Bottle Belt Bags.

Robert N. Petersen, Product Manager for Bel-Art Products the exclusive United States distributor of Denmark based PLUM eye and skin wash first aid products explains that "the belt bags hold a 200 ml bottle of PLUM Sterile Saline or pH Neutralizing eye wash and have built-in loops to easily attach to belts, coveralls and backpacks. If needed, the bottle can be quickly accessed by pulling up the cover which is secured with hook and loop strips."

Petersen went on to add "with an eye injury, you want fast effective relief. In the case of acids or alkalis in the eye, permanent damage to the cornea can occur in as little as 45 seconds so fast response is crucial. PLUM pH neutralizing eye wash effectively neutralizes acids and alkalis in no more than 20 seconds. Having first aid on your person in a designated carrier pouch eliminates wasted time running to another location to find a first aid kit or search for a bottle."

PLUM 200ml Bottle Belt Bags, item F24880-5500 is sold as a 3-pack and has a list of $40.00. PLUM 200ml Sterile Saline bottles, item F24880-0023 and PLUM pH Neutralizing Eye Wash bottles, item F24880-1023 are also sold as 3-packs with list prices of $29.00 and $38.00 respectively. All PLUM eye wash bottles have quick access twist tops with built-in flexible eye cups for effective rinsing of the eye from any position. They require no on-going maintenance and have a guaranteed 3-year shelf life from date of manufacture.

For more information on PLUM Eye and Skin Wash first aid products and the complete line of laboratory offerings from Bel-Art Products call 1-800-4BELART, email info@belart. com or visit www. belart. com.

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