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Desperate Housewives No Longer Desperate - Stay at Home Mom's Hit it Big with Successful Internet Businesses

Desperate Housewives No Longer Desperate - Stay at Home Mom's Hit it Big with Successful Internet Businesses

Two Southern California “Stay at Home" housewives launch successful internet businesses while raising families, taking care of husbands, and still managing to look good.

(PRWEB) November 8, 2004

Jennifer Hurless and Adena Surabian, both 35 years old and new neighbors, discussed over coffee one day that they both had left their lucrative marketing jobs in order to stay home with their young children. Jennifer is the mother of three (7, 5 and 17 months), and Adena is the mother of two (4 and 16 months). After months of cutting back and Teletubbies, they both decided they needed more than kids and Huggies to feel fulfilled and wanted somehow to contribute financially to their marriages.

Jennifer admits "cutting back on expenses was the most difficult thing for me to adjust to while not working. I kept thinking, 'how can I contribute to the family income by using my business experiences and still be a good mother?’”

Jennifer, a nationally certified aerobic instructor, combined her 16 years of teaching aerobics and business experience with her husbandÂ’s expertise as a podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon, and started a website to educate and assist people with foot problems.

With a degree in Architecture, creating a website was the last thing she ever thought she would end up doing. Her research into foot care revealed some alarming data on the damage obesity and diabetes does to often unsuspecting people. She felt that by providing appropriate medical information, patient education on weight loss and fitness, and affordable therapeutic foot care products recommended by her husband, she would have a successful business that she could operate from home.

"Running the healthyfeetstore. com website has given me a sense of business ownership with my husband while being able to help people learn about the dangers of unattended foot problems, obesity, diabetes, and the advantages of weight control and exercise…and still allow me to be around for my kids.”

Adena’s research into a business led her no further than watching her first child begin to crawl and explore a household environment that held many hidden dangers as the unsuspecting new mother quickly discovered. “Originally this business was supposed to bring in a little extra income to help cover the bills. It was a business that grew out of my garage, into my living room and then into a warehouse in Westlake Village. Our sales are now close to $1 million.”

In its fourth year, her business provides safety information and products to ensure a safe home environment for young children. "There were so many websites offering baby safety products,” Adena recalled, “but not a single site offering the expertise to help with the right product to buy. One of our most popular items, for example, is car seats. I am a passionate advocate for the use of car seats properly and I am a big fan of keeping children in 5 point harness for as long as possible, I love the Britax Car Seats.”

The business, www. safeandsecurebaby. com, has grown dramatically and now has a staff of three. Adding staff has allowed Adena to spend even more time with her daughters. Just recently, Adena ventured off into another line of business to address the needs of her children’s sensitive skin. She developed a 100% all natural shampoo and conditioner for babies and kids call “Nature’s Baby Products.” Already her products have received positive feedback from her clientele. Parents love the smell and more importantly they love that they are using a product on their children that is free from harsh chemicals and fragrances.

Together, these two women have created successful businesses while being happy, fulfilled, and not-so-desperate stay at home moms.

You can visit these websites:

Www. healthyfeetstore. com

Www. safeandsecurebaby. com

Www. naturesbabyproducts. com