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Three-Ingredient Recipes Are the Ultimate In Frugal Living

Three-Ingredient Recipes Are the Ultimate In Frugal Living

“Best of Cooking with 3 Ingredients” by bestselling author Ruthie Wornall promises to bring families back to the dinner table with more than 800 recipes with just three ingredients each.


“Best of Cooking with 3 Ingredients” by bestselling author Ruthie Wornall promises to bring families back to the dinner table with more than 800 recipes with just three ingredients each.

“This cookbook is foolproof and family-tested,” Cookbook Resources president Sheryn Jones said. “With three-ingredient recipes, even the busiest families can enjoy a ‘sit-down’ meal that is healthier and less expensive than traditional fast food.”

Bestselling author Ruthie Wornall provides surprising variety with recipes such as Herbed Pork Tenderloin, Texas Brisket, Mock Filet Mignon, Miracle Peanut Butter Cookies, Breakfast Casserole, Sausage and Apples, Spinach Orange Salad, Microwave Fudge, Lemon Jell-O Cake, Mrs. TrumanÂ’s Coconut Balls and more.

Recipes call for common ingredients and include simple instructions, making them ideal for beginning cooks or anyone who needs to prepare good food in minimal time.

“This cookbook has already generated interest from some unexpected audiences,” Jones said. “I heard of a pediatrician who bought several copies for her office. She uses the book when she talks to parents about children’s nutritional needs.”

Best of Cooking with 3 Ingredients is part of a new cookbook series designed to help busy families and friends enjoy meals together. Other books in the series are Cooking with 5 Ingredients, The Ultimate Cooking with 4 Ingredients, Easy Healthy Cooking with 4 Ingredients and Easy Gourmet-Style Cooking with 5 Ingredients.

Best of Cooking with 3 Ingredients and other Cookbook Resources books are available online at www. CookbookResources. com, www. Amazon. com and www. booksamillion. com or by calling toll-free (866) 229-2665.

The Cookbook Resources site also features printer-friendly recipes, food columns and more.


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Bayer HealthCare Enhances Data Collection of EZ-Log Patient Electronic Diary

Bayer HealthCare Enhances Data Collection of EZ-Log Patient Electronic Diary

New laser scanning technology makes tracking hemophilia treatment easier.

Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) December 17, 2007

Bayer HealthCare (http://www. bayerhealthcare. com) today announced the addition of new laser scanning technology to its electronic patient diary system for hemophilia A patients. Now equipped with laser scanners, the enhanced Kogenate® FS (http://www. kogenatefs. com), Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant), EZ-Log Electronic Patient Diary (http://www. kogenatefs. com/patients_EZLog. cfm) provides more consistent record-keeping of treatment for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Through a handheld computer, EZ-Log allows patients to enter their treatment data in real-time by scanning barcodes of treatment packaging. Treatment data entered into the EZ-Log can be directly communicated to clinics and healthcare professionals online, greatly improving record-keeping compliance and communication between physicians and patients. EZ-Log also assists in ensuring infusions occur on time and allows patients to better manage their condition.

"EZ-Log is a great resource for people living with hemophilia," said Patrick Haggerty, a college senior with hemophilia A. "Keeping a record of when I infuse allows me to see when I'm incurring more bleeds and also holds me accountable for regular infusions."

The advantage of new laser scanners, which improve upon the previous optical scanning technology, is an increased ability to read and record the barcode information regardless of environmental factors, such as lighting conditions or scanning distances. The product enhancement answers a community need for better technology in data collection devices.

"Patient diaries are critical to managing hemophilia treatment," said Beverly Stevens, RN, BSN, Nurse Coordinator at the Okalahoma Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders (http://www. ouphysicians. com/specialties/children/Hematology-Oncology/OCBCDBleedingDisorders. asp). "The improved functionality of the laser scanner for Bayer's EZ-Log diary will not only benefit patients but also will help healthcare professionals track treatment regimens more accurately and make better recommendations for their patients."

Beginning in mid-December, all Kogenate® FS EZ-Log devices will be equipped with the new laser scanners. Patients can request an EZ-Log diary online at www. kogenatefs. com. Those currently using the electronic diary can upgrade their EZ-Log technology by requesting an installation kit available through their local hemophilia treatment center (http://www. cdc. gov/ncbddd/hbd/htc_list. htm). All EZ-Log devices and equipment upgrades are free to Kogenate FS patients (http://www. kogenatefs. com/index-patients. cfm).

"The new laser scanning technology now available with EZ-Log is part of Bayer HealthCare's commitment to provide regular product updates and enhancements that improve treatment tools," said Terry Tenbrunsel, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Bayer HealthCare. "At Bayer, we want to empower people living with hemophilia (http://www. livingwithhaemophilia. com/) by providing them with the newest technology and most effective tools to manage their treatment."

Kimberly Wix
Bayer HealthCare
Tel: (973) 305-5258
E-mail: kimberly. wix(at)bayer. com

About Kogenate® FS
Kogenate® FS, Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant), is a recombinant factor VIII treatment indicated for the treatment of hemophilia A. The most frequently reported adverse events were local injection site reactions, dizziness and rash. Known intolerance or allergic reactions to constituents of the preparation is a contraindication to the use of Kogenate® FS. Known hypersensitivity to mouse or hamster protein may be a contraindication to the use of Kogenate® FS. Please see the full prescribing information (http://www. kogenatefs. com/prescribing_information. cfm) for important risk and use information at www. kogenatefs. com.

About Hemophilia A
Hemophilia A, also known as factor VIII deficiency or classic hemophilia, is largely an inherited bleeding disorder in which one of the proteins needed to form blood clots in the body is missing or reduced. Hemophilia A, the most common type of hemophilia, is caused by deficient or defective blood coagulation proteins, known as factor VIII. Hemophilia A is characterized by prolonged or spontaneous bleeding, especially into the muscles, joints, or internal organs. Approximately one in 5,000 males born in the United States has hemophilia.

About Bayer HealthCare LLC
Bayer HealthCare LLC is an affiliate of Bayer HealthCare AG, one of the world's leading, innovative companies in the healthcare and medical products industry based in Leverkusen, Germany. The company combines the global activities of the Animal Health, Consumer Care, Diabetes Care, and Pharmaceuticals divisions. The Pharmaceuticals division comprises the following business units: Women's Healthcare, Diagnostic Imaging, Specialized Therapeutics, Hematology/Cardiology, Primary Care, and Oncology. Bayer HealthCare's aim is to discover and manufacture products that will improve human and animal health worldwide. The products enhance well-being and quality of life by diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases.

Forward-looking statements
This news release contains forward-looking statements based on current assumptions and forecasts made by Bayer Group management. Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors could lead to material differences between the actual future results, financial situation, development, or performance of the company and the estimates given here. These factors include those discussed in our public reports filed with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission (including our Form 20-F). The company assumes no liability whatsoever to update these forward-looking statements or to conform them to future events or developments.

Http://www. hemophilia. org/NHFWeb/MainPgs/MainNHF. aspx? menuid=180&contentid=45&rptname=bleeding (http://www. hemophilia. org/NHFWeb/MainPgs/MainNHF. aspx? menuid=180&contentid=45&rptname=bleeding)

BAYER, the Bayer Cross and Kogenate are registered trademarks of Bayer.

©Bayer HealthCare LLC 091297Y


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Global Interactive Kiosks Market to Reach $1.2 Billion by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc

Global Interactive Kiosks Market to Reach $1.2 Billion by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global report on Interactive Kiosks market. The world market for interactive kiosks is projected to exceed $1.2 billion by the year 2015. This is primarily driven by the DIY (Do-it-Yourself) buzz, as people across the globe are demanding for self-service facilities across all domains, to serve themselves rather than waiting for the service to come. Consumers are able to interact daily through ATMs, computers and video games and gain access to desired information. The consumers are better informed of their needs and prefer information gained on their own rather than from the sales personnel.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) February 10, 2010

Interactive kiosks are a part of airports, retail outlets, and super markets, as self-service technologies are fast becoming tools to enhance customer satisfaction. In this new age, customer service is synonymous to self-service. By offering greater control over purchases, the retailers are able to provide higher level of satisfaction to the consumers. Digital kiosks are becoming more user-friendly and able to undertake difficult tasks in healthcare, and other businesses. But keeping in mind the complex human decision making and different service expectations among consumers from different industries; the transition to self-service technologies may be gradual and time taking.

North America and Europe dominate the global interactive kiosks market as stated by the new market research report on interactive kiosks market (http://www. strategyr. com/Interactive_Kiosks_Market_Report. asp). Self-service technologies such as Kiosks have proven their ability to enhance operational efficiencies and customer service while creating newer marketing platforms to generate additional revenues for the companies. Demand for such interactive kiosks tends to increase in response to growing levels of consumer comforts at better ROI (return on investments). Apart from being a key component for consumer interaction programs, such kiosk solutions create efficient platforms for the companies to evolve self-service capabilities. Self-service kiosks have helped firms to leverage upon their conventional business models with better customer interaction.

Key players dominating the global interactive kiosks market include aVinci Media Corporation, Diebold, Hashtech Systems Pvt. Ltd., IER SA, ImageXpres Corporation, IBM, KIOSK Information Systems, Inc., Lucidiom, Inc., Meridian Kiosks LLC, Motorola, Inc., NCR Corporation, Netkey, Inc., Phoenix Kiosk, Inc., Rittal GmbH & Co. KG, Slabb, Inc., and ViVOtech, Inc. among others.

The report titled "Interactive Kiosks: A Global Strategic Business Report" announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a comprehensive review of industry overview, product overview, product introductions/innovations, profiles of major players, and recent industry activity. The report analyzes market data and analytics in terms of both volume and value sales for regions including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World by the following end-use segments - Retail, Consumer Self Checkout, Photo Processing, Government, Financial Industry, Leisure & Travel, Communications, and Others.

For more details about this comprehensive market research report, please visit - http://www. strategyr. com/Interactive_Kiosks_Market_Report. asp (http://www. strategyr. com/Interactive_Kiosks_Market_Report. asp)

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) (http://www. strategyR. com/) is a reputed publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company is globally recognized as one of the world's largest market research publishers. The company employs over 800 people worldwide and publishes more than 1100 full-scale research reports each year. Additionally, the company also offers thousands of smaller research products including company reports, market trend reports, and industry reports encompassing all major industries worldwide.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Telephone 408-528-9966
Fax 408-528-9977
Email press(at)StrategyR(dot)com
Web Site www. StrategyR. com


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LifeTips 101 Book Series Ranks High With Readers at Amazon. com

LifeTips 101 Book Series Ranks High With Readers at Amazon. com

LifeTips Publishing releases 15 new books in Q1 2007.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) May 3, 2007

Here's a tip: the LifeTips 101 Book Series is packed full of useful information and how-to guides for everything from diets to screenplays. The books, written by experts in their field, feature celebrity interviews, behind-the-scenes information, and unique and innovative tips to help readers live simpler, and smarter, lives.

LifeTips launched the 101 LifeTips Book Series (http://www. lifetips. com/guru/become-book-publishing. html) in January 2007. To date, the company has released over a dozen books including LifeTips 101 Low Carb Diet Tips, LifeTips 101 Student Loan Tips, LifeTips 101 Health Insurance Tips, LifeTips 101 Screenplay Tips, and more. The LifeTips books are available at Amazon. com (http://amazon. com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/104-0466035-0006339?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=lifetips&Go. x=0&Go. y=0&Go=Go), BarnesAndNoble. com and other online retail sites. The books are also available in bookstores.

"Launching this division of LifeTips was a dream come true. We took our expert writers (http://www. lifetips. com/guru/expert-writers. html) and their talented tips and really bridged the gap between print and online media," said Melanie Nayer, Editor of LifeTips. com, LifeTips Publishing and LifeTips 101 Book Series Editor. "The LifeTips Publishing division has found a way to give readers what they want: quality information at their fingertips. People love books -- even tip books -- and these books can sit on the office desk or on a bedside table for a quick read, and easy solutions to complicated problems."

Are you an entrepreneur looking for marketing ideas? The LifeTips 101 Entrepreneur Tips (http://www. amazon. com/LifeTips-Entrepreneur-Tips-Susan-Payton/dp/1602750149/ref=pd_bbs_sr_4/102-4853184-4338516?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1178055457&sr=8-4) book will help you plan out your marketing initiative, and motivate employees to sell, sell, sell. Susan Payton, founder of Egg Marketing Public Relations, created her successful business from the ground up and now she's telling her success secrets to LifeTips readers.

Running your first marathon? Heidi Splete has completed 28 marathons, and six Boston Marathons, and offers tips to novice and advanced runners on completing the marathon with ease and injury-free in her new book.

"I have been training for and running marathons ever since high school, gaining expertise along the way from my own experience and from talking to my fellow runners and keeping up with sports medicine trends and research," said Splete, author of LifeTips 101 Marathon Tips book, and LifeTips 101 Sports Apparel Tips book. "I wanted to share what I've learned with other marathoners, both novice and experienced, and the LifeTips Book Series provided the perfect venue for putting that information together in a fun and accessible format with useful tips for runners of all levels."

IIs there a new baby in the family? The idea of a family vacation with a newborn might seem daunting, but Christina Chan cuts through the chaos and offers tips for new moms and dads on caring for baby during travel, and even offers tips on finding quiet time during the vacation, in her book, LifeTips 101 Baby Travel Tips (http://www. amazon. com/LifeTips-101-Baby-Travel-Tips/dp/1602750076/ref=pd_bbs_sr_9/102-4853184-4338516?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1178055457&sr=8-9).

Buying your first home? Or looking to refinance your mortgage? Bill Pirraglia takes his decades of finance and real estate experience and makes a complicated industry seem easy in the LifeTips 101 Mortgages Tips book. Trouble with your finances? Make sure you check out Bill's LifeTips 101 Bankruptcy Tips book, which offers advice on how to avoid bankruptcy or reclaim your financial status after filing bankruptcy.

The LifeTips 101 Book Series can be found at Amazon. com, BarnesAndNoble. com, and retailers worldwide. A list of currently published books follows:
LifeTips 101 Low Carb Diet Tips
LifeTips 101 Plus-Size Women's Clothing Tips
LifeTips 101 Autism Tips
LifeTips 101 Student Loans Tips
LifeTips 101 Health Insurance Tips
LifeTips 101 Health Management Tips
LifeTips 101 Baby Travel Tips
LifeTips 101 Scrapbook Tips
LifeTips 101 Herbs Tips
LifeTips 101 Entrepreneurs Tips
LifeTips 101 Screenplay Tips
LifeTips 101 ADHD-ADD Tips
LifeTips 101 Hiking Tips
LifeTips 101 Fishing Tips

Following is a list of books currently in production for release this month:
LifeTips 101 Vacation Rentals Tips
LifeTips 101 Bankruptcy Tips
LifeTips 101 Relationships Tips
LifeTips 101 Teaching Degree Tips
LifeTips 101 Tax Relief Tips
LifeTips 101 Franchise Tips
LifeTips 101 Charity Tips
LifeTips 101 Women's Fitness Tips
LifeTips 101 Bridal Beauty Tips
LifeTips 101 Mortgage Tips

About LifeTips. com
LifeTips creates and delivers content solutions that become powerful assets for clients. Our project-based services and staffing services connect clients with our pool of over 500 expert writers. Writers so great -- they're Gurus! With an engaging voice and infectious enthusiasm, our freelance writers, editors, and engineers can take the complexity of any business writing assignment and create informative content that connects with readers, earns trust and drives traffic and sales. From web content development to book publishing (http://www. lifetips. com/services/service-on-demand-book. html), our solutions are working for H&R Block, LowerMyBills, Merck, One Hanes Place, Office Depot, The Company Store, Verizon Wireless and Yankee Candle.

With proper attribution and a link to the appropriate page at LifeTips, media representatives are free to use any of the 96,000 tips at LifeTips.

For more information:
Melanie Nayer, Editor
617.886.9001 x207
Www. LifeTips. com


The Big Toyota Survival Secret Exposed

The Big Toyota Survival Secret Exposed

Toyota like many other automotive manufactures is experiencing a gigantic downturn in demand on a worldwide level. The managing director of Toyota UK Miguel Fonseca said that the market had dropped by 40% in his home country of Spain, a trend that was set to follow in the UK however, Toyota is proving bullish in its strategy of innovation and service to minimise the impact of current market conditions.

Derby, UK (PRWEB) December 10, 2008

Toyota's revised earnings outlook, a first in several years is a grim indicator of the health of the global automotive industry. A notable change in the market is a shift in consumer preferences towards that of 'cheaper to run', less expensive and more efficient vehicles. A trend re-enforced by the desire for cheaper cars as affordable finance and credit is proving difficult to come by.

The development team are placing stock in the brand new Toyota Avensis (http://www. pentagon-toyota. co. uk/dealers/toyota_avensis. htm) with cleaner, more efficient engines and innovating with the Toyota iQ produced in a partnership with the Royal College of Art set to promote design for clean modern urban living.

At the sharp end of the supply chain, dealers are recommended to adapt their retailing strategy with diligent use of the very latest technology, customer-centric service levels and data mining if they are to maintain a sufficient enough competitive advantage over alternative brands and outlets.

Customers are becoming even savvier in searching for bargains and are putting off making purchases unless they experience an optimal level of service at every stage of the buying process. Empirical evidence suggests that web surfers are spending a proportionately longer time viewing vehicle details on web pages when considering making a purchase. Surfers who converted to customers expected to be presented with clear details regarding price, images and a greater depth of information. Dealers are being urged to increase the frequency of communication with customers and prospects, analysing how they treat customers pre and post sale and tailoring marketing activity accordingly rather than cutting back on promotions and generous trade-in deals.

In line with the current environment, dealers are striving for profitable sales rather than volume sales and levering the brand trust and value added by franchised networks in order to safeguard competitiveness and profitability through the economic turmoil.

Pentagon Toyota is a fully franchised Toyota dealer (http://www. pentagon-toyota. co. uk/dealers/index. htm) network located throughout Yorkshire. For more information visit http://www. pentagon-toyota. co. uk (http://www. pentagon-toyota. co. uk)


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Smartphones Brings Urbaniacs to Mobile Phones

Smartphones Brings Urbaniacs to Mobile Phones

The Internet’s funkiest superheroes go mobile.

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) January 20, 2006

Smartphones Technologies announced a mobile content licensing agreement with Urbaniacs to distribute the hot new brand to cell phones. Under the agreement, Smartphones will create, format and distribute worldwide a variety of wallpapers, voice ringtones, ringback tones, animations, video clips and text messaging campaigns for mobile phones based on Urbaniacs popular Internet content.

From the World Wide Web to the mobile arena, Urbaniacs (pronounced Ur-BAY-nee-acks), is a group of funky heroes that fans create by combining different body parts together to form their own Urbaniac. Urbaniacs is a virtual world of entertainment and adventure that is rapidly becoming the new destination of choice for the imaginative Internet explorer.

The passport to this virtual universe is simply the creation of your own unique “Urbaniac.” An Urbaniac is an online alter ego with customizable characteristics, including Hero, Vigilante, Nomad, Beatnik, and Villain. Each Urbaniac has varying levels of special characteristics including Strength, Defense, Health, Might, and perhaps most important, Mojo. There are literally thousands of combinations available.

“We’re delighted to be working with Smartphones,” said Barry Collier, site founder  "Smartphones gives us international distribution with a single point of contact, letting us offer exclusive mobile content in one of today's biggest mediums.”

What makes Urbaniacs so instantly and wildly popular? To start, the site is completely free. Each unique Urbaniac is carefully crafted by its “owner,” and the designs are refreshingly cool, urban, and distinct. While the colors and styles are immediately attractive to younger audiences, the subtle character traits, more sophisticated designs, clever games, and quirky adventures appeal to teens and even the adults who play. Urbaniacs characters grow and learn with each new adventure. They need to be “trained” for better performance, offering a wide range of humorous and entertaining interactions for players of all ages. On the mobile front, they will be just as fun. The masterminds behind Urbaniacs have created a truly unique Internet playground. They’ve identified the best elements of previously successful Internet and entertainment properties, such as The Incredibles, NeoPets, and Pokemon, and crafted those elements into a totally new online experience. And they’ve kept the site completely COPPA compliant, making it a safe and desirable destination for the entire family.

“Urbaniacs is a hot new brand from cutting edge creators with seasoned credentials as developers at NeoPets and other successful online ventures,” said Mike Merrill, Chairman and CEO of Smartphones. “We’ll have fun introducing these superheroes to mobile phones.”

About Smartphones

Smartphones Technologies (www. Smartphones. com) is a mobile content publisher specializing in celebrity, entertainment and sports content. In addition to working with major motion picture studios, music companies and consumer brands, Smartphones recently announced mobile content agreements with leading colleges and universities covering all their college sports. The Smartphones content library is currently available through more than thirty carriers and content providers worldwide. Smartphones is based in Jacksonville, FL and is privately held.

About Urbaniacs

Urbaniacs is a rapidly expanding online community where you create and customize your own funky urban hero. There are thousands of possible combinations! As Urbaniacs makes the jump to mobile content they bring their same funky style and customization with them. Looking for something new online or on your phone? Go on…get your URB ON. www. urbaniacs. com

Urbaniacs Contact:

Deb Pierson

Director of Marketing

Urbaniacs. com

(818) 840-0580

Smartphones Contact:

Kathy Yonge

Director of Marketing

Smartphones Technologies

(904) 296-3070 x27


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Naturopathic Physicians Convene for 20th Annual Convention

Naturopathic Physicians Convene for 20th Annual Convention

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians' (AANP) 20th Annual Convention and Exposition is set for August 24 – 27, 2005 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, Ariz.

(PRWEB) June 23, 2005

The nation's top naturopathic physicians are convening in Phoenix to discuss the latest developments in this branch of the complementary and alternative medicine field, and hold their annual convention.

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians' (AANP) 20th Annual Convention & Exposition will be held August 24-27, 2005 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix, AZ. Research presentations will be offered daily throughout the conference.

A growing number of Americans are turning to naturopathic care to replace or augment the care they receive from conventional medical practitioners. A 2004 patient survey conducted by the Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC) found that patients stated that their primary reason for seeking naturopathic care was to gain more control over their health.

Naturopathic medicine is not new. Hipocrates, a physician who lived some 2400 years ago, is considered the earliest predecessor of naturopathic care. His teachings emphasized “nature is healer of all diseases” from which he created the concept vis medicatrix naturae, the “healing power of nature.” This concept has been at the core of medicine in many cultures and is a central theme of naturopathic physician care in the United States.

Conventional and naturopathic care differ in three important ways. First, in conventional medical care, each condition requires its own specialist and types of medication. By contrast, naturopathic medical care treats the entire person, not just the “complaint.” Prescription medication is not generally used. Secondly, naturopathic physicians believe that prevention is the best cure. Finally, the cornerstone of naturopathic medical care is the belief that the body can do a great deal to heal itself and restore it to its optimum state. Restoring the body's health is done in conjunction with natural therapies such as botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutritional supplements (nutraceuticals), lifestyle change, acupuncture, counseling and sometimes prescription drugs. Naturopathic physicians are unique physicians in that they have been trained in the medical and diagnostic sciences like their MD and DO counterparts. In addition, they have been trained in these natural therapies and integrate all of these methods to find the best treatment mix for each individual patient.

Members of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians are the best trained naturopathic physicians in the United States. They have attended an accredited naturopathic medical school, passed a professional board exam, abide by a rigorous code of ethics, and in 14 states and the District of Columbia, are required to pass a licensing exam in order to practice.

This year's meeting will offer updates on new treatments for diseases and other medical disorders that are treated by naturopathic physicians. We hope you will join us.

FOR THE MEDIA: The findings from select research presentations will be provided in separate news releases and provided to the press on an embargoed basis. For information, please contact Donna Krupa at 703.967.2751 or djkrupa1@aol. com. Select releases will also be available on the AANP homepage http://www. naturopathic. org/ (http://www. naturopathic. org/) on August 24, 2005.

NEWSROOM: Members of the media are invited to attend the conference. An onsite newsroom will be open to the press during the following hours:

Wednesday, August 24, 2005, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM MST

Thursday, August 25, 2005, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM MST

Friday, August 26, 2005, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM MST

Saturday, August 27, 2005, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM MST

Please see the AANP website for requirements for valid press credentials.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Contact Donna Krupa at 703.527.7357 (office) 703.967.2751 (cell) or djkrupa1@aol. com for news releases, interview opportunities and additional program information.

# # #

World Bank-based CGAP Honors Pro Mujer for Excellence in Financial Transparency

World Bank-based CGAP Honors Pro Mujer for Excellence in Financial Transparency

Pro Mujer, a leading microfinance and women’s development network in Latin America, is pleased to announce that Pro Mujer Nicaragua has been awarded the 2006 Financial Transparency Award from the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP).

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 21, 2007

Pro Mujer (http://www. promujer. org/) , a leading microfinance and women’s development network in Latin America, is pleased to announce that Pro Mujer Nicaragua has been awarded the 2006 Financial Transparency Award from the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP). 

The CGAP Awards Program, now in its third year, recognizes institutions that excel in financial disclosure. Pro Mujer Nicaragua received Merit Recognition in 2004 and 2005 for its efforts to comply with international and industry reporting guidelines, and this year won the top award for highest level of compliance. A total of 20 institutions received the award, two of them from Latin America.

“We are delighted to receive this award, which celebrates our efforts to provide financial and health services to poor women with high standards of accountability and transparency,” said Gloria Ruiz, Director of Pro Mujer Nicaragua, one of five institutions in the Pro Mujer network. 

“Pro Mujer Nicaragua is one among 3 microfinance institutions in the Latin America and Caribbean region that have ever won the top award in this global program and is a shining example for others. Sheer persistence and an extraordinary commitment to financial transparency were pivotal to its winning this well-deserved award,” said Patricia Mwangi, Manager of the Financial Transparency Award.

Pro Mujer Bolivia and Pro Mujer Peru earned Merit Recognition in the same competition, which drew 230 applications from 62 countries worldwide, the highest number to date.

The Pro Mujer network was launched in Bolivia in 1990, the brainchild of two women, one American, Lynne R. Patterson, of Long Island, NY, the other, Bolivian, Carmen Velasco, of La Paz. Pro Mujer is a pioneer in combining financial services and healthcare for the poorest women entrepreneurs in Latin America.

“The institutions which participated in this year’s competition are doing more than improving the world of microfinance; they are helping make microfinance institutions’ performance better understood by the general public, a key step to building more inclusive financial systems for the poor,” said Elizabeth Littlefield, CGAP CEO and World Bank Director. 

Applicants were judged according to their compliance with international disclosure guidelines, including the industry-specific CGAP Disclosure Guidelines (http://www. cgap. org/portal/site/CGAP/menuitem.1b66811fdb1d340167808010591010a0/) and the widely accepted International Financial Reporting Standards (http://www. cgap. org/portal/site/CGAP/menuitem.55932643b732b65f126c0be1591010a0/) (IFRS).

About Pro Mujer

Pro Mujer is an international microfinance network that offers an integrated package of financial services, business training and healthcare to Latin America’s poorest women entrepreneurs. Its integrated approach is a sustainable model for microfinance operations and helps the poor achieve economic security and improved health. Beginning in Bolivia in 1990, Pro Mujer now also operates in Argentina, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru. It has disbursed $287 million in small loans averaging $192. Pro Mujer clients have saved $10 million in individual accounts.

Pro Mujer is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. More information is available on our web site, www. promujer. org

About CGAP

The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) is a resource center for the entire microfinance industry, housed at the World Bank, setting standards, offering technical and advisory services, training, and information on best practices, in addition to providing funding for innovative projects. Its 33 members – including bilateral, multilateral and private donors – are committed to building more inclusive financial systems that work for the poor. More information about CGAP is available at www. cgap. org

Media Inquiries

For more information about Pro Mujer, please contact:

Gloriana Guillen

Communications & Marketing Associate

Tel. +1 (212) 952-0181 ext. 14

# # #

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Amerejuve Med Spa Expands to Sugar Land, Texas

Amerejuve Med Spa Expands to Sugar Land, Texas

Amerejuve Inc. (American Rejuvenation Centers) is pleased to announce the expansion of services to Sugar Land, Texas. Effective December 6th, 2010, Amerejuve Sugar Land will offer the Fort Bend Country clientele its full range of cutting-edge esthetic services designed and executed by a team of licensed healthcare professionals. Amerejuve Sugar Land is located in suite 102 of the Williams Trace Professional Building, conveniently accessible in the heart of Sugar Land.

Sugar Land, TX (PRWEB) December 5, 2010

Amerejuve Inc. (American Rejuvenation Centers) is pleased to announce the expansion of services to Sugar Land, Texas. Effective December 6th, 2010, Amerejuve Sugar Land will offer the Fort Bend Country clientele its full range of cutting-edge esthetic services designed and executed by a team of licensed healthcare professionals. Amerejuve Sugar Land is located in suite 102 of the Williams Trace Professional Building, conveniently accessible in the heart of Sugar Land.

“We are delighted to serve the Sugar Land community. Our doors are open to make you Look Good Feel Good,” said Amerejuve Chief Operating Officer, Frank Naghavi. “Amerejuve offers the latest in non invasive preventative and restorative rejuvenation services. Expanding into the Sugar Land area gives us the opportunity to provide our state-of-the art esthetic technologies. We look forward to becoming well known and well liked for our optimum services to the Fort Bend Community,” Naghavi added at Amerejuve Sugar Land’s Grand Opening celebration December first.

Amerejuve Med Spa’s innovative approach to wellness combines beauty, science and service.
The company uniquely provides preventative as well as restorative skin and facial rejuvenation treatments such as laser hair removal, IPL Photofacial, Botox®, Restylane®, Juvederm®, Refirme™ non-surgical skin tightening, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and FDA-approved Velashape cellulite and circumferential reduction treatments. Amerejuve’s beautiful state-of-the-art centers offer guests a soothing Med Spa experience with affordable pricing unlike others.

Amerejuve Sugar Land brings a fresh breath of “Rolling Back the Years” to the community.

Amerejuve’s Sugar Land facility is located at:

    2507 Williams Trace Blvd. Suite 102
 Sugar Land, Texas 77479
  Phone: (832) 532-7345

About Amerejuve MEDSPA
Amerejuve offers Houston and the surrounding communities a vast array of esthetic services ranging from FDA-approved laser hair removal. The company was founded in 2008 as the precursor of American Rejuvenation Centers. Amerejuve is dedicated to bringing the kind of cosmetic services that were only available to “Hollywood Stars” to the mainstream people. The initial focus of the company is on non-surgical treatments for cosmetic and skin rejuvenation. Exciting new services are constantly being added to our menu. In 2010, Amerejuve introduced RED CIRCLE™, our exclusive, metabolism-based, personalized weight management program. For more information on Amerejuve please visit http://www. amerejuve. com call 713-960-6262 or email smejia(at)amerejuve(dot)com.

# # #

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Low-cost Online Event Organization Service for Meetings, Sports and Special Events Launched by PowerObjects; ZapEvent Streamlines Paperwork and Reporting While Personalizing any Event

Low-cost Online Event Organization Service for Meetings, Sports and Special Events Launched by PowerObjects; ZapEvent Streamlines Paperwork and Reporting While Personalizing any Event

A new, low-cost event online registration service called ZapEvent (www. zapevent. com) officially launched today that can take control of any registration for meeting planning, sports events, convention challenges or other special occasions with a few simple clicks and a variety of value-added user benefits. Developed and sold by PowerObjects, based in Minneapolis and Islamabad, ZapEvent eliminates the paperwork of manual registrations so that event and meeting managers have more time and money to focus on executing their events. The service also provides opportunities for users to personalize -- and own -- all data related to an event, plus the ability to do custom pricing, add on advertising and do up selling without outrageous fees or set-up charges.

Minneapolis, MN/Islamabad (PRWEB) January 18, 2008

A new, low-cost event online registration service called ZapEvent (www. zapevent. com) officially launched today that can take control of any registration for meeting planning, sports events, convention challenges or other special occasions with a few simple clicks and a variety of value-added user benefits. Developed and sold by PowerObjects, based in Minneapolis and Islamabad, ZapEvent eliminates the paperwork of manual registrations so that event and meeting managers have more time and money to focus on executing their events. The service also provides opportunities for users to personalize -- and own -- all data related to an event, plus the ability to do custom pricing, add on advertising and do up selling without outrageous fees or set-up charges.

"Without ZapEvent, it would have been impossible for us at a mostly all-volunteer organization to implement the kind of active website and online event registration system that Team Ortho needs to help us grow," notes John Larson, who runs Team Ortho, the non-profit organization that raises money for orthopedic research and conducts races around the country. "Today we can simultaneously manage the many Team Ortho racers that we have going in events all over the country and continue to have people sign up for future races, volunteer opportunities, segment data, process credit card charges, you name it, ZapEvent really is exceptional. It gives us the tools to overcome obstacles to growth, including things we didn't even know were hindering us. Other race event groups are just blown away by it," Larson adds.

"ZapEvent is an efficient and scalable system with many capabilities and also provides cost and time savings to any organization," says Dean Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer. "It's the cheapest and most customizable way to do online registration and provides a host of benefits, chief among them the system's ability to capture registrations, generate reports, filter out data that the organization can own and then use it to market to their participants. Unlike other online registration systems, we don't sell that data, it belongs to the company who runs the event. ZapEvent was created with one purpose and that was to provide a low cost system that any size organization can use for any size of event."

"There are an abundance of users for ZapEvent, from meeting planners and special event organizers to racing organizations to chambers of commerce, conferences, schools, class reunions, nonprofits and others," explains Jim Sheehan, PowerObjects' Chief Operating Officer and a frequent runner in Team Ortho races and other running events. "We think it's not only a smart and cost-effective tool for events but ZapEvent also could be considered a 'green' application since it reduces a considerable amount of paperwork and waste, and it's simple to learn, navigate and use. If running a race were only this easy!"

About ZapEvent

ZapEvent was developed primarily at PowerObjects' Islamabad site, a company-owned offshore software development office. ZapEvent is Simple to use:
Create an Event Define Activities Set Pricing

And it offers a variety of Benefits including:

High Quality Site Low Cost Total Control of Your Own Data Basic Event Registration Rich User Experience Platforms for Picture Gallery, Map, Weather and Contact form related to your event Events Allow Up Selling Opportunities Add-on gear, apparel, donations or other items in the registration process Allows Tiered Pricing and pricing by age and/or date with easy setup Secure Form Submissions with encrypted transactions, using CAPTCHA to verify transaction is process by a person and not a computer hacking in to the system Allows creation of a "Promotional Code" using dollars or percentages. Allows creation of discount rules using dollars and percentages. Event Use Allows Defining Questions to Capture Data Offers Support for Text, Radio Buttons, Check Box, Drop Down List, Numeric and Multiple Check Boxes. No event is too large or too small

About PowerObjects

PowerObjects continues to escalate its business in key areas that are critical to keeping companies of all sizes in many industries, government, institutions and nonprofits running at optimal technology levels. Among its main service and product offerings, PowerObjects provides IT staff for augmentation and project assignments for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), using the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool in a hosted environment. It innovates software programming for web-based reporting with its own smlPortal, and has developed a compelling Human Resources (HR) solution for school districts called powerHR that delivers significant time and cost savings for education districts and institutions saddled by budget constraints.

PowerObjects has worked with some of the biggest brands in manufacturing, professional services, retail, healthcare and other industries, including: 3M, Guidant Corp., Gage Marketing, The St. Paul Companies, The Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, United HealthCare, Mayo Clinic, the Armed Forces, Xcel Energy, United Way of Minneapolis and many others. It was the 2007 winner for the "Best Practice in Finance and Operations" in the annual Upsize Magazine Business Builder competition.

For more information, please contact Martin Keller at Media Savant Communications Co., 612-729-8585, or mkeller(at)mediasavantcom. com


Monday, September 21, 2009

New Book, "Unstuff Yourself" by Dr. Nancy Barwick Really Helps

New Book, "Unstuff Yourself" by Dr. Nancy Barwick Really Helps

In her new book, Dr. Nancie Barwick shows great compassion for humanity while sharing tips and techniques that help readers change their lives and health for the better.

(PRWEB) September 5, 2005

What is "stuff" and why should you "unstuff" yourself?

"Stuff," Dr. Nancie Barwick explains, “is the emotional baggage we all carry to some extent. It can cause physical, mental and emotional illness, disease and discomfort.”

In her new book, Dr. Nancie (as she is fondly termed) shows great compassion for humanity while sharing tips and techniques that help readers change their lives and health for the better. After spending years dealing with a rare form of muscular dystrophy herself, Dr. Nancie triumphed over this disabling condition and traveled the road to wellness. Now, she acts as a tour guide for those who choose to remove whatever roadblocks they are experiencing in life.

This book is available for sale on Amazon, www. doctornancie. com, and provided to booksellers through Hypnotherapy Works Press; please call 703-385-9311 for more sales information.

Book Reviewers Email media (at) musikinternational dot com for a sample copy, Book information and artwork.


ChristianUTube. com Launches Into Christian Market & Global Community With God's Favor

ChristianUTube. com Launches Into Christian Market & Global Community With God's Favor

Video Blog Hybrid Model Merges YouTube. com and MySpace. com in First Version - Upload MP3's & RSS Feeds

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) March 27, 2007

TheUTubeNetwork. com Founder & CEO Spider Ledesma, announced the launching of their first exclusive industry site and video sharing community in the world at ChristianUTube. com (http://www. ChristianUTube. com).

All ChristianUTube. com members first 10 minutes of video are Free - so sign up for your very own Free video blog and begin uploading your Christian videos and begin sharing today.

CEO Spider Ledesma, Lakewood Church congregation member since 1993, stated in an upbeat manner, "We are very pleased to offer the global Christian community an exclusive Christian video sharing model that will not only provide entertainment and lots of fun - but to empower all aspects of Christian life including but not limited to: shopping, music, ministry, churches, business, dating, job & resume postings, prayer requests, books, services offered, travels, rentals, movies & DVD's, etc."

The Santa Cruz, CA native continued, "Our continuous goal is to create and develop the most comprehensive Christian video sharing community (and proprietary software) in the world that includes serving all aspects of a Christian's every day life. Our thinking was to go beyond providing an entertainment and media platform - to helping Christians strategically connect with other Christians via video in real-time, for any reason, to meet any need. We have always envisioned ChristianUTube. com empowering the global Christian community to expedite selling or renting their homes, market their business interests and/or companies with commercials, find ministries, locate services offered, find a date/healthy relationship, procure business advice, locate vacation rentals, connect Christian entrepreneurs with Christian investors, as well as impacting all levels of ministry, etc. In the final analysis ChristianUTube. com is here to empower the global Christian community's daily needs with a new media tool and vision of Victory."

Concerning all forms of ministry Ledesma stated, "We believe God has appointed this media ministry to build up and enlarge the reach and global impact of many anointed Christian ministries around the world including but not limited to: alternative, business, financial, entertainment, music, sports, youth, new, dramatic arts and/or 'home-made-ministries-shot-from-the-family-room' which would not normally be given the opportunity to air their ministry message and/or products to millions of Christian consumers - due to their unconventional format or lack of significant financing to purchase considerably more expensive airtime on traditional networks. The 3 investors (one Canadian & 2 American) that helped launch ChristianUTube. com know what it's like to financially struggle though one is giving it all they got and putting in an honest work week - we are very much 'blue collar' people like most people are. We really wanted to do something that would empower other Christians in a myriad of ways including growing people's ability to earn a better living financially. Now any Christian can have their ministry, product, service and/or unique message televised and 'On-Demand' at ChristianUTube. com."

When asked about what ChristianUTube. com expectations are concerning the launch he stated, "We are very excited at our launch and expect the best things to happen to us. We know the Lord wants to do a new thing here for the entire Christian community according to Isaiah 43:19. My pastor Joel Osteen coaches us to expect good things to happen to us and reminds us constantly that God will do above all that we could ask or think - so in accordance with our faith and God's good character we are expecting our new media model to be very well received by the Christian community and that ChristianUTube. com has God's favor upon our operations and will in-turn begin serving and meeting the daily needs within our community in an effective and comprehensive manner via video."

Concerning future software upgrades he added, "We are already beginning to break ground on our second version (UTv2.0) of our user software and we will reveal some very kool site layout edits and user-friendly video blog upgrades with our media platform and member communications."

The CEO touched on a few points below to educate readers.

 Video blogs: ChristianUTube. com offer lots of versatility to our community members as they can pick from several different template styles, blog color schemes and font colors - as well as individually edit and customize their own template if they have programming skills!

 Webcams & Camcorders: ChristianUTube. com fist version (UTv1.0) technology allows community members simple uploads for Webcam users as well as camcorder users. All the info you need on how to upload video from your camcorder to your computer or for what type of hardware (Webcam) a beginner should buy to begin uploading your own videos on ChristianUTube. com today - can be found in our FAQs section (Q: #1 & #9).

 Music & MP3's: ChristianUTube. com allows users to upload to their video blogs their favorite Christian music in MP3 format. All the info you need on how to make MP3 files from your CD's (as well as direct you to FREE music software you can download to begin uploading your own MP3 music files today) can be found in our FAQs section (Q: #2).

 RSS Feeds: Every community member has on their video blog homepage their very own unique RSS Feed that anyone can subscribe too to keep up to date on all your latest entries (video, photo, MP3 & text). RSS is great for promoting your Christian vids, products for sale, and new entries of any kind.

 Photos: Slap them up now… as many as you want… and smile! = )

Sign up for your free ChristianUTube. com account and begin broadcasting your Christian Life, Experiences & Victories at ChristianUTube. com (http://www. christianutube. com/index. php? page=en_Signup).


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bay Bridge Fitness Challenges TV-News Websites with Health Placement

Bay Bridge Fitness Challenges TV-News Websites with Health Placement

Bay Bridge Fitness, determined to reduce rising health care costs, addresses health and fitness education through Television News Websites. "We will tackle this issue in any venue available."

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) June 12, 2007

Beyond spotlighting corporate wellness, California's Bay Bridge Fitness has put into action a campaign to educate the public through TV-News websites.

Gwenn Jones, general manager of Bay Bridge Fitness, is determined to accomplish this by suggesting Health, Nutrition and Fitness sections on various Television-News websites. One such Sacramento TV-News site recently implemented an entire health-fitness department just one month after Jones pushed the issue to their news producers.

The site's health section thrusts beyond the ordinary health news feeds. "I offered to build and manage their website health section, however they chose to launch it from an internet broadcaster," Jones says. "Not as community-based as I would choose, but it is now live and a great start in health education." Jones is currently enticing another TV-news website to match them.

"Employers deserve a healthy workforce. Splashing TV-News websites with legitimate health education from skilled professionals is appropriate," says Jones, certified PT, GFT. "A health information section is relatively simple provided proper information and articles are rendered and approved. That said; add the graphics and a valuable public health venue is available."

General statistics report 70-75% of all health-care dollars are spent on illness or disease caused by unhealthy lifestyles. For corporations, the term "wellness program" appears costly and frightening. Confronting that fear, Bay Bridge Fitness recommended low-cost efforts to achieve healthier employees in "Small Corporations Need Healthy Employees Too." Jones says, "For the next step, we need to add vast, readily available education for individuals. TV-News websites are frequently visited by those individuals."

TV-News site visitors can educate themselves on today's health issues and potential solutions with proper articles and health tips. For example, discover safe back exercises, read case studies, and learn intricate details regarding nutrition outside the eat-less-lose-fat behavior. Viewers can also learn about colon health, heart health, hypertension, back pain, cholesterol, skin health, etc.

The TV-News site benefits with: A health section that clearly exhibits personalized focus, community commitment to health, more web pages, more ad clicks, increased visitor-base, and a secure new home for important health articles. "There are excellent health websites the public can surf, but why not keep News site visitors planted on the site they visit each day or week?" Jones asks.

Television News websites are tremendous public resources. Utilizing them more broadly by adding health and fitness departments is easily accomplished and will set new standards.

For information on Health-Fitness website development, please contact Bay Bridge Fitness below. 

Past News features from Bay Bridge Fitness:

Potentials Magazine (http://www. potentialsmag. com/msg/search/article_display. jsp? vnu_content_id=1000650981), New York, "Fast Track to Fitness"

Mining-Services. com (http://www. mining-services. com/forums/Safety_and_Training_C11/Safety_Bulletins_-_Press_Releases_-_Industry_News_F63/Small_Corporations_Need_Healthy_Employees_Too_-_September_1%2C_2004_P520/)], Safety & Training Articles, "Small Corporations need Healthy Employees Too"

About Bay Bridge Fitness:
Located near Sacramento, California, Bay Bridge Fitness is run by fitness experts certified by the American Council on Exercise. With over 20 years in the fitness industry including corporate, group, personal fitness training, and website design in health and fitness, Bay Bridge continues passionate efforts to build wellness in the workplace. For more information call: 530-889-2920, or visit: http://www. BayBridgeFitness. com (http://www. BayBridgeFitness. com).

Gwenn Jones, ACE-certified personal trainer & group fitness
Bay Bridge Fitness, California
Http://www. baybridgecentral. com (http://www. baybridgecentral. com)


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chew On This: New Product uses Licorice Roots, Tobacco Tales, and Juice Cleansing to Help Smokers ‘Give It Up’ in 2011

Chew On This: New Product uses Licorice Roots, Tobacco Tales, and Juice Cleansing to Help Smokers ‘Give It Up’ in 2011

The Give It Up Cleanse is a new product from Red Carpet Cleanses which provides physical and emotional support to help smoker’s kick the habit with nutrient-dense juices, chewable licorice root sticks, natural tinctures, and a compilation of funny stores from ex-puffers who have successfully conquered their addiction

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 20, 2011

For smoker’s who have resolved to kick their habit, the Give It Up Cleanse is an invaluable tool and an ideal gift for 2011. “The cleanse is a three-day stop-smoking support program that features fresh, nutrient-dense juices, chewable licorice root sticks, natural tinctures, and funny stores from ex-smokers who have successfully conquered their addiction,” says September Crawford.

Crawford is the founder of Red Carpet Cleanses and Rawkstar Foods, the respected Los Angeles health and wellness company that created the Give It Up Cleanse. RCC and Rawkstar help celebrities and every day people rid their body of toxins that interfere with smoking cessation, weight-loss, and overall health.

The Myth of the DIY Quitter
“Many smokers who resolve to quit believe that simple willpower is all they need,” says Crawford, “but they’re setting themselves up for failure.” According to the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are 46 million adult smokers in America and nearly 17 million of them will try to quit smoking this year, but only achieve a 5-percent success rate.

“The Give It Up Cleanse was developed to provide the support necessary to help smokers avoid becoming one of those negative statistics,” explains Crawford.

Provides Physical and Emotional Support
Cutting out solid food and ingesting nutrients through juices accelerates the detox process. “Juice cleansing helps to expedite nicotine and other damaging chemicals that make it difficult for smokers to break free of the physical side of their addiction,” reports Crawford. So the main component of the Give It Up Cleanse is a three-day supply of nutrient-dense, fresh-pressed juices.

The juices are delivered daily to Los Angeles residents or shipped via overnight Federal Express to participants in other parts of the country.

The Give It Up Cleanse program also includes specially formulated tinctures, alcohol-based derivatives of fresh herbs and other natural plant material. “The combination of nutrient-dense, fresh-pressed juices and custom-blended tinctures expedites the release of nicotine from the body while simultaneously soothing frayed nerves,” explains Crawford.

Chewing on the licorice root sticks that are another part of the Give It Up Cleanse help alleviate some of the oral cravings that drive many cigarette addictions. “Licorice roots keep the mouth busy,” reports Crawford. “Plus licorice root leaves an aftertaste in your mouth that alters the taste of cigarette smoke and makes it less appealing when you light up.”

Rounding out the Give It Up Cleanse is an essential component for beating a smoking addiction: humor. “Only a smoker knows how to comfort a smoker,” observes Crawford wryly. “So we’ve complied stories from people, including myself, who have struggled and overcome a tobacco habit.”

The Gift of Health Is Welcome Any Time
While the traditional season for exchanging presents may have ended, Crawford believes it is always the right time to give someone the gift of good health...almost. “We recommend that you only gift the Give It Up Cleanse to someone who has already set a quit date or has already quit,” she says. “That way they will feel loved, not judged!”

Visitors to the Red Carpet Cleanse web site who are ordering the Give It Up Cleanse for themselves or someone else or are just curious to find out more about juice cleansing are invited to sign up for our newsletter and receive the One-Day Wonder cleanse and seven smoothie recipes free. “I believe that once anyone begins to feel the positive results of a juice cleanse – more energy, improved sleep patterns, better concentration, increased sexual function -- they will become good health,” she says.

For more information about the Give It Up Cleanse, to opt-in to the Red Carpet Cleanse weekly newsletter and receive the company’s free One-Day Wonder Cleanse, to order a gift certificate, and to learn more about RCC’s ‘signature’ juice cleanses, please visit http://www. redcarpetcleanses. com

About the Give It Up Cleanse
The Give It Up Cleanse is a three-day juice cleanse designed to support smokers in giving up their tobacco addiction. Smokers receive three day’s worth of nutrient-dense juices delivered daily in the Los Angeles area or FedEx-ed overnight to other parts of the country, along with chewable licorice root sticks, natural tinctures, and a compilation of funny stores from ex-puffers who have successfully conquered their addiction. The Give It Up Cleanse was developed by September Crawford of Red Carpet Cleanses, the first company to develop a raw food and juice cleanse delivery program within Los Angeles. For more information about the Give It Up Cleanse, to order a gift certificate, and to learn more about other Red Carpet Cleanse juice cleanses, please visit redcarpetcleanses. com


Walden Group Strategic Healthcare M&A Report Finds Aggregate Deal Value Substantially Down: Yet Challenging Economic Conditions Offer Growth Opportunities

Walden Group Strategic Healthcare M&A Report Finds Aggregate Deal Value Substantially Down: Yet Challenging Economic Conditions Offer Growth Opportunities

The Walden Group(R), Inc., www. waldenmed. com, has just released its Strategic Healthcare M&A Report for the first quarter of 2008.

TARRYTOWN, N. Y. (PRWEB) April 8, 2008

 Richard S. Cohen, a principal of the firm, remarked that "While the number of covered M&A transactions for the first quarter of 2008 was comparable to the first quarter of 2007, aggregate value dropped substantially, due to the credit crunch and declining economic conditions. Yet, well-designed strategic transactions will continue to be part of the growth plan, as companies retool and make themselves more efficient for the future."

The Report analyzes the strategic rationale of more than 40 healthcare sector M&A transactions announced or closed during the first quarter of 2008.

The Report is available at http://www. waldenmed. com/newsletters. asp (http://www. waldenmed. com/newsletters. asp). The Walden Group's dynamic Healthcare M&A database is also online at: http://www. waldenmed. com/quarterly/ma_db_quarters. htm (http://www. waldenmed. com/quarterly/ma_db_quarters. htm)

Qualified parties may obtain the report on a regular quarterly basis at no charge by completing the subscription form on the firm's home page or by emailing contact information to office@waldenmed. com.

The Walden Group(R), Inc., based in Tarrytown, NY, is a leading strategic healthcare investment banking firm focused on mergers and acquisitions. The firm helps public and private companies divest subsidiaries, divisions and product lines that no longer fit core strategic plans. It is also proficient in conducting "streamlined" acquisition searches and results-oriented corporate growth functions. In special situations, the firm invests its own funds and helps worthy and often overlooked businesses reach achievable milestones.

Nationwide Video Search Kicks off Ban Asbestos Campaign

Nationwide Video Search Kicks off Ban Asbestos Campaign

Submit Video for Chance to Win Trip to LA Film Festival

Wellesley, MA (PRWEB) February 10, 2010

“Ban Asbestos Now (http://www. banasbestosnow. net/),” a campaign to build awareness of the continued use of asbestos in the United States, today launched the Ban Asbestos Now Video Search, asking citizens across the United States to use their creativity to draw national attention to the toxic, and often deadly, substance considered “the largest manmade public health crisis in history” according to the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO).

Each year, 2000-3000 people are diagnosed with mesothelioma (http://www. mesorc. com/), a rare form of cancer which is almost always caused by exposure to asbestos (http://www. mesorc. com/asbestos-exposure/what-is-asbestos/). Asbestos has been banned in some 50 countries, however it still exists potentially everywhere throughout the United States, including the ceilings and floors of building that were built before 1980, duct tape, caulking, textured paints, car brakes and automotive parts, and even children’s toys.

To help eliminate this deadly killer, the “Ban Asbestos Now” Campaign asks citizens across the United States to submit videos that drive attention to the national asbestos problem and compel Americans to join the movement to “Ban Asbestos Now.” To enter the search, individuals, or teams of no more than 4, need to create a 90-120 second video vignette that addresses such questions such as, “Did You Know Asbestos Is Still Legal in the US?”, “Where Can You Find It?”, and “Do You Know What Diseases It Can Cause?”

The winning individual or team will be sent to the world famous 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival in Westwood Village, with $1000 cash per team member, and the winning video may become the viral platform of the “Ban Asbestos Now” campaign at www. BanAsbestosNow. com. The winner will be announced on May 19th, 2010 by a select judge’s panel chosen by Sokolove Law.

Please visit www. BanAsbestosNow. net, to view our Ban Asbestos Now Video Search Toolkit, which includes contest rules, video creation and submission guidelines, and promotional materials. You may also contact Sean Galliher at sgalliher(at)sokolovelaw(dot)com.

About Ban Asbestos Now
The Ban Asbestos Now campaign is designed to generate awareness that asbestos is toxic, deadly and still legal in the United States, despite being banned in some 50 countries. Each year, 2000-3000 people continue to be diagnosed with mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer which is almost always caused by exposure to asbestos. The Ban Asbestos Now campaign urges Americans to draw attention to the national asbestos problem by joining the movement to ban the deadly substance in the United States. Learn more about Ban Asbestos Now at www. BanAsbestosNow. com.

About Sokolove Law
For nearly 30 years, Sokolove Law has reinvented how people obtain legal services. Our mission is to provide equal access to the civil justice system while ensuring superior quality legal representation. As a pioneer in legal advertising, Sokolove Law has grown to be the largest marketer of legal services in the country. Our proven business model matches particular client needs to the more than 400 law firms that we work with. The result is success for our clients and co-counsel. Sokolove Law operates as a limited liability company in all states except Virginia, California, Michigan, and Tennessee, where it operates as a limited liability partnership. Learn more about Sokolove Law at www. sokolovelaw. com.

For more information contact:
Cynthia Cooper
Sokolove Law

Kerry Hall
Weber Shandwick


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PMS Central Presents the Top 10 Ways to Prevent PMS from Hijacking Your Holiday Season

PMS Central Presents the Top 10 Ways to Prevent PMS from Hijacking Your Holiday Season

Free yourself from the aches and pains of PMS this holiday season with the experts from PMSCentral. com and the authors of the bestseller The Princess and the PMS / The Prince and the PMS.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) November 29, 2007

To make your holiday season more enjoyable and free from any aggravation that can accompany an unwanted "visitor", PMS Central (http://www. pmscentral. com) and the authors of the bestselling book The Princess and the PMS / The Prince and the PMS (http://www. pmscentral. com/owners_manual) presents the Top 10 ways to prevent PMS from hijacking your holiday season.

10. Put together a master calendar for your holiday activities including when PMS will strike. PMS Central (http://www. pmscentral. com) has a PMS email alert and a year-at - glance PMS calendar to ensure you won't be caught off guard. A calendar can help you schedule shopping outings, party commitments and dinners around your PMS.

9. Breathe, breathe, breathe! Whether you're stuck in line at the mall or faced with annoying relatives, taking ten slow deep breaths can change your stress response from 'fight or flight' to 'rest and digest' in an instant.

8. Busy days can lead to poor meal choices. Plan your meals and be sure to have healthy snacks like fruit, raw nuts and protein bars on hand. Avoid salty, fried or sugary foods and drink lots of water instead of coffee, tea or soda.

7. Remember your vitamins. Vitamins and supplements can provide additional relief from your menacing monthly symptoms. Use a balanced multivitamin formulated for PMS.

6. Get plenty of exercise and rest during PMS and especially during the holiday season when there is extra stress. Who has time to exercise during the holidays? Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking your car further from your destination.

5. Take time out for yourself. Put on your sweats and watch a movie or read your favorite magazines or a good book. Indulge in a warm bubble bath or schedule a massage. "Me" time helps rejuvenate mind and body.

4. Set limits for yourself. Spending limits, eating limits, etc. Write them down and keep them with you when you're out and about. It's all too easy to binge during PMS.

3. Wait to buy the holiday treats until your PMS is gone. Sugar-filled sweets send your body on a rollercoaster ride, ride, make PMS worse and leave you feeling guilty as you survey the damage to your waistline (and the mound of candy wrappers).

2. We're all for holiday cheer but go easy on the egg nog and the cocktails. Both sugar and alcohol make PMS symptoms go from bad to worse and who needs that?

1. Remember to laugh. When someone or something triggers the PMS monster within, think of a funny scene from your favorite movie, a joke, find a puppy to play with…whatever it takes. Laughter heals and soothes.

PMS Central (http://www. pmscentral. com) provides tools and advice to assist women address the often taboo subject of Premenstrual Syndrome. Women turn to PMS Central to access helpful information from professional experts on nutrition, exercise, relaxation, relief products and strategies to better cope with PMS symptoms. The site provides a PMS calendar management tool, providing email alerts with helpful tips that help women plan important events and activities around sensitive dates that might be adversely affected by PMS.

In the pages of the bestselling book The Princess and the PMS /The Prince and the PMS (http://www. pmscentral. com/owners_manual), women learn how to treat PMS symptoms from migraines to a hardcore Ding Dong addition. The book places great emphasis on the emotional symptoms of PMS and how they affect women at home and work. There are also chapters with advice from relationship experts who have a tried and true way of handing PMS its walking papers. This unique look at PMS for men and women takes a lighthearted approach to a serious subject with the aid of medical specialists and comedic writers.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Physician Job Website Helps Medical Doctors Obtain Work Visas

Physician Job Website Helps Medical Doctors Obtain Work Visas

EMatchPhysicians. com Partners With HOWARD | NASSIRI, A Renowned Immigration And Nationality Law Firm, To Address The Physician Shortage in America

Aliso Viejo, CA (PRWEB) April 27, 2010

Leading virtual physician recruitment service, eMatchPhysicians™ (http://www. ematchphysicians. com) (http://www. eMatchPhysicians. com), partners with national law firm, HOWARD | NASSIRI, P. C. (http://www. howardnassiri. com/ (http://www. howardnassiri. com/))], to provide immigration services to physicians of all specialties (http://www. howardnassiri. com/lawyer-attorney-1565790.html) who desire to work or train in the United States. HOWARD | NASSIRI specializes in the unique immigration issues that physicians face, and skillfully counsels doctors in determining visa eligibility, evaluating designated healthcare shortage areas, submitting applications to the USCIS, preparing waiver applications, and designing long-term immigration strategies.

HOWARD | NASSIRI offers these services to foreign medical graduates in order to ease the stressful and time intensive process of obtaining a physician work visa. Filing for immigration benefits, such as J-1, H1-B and O-1 visas, PERM applications, or National Interest Waivers, requires in-depth knowledge of both immigration laws and the strict licensing and credentialing requirements specific to medical personnel. For this reason, it is recommended that physicians seek the advice of a competent immigration attorney to ensure that the work visa process goes smoothly and is completed proficiently without error.

EMatchPhysicians’ partnership with HOWARD | NASSIRI offers physicians a trusted source to turn to for assistance when dealing with such intricate and important legal matters.

“I am in the U. S. today because my mother, with the help of an immigration attorney, obtained a physician visa in the 1960s, so I absolutely appreciate how critical it is to retain the right immigration attorney to guide foreign doctors through this complex area of immigration law”, says HOWARD | NASSIRI Attorney Gregory H. D. Alumit who heads the firm’s Immigration Practice Department. “Our experienced attorneys find the practice of physician immigration law especially rewarding because we have witnessed our doctor-clients’ dedication to serving others through the practice of medicine, and we understand that a doctor’s livelihood may depend on a successful J-1 waiver, work visa, or green card application. We can also address the healthcare shortages in America by supporting those who have devoted their lives to healing others. HOWARD | NASSIRI, therefore, focuses its law practice to solving the immigration problems for physicians and stands side by side with eMatchPhysicians because together our firms are more effective in dealing with the healthcare shortages our nation faces. “

"We know that it can be a very long and challenging process to obtain citizenship and the right to practice in the United States. That is why we provide tools to help ease the entire job search process for physicians (http://www. ematchphysicians. com). Visa and immigration candidates are no different,” explains Jessica Joseph, President of eMatchPhysicians. com. “Our nation is facing a severe physician shortage and we all need to take part in advocating for more quality physicians to serve the influx of patients needing care. Those interested and motivated to work in the United States should have a trusted legal firm to turn to for assistance. Without hesitation, eMatchPhysicians recommends HOWARD | NASSIRI. We want our physicians to be taken care of and receive sound legal advice," says Ms. Joseph. "We recommend getting started as early as possible to ensure that all documents and applications are processed on time. HOWARD | NASSIRI will endure the burden so you can focus your time on your career.”

EMatchPhysicians and HOWARD | NASSIRI are committed to providing comprehensive solutions to help foreign medical graduates and all physicians whether it be immigration or other legal matters. Contact Gregory H. D. Alumit, Esq. at 800-872-5925, or visit http://www. howardnassiri. com/ (http://www. howardnassiri. com/) for more information.

About eMatchPhysicians. com:
Established in 2007, eMatchPhysicians was founded by Jessica Joseph, President and CEO, with the vision of providing the most comprehensive, virtual physician recruitment service. eMatchPhysicians. com is a revolutionary, online matching service that helps practice seeking physicians connect directly with hiring organizations, by match percentage, based on community and practice preferences. The eMatchPhysicians. com process is simple. Physicians and Hiring Organizations complete a simple registration page that collects basic information needed to get you started. You build a personal profile in minutes and let the advanced algorithms do the rest. Updated daily, matches appear on your homepage, highlighting your best prospects first.

Vincent D. Howard and Damian J. Nassiri both founded HOWARD | NASSIRI, PC. HOWARD | NASSIRI is dedicated to helping people and professionals, both here and abroad, enter and stay in the land of opportunity. Although their primary focus is on H-1B (Professional Workers in a Specialty Occupation), O-1 (Alien of Extraordinary Ability), and EB-5 (Immigrant Investor) visas, their attorneys have helped several people and professionals apply for a number of immigrant and non-immigrant visas, naturalization, and citizenship.

HOWARD | NASSIRI stands out from other immigration law firms because they take the time to listen to their clients’ concerns, discuss their goals, and work with the client to determine their eligibility for the number of available programs. HOWARD | NASSIRI is proud to assist and serve our immigrant community by helping them obtain lawful status in the United States.

Media Inquiries, please contact:
Michelle Carroll
1-Stop Marketing Solutions, LLC
Ph: 954-632-3905


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Walk in Nutri-Centre Opens in North East England

First Walk in Nutri-Centre Opens in North East England

First walk in Nutri-Centre opens in the North East England’s largest branch of Tesco at Kingston Park in Newcastle

(PRWEB) October 20, 2006

First walk in Nutri-Centre opens in the North East England’s largest branch of Tesco at Kingston Park in Newcastle

Opened by acclaimed Naturopath and Herbalist, Rumana Zahn, the centre offers free 10-minute consultations on natural and holistic medicine.

“The free advice is ideal for those without prior experience or knowledge in using natural and holistic medicine,” explains Rumana.

“21st century hectic life leaves little time for people to address their health and wellbeing issues.

Yet the pressures of modern living mean that most of us are exposed to pollution and rely on sugary foods and drinks for a quick-fix boost and sedatives and alcohol to unwind.”

However the benefits of natural and holistic medicine, particularly detoxing can be dramatic. “My clients enjoy clearer skin, a tougher immune system, increased energy levels and look and feel more youthful,” says Rumana.

But without expert advice and guidance adopting such dramatic lifestyle changes can be overwhelming, expensive and time-consuming.

Rumana explains: “It can be very confusing for people to work out which natural health products or treatments to use as there are now so many excellent ones on the market.”

“The walk-in Nutri Centre is a valuable resource open to everyone. Customers can access expert advice on what natural health products and treatments will help suit their particular health needs.”

Find more information here - http://www. n-e-life. com/foryou/article2.php? id=79349 (http://www. n-e-life. com/foryou/article2.php? id=79349)


PowerSteering Announces Upcoming Webcast: "Lean Six Sigma Beyond Process Maps - Delving into the Cultural Impacts"

PowerSteering Announces Upcoming Webcast: "Lean Six Sigma Beyond Process Maps - Delving into the Cultural Impacts"

James Pearson, former VP of Six Sigma at EMC, to be featured in February 9 session

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) January 20, 2010

PowerSteering Software (http://www. powersteeringsoftware. com), the leading on-demand Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) solution (http://www. powersteeringsoftware. com/ppm-solutions) for managing Lean Six Sigma, IT, Product Development, and other enterprise programs, will host a new webcast on Tuesday, February 9 at 11:30 a. m. (EST). The free session, "Lean Six Sigma Beyond Process Maps," will be presented by James Pearson, EMC's former Vice President of Lean Six Sigma and past recipient of WBCF's VP Six Sigma Leader of the Year honor.

Those interested in attending the event may register online (http://www. isssp. com/index. asp? page=clickthru&referrer=20144&token=7342093&id=0&goto=https%3A%2F%2Fwww2%2Egotomeeting%2Ecom%2Fregister%2F183728610).

The webcast will reveal how EMC's thoughtful consideration of the cultural, analytical and financial requirements helped ensure a successful deployment of Lean Six Sigma and its program management system, PowerSteering Software. Participants will learn several best practices including:
 Securing top-down executive support  Assessing the cultural consequences across the employee base  Committing to continuous review and improvement  Recognizing the central role of the system on Lean Six Sigma results  Obtaining and maintaining executive visibility of the program

Past PowerSteering webcasts have featured customers Newpage, Pitney Bowes, Merck, Tyco, Mercy Medical Center and Ingersoll Rand. A library of recorded sessions (http://www. powersteeringsoftware. com/knowledge-center/webcasts) is available on the PowerSteering website.

About PowerSteering Software
PowerSteering Software is the leader in On-Demand Enterprise PPM software for IT, Product Development, Six Sigma and other enterprise initiatives. Its easy-to-use software provides executives at Amcor, Biogen, BP Solar, Clorox, , Ingersoll Rand, Merck, Office of the Secretary of Defense, PolyOne, United Health Group, and over 140 other customers with executive visibility, strategy alignment, and enhanced team productivity to drive strategy and accelerate results across the enterprise. For additional information, please visit http://www. powersteeringsoftware. com (http://www. powersteeringsoftware. com) or call 1-866-390-9088.


Replicon Ranks Again Among Fastest Growing Companies in Alberta

Replicon Ranks Again Among Fastest Growing Companies in Alberta

Global leader in web-based timesheet software climbs to #13 on Alberta Venture's Fast Growth 50

(PRWEB) January 10, 2011

Replicon jumped four spots since last year's ranking, thanks to the continued success of its market-leading web-based timesheets and expense-tracking software.

Over 7,300 customers currently use Replicon's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product suite to streamline their time - and expense-tracking for payroll, human resources and accounting. The software's award-winning interface allows users to enter time and expenses from anywhere and generate comprehensive reports on the fly.

“As more organizations move to a paperless environment, the demand has increased for smarter technology that can streamline the operations of today's growing businesses,” says Raj Narayanaswamy, Co-CEO of Replicon. “Replicon's web-based software eliminates the need for paper timesheets and gives businesses the information they need to boost productivity and cut costs.”

Replicon's flagship products, Web TimeSheet Project & Billing and Web TimeSheet Time & Attendance, integrate seamlessly to provide a complete solution for all the time tracking needs of an organization. Together, the two editions give businesses the ability to:
 Enter time from anywhere with an Internet connection  Track time against any business activity or project  Monitor actual vs. estimated hours and costs  Manage projects in real time with at-a-glance reporting  Integrate seamlessly with project management and accounting software

“We're honored to be ranked alongside the most successful businesses in Alberta,” says Narayanaswamy. “We owe sincere thanks to our growing customer base, our dedicated teams here at Replicon and Alberta Magazine for making this achievement possible.”

The complete list of businesses on this year's Fast Growth 50 can be found at: http://albertaventure. com/2011/01/the-fast-growth-50-2011/

About the Fast Growth 50
Produced annually by Alberta Venture magazine and KPMG, the Fast Growth 50 recognizes growth-oriented businesses in Alberta. The list represents both small and large businesses serving local and world markets in information technology, real estate development, manufacturing and financial services, to name a few. Ranking is based on company growth in revenues, assets and profits, among other criteria.

About Web TimeSheet
Web TimeSheet - Replicon's market leading timesheet software - is an easy-to-use, quick-to-implement solution delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to customers worldwide. Web TimeSheet Project & Billing, Web TimeSheet Time & Attendance, Web Expense, Web Schedule and Web Resource offer a myriad of front and back office solutions including time tracking toward projects, expense tracking, client billing, and time and attendance management. All of Replicon's products can be used as standalone products or as a seamlessly integrated suite of products. Visit Replicon's Time Tracking Software suite for more information.

About Replicon
With more than 1.5 million users in 70 countries, Replicon, Inc. is the market leader in web-based time and expense solutions. Founded in 1996, Replicon enables companies of all sizes to maximize profitability and productivity.

Replicon's clients include Ernst & Young, Cornell University, Health Canada, Shell, Verizon, Ferrari and Amazon. For more information about Replicon's products and services, contact Replicon at 1-877-662-2519 (US / Canada only), send an email to info(at)replicon(dot)com, or visit http://www. replicon. com.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Names Clet Niyikiza, Ph. D. Senior Vice President, Development

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Names Clet Niyikiza, Ph. D. Senior Vice President, Development

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced today that Clet Niyikiza, Ph. D., has joined the company as Senior Vice President, Development. Dr. Niyikiza comes to Merrimack from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) where he was Vice President and Medicine Development Leader for oncology. Dr. Niyikiza has extensive drug development experience with a career that spans over 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry in which he has led ten New Drug Application teams that have all successfully obtained approvals form U. S. and European regulatory authorities.

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) September 20, 2009

Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc., announced today that Clet Niyikiza, Ph. D., has joined the company as Senior Vice President, Development. Dr. Niyikiza comes to Merrimack (http://merrimackpharma. com/index. html) from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) where he was Vice President and Medicine Development Leader for oncology. Dr. Niyikiza has extensive drug development experience with a career that spans over 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry in which he has led ten New Drug Application teams that have all successfully obtained approvals from U. S. and European regulatory authorities.

"Merrimack is founded on a systems biology (http://merrimackpharma. com/rd/index. html) approach to drug discovery and development," says Merrimack President and CEO Robert Mulroy. "Clet's experience couples a leading knowledge of oncology (http://merrimackpharma. com/pipeline/oncology. html) drug development with a passion for systems approaches to medicine which make him an excellent leader for our teams working on a pipeline of very exciting oncology therapeutics."

A mathematician by training, Dr. Niyikiza began his pharmaceutical career at Eli Lilly and Company, focusing on applying systems techniques to better understand disease and drug interactions. During his tenure at Lilly, Dr. Niyikiza was credited for playing critical roles in developing many medicines, including two popular anticancer therapies. Dr. Niyikiza used a systems biology approach to identify the previously unknown role of a blood marker which was causing life-threatening toxicities for one of the therapies. The discovery allowed for the successful development of the therapeutic for multiple indications in cancer and was featured on the front page of the The Wall Street Journal in 2004.

"The Network Biology approach of understanding the intricate underlying mechanisms of a disease first and then designing a drug based on those complexities has the potential to be hugely beneficial to patients," says Dr. Niyikiza. "It is that possibility that brought me to Merrimack and makes MM-121 (http://merrimackpharma. com/pipeline/mm121.html) and MM-111 (http://merrimackpharma. com/pipeline/mm111.html) such promising oncology therapeutic candidates."

Prior to GSK, Dr. Niyikiza held the position of Lilly Research Fellow and Global Oncology Pharmacogenomics Leader at Eli Lilly. He has also worked with Syntex Research and as a Visiting Professor of Mathematics with Indiana University. Dr. Niyikiza received his Doctorate and Masters degrees from Indiana University and a Masters from the African Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics in Kigali, Rwanda.

About Merrimack
Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of novel treatments for cancer and autoimmune disease. Its first two oncology pipeline candidates, MM-121 and MM-111, are currently in clinical development. MM-121 and MM-111 are investigational drugs and have not been approved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration or any international regulatory agency. The company's proprietary Network Biology discovery platform, developed with the help of leading scientists from MIT and Harvard, enables the high-throughput profiling of protein networks as a basis for improved validation, lead identification and speed in the development of innovative, effective and well-tolerated therapeutics. Merrimack is a privately-held company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Kathleen Petrozzelli, Corporate Communications, 617-441-1043, http://www. merrimackpharma. com (http://www. merrimackpharma. com)

Betsy Raymond Stevenson, RaymondStevenson Healthcare Comms, 860-984-1424


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Treadmill Desk Gets Office Workers Up And Moving

Treadmill Desk Gets Office Workers Up And Moving

A new line of treadmill desks by TreadDesk, now gives office workers the option to stand up and walk while they continue working at their desk.

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) December 14, 2009

TreadDesk Inc. has released a new line of treadmill desks aimed at getting office workers up and moving while still being productive at their desk. This new series allows users to sit or stand up and walk, breaking up the sedentary working position that has many ill side effects.

By combining a very unique treadmill with an adjustable height desk, TreadDesks are becoming the new healthy way to work. With the push of a button the desktop will quickly raise up to a comfortable standing height and then a once sedentary office worker is now free to walk for miles without missing a phone call or email.

"Our goal is to integrate movement back into an office workers day while allowing them to continue being productive" states Jerry Carr, founder of the TreadDesk. Carr went on to say, "For well over 100 years now, we have been engineering movement out of our lives through new inventions and improved technology and the TreadDesk is here to put it back in".

Dr. Molly Davis with Kaiser Permanente began working at a TreadDesk in 2008 and states: "I truly think that this could be the answer to many of today's most pressing health problems: obesity and all of its evil offspring, even many mental illnesses that plague my patients such as depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia and seasonal affective disorder could be greatly reduced if they used a TreadDesk".

Walking on a treadmill is great exercise but it is hard to do for 8 hours a day, which is what makes this new line from TreadDesk different and appealing. "Most of our customers will walk from one to two to miles at a time and then sit down for thirty minutes and then get back at it, which is the ideal way to spend your day by changing your working position" Carr stated.

For additional information on the new TreadDesk line, please visit their website at www. treaddesk. com.

If you would like more information on this story, please contact Jerry Carr directly at his office (317) 849-3003, toll free at (877) 444-9288 or email him at jcarr(at)treaddesk(dot)com.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Experience Game Development at the Xtreme Game Developers Xpo. XGDX - The Only Gaming Conference Where You Actually Program a Game

Experience Game Development at the Xtreme Game Developers Xpo. XGDX - The Only Gaming Conference Where You Actually Program a Game.

XGDX-Xtreme Game Developers Xpo announces the Retro Game Programming Contest. XGDX gives game developers, programmers and designers a unique forum to exchange ideas in technical lecture sessions, share strategies during roundtable discussions, and now actually program games

(PRWEB) August 13, 2003

Premier Press, a division of Course Technology, the worldwide leader in computer education products and services and part of the Thomson Corporation (TSX: TOC; NYSE: TOC), the worldÂ’s largest provider of corporate and professional learning solutions, today announced that this yearÂ’s Xtreme Game Developers Xpo will include a Retro Game Programming Contest. Teams of developers will be armed with nothing more than an 8 bit system from the 80Â’s, some text books and three hours to develop at game. The contest is hosted by AndreÂ’ LaMothe, CEO of Xtreme Games, LLC and Sellam Ismail of the Vintage Computer Festival and will be held at 5pm on Sunday, September 7, 2003 during the XGDX.

In close cooperation with André LaMothe, CEO of Xtreme Games, LLC, Premier Press presents this technical conference lecture series as an opportunity for developers, programmers, designers, and anyone else who has a passion for games to exchange ideas and gather tips from the experts. It consists of 20 game programming lectures and hands-on demonstrations each day. XGDX is taking place September 6-7, 2003 at the Westin Santa Clara. This year’s sessions include Per-Pixel Lighting with Multiple Lights and Stencil Buffer Shadows, Game Design Foundations, An Introduction to DirectPlay, Developing Handheld Games for Pocket PC Devices, Low Level AI for 3D Character Control, Java Platform Performance, The Physics of Motion and The Mathematics of Approximation.

Targeted to enthusiasts of all levels from the newbie to the seasoned professional, this high-energy, informative, and dynamic event is available for registration fee of $359. In its third running, attendance at this yearÂ’s XGDX is expected to reach over 300 people. Registration is available at www. xgdx. com.

André LaMothe, an expert in the development of games and the inventor of one of the world’s first commercially available virtual reality games, CyberGate, has been in the computing industry for more than 24 years. He created the XGDX to solve a growing problem in the game development community – commercialization and choices.

With the GDC (Game Developers Conference) priced at over $1000 and packed with business, marketing, and finance, the XGDX provides a less-expensive option that is pure – pure game development and programming. Additionally, to keep the costs down, Xtreme Games, LLC, along with their other sponsors, will be offsetting the true cost of the conference so that it is affordable to as many people as possible.

“The XGDX is simply a forum to inspire and be inspired – to advance the art of game programming and to share knowledge,” said Dave West, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Course Technology. “By hosting such a dynamic and customer-focused event, Premier Press brings alive its Game Development Series and delivers inspirational content to the growing population of people with a passion for gaming.”

The expo will take place at the Westin Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA. Registration begins at 8:30 a. m. on Saturday, September 6, 2003, and the expo concludes at 5:00 p. m. on Sunday, September 7, 2003. If you pre-register prior to September 1, 2003, the fee is $359 and includes a $250 library of Game Development books from Premier Press so that attendees can continue learning after the event. (fee includes all sessions, breakfast, and lunch) The special XGDX hotel room rate at The Westin Santa Clara is $109/night (call 888-627-8405 to make reservations, and please reference XGDX when making reservations to get the special rate).

About The Thomson Corporation and Course Technology

The Thomson Corporation, with 2002 revenues of $7.8 billion, is a global leader in providing integrated information solutions to business and professional customers. Thomson provides value-added information, software tools, and applications to more than 20 million users in the fields of law, tax, accounting, financial services, higher education, reference information, corporate training and assessment, scientific research, and healthcare.

The Corporation's common shares are listed on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges (TSX: TOC; NYSE: TOC). Its learning businesses and brands serve the needs of individuals, learning institutions, corporations, and government agencies with products and services for both traditional and distributed learning.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The SCOOTER Store Complies with New Medicare Quality Standards Nearly a Year Early

The SCOOTER Store Complies with New Medicare Quality Standards Nearly a Year Early

Leading provider of power wheelchairs and scooters beats its own target date by a month


The SCOOTER Store, the nation’s leading provider of power wheelchairs (http://www. thescooterstore. com), scooters and other mobility devices, has implemented all of the measures required to comply with new quality standards proposed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The SCOOTER Store reached this important milestone nearly a year ahead of schedule. The standards were proposed by CMS last fall, with the expected adoption in 2007.

“Thanks to our longstanding commitment to maintaining the highest level of service in the industry, most of the required elements were already in place when the guidelines were announced,” said Mike Pfister, president of The SCOOTER Store. “At that time, we committed ourselves to being in full compliance by April 1, 2006. We are pleased we accomplished this a month ahead of schedule. As an industry leader, we are committed to working with government regulators to ensure the highest possible standards and service for our customers.”

The SCOOTER Store, accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. in 2003, has been a proponent of mandatory third party accreditation and is in the process of submitting its application for re-accreditation.

The proposed CMS requirements address two groups of standards: business quality mandates that apply to all Medicare providers and additional requirements that apply to a specific product or category. Business practices covered under the first category include a provider’s administration, financial management, human resource management, beneficiary services, performance management, equipment and safety, beneficiary rights and ethics, and information management.

Additionally, standards were developed specifically for providers of power wheelchairs that cover inspection and preparation, delivery and setup, training and operating instructions for beneficiaries and caregivers, and follow-up practices.

When the draft guidelines standards were released last year, The SCOOTER Store reviewed and gave its unqualified support to the new measures. Further, the company proposed additional safeguards to protect consumers and the Medicare system, including an additional requirement for third party accreditation to be implemented as soon as possible, rather than waiting until 2007.

“We look forward to working with CMS to reach our shared goal of increasing the quality of service provided to all beneficiaries, regardless of the provider,” Pfister said. “The SCOOTER Store is committed to working with everyone involved in the process -- regulators, elected officials, physicians, customers and their caregivers -- to ensure the best possible experience,” he said. “Because we speak with hundreds of beneficiaries every day, we believe we have a unique perspective on how to best serve their needs.”

About The SCOOTER Store

Since 1991, The SCOOTER Store has worked with over 90,000 physicians to help provide freedom and independence to more than 230,000 people with limited mobility. Headquartered in New Braunfels, Texas, The SCOOTER Store offers a full line of durable medical equipment, including power wheelchairs and scooters (http://www. thescooterstore. com), and operates more than 70 retail locations and distribution centers and a network of service specialists coast-to-coast. For more information, visit The SCOOTER Store web site at www. thescooterstore. com.