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Economic Woes Mean it’s Time for a Financial “Check-up”

Economic Woes Mean it’s Time for a Financial “Check-up”

New book includes 5 basic principles to overcoming personal finance struggles

Longwood, FL (PRWEB) October 23, 2005

Economic indicators say that credit card and loan delinquencies are at an all time high, along with personal bankruptcy filings.

Obviously, many Americans need to do a better job of handling their money. Much like going to the doctor for a “physical,” a financial “check-up” is needed to evaluate how effectively we are handling our finances. Problems arise when we don’t exercise a healthy financial regimen, which should include: tithing faithfully and consistently; having six months’ living expenses set aside in savings—reserved for emergency purposes only; purchasing via cash, check, or debit card, as opposed to using credit; saving for a future down payment on a house or, for those who are homeowners, consistently prepaying the principal on the mortgage. Christian Principles for Managing Money gives readers tips on overcoming financial woes. This book will help readers become better stewards so they can be a blessing to themselves, to their families, and to their communities.

In his book Christian Principles for Managing Money (October, $9.99, 1-59781-610-8),

James S. Poore teaches five basic principles for better money management. The author explains how to apply the principles to our lives in the most productive and practical ways. For example, most people sort their rent check by pay period. Believing they have to pick and choose what priority to handle with each paycheck is the “wrong way to look at it,” says Poore. A new strategy is the one he advocates—to divide each paycheck into five major categories (giving, income taxes, savings, debt, and spending). Through this new blueprint readers adopt a much better financial plan, one practical enough for the average person to implement. Unlike other studies, aside from the recommended 10 percent tithe, it is up to the individual to decide what God is telling them their different budgetary percentages should be. The author encourages each person to craft their own tracking method, an exercise that will prove to be revealing to them, especially when it comes to figuring spending reductions.

Poore recalls “heading to college with only the clothes I carried with me.“ He personally used the principles that he explains in his book to increase his net worth. “As a result I’m a successful business man who owns and operates two restaurants in Indianapolis. Through my ministry of teaching Christian finances many individuals and families and also the church, as a whole, have become more competent in handling the material resources God has blessed them with.”

Author James S. Poore, II, received his Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural economics from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri, which he attended on a full athletic scholarship. He also has an MBA degree from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Today, James Poore is a successful businessman in Indianapolis. He is also a longtime member and stewardship director of Eastern Star Church, where he has been teaching for ten years the Christian finance class at JEWEL Bible Institute. Students in these classes are learning concepts that are synonymous with what is in the book. Poore has shared these same principles at various conferences, revivals, and worship services. His work for other churches includes teaching various Bible studies, classes, and workshops, and serving as a consultant for stewardship campaigns. Poore was also the vice president and director of marketing for the largest privately held bank in Indiana. He and his wife, Pamela, have one son, James S. Poore, III (Trey), and two daughters, Bailee and Kyndal.

Xulon Press is the world’s largest Christian publisher, with more than 2,500 titles published to date. Retailers may order Christian Principles for Managing Money through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

February is Pet Dental Health Month

February is Pet Dental Health Month

Newark, DE (PRWEB) January 12, 2006

An estimated 80% of dogs, and 70% of cats, over the age of three years, have periodontal disease - a serious deterioration of the gums and supporting bones of the teeth. Periodontal disease causes bad breath, plaque and tartar build up, and loosening of teeth, which can lead to problems eating. Even worse, periodontal disease contributes to liver, heart, and kidney disease - and can take years off your pets life.

The best way to care for your pet's mouth is to brush his teeth daily - but in reality, even many vets, vet technicians, and groomers don't do this for their own pets. The Oxyfresh Oral Hygiene Solution is tasteless and odorless - and easy to use: just add to the pet's drinking water. Even cats love it! Oxyfresh also has a Pet Gel that can be used when brushing your pet's teeth, or can be smeared directly onto the gums. These products have been sold for over 10 years by vet offices, groomers, and dog trainers who know how well they work, and share this information with their clients. They are also available directly to you, the pet owner.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Healthcare Data Solutions Announces New Hire to Sales Team

Healthcare Data Solutions Announces New Hire to Sales Team

Healthcare Data Solutions announced today that Richard Haury has joined the company as an Account Manager. Mr. Haury brings HDS over 20 years experience in the data industry and will be based out of the Omaha, NE, office.

Foothill Ranch, Ca (Vocus) July 15, 2010

Healthcare Data Solutions (http://www. healthcaredatasolutions. com/?utm_campaign=HDS_email&utm_medium=email&utm_source=pressrelease_email) announced today that Richard Haury has joined the company as an Account Manager.

Healthcare Data Solutions (HDS) is pleased to announce that it has hired Richard Haury to join its expanding Sales Team. Mr. Haury joins HDS as an Account Manager and will focus on key healthcare markets in the Midwest. He will be based out of the HDS Office in Omaha, NE. Mr. Haury has over 20 years experience working in the data industry. He spent the last two years working as a Regional Account Manager with CAS, Inc serving both re-seller accounts and end users in all aspects of B2B, B2C, and healthcare list and database acquisition (http://www. healthcaredatasolutions. com/products. html/?utm_campaign=HDS_email&utm_medium=email&utm_source=pressrelease_email).

Prior to joining CAS, Mr. Haury spent 16 years with InfoGroup (formally InfoUSA) as Manager of the re-seller division in American Medical Information. While at InfoUSA, he also served as the Director of Sales and Operations for New Leads USA.

“We are very pleased that Dick Haury has joined the rapidly expanding HDS sales team" said Chris Lundgren, VP of Sales. "Over the years we have had the opportunity to work together and I have always been impressed with his focus on customer service and solution selling. In fact, we share the same philosophy... “To provide the customer the right solution for their immediate need, not necessarily the most expensive one. If we do our job right the relationship will grow as the customer enjoys success.”

Mr. Haury graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a BSBA in Sales and Sales Management. He currently lives in Omaha, NE, with his wife and two children.

About Healthcare Data Solutions
Healthcare Data Solutions (http://www. healthcaredatasolutions. com/?utm_campaign=HDS_email&utm_medium=email&utm_source=pressrelease_email) is an original source data compilation company focused on building and distributing Physician, Pharmacy, Dentist, Nurse and Hospital databases. HDS provides healthcare data, data processing, web services and new customer acquisition programs for leading healthcare marketing firms. With over 2 million healthcare provider profiles and 1 million healthcare provider emails, HDS is the fastest growing provider of sales and marketing Healthcare Data today. For more information, visit HealthcareDataSolutions. com.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get Ready for Hola Barcelona! Event is Tentatively Planned for June 3rd, 2006

Get Ready for Hola Barcelona! Event is Tentatively Planned for June 3rd, 2006.

Hola Barcelona is an annual client appreciation party for the clients’ of Barcelona. This event is focused around delivering Generosity to Children’s group on the pillars of success.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 13, 2006

Barcelona is actively seeking artists who would like to donate a few pieces of their work to be auctioned off at our annual client appreciation party. All interested parties please contact www. Barcelona. la or 818-288-4050.

“What’s the point of having another party if we can’t tie in a good cause; and what better cause than helping the children of Los Angeles, who are the future of LA,” said Alan CEO of Barcelona. la. “I call upon our wonderful mayor Antonia Villaragosa and our great city counsel to attend our event and give hole heartedly, I want the children's if Southern California to feel what Los Angeles generosity is all about!”

Downtown Los Angeles is the venue for this event and everyone is welcome. Yet first and foremost this event is about the Art Auction. The art auction will consist of art pieces ranging from contemporary paintings, traditional paintings, sculpture, to mixed media art, lighted art designs, pottery and more! Local artists have donated pieces to the event to auction off. We will have a live auction for valued at well over $10000 and a silent art auction for all other pieces. Hola Barcelona will be your chance to get some fabulous art for a great deal and also donates to a good cause!

That’s not all… The event will feature amazing performances and the best music from LA Based entertainers. The Food, Fun, and Festivities will be all handled by Barcelona’s new restaurant in Los Angeles. They will wine and dine Barcelona’s client to make sure all have a great time and feel the hospitality Barcelona is come to be known for.

The Children's Charity:

About Blazers Youth Center:

Blazers House is a place where we come to play and learn. We get help to read and write, use computers and surf the internet, play games and handle animals. It's really fun. The Blazers House is a safe place with structured activities during non-school hours for learning and growing. We have the opportunity to share what we have learned with others and to give back through community service. As you visit our site, we hope you'll be inspired to join us, just email us. We were founded in 1969 to provide youth in South Central and West Los Angeles with healthy choices and mentors. We range in ages from 6 to 24, and we collaborate on lots of team projects that teach us commitment, leadership and academic skills.

About Barcelona:

Barcelona is a Marketing and Design company dedicated to delivering only the finest quality digital arts and Marketing to its International list of clients. Our marketing tactics and ad designs make your business stand out amongst the crowd of your competitors. Barcelona has a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back! How many design companies do that?


Promoting Quality in Public Addiction Treatment: Performance Contracting in Delaware

Promoting Quality in Public Addiction Treatment: Performance Contracting in Delaware

Study by Treatment Research Institute suggests government purchasing for performance may have created substance abuse treatment "value", fostering quality improvement, accountability in Delaware system.

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) March 13, 2008

A government that pays substance abuse treatment providers for results, not services, may foster improved quality of care, according to the first published study of a novel performance based contracting system implemented by the State of Delaware in 2002. The study, published in Health Policy, was co-authored by A. Thomas McLellan, Ph. D. and colleagues from the Treatment Research Institute (TRI) in Philadelphia, and Jack Kemp, TRI Consultant and former Director of Substance Abuse Services in Delaware.

"Substance abuse treatment providers who stood to gain or lose financially under the contract system may have taken steps to make their services more appealing to patients and do more to integrate evidence-based practices," McLellan and Kemp said. "Ultimately, the providers improved their ability to attract patients and keep them engaged in treatment longer -- both signs of improved addiction treatment quality and accountability for services," they added.

Perhaps based on improvements already documented, Delaware later opened a new front on the government pay for performance experiment: using financial incentives to increase numbers of detoxification patients subsequently referred to and retained in rehabilitative care. Detoxification services are some of the most expensive state governments pay for, yet studies show marginal impact on long-term recovery when detoxification patients don't continue into rehabilitative care. "The entire addiction field will be watching if Delaware is able to cut into its 'detox-only' rates through performance contracting," McLellan said.

The unusual pay for performance system was undertaken in fiscal year 2002 by the Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health when it replaced its cost reimbursement contracts with performance based contracts with all outpatient addiction treatment programs. Rather than the government reimbursing providers on a fixed basis (regardless of the number of patients treated), or for the number of addiction treatment services delivered (regardless of the results), the new model included financial rewards and penalties based on success or failure to achieve agreed-upon targets that most experts agree are predictive of accountability and effectiveness in drug and alcohol treatment: 80% and later 90% capacity utilization, and active patient participation in treatment. "Capacity utilization" is the number of treatment slots filled by providers; "active patient participation" is the length of time a patient stays in treatment, in this case, the percentage who stayed more than 30 days.

The experiment demonstrated marked increases on both indicators. Comparing 2001 -- the year before the performance contracting -- through 2006, average rates of patient capacity utilization increased from 54% to 95%; and the average proportion of patients who were actively engaged in more than 30 days of substance abuse treatment went from 53% to 70%.

Importantly, the changes were not due to programs admitting more selectively. Indeed, there were significant increases in the severity of drug, alcohol and other problems presented by patients across the years of the incentives, the TRI study noted.

Kemp cited several factors which may have contributed to the performance improvement. Programs integrated evidence-based practices into daily care and made other structural changes to make their facilities and services more appealing. More treatment venues, better proximity to the populations most needing services, more convenient hours of operation, and refurbished facilities were some of them.

Additional steps the State took to make the experiment a success included efforts to engage addiction treatment providers as full partners from the outset, allowing them to select practices and procedures they thought would work (rather than forcing a specific set of practices), re-designing reimbursement and auditing procedures to expedite provider payments, and expressly promoting sharing of ideas and "lessons learned" among the providers.

Although the TRI study found "clinically and financially significant changes" in the Delaware outpatient addiction treatment system that coincided with pay-for-performance, McLellan and Kemp warned against attributing the dramatic improvement exclusively to contracting changes when it's possible other forces played a role.

"All indications are that relative to other system wide efforts to improve treatment accountability, performance based contracting is less costly and complicated to implement and seemingly quite compatible with other accountability initiatives," McLellan said. Kemp added that performance contracting "... is the type of intervention a small to mid-sized system can do within the limits imposed by most contemporary budgets."

The Treatment Research Institute is a not-for-profit research and development organization specializing in science-driven reform of practice and policy in addiction and substance use. More information about TRI is available from its web site at www. tresearch. org or by calling Bonnie Catone, Director of Communications, at 215-399-0980.


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Christmas Village Donates $2,500 to Food Bank for Westchester

Christmas Village Donates $2,500 to Food Bank for Westchester

The Food Bank for Westchester, which is celebrating its 20th year of fighting hunger in Westchester, recently received a $2,500 donation from Seasonal Village Stores, which owns Hartsdale-based Christmas Village and Spooky Town. All funds were used by the Food Bank for Westchester to help feed hungry families throughout Westchester this holiday season.

Millwood, NY (PRWEB) January 25, 2010

The Food Bank for Westchester, which is celebrating its 20th year of fighting hunger in Westchester, recently received a $2,500 donation from Seasonal Village Stores, which owns Hartsdale-based Christmas Village and Spooky Town. All funds were used by the Food Bank for Westchester to help feed hungry families throughout Westchester this holiday season.

In the spirit of holiday giving, Christmas Village general manager David W. Machacek and his staff invited their customers to make a contribution to the Food Bank for Westchester by decorating a tree with personal blessings. After the tree was decorated, it was delivered to Yonkers Community Action Program (YCAP) for its clients to enjoy during Christmas. YCAP is one of the more than 200 hunger relief agencies served by Food Bank for Westchester.

“It’s the right thing to do,” said Daniel Levine, VP, Seasonal Village Stores, LLC. “We wanted to be good corporate citizens by taking the initiative to give back to our neighbors.”

Christina Rohatynskyj, Executive Director of the Food Bank, said that she is pleased that so many businesses throughout the county have made a commitment to helping hungry people in Westchester. “We thank Christmas Village for recognizing the dire need for healthy, nutritious meals for people who live all around us. This donation enabled us to provide 5,000 meals to hungry people in Westchester,” she said.

The Food Bank for Westchester, one of eight food banks in New York State, acquires, warehouses and distributes food to 200 Westchester County hunger relief organizations, including food pantries and soup kitchens, among others. These efforts feed some or all of the 200,000 people in Westchester who are hungry or at risk of hunger. The Food Bank mission is supported by an extensive donor and volunteer network.

For additional information about the Food Bank for Westchester, visit http://www. foodbankforwestchester. org (http://www. foodbankforwestchester. org) or call 914-923-1100. The Food Bank for Westchester is located at 358 Saw Mill River Road, Millwood, NY 10546.

About the Food Bank for Westchester: The Food Bank for Westchester’s mission is to lead, engage and educate Westchester County in creating a hunger-free environment. It solicits and administers donations from both the public and private sector, distributing food through approximately 200 hunger relief member agencies. Its core activity is the collection and distribution of donated, government and purchased food. The Food Bank distributes more than five million pounds of food to member agencies annually.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sacks Department Store Employees are Proud New Parents

Sacks Department Store Employees are Proud New Parents

Sacks Department Store is thrilled to announce that Jaime Dorman and her husband, Phil, are the proud new parents of a healthy baby boy. Jaime and her husband have worked for Sacks Department Store for over a year, and play a crucial part in the eCommerce Order Fulfillment process.

East Syracuse, NY (PRWEB) October 5, 2005

Sacks Department Store is thrilled to announce that our little family continues to grow! Congratulations to Jaime and Philip Dorman on the birth of their first child, Joshua James, born October 1, 2005. Jaime and her husband, Phil, play a vital role in the daily processing and filling of all our eCommerce orders from sacksstore. com. They have also been instrumental in the recent set-up of our brand new warehouse and shipping center. Both mother and baby are doing well!

Our History:

Sacks Department Store was established in 1921 by Joseph Sacks in the Village of East Syracuse, New York. During the railroad heyday of Central New York, Sacks provided railroad men with rugged workwear and accessories at discount prices. While the original building has undergone many renovations over the last 84 years, our commitment to offering high quality work clothes and boots at low prices has endured. Now in its fourth generation, Sacks Department Store remains the oldest family-owned business in the Village of East Syracuse. We take great pride in this tradition. Thanks to our rapidly expanding internet store, we can offer this low price guarantee to people all over America, and around the world.

Read our press releases frequently for more news, product highlights, and special offers.

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HMO Enrollment Concentrated in National Firms

HMO Enrollment Concentrated in National Firms

InterStudy Releases Updated HMO Industry Report For Immediate Release Contact: Tammy Lauer (tlauer@interstudypublications. com) or Caryn Mohr (cmohr@interstudypublications. com) or Krista Bray Jenkyn (kjenkyn@interstudypublications. com) 1-800-844-3351 or 651-645-3377

ST. PAUL, Minn. (PRWEB) November 2, 2001

Nearly three-quarters (74.1%) of HMO members are enrolled in a national managed care firm. InterStudy defines national managed care firms as organizations operating HMOs in two or more states with combined enrollment of 10,000 or more members. Over the past five years (January 1997 to January 2001), HMO enrollment in national firms grew by 14.6%, while the number of HMOs affiliated with a national firm dropped by 17.4%. These shifts reflect significant merger, acquisition and consolidation activity among HMOs.

These and other highlights appear in InterStudy Publications? latest HMO Industry Report 11.2, Part II of the InterStudy Competitive Edge series. Published as a companion piece to the recently released HMO Directory 11.2, this report provides comprehensive analysis of the HMO industry as of January 1, 2001.

The HMO Industry Report focuses on enrollment trends, lists the top 25 largest - and fastest-growing HMOs, analyzes sources of HMO enrollment growth and decline, and presents state-by-state enrollment information. In addition, the HMO Industry Report 11.2 provides data related to HMO finances and premiums, as well as an analysis of changes in national managed care firms from 1997 to 2001.

National Managed Care Firms 1997-2001

As of January 1, 2001, there were 26 national managed care firms in the United States, and a total of 323 HMOs operating under these firms? banners. These 323 plans affiliated with a national firm accounted for 74.1% of total HMO enrollment.

National firms, like the HMO industry overall, experienced a decrease in total HMO enrollment in the past year. HMO enrollment in national firms decreased from 59.9 million as of January 1, 2000 to 59.0 million as of January 1, 2001. This marks a 1.6% decrease.

Many national firms have experienced significant merger, acquisition or consolidation activity over the past five years. While enrollment in national firms increased from January 1997 to January 2001, the number of plans affiliated with a national firm decreased by 17.4%. During this period, 110 HMOs were lost nationwide, and more than half (68) of the lost HMOs belonged to a national managed care firm. The HMO Industry Report 11.2 provides a list of national firms as of January 2001 with comparative data for those firms as of January 1997.

The number of plans affiliated with The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association has declined steadily since January 1997, falling from 84 HMOs to 66 HMOs as of January 2001. This marks a decrease of 21.4%. However, while the number of Blues plans decreased, total enrollment in Blues plans increased by more than 3.1 million during this time.

Total HMO Enrollment

The total HMO enrollment stabilized during the second half of 2000, after decreasing during 1999 and the first half of 2000. Between July 1, 2000 and January 1, 2001, HMOs added approximately 200,000 enrollees, for a slight enrollment increase of 0.3%.

While HMO enrollment appears to be stabilizing, the number of HMOs operating in the United States continues to drop. This can be explained by industry mergers, plan consolidations and plan closures. The total number of HMOs reached 541 as of January 1, 2001, dropping from 568 as of January 1, 2000.

More than one-quarter of HMO enrollment is located in the Pacific region, which includes Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Guam. Of the 20.6 million HMO enrollees in this region, over 18 million (87.6%) are located in California.

Medicare Enrollment

HMO Medicare enrollment is decreasing, dropping by almost half a million enrollees between January 1, 2000 and January 1, 2001. As of January 1, 2001, there were 6.1 million HMO Medicare enrollees, 7.2% fewer than the preceding year.

Recent data from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (formerly HCFA) indicates that another 536,469 Medicare+Choice enrollees will be affected by partial or complete pull-outs of managed care firms in calendar year 2002.

Medicaid Enrollment

The number of Medicaid clients served by HMOs continues to grow, though at a slower pace than experienced during the 1990s. The figure on the following page shows the trend in HMO Medicaid growth rates.

HMO Medicaid enrollment increased by more than 600,000 between January 1, 2000 and January 1, 2001. As of January 2001, there were 206 HMOs offering Medicaid to a total of 11.4 million Medicaid enrollees. While HMO Medicaid enrollment increased, the number of plans offering Medicaid dropped by 14 since January 1, 2000.

HMO Finance and Premium Trends

HMO operating profit margins improved in 1999 and 2000, but remain lower than 1994 levels. This increasing profitability represents mixed news for consumers, as it reflects rising premiums.

The improving performance of the least profitable plans? those represented by the 25th percentile? reflects the exiting of some unprofitable plans. InterStudy? s National HMO Financial Database shows that HMOs ceasing operations in 1999 had a median operating profit margin of 11.8% as of year-end 1998, compared to the overall industry median of 3.5% for that time.

The proportion of revenues spent on administrative expenses continues to fall. As of year-end 2000, the median administrative expense ratio among HMOs was 13.2%. This continues a trend observed since administrative expense ratios peaked in 1996.

Growth in premium revenues per member, per month (PMPM) has paralleled growth in medical expenses since 1996. Before that time, HMOs artificially suppressed premium rates to gain market share. Aggressive premium increases by HMOs in the last few years have contributed to overall HMO profitability since 1998, although HMO profitability is diminished by high medical costs.

The average national premium for traditional HMO family coverage increased 13.2% from January 1, 2000 to January 1, 2001, rising from $493 to $558. For traditional HMO single coverage, average national premiums increased by 11.9% during this time, from $168 to $188.

The Northeast region has the highest average monthly single and family rates for traditional HMO premiums. In the Northeast region, rates are approximately $50 higher than the national average single rate and $83 more than the national average family rate.

The Pacific region has the lowest monthly average rates for single and family traditional HMO premiums. This region? s average single traditional HMO rate is approximately $32 lower than the national average single rate of $188. The family rate for the Pacific region is $98 less than the national average family rate of $558.

The InterStudy Competitive Edge series is published semi-annually by InterStudy Publications, a publications firm specializing in research and reports for market-driven health care. Part I, the HMO Directory 11.2, was published in September. Part III, the Regional Market Analysis, examines market structure and dynamics of metropolitan markets served by HMOs. The Regional Market Analysis 11.2 will be published in November.

The complete InterStudy Competitive Edge series (Parts I, II and III) is available from InterStudy for $610 (prepaid). Each book is also sold separately. The HMO Directory and HMO Industry Report are available for $245 each (prepaid) and the Regional Market Analysis is available for $275 (prepaid). If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please call 1-800-844-3351, or visit our web site at www. interstudypublications. com.

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Children's Book Author Creates Forum for Tween Girls and Their Moms

Children's Book Author Creates Forum for Tween Girls and Their Moms

New school year presents opportunities for creating understanding and celebrating diversity

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) September 12, 2009

It's no secret that middle school isn't for the faint of heart. But for Eden Roth, the circumstances surrounding her birth make a tough time that much worse. Eden was adopted from China as a baby--something her peers have a hard time understanding, and which makes her an easy target.

"I told my parents I was going to get made fun of even more in middle school. The kids are older and think they can do more hurtful things because they aren't as closely watched as we were in the elementary school," states Eden.

" A lot of times when my friend make Chinese jokes, I don't think they even realize what they are saying," she adds. "They don't think I'd be offended, but I am. It's like 'HELLO! I'm Chinese!' Usually I don't show or tell them that the joke hurt me. I just suffer in silence."

When Eden was growing up, her parents--writer Darlene Friedman and children's book illustrator Roger Roth--recognized a dearth of books dealing with adoption within a school setting. And school, of course, is where children spend the majority of their time.

So Friedman, who serves as senior director of membership marketing with Soroptimist in Philadelphia, and Roth wrote and illustrated Star of the Week, A Story of Love, Adoption and Brownies with Sprinkles, recently released to positive reviews by HarperCollins Children's Books. It tells the story of Cassidy-Li, a kindergartener about to become Star of the Week, an assignment at once exciting and anxiety producing for the young girl who was adopted as a baby from China.

"We wanted to introduce the idea of adoption--and in this case, international adoption--in a non-threatening way, and help make it okay for children who might feel different for any number of reasons," states Friedman. "Our intent with the book is to start a healthy dialogue and cement the idea that what we share as humans is far greater than our differences."

Now that their daughter is in middle school, the issues surrounding adoption and cultural differences have only grown more intense. Eden, with her mom, decided to start a blog and facebook page called "Eden's Garden" as a way to reach out to growing girls and their moms. It seeks to continue the dialogue where the book leaves off.

"Eden is a very communicative young woman. Expressing her feelings through writing and feeling like she is helping others is cathartic for her," Friedman explains. "She and I started our blog to give older girls a voice. We want to serve as a resource for the adoption community, but also as a place where any girl can go to chat about what's on her mind.--good or bad.

"It's a new school year, and problems such as teasing, exclusion and bullying generally begin to surface pretty early on. We hope girls, their moms--and even teachers and guidance counselors--will weigh in with their thoughts," Friedman says. "Of course we also encourage discussion on lighter topics such as movies, books and hobbies. Eden is a "Twilight" fanatic, so I'm sure there will be lots of discussion about that as the New Moon movie premiere approaches!"

Eden's Garden is located at www. edens-garden. com and the corresponding facebook page is also called Eden's Garden, located at www. facebook. com.

The blog encourages independence and self-confidence, and celebrates the many differences that make people unique. It will also shed light on conditions for women and girls throughout the world--a subject important to Friedman and tied to her work with Soroptimist, an international women's organization.

"Everyone is unique, no matter what anybody says," emphasizes Eden. "Being different is a good thing!"

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pa., Soroptimist offers programs that improve the lives of women and girls through three distinct platforms: economic empowerment, elimination of violence, and gender equality. Its major program, the Soroptimist Women's Opportunity Awards, provides cash grants for women seeking to improve their lives with the help of additional education and training. Each year, more than $1 million is disbursed to deserving women through this award-winning program. Soroptimist, a 501(c)(3) organization that relies on charitable donations to support its programs, also sponsors the Live Your Dream campaign in recognition of the power of women and their dreams. Visit the campaign's online home at: LiveYourDreamCampaign. org. For more information on Soroptimist, visit Soroptimist. org.


Why The World Should Ask 'Am I Number 12?' A New Campaign Launches to Increase Hepatitis Awareness

Why The World Should Ask 'Am I Number 12?' A New Campaign Launches to Increase Hepatitis Awareness

More than 200 patient groups launch global viral campaign to increase hepatitis awareness. 'Am I Number 12?' aims to educate people to the shocking fact statistic that one in 12 people on the planet is living with hepatitis B or hepatitis C.

Geneva, Switzerland (PRWEB) April 29, 2008

The World Hepatitis Alliance (http://www. worldhepatitisday. com/) and over 200 patient groups around the world are asking 'Am I Number 12?' (http://www. to increase awareness of the shocking statistic that one in 12 people on the planet are living with hepatitis B or hepatitis C and yet the majority of those infected are unaware.

Three weeks ahead of World Hepatitis Day (http://www. worldhepatitisday. com/) on Monday 19 May, the World Hepatitis Alliance is launching a viral campaign aimed at getting people talking about the fact that approximately 500 million people globally are living with either hepatitis B or C. The World Hepatitis Alliance is asking people to sign-up (http://www. to show support for the campaign but also to receive valuable information about a disease that kills some 1.5 million people a year.

The 'Am I Number 12?' campaign has already kicked off in 64 countries and high-profile campaigns are being coordinated from Sydney to Serbia and from Beijing to Buenos Aires. Charles Gore, President of the World Hepatitis Alliance, said that with 1.5 million people dying every year, chronic viral hepatitis could no longer be ignored. "Through the 'Am I Number 12?' campaign and activities around the world on 19 May we aim to put hepatitis B and C firmly on the global healthcare agenda," Mr Gore said.

Mr Gore continued that unlike other disease areas, awareness of hepatitis B and C remains inexplicably low: "We believe that, unless awareness improves, we won't make any progress in reducing the enormous and largely preventable death toll. Hepatitis B and hepatitis C should have the same profile as HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB and should really be up there alongside those diseases in the WHO's millennium goals."

Did You Know?
 500 million people worldwide are currently infected with hepatitis B or C  This is over 10 times the number infected with HIV/AIDS  Between them, hepatitis B and C kill 1.5 million people a year  One in every three people on the planet has been exposed to either or both viruses  Most of the 500 million infected do not know World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day will be observed on Monday 19 May and marks a brand new, entirely patient-led initiative. The day has been launched in response to the concern that chronic viral hepatitis has nowhere near the level of awareness nor the political will to tackle it that is seen in HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. This is despite the fact that the numbers chronically infected with, and annually killed by, hepatitis B and C viruses are on the same scale. 'Am I Number 12?' campaign materials are available in over 40 languages - for logo images, postcards, posters and banner ads please contact the World Hepatitis Alliance through Lorna Croft.

World Hepatitis Alliance

World Hepatitis Day is being coordinated by the World Hepatitis Alliance, a newly established Non-Governmental Organisation which represents more than 200 hepatitis B and hepatitis C patient groups from around the world. The World Hepatitis Alliance is governed by a representative board of patient groups from seven world regions: Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, North America, South America, Australasia & Western Pacific. For more information visit www. worldhepatitisday. com on Monday 19 May.


Downtown Miami is Being Sentenced to Boot Camp

Downtown Miami is Being Sentenced to Boot Camp

More and more people prefer fitness boot camps to exercising in the gyms or at home. It is this economical usage of time that drives people to fitness boot camps.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 12, 2006

By the time the sun rises on October 30th, participants of the New Miami Fitness Boot Camp (www. MiamiFitnessBootCamp. com) will be ready to hit the showers.

They’ve stretched, strained and sweated since 5:30 a. m., and can count themselves 1,000 calories lighter of everyone else who decided to sleep in. Fitness boot camps are fast becoming the latest craze in the health-conscious modern world. More and more people prefer fitness boot camps to exercising in the gyms or at home. Fitness boot camps provide a power-packed workout in the span of an hour. It is this economical usage of time that drives people to fitness boot camps. These boot camps may meet several times a week, for an hour's duration each.

"We provide a safe and effective environment where people can reach their goals for nutrition, fitness and body transformation” said camp director Rafael Moret. "We do a lot of different things really fast” .We are also considering a lunch time course. Classes begin with a simple warm-up exercise like squatting or sit-ups or walking on the treadmill. Usually people perform these exercises in groups and then alternate their exercises. As the class progresses, the exercises become more and more difficult. There is just no letting go till the class is complete.

Many people who join such fitness boot camps find it difficult at first. But when they realize the benefits and the results, they change their minds quickly. Customers - who flock to the facility for a unique combination of calisthenics, cardio, and community, like that one day might include a run around the lake, an obstacle course and some push-ups.

The next could include Pilates, specialized yoga and strength.. The 6 week long training sessions are in the spirit of military boot camps with added extras like safety and nutrition training and instructors who won’t call a client or trainee any names.

“Every new client knows that boot camp is time to push your body to the limits” says Rafael. "(People enjoy) the open, free feeling of working out outdoors. "Typically people work 9 to 5 in an office. They’re confined all day."

Everyone is welcome and the boot camp attracts people of all ages, occupations and fitness levels. Donna J, 32 of Miami, started in September when she wanted to jumpstart her fitness routine and get rid of some excess weight. She worked out regularly, but had not been getting the result she wanted. The boot camp did the trick. "I was going to a health club and using the treadmill and elliptical machines, doing classes" Donna said. "I enjoyed the fact that this is outside and in a group. It seems to push me more."

The 6 week sessions at The Miami Fitness Boot Camp cost $396.. Log on to www. MiamiFitnessBootCamp. com for more information.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Alcohol Screenings and Interventions Done Better: Simulation Software Helps Health Practitioners Practice With Realistic Virtual Patients

Alcohol Screenings and Interventions Done Better: Simulation Software Helps Health Practitioners Practice With Realistic Virtual Patients

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), 3 in 10 U. S. adults drink at levels that put them at risk physically, mentally, and socially. Studies have shown that healthcare providers are in a prime position to give life-changing advice to patients who are at risk for alcohol abuse, but the providers are reluctant to perform alcohol assessments, interventions, and referrals. SIMmersion LLC, in association with the University of Wisconsin, is launching a conversation simulation to help practitioners and trainers practice talking to patients who drink, in accordance with NIAAA guidelines.

Columbia, MD (PRWEB) September 2, 2008

Alcohol abuse is one of the most serious health concerns in America; a 2004 survey conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) revealed that about 3 in 10 U. S. adults drink at levels that put them at risk physically, mentally, and socially, and nearly 1 out of every 13 American adults is dependant on or abuses alcohol. Studies have shown that healthcare providers are in a prime position to give life-changing advice to patients who are at risk for alcohol abuse. But despite these compelling facts, published reports show that patients who drink heavily only receive an assessment and referral to treatment 10 percent of the time.

Healthcare providers have been reluctant to perform alcohol assessments, interventions, and referrals. Many have not practiced the skills necessary to talk about alcohol, and others are uncomfortable discussing alcohol consumption since patients may respond with reluctance and ambivalence towards changing their drinking habits. SIMmersion LLC (http://www. simmersion. com) announces the launch of a conversation simulation to help healthcare providers and those who train providers teach and reinforce skills, in accordance with the standards set by the NIAAA.

"Part of the reason I started SIMmersion was to be able to help people. This product will ultimately improve the quality of life for thousands," says Dr. Dale Olsen, Founder and CEO of SIMmersion LLC. "The simulation gives healthcare provides a chance to practice talking to people about a very sensitive subject; it will give them the skill and confidence necessary to help people struggling with alcohol abuse turn their lives around."

The simulation was funded by a Small Business Innovative Research grant and developed in partnership with the University of Wisconsin. Program users talk with simulated character Christy Johnson, whom they meet when she visits their clinic for follow-up care after a car accident. The conversation is focused on conducting an alcohol screening and brief intervention for Christy. Users can discuss a variety of topics including Christy's drinking habits, the consequences of her drinking, Christy's readiness to change, and a patient plan. They can also get to know Christy by asking appropriate personal questions.

Christy behaves and responds differently during each conversation--she may be low-risk, at-risk, or dependant on alcohol, with different motivations to drink. Christy may be more or less likely to consider changing her drinking habits, and the user's ability to employ patient-centered communication will color her opinion. This variety allows for repeated practice that can be generalized to real world conversations with all patients.

Dr. Michael Fleming, Professor of Family medicine at the University of Wisconsin has seen the difficulty for students and professionals he has mentored to talk to their patients about alcohol: "We have a number of techniques to teach how to help patients who have alcohol or drug problems, like lectures, role plays, and demonstrations, but they are all somewhat passive and don't allow practice saying the right words to patients. SIMmersion's technology goes beyond anything we've ever been able to do before. It's much more interactive and realistic--it's much more adult learning."

"When you use the software, it becomes very real--you feel like you're talking to a live person. It's not just a standardized patient or a script. We have nothing like this in the field that I've ever seen."

In addition to practicing real conversations, users receive real-time support and feedback from an on-screen Coach and other embedded help features. Users also receive a score at the end of their conversation that grades their techniques and diagnosis. As a result of using the simulation, healthcare providers will be more comfortable discussing alcohol with real patients, and they will be better able to diagnose a patient's alcohol risk level accurately, use patient-centered communication effectively, ask appropriate NIAAA-recommended screening questions, address brief intervention topics appropriate for a patient's risk level, and determine how much time is appropriate for discussing alcohol issues.

The University of Wisconsin recently completed a study of the efficacy of the screening and brief intervention training over a period of six months. The study showed that those using SIMmersion's training simulation conducted significantly better alcohol screenings and interventions than those who did not use the simulation.

SIMmersion LLC's Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention Simulation is currently available for purchase. For purchase information, visit SIMmersion's product page (http://www. simmersion. com/products. htm) or call 443-283-2555.

SIMmersion LLC creates exceptionally realistic interactive simulations that help learners build, practice, and retain communication skills. SIMmersion simulations allow users to conduct face-to-face conversations with simulated characters. Professional actors are used to create life-like, challenging situations. Each simulated character has memory and an advanced emotional model that allows the character to respond to the user's statements as a real person would. The result is a nearly free-form conversation that is different each time the simulation is used. Users receive feedback through the non-verbal cues of an on-screen coach, quantitative scoring at the end of each interaction, and instant replay features. SIMmersion LLC is a spin-off of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

For more information, go to www. SIMmersion. com].


Care About Your Skin? Use InstantPeel & Let The Instant Exfoliating Begin

Care About Your Skin? Use InstantPeel & Let The Instant Exfoliating Begin

Care About Your Skin? Use InstantPeel & Let The Instant Exfoliating Begin

Tarrytown, NY (PRWEB) June 1, 2005

The latest trends in skincare are all about looking younger and preserver your flawless complexion and healthy glow. There are so many exfoliates on the market today but many of them are very time consuming and rather costly. Do you wish you have a skincare product that you could pop in your handbag, place in your briefcase or slide into your purse or wallet that would work “on the go”? Welcome to the world of InstantPeel… The world's first 7 minute mini facial. InstantPeel can be used by women and men of all ages and skin types who are interested in acquiring and maintaining healthy, refined, beautiful skin.

InstantPeel, an all-natural skin exfoliant, has an immediate effect and you do not have to wait for weeks after applying it, hoping to notice a change. No other product currently exists on the market that allows you to witness the instant peeling of dead skin and impurities as it is being used. In this way, InstantPeel achieves the effect that chemical peels render, but through safe, noninvasive and convenient application. This product is perfect for anyone on the go (men and women alike). It is a great item for your gym bag. Use it after a workout to clean and refresh your skin. Use it just out of the shower. Use it anywhere you wish (make sure there is water available to wash it off thoroughly)Â…it is that easy and effective!


To use: InstantPeel is used once a week for oily skin, and once every two weeks for normal skin, and once every three or four weeks for dry skin. Discard packet after each individual use.

Log onto http://www. instantpeel. com (http://www. instantpeel. com) today and let your skin look the way it was meant to.

For further information, please call Tel: (888) 733-5669 or E-Mail: InPeel@aol. com.

About Earthen Inc.

We at Earthen Inc., the makers of InstantPeel, are a U. S. based company fully dedicated to the enterprise of beauty enhancement and restoration. Earthen knows that the true youth within us is often masked by the dead skin, chemicals, and residue that virtually everyone develops on their skin. InstantPeel was created to counter these effects and revitalize its users. We know InstantPeel is a product like none other; therefore, we encourage you to try it for yourself and experience a revolution in skin care technology heretofore unimaginable.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Health Coaches Curb Costs of Care

Health Coaches Curb Costs of Care

Limited patient education and skyrocketing costs of chronic care drive professionals and policymakers to explore alternative means of efficient healthcare. Enter health coaches: integral players helping patients with chronic conditions to take charge of their treatment. Coaches work to empower patients by creating personalized programs and encouraging appropriate medical decisions that reduce excessive expenditure.

Manasquan, NJ (PRWEB) June 14, 2005 -

Limited patient education and skyrocketing costs of chronic care drive professionals and policymakers to explore alternative means of efficient healthcare. Enter health coaches: integral players helping patients with chronic conditions to take charge of their treatment. Coaches work to empower patients by creating personalized programs and encouraging appropriate medical decisions that reduce excessive expenditure. In an industry that craves such cost-cutting endeavors, health coaches pose a viable solution for optimal outcomes in disease management.

A 35-page special report, “Health Coaches: Scoring Big Gains in Disease Management ROI,” produced by the Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN) considers the role of health coaches in improving industrial efficiency through patient education. The report highlights how health coaches motivate patients to become confident and constructive healthcare consumers by promoting self-management and awareness. For more information, please visit the HIN bookstore.

According to co-author Danielle Butin, health promotion manager at Oxford Health Plans in New York, invaluable industrial benefits emerge from this proactive program, including:

• Reducing utilization claims;

• Improving overall longevity and quality of life;

• Limiting condition-related complications;

• Targeting universal issues in healthcare;

• Providing access to new treatment developments;

• Offering social support networks; and

• Empowering patients with skills to self-manage chronic conditions.

“Our whole goal is to prevent migration to case management,” added co-author Roger Reed, executive vice president and chief health officer at Gordian Health Solutions in Tennessee. “Incrementally, if you can save money on 95 percent of the people, even if it’s a nickel, it generates a lot more savings.”

Cultural diversification, widening social strata and explosive technology pose new challenges for the continually evolving healthcare industry. Such encompassing trends demand novel approaches and renewed vigor for efficiency, efficacy and education. Health coaches have emerged as an avenue by which aspiring organizations can enhance cost-effectiveness and patient and provider satisfaction.

“Connecting to clients and being present 100 percent of the time while working with them is critical,” said co-author Kerry Little, senior health coach at Duke Center for Integrative Medicine at Duke University Medical System. “Our goal for them is to become self-sufficient, and so although we’re developing this relationship, we’re also moving them forward and challenging them to find their own answers.”

This comprehensive report, available in print and Adobe® Acrobat® PDF formats, offers detailed descriptions of health coach merits and objectives; tips on motivating and training health coaches; defining health coach responsibilities; keeping members in coaching programs, and coaching for specific diseases and diverse populations. For more information on this product, upcoming audio conferences and related resources, please visit the HIN bookstore.

About the Healthcare Intelligence Network:

HIN is the premier advisory service for executives seeking high-quality strategic information on the business of healthcare. For more information, contact the Healthcare Intelligence Network, PO Box 1442, Wall Township, NJ 07719-1442, (888) 446-3530, fax (732) 292-3073, e-mail info@hin. com, or visit http://www. hin. com (http://www. hin. com).


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Whitehill Technologies Wins New Customer, Gets High Marks from Independent Analyst

Whitehill Technologies Wins New Customer, Gets High Marks from Independent Analyst

Madison Advisors says Whitehill solutions a good fit for insurance and financial services companies like Industrial Alliance.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 5, 2006

Whitehill Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of document composition, data transformation and business process integration solutions, today announced that Industrial Alliance has selected Whitehill to improve communications with customers and save on production costs.

Industrial Alliance provides life & health insurance and financial services to more than two million Canadians. The company purchased Whitehill software to assemble and produce semi-annual statements for its customers. Prior to using Whitehill, clients would receive two or more separate statements, depending on the number of policies or funds in their portfolio. Information for each of these statements was stored in a different legacy system, with no way to consolidate the data.

Industrial Alliance used Whitehill’s software to extract the data from these legacy systems, consolidate it, and merge the separate statements into a single package. The new solution has improved communications with customers and gives Industrial Alliance a better view of its clients.

“Industrial Alliance selected Whitehill Technologies over other solutions based on their ability to cater to our very specific requirements,” said Guy Daneau, VP, Information Systems, Industrial Alliance. “We are confident that Whitehill provides us with the best available solution set on the market, and they have proven to be an excellent vendor in terms of customer service. They have really gone the extra mile to meet our needs.”

A recent report from Madison Advisors, an independent analyst firm, says Whitehill provides reliable solutions for companies like Industrial Alliance. “Whitehill solutions are a strong fit for the insurance and financial services market,” says Richard Huff, Principal Analyst, Madison Advisors. “Document composition solutions have become a core business in this sector. Insurance companies produce a lot of text-heavy documents, such as statements, policies and claims forms, and Whitehill’s technology has proven its effectiveness in handling these types of correspondence.”

“We are delighted to have been selected by Industrial Alliance in a deal that cements Whitehill as a market leader in the insurance and financial services sector,” said Paul McSpurren, president and CEO, Whitehill Technologies. “Our software solutions are a perfect match for companies like Industrial Alliance, who are looking to solve their business problems in a timely manner.”

Whitehill will be showcasing these and other solutions at the IASA Conference & Business Show in Boston, June 4-7. Attendees can learn more by visiting Whitehill at Booth #622.

About Industrial Alliance (www. inalco. com)

Founded in 1892, Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. is a life and health insurance company that offers a wide range of life and health insurance products, savings and retirement plans, RRSPs, mutual and segregated funds, securities, auto and home insurance, mortgage loans and other financial products and services. The fifth largest life and health insurance company in Canada, Industrial Alliance is at the head of a large financial group – the Industrial Alliance Group – which has operations across Canada as well as in the Northwestern United States. Industrial Alliance insures over 2 million Canadians, employs more than 2,700 people and manages and administers over $40 billion in assets. Industrial Alliance stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol IAG. Industrial Alliance is among the 100 largest public companies in Canada.

About Whitehill Technologies Inc. (www. whitehilltech. com)

Whitehill Technologies, Inc. develops and implements document composition, business process integration, and data transformation software that enables organizations to accelerate key business processes. Whitehill has helped nearly 700 customers in 45 countries personalize the way they communicate with customers and get the right information into the hands of the right people. Whitehill is a privately held company with over 100 employees. Headquartered in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, Whitehill has locations and partners in the United States, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Whitehill’s technology partners include Computer Associates, Thomson Elite, IBM and Interwoven. Whitehill is funded by private equity firms Latitude Partners and GrowthWorks Canadian Fund.

For further information, or to arrange for interviews, please contact:

Lynne Reid

Media Relations

Whitehill Technologies, Inc.

888-944-8344 x521

Www. whitehilltech. com

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Bike to Fight Cancer Event Raises Funds for Research

Bike to Fight Cancer Event Raises Funds for Research

In commemoration of Lance ArmstrongÂ’s final Tour de France race, the 2005 Chicago Bike to Fight Cancer event will be held on Sunday, July 24, 2005 from 8:00 a. m. -1:00 p. m. along beautiful Lake MichiganÂ’s lakefront, as Lance crosses the finish line for the last time.

(PRWEB) June 17, 2005

In commemoration of Lance ArmstrongÂ’s final Tour de France race, the 2005 Bike to Fight Cancer event will be held on Sunday, July 24, 2005 from 8:00 a. m. -1:00 p. m. along beautiful Lake MichiganÂ’s lakefront, as Lance crosses the finish line for the last time. Thousands of bikers are expected to participate in the event as families, recreational bikers and bike enthusiastÂ’s ride together to raise money to fight cancer. Riders can choose their own distance up to 20-miles. The event begins and ends at Soldier Field. Riders can also participate in a Chicago wide spin-a-thon which will be held the same day from 9:00 a. m.-12:00 p. m. Spinners will ride in front of event sponsor NBC 5Â’s Studio 5 at 401 N. Michigan Avenue, along with seven clubs through out Chicago. All the proceeds from the Bike to Fight Cancer event will benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the Carley Cancer Research Core Facility at the Robert H. Lurie Center of Northwestern University.

“This is a great opportunity to help further the development of science and aid the research done at the Carley Cancer Research Core Facility. LAF does tremendous work throughout the country to help those fighting cancer and we are proud to be associated and raising money for the organization,” commented Chris Carley, founder of the Carley Cancer Research Core Facility at Northwestern and Chairman of the Chicago LAF Peloton.

The first annual Bike to Fight Cancer event raised more than $150,000 last summer for LAF through a city-wide spin-a-thon. Nautilus donated more than 50 bikes for the main event held outside of NBC 5Â’s Studio 5 and numerous health clubs throughout Chicagoland.

This year the Bike to Fight Cancer committee aims to raise $500,000 for the fight against cancer with a target of 3,000 participants riding on Chicago’s lakefront, off Michigan Avenue and in numerous Chicagoland health clubs. Many rider incentives and drawing for prizes will be available. Participants will be eligible to win a yellow “Live Strong” Mini Cooper by raising $1,000 with one winner per hundred entries; multiple Mini-Coopers available. The drawing will take place in front of NBC 5’s studio 5 on the day of

The event.

Founded in 1997 by cancer survivor and cycling champion, Lance Armstrong, the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) provides practical information and tools for people living with and beyond cancer who need to live strong. Based in Austin, Texas, the LAF believes that in your battle with cancer, unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything. They serve their mission through public health, advocacy, research and education. For more information on the LAF visit laf. org.

The newly established Carley Cancer Research Core Facility provides research scientists at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern University with the tools to further some of the countryÂ’s most unique research efforts in the fight against cancer. Their work covers the full spectrum of science, from the creation of molecules, to the patient applications at the clinics. The facility provides the infrastructure to further their investigations and the opportunity to conduct research, rarely, done in the academic sector.

“Some of the most exciting cancer research is being done right here in the Chicagoland area. Northwestern University has brought together one of the greatest team of scientists working together to identify new treatments for cancer. Our facility is a major contributor in drug development and the discovery process,” stated Carley.

To register to ride in the Bike to Fight Cancer event on Sunday, July 24, 2005 visit the www. biketofightcancer. org website for a registration form or go to www. signmeupsports. com.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Talyst Releases Upgrade to AutoPharm Software

Talyst Releases Upgrade to AutoPharm Software

AutoPharm3 Enhancements Package New, Flexible Remote Ordering with Improved Routing Rules to Accommodate Satellite-Pharmacy Operation and Crash Carts

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) December 8, 2010

Talyst Inc., a leader in pharmacy automation systems and software, today released enhancements to its AutoPharm® 3 software. AutoPharm3 is a system wide medication management software designed to improve medication management throughout health systems. The AutoPharm3 software supports automated medication packaging and works with bedside and barcode verification systems for enhanced efficiency, greater inventory control and improved patient safety. New with AutoPharm3, the software specifically enhances the support for multi-facility and satellite-facility operations and improved remote ordering.

AutoPharm3’s enhanced processing rules make it possible to route an order to a specific facility or device by type. For example, first dose orders can be routed to a specific zone in the pharmacy to be dispensed from static shelving while automated dispensing orders can be routed to a specific storage device, such as a carousel.

AutoPharm3 also includes features to improve pharmacist workflow and efficiency. The introduction of User Directed Dispensing allows technicians to print a batch of orders from the queue, pick those orders and verify them by simply scanning the medication and the label, saving pharmacists and technicians valuable time, and enabling improved work efficiency from non-carousel storage.

In addition, AutoPharm3 manages medication trays, or code trays, used in crash carts for life-threatening hospital emergencies. This enhancement includes medication tracking and replenishment, and ensures that the correct, non-expired medications are available in code trays when needed, improving patient safety. Expiration date and lot number tracking simplify drug recalls and help to ensure that fresh medication is available when it is needed. This functionality also serves as a critical patient-safety check point in the medication distribution process.

“Through AutoPharm3, Talyst is equipping facilities and pharmacies with the tools they need to successfully operate a comprehensive, organization-wide overview of medication stock and distribution,” said Corkern. “With sophisticated barcode-to-bedside and medication management technology, this software reduces the opportunity for facility personnel to administer the wrong medication to patients.”

About Talyst
Talyst is engineering the safer pharmacy. The company was founded in 2002 to provide automated medication-management systems to acute-care hospital pharmacies. The following year Talyst launched AutoPharm®, the innovative software platform designed to drive a complete suite of medication storage, packaging, refrigeration and barcoding hardware.

As of 2010, Talyst has installed automated systems in more than 500 acute-care hospitals, integrated healthcare companies, long-term care facilities and corrections facilities. Talyst is dedicated to delivering world-class software and proven hardware components to enhance efficiency, provide greater inventory control and improve patient safety in all care environments.

Michael Ann Thomas
RH Strategic 


MWH Soft Ships Second Edition of its Best-Selling Water Distribution Modeling Textbook

MWH Soft Ships Second Edition of its Best-Selling Water Distribution Modeling Textbook

MWH Soft, a leading global provider of environmental and water resources applications software, today announced the release, spurred by popular demand, of the second edition of Comprehensive Water Distribution Systems Analysis Handbook For Engineers and Planners (CWDSA).

Broomfield, CO (PRWEB) February 5, 2006

MWH Soft, a leading global provider of environmental and water resources applications software, today announced the release, spurred by popular demand, of the second edition of Comprehensive Water Distribution Systems Analysis Handbook For Engineers and Planners (CWDSA). The comprehensive 660-page instructional textbook is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in water distribution modeling, planning, design, operation, optimization and management. It covers everything students, professional engineers, managers, modelers, health department officials, government agencies, consultants, and researchers need to know to reliably construct, load, and calibrate representative network models and use these rigorous models to optimize system planning, design, and complex operational activities. Topics range from in-depth coverage of basic network flow theory and dynamic water quality assessment to advanced optimization techniques and sophisticated transient flow and pressure calculations.

Written by world-renowned industry experts, the second edition of Comprehensive Water Distribution Systems Analysis Handbook For Engineers and Planners enhances and builds upon the strong foundation and unprecedented success of the first edition. Since its release, CWDSA has been widely adopted by consulting engineers, municipal engineers, urban planners, government officials and researchers, and has been added to the collections of premier technical libraries worldwide.

With both new and expanded content, this ground-breaking book covers the latest in theoretical scientific foundations, advanced technological issues, and real-world network analysis applications - supported by extensive modeling exercises. Focused on bridging the gap between advanced modeling theory and practical application, the book includes over 100 worked out example problems and detailed coverage of hydraulic principles. Step-by-step guidance walks readers through the complete modeling process from start to successful finish and interpretation of results. The volume also features in-depth examinations of state-of-the-art network modeling techniques, explores the most current knowledge and technologies, and provides the detailed explanations readers need to become master modelers.

The unparalleled scope and specialized focus of the book make it an essential addition to any reference library and an invaluable resource for the most seasoned professional engineers. Chapter topics include:

History of Network Modeling

Hydraulic Principles

Network Components

The Network Model

Network Hydraulics

Water Quality Simulation

Master Planning

Optimization Applications to Water Distribution Systems

Hydraulic Transients

Maintaining Hydraulic Integrity

"When we published the first edition in 2004, our aim was to assist water suppliers in economically and reliably delivering the highest possible quality of drinking water," said Paul F. Boulos, Ph. D, President and Chief Operating Officer of MWH Soft and a co-author of the book. "The overwhelmingly enthusiastic response of the waterworks industry quickly inspired us to embark on this new volume. The second edition represents the most complete and up-to-date information about water distribution systems modeling ever published. The text encompasses all the key topics from the first edition and adds a significant amount of new material on innovative modeling techniques for enhancing water distribution pipe systems protection, maintenance, and management. We hope that this amalgamation of our efforts and experience will help water engineers provide a more plentiful supply of safe drinking water to communities throughout the world."

"This is definitely a must-have reference textbook," said Dr. Don J. Wood, a leading global hydraulic expert and Professor Emeritus at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. "The first edition is a superb and highly successful textbook. The second includes a number of important enhancements that make it an even more outstanding reference and textbook, and an invaluable guide. Among them are expanded coverage of hydraulic network modeling and pressure surges, subjects of particular interest to me. The book's true impact will be felt when engineers and planners take this crucial knowledge and collection of best practices and apply them to their work on a daily basis."

"In terms of water distribution, this is the most thorough text available for the practicing professional," added Dr. John W. Nicklow, PE, P. H., Chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, IL. "I'm truly impressed by the topics covered here. The plethora of solved problems gives the reader the added benefit of seeing and understanding the application of theoretical presentations. It's also great to find so many important realistic topics associated with the traditional hydraulics aspect of distribution, but rarely covered in water distribution texts, like water quality, master planning, optimization, and in-depth discussion on hydraulic transients."

Pricing and Availability

Comprehensive Water Distribution Systems Analysis Handbook For Engineers and Planners is now available worldwide directly from MWH Soft Press for $160. For more information, visit www. mwhsoft. com or contact your local MWH Soft Certified Representative.

About MWH Soft

MWH Soft is a leading global provider of technical and infrastructure software and professional solutions designed to meet the technological needs of utilities, government industries, and engineering organizations worldwide. Its clients include the majority of the largest North American cities and ENR top design firms. The multifaceted, state-of-the-art CAD and GIS enabled products created by MWH Soft, empower thousands of engineers across the globe to competitively manage, design, and operate highly efficient and reliable infrastructure systems. For more information, call MWH Soft at (626) 568-6868, or visit www. mwhsoft. com.

MWH Soft Contact

J. Erick Heath, PE

Vice President of Sales and Client Relations

(626) 568-6868

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Women Crave Support Through IVF Treatment: New Book Jumps to Top of Amazon Rankings

Women Crave Support Through IVF Treatment: New Book Jumps to Top of Amazon Rankings

“Nurturing Yourself Through IVF” captures the attention of in vitro fertilization (IVF) patients within 48 hours of being released.

Brampton, ON (PRWEB) July 7, 2006

Within 48 hours of being released on July 1, “Nurturing Yourself Through IVF: Improve Your Experience, Maximize Your Odds of Success” achieved a top-two ranking within a category search for “IVF” on Amazon. com.

Author Lynn Daley is closely familiar with the toll that infertility can take. She believes that the response to the book demonstrates how difficult it can be to get through an IVF cycle.

“Women crave information that can help them feel better; in the case of IVF, they also want to know what can be done to improve their odds of success.”

Daley considers herself an ‘IVF veteran,’ having been through four years of fertility testing and treatment, including two fresh and two frozen IVF cycles. Through her own experience, Daley conducted extensive research (considering both traditional and alternative therapies) and met with more than one hundred women going through IVF.

Because IVF is a medical procedure, it is easy for patients to fall into a clinical mindset. With their lives governed by clinic appointments, drug schedules and lab results, many women find themselves preoccupied with the related numbers, statistics and facts.

As they balance their medical lives with work schedules and social commitments, it can be easy to put aside their own needs. As a result, many women focus on simply ‘getting through’ a cycle, rather than making their emotional health a priority.

“Nurturing Yourself Through IVF” now joins a handful of IVF-specific resources to help women put themselves first through this difficult time. The book draws on the principles of the mind-body connection and directs readers to a wide range of valuable resources.

“A handbook, a companion, a reminder that you are not alone in this, Lynn Daley brings her hard earned compassion to help others take out the suffering in this trying journey toward parenthood.” - Randine Lewis, PhD, author of “The Infertility Cure”

“Nurturing Yourself Through IVF” is available through www. nurturingthroughivf. com, at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters/Indigo and through bookstores nationwide.

For more information about this book, to receive a review copy or to contact author Lynn Daley, please visit www. nurturingthroughivf. com.

“Nurturing Yourself Through IVF” is published by Life Prints (ISBN: 0-9739860-0-X, 120 pages, $14.50 USD).


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Eldercare Website Hosting Open House for Caregivers

Eldercare Website Hosting Open House for Caregivers

Fees waived through January to allow Baby Boomers to find information to help aging parents.

San Rafael, CA (PRWEB) January 14, 2007

While most are breathing a sigh of relief that the holidays are past, millions of Baby Boomers are still waiting to exhale. Having visited their parents over the holidays, many for the first time in a year, they encountered a variety of unwelcome news. The foreboding news they encountered ran the gamut from parents' declining health, to financial concerns, to parents' safety plus countless others. Caregivers have a problem and Parent Care is offering assistance by waiving all fees during its January Caregiver Open House.

The Parent Care service provides time and money saving alternatives while reducing caregiver stress levels. Each subscriber receives a downloadable eight-to-ten page Parent Care Report that highlights services in their parents' county to help them locate and evaluate service providers. Summaries of national services as well as those in the parents' state of residence are also provided. A sample report is posted for Open House visitors' review. A program for small employers that have employees assisting elderly parents is also available.

Parent Care also provides seasonal information and monthly articles by experts ranging from relocating parents to reverse mortgages to preventing slips and falls. Weekly chats with other caregiving peers to exchange ideas, daily tips and 24/7 senior-related news are also staples of this comprehensive service. Uniquely, the service is tailored to each individual caregiver. Each receives a personal home page with links to their folks' local newspapers and even the local Better Business Bureau to do background checks on service providers. An array of safety checklists is available as well, along with book reviews, links to videos, e-courses, senior friendly products, applications and forms. A "Smile Maker" section to add luster to seniors' golden years is also included.

"Our hope is that the open house is a catalyst for caregivers to become more proactive in assisting their folks" commented Parent Care CEO William Gillis. "Those who are already assisting their parents will understand that useful resources are available. Those who sense their parents could use help can take that all important first step."

About Parent Care, Inc.

Parent Care is the leading information source for the nation's seven million long distance eldercare providers. Parent Care, The Parent Care Report and The Parent Care Channel are registered trademarks of the firm.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Growing Perfect Orchids

Growing Perfect Orchids

Long-lost resource resurfaces and reveals how to grow the healthiest Orchids every time, even if youÂ’ve never raised one before.

(PRWEB) March 9, 2005

Very few flowers can claim as many admirers as the orchid. In fact there are thousands of groups, societies and newsletters dedicated to these mysterious flowers. But what is so special about orchids? Well, orchids are the largest group of flowering plants in the world with 25,000 to 30,000 species and more than 100,000 hybrids. Orchids are also the most rapidly changing group of plants on earth. More new species have been discovered in the last few thousand years than any other plant group. Orchids are also the most adaptable plant on earth, with numerous species growing in as varied environments as tundras, rainforests, mountains, grassy plains, deserts and swamps. In these natural environments, each orchid species is dependent upon a specific type of insect to carry out its pollination. Orchids also range widely in size from more than 20 feet tall to only inches. And this is just the beginning of what makes the orchid such an enticing and desirable flower.

The beauty of an orchid is well known to anyone who has ever seen one. But growing an orchid is an entirely different experience. It is both exciting and intimidating, regardless if youÂ’re growing your first or hundredth one. Orchids are delicate flowers that need special care and attention, and quality information about growing orchids is hard to find.

Recently a long-lost manuscript by orchid expert Adelaide Willoughby has been rediscovered, and adapted into the most comprehensive guide to growing orchids. Now orchid lovers everywhere can access the closely guarded secrets of orchid hunters, growers and hybridisers. This book has quickly become one of the greatest resources on orchid growing ever written. 

“Orchid Secrets Revealed” is the perfect starter guide for beginners and pros alike. With this resource all the answers to growing prize-winning, quality orchids are at your fingertips.

For more information on Growing Orchids and the "Orchid Secrets Revealed" book visit http://biglnk. com/orchidsecrets (http://biglnk. com/orchidsecrets).

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

PTPA Media Reveals Best 'Parent Tested, Parent Approved' Products for Summer 2009

PTPA Media Reveals Best 'Parent Tested, Parent Approved' Products for Summer 2009

Affordable and innovative products for the family awarded PTPA Seal of Approval.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) June 29, 2009

Continually on the search to discover products that improve the quality of family life, PTPA Media - a company that awards their famed Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal - is proud to announce the parenting product winners for Summer 2009.

A total of 36 products earned the highly sought-after award because after being tested by the parent evaluators they proved to be quality products worthy of a parents recommendation.

"During these more trying economic times, families want to ensure that they are getting the best quality and value for their dollar. The PTPA Media Seal of Approval on a products packaging indicates to consumers that other families have tested this product in a home environment and it has earned their approval. When it comes to products for the family, who better to rate the product than the actual families themselves. says Sharon Vinderine, Founder of PTPA Media. "PTPA has developed an industry-leading evaluation system and we are proud to put our seal on these incredible products. We hope when parents shop and see our PTPA seal on products they will rest assured they are getting a quality and dependable product."

Winners of the Summer 2009 Product call included:

ID Gear eco friendly personalized stainless steel drinking bottles
My NapPak Personalized Mat
Naturepedic No-compromise Seamless Dual Firmness Mattress
Bamboo Leg Huggers
Midwest Monkey's safe sizer choking prevention plate
Simplified IT Picture Keeper
Princeton Health Press LifeSkills Training Program and CD's
Dolly and Dimples baby socks
Bloco Toys Horses and Unicorns
KaBOOM Playspace Finder
Baby Bump Stretch Mark & Massage Oil
VTECH Technologies Canada V Smile Motion TV Learning System
Disney Pixar Cars Art Desk
Jeezle Pete's TRIVIATHON
Re-Think It Dandelion plates, bowls & utensils
Warm Buddy Bearth the Bear
Parenting on Track Home Program
Rebelle Friendship Purses
D'Avicenna Eaurganic Fortifying Shampoo
Crypton Fabric Mattress Protector
Johnson & Johnson Penaten daily cream, Johnson's Head to toe foaming wash, Johnson's Bedtime, Johnson's No more tangles, Johnson's Baby Lotion
Tier Toys Stackers' Noah's Ark
B. B.Bliss Body Suit 
Zuvo Water Purator
Mabel's Labels Skinny-Minis
Summer Fresh Dora the Explorer Snack n go - Vegetable Dip, Spongebob Mini Dipper Vegetable, Dora Mini Dipper Hummus, Spongebob Roasted Garlic Hummus Snack n Go
Street Surfing The Wave LX
UV Skinz  UPS 50+ Swimshirt
Sunveil SunwearSun Protective Apparel, Hats & Acessories and Suvant Prampopper

Companies across North America submitted samples during the Call for Entry in April 2009 and were matched with PTPA Media's extensive database of reviewers. Each product was thoroughly scrutinized by a panel of four parents in a family environment as well as daycare facilitators when applicable. For a full list of items reviewed, visit http://www. ptpamedia. com (http://www. ptpamedia. com)

About PTPA Media
PTPA Media (Parent Tested, Parent Approved) provides an objective means to discover and appraise new products designed to enrich family living. The company's mission is to assist and educate discerning consumers by providing reliable and relevant information about exciting and quality products on the market. Products range from baby clothing, toys and accessories to parent-centric creations. The Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal is presented to companies whose products are deemed exceptional by a knowledgeable and unbiased panel of experts, including parents themselves.
For more information contact:
Sharon Vinderine
905-738-1447 or info at ptpamedia. com


More than Six Million People a Month Get their News from Citizen Journalists on Allvoices

More than Six Million People a Month Get their News from Citizen Journalists on Allvoices

Innovation, interest in first-hand accounts from citizen reporters spikes activity on the web’s largest global news hub

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 7, 2010

Allvoices. com, the largest open media site in the world (http://www. allvoices. com), today announced that 6.5 million unique monthly visitors now get their news and information from more than 375,000 registered citizen journalists reporting on its platform, making it the largest citizen media site (http://www. allvoices. com) in the world. Allvoices is the only media platform where anyone can report unfiltered news and other timely information from anywhere, anytime for immediate consumption by a global audience. Contributor and reader growth is in direct proportion to, and an affirmation of citizen journalism’s popularity, the ease of which anyone can publish reports on Allvoices, and the site’s ability to verify report credibility—an industry first and a necessity in citizen journalism. 

Launched just two years ago and already ranked a top 3000 site by Alexa and top 2000 site by Quantcast, Allvoices has quickly become the web’s leading resource for first-hand event accounts from hyper-local to global locales. The public’s hunger for alternative news sources and un-sanitized information has been a major contributor to the site’s popularity as a repository for raw news accounts.

To ensure reports are thorough, Allvoices employs a unique combination of technology, automated aggregation and community content curation to provide a 360 degree view of every contribution. Fully-realized “news packages” can start with as little as a text message. Once received and vetted for authenticity, Allvoices Automated News Room (http://www. allvoices. com) surrounds reports with related information from other mainstream and user-generated sources such as blogs, video, pictures and Twitter to produce a richly detailed accounting from multiple, immediate perspectives.

“Allvoices was born into a media climate where we were the ‘right idea at the right time,’” said Amra Tareen, founder and CEO, Allvoices. “Citizen Journalism (http://www. allvoices. com) is finally coming into its own; there are simply too many information sources now for the mainstream media to keep up with news consumers’ growing expectations of immediacy, unfiltered and unedited content, first hand perspective, the ability to share and manipulate information or become an information source themselves. Allvoices’ rising popularity affirms our belief that news is not defined by a finite number of publishers, but by anyone, anywhere with the means to capture an event and explain its significance.”

Over the past year Allvoices’ rapid technological innovation has raised bar for citizen journalism. The site is responsible for introducing a number of other firsts which have contributed to the site’s popularity as a destination-location for news you can’t find within mainstream sources. Concurrently, interest in specific world events such as the Iranian elections, the World Cup, the Olympics and other political, cultural, socio-economic and human interest stories has also contributed to Allvoices’ rapid user acquisition.

Advancements in citizen journalism coming out of Allvoices this year include:

--The Global Assignment Desk - where both professional and citizen journalists provide regular in-country reports from 30 major cities around the world.
--The appointment of David Warthen, Ask Jeeves (Ask. com) co-founder and Internet visionary as Allvoices’ Chief Technology Officer
--Warthen revolutionized online search and marketing while at Ask Jeeves and helped lead the company through its initial public offering (IPO) in 1999.
--The most lucrative incentive plan in the citizen journalism industry, including health care for citizen reporters
--The Allvoices Syndication Program where:
--Allvoices offers world wide exposure to media and image buyers.
--Allvoices licenses submitted images
--Allvoices international platform showcases contributor images and increases the chances of selling images
--Innovative reporting assignments such as the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa News Reporting Contest, and

“We’ve worked very hard to get to this point, and the reception we’ve received from both the mainstream media and proponents of citizen journalism alike has been tremendous,” said Aki Hashmi, Chief Marketing Officer, Allvoices. “There is broad recognition of the importance of the citizen reporter’s perspective on world events, and before our inception there were few places for that unique, first hand voice. Our goal is to make sure we maintain a strong platform where journalists of all types can publish and promote their work. The numbers we’re announcing today agree with and affirm our intent of providing the best vehicle for anyone who wants to expose news to the world.”

About Allvoices, Inc.
Allvoices. com is the largest global community offering local to global news and perspectives in one place. With its proprietary technology, Allvoices provides a 360p view of news by enabling citizen reporting from its community and international news bureaus that is automatically surrounded by additional sources of content including mainstream news feeds and blogs, social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), images and videos which provides context, insight and diversity of opinions around a broad range topics and issues on the global, national and local levels. Allvoices utilizes professional online news stories and media to determine relevancy and credibility with each contribution made to the site. Its highly automated system blends the latest advances in natural language processing and machine learning with a vibrant, diverse and engaged community so anyone can easily publish relevant, trustworthy news for a global audience. The resulting connection and dialogue between contributors and readers makes Allvoices the destination for breaking news (http://www. allvoices. com), hyperlocal topics and popular global interest stories (www. allvoices. com).


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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Global Installed Base of Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners to Reach About 60 Thousand Units by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc

Global Installed Base of Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners to Reach About 60 Thousand Units by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global report on Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners market. Driven by rapid deployment of CT scanners in the developing countries and the replacement of single-slice CT scanners by multi-slice machines, the global installed base of CT Scanners is forecast to cross 60 thousand units by 2015.

San Jose, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) January 20, 2011

Computed tomography (CT) is an X-ray based technology that generates cross-sectional images of the anatomy. Initially introduced in 1973 for head scanning, CT was later adopted for whole body scanning in 1975. The CT market over the years has undergone a metamorphosis with new and sophisticated technologies replacing the obsolete ones. Intense competition and the resultant higher R&D expenditure resulted in slice-wars in the CT scanner market, with manufacturers competing with each other to introduce higher slice CTs. As a result, the year 2007 marked the launch of industry’s first 256 slice CT scanners from Philips, which was quickly followed by Toshiba Medical Systems’ Aquilion ONE 320-slice CT scanner. In 2010, the European Scanning Centre unveiled the Aquilion ONE CT 640 slice scanner, the most advanced scanner in the world.

The latest generation of high-slice CT scanners offers faster imaging and larger imaging area compared to the former counterparts. With the introduction of such advanced multi-slice CT scanners, the slice wars seem to have gradually toned down and vendors as well as manufacturers are currently focusing on fundamental application challenges such as functional imaging with organ perfusion and tissue characterization, dose management, dual energy techniques, and advanced visualization, as stated by the new market research report on Computed Tomography Scanners. The emergence of these new differentiating factors has led to a decline in the importance of other competitive factors such as price and service. Dental treatment stream has evolved into an emerging application market for CT. Another key trend evident in the CT segment is the shift towards combination scanners, with positron emission tomographs (PET)-CT devices being the first hybrid scanner.

The US, Japan and Europe have the highest installed base of CT scanners worldwide. With the ongoing phase out of single-slice scanners, multi-slice CT scanners have emerged as the standard protocol in recent years. Developing countries across the world, led by the BRIC nations, are emerging as lucrative markets for CT scanners. Rapid economic development and increased focus on healthcare initiatives by governments is resulting in a boom in the number of CT scanners being installed in these countries. The Asia-Pacific represents the largest market for single-slice CT scanners.

Competition in the imaging modalities market is intense. GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Toshiba Medical Systems, and Philips Healthcare, are the four major CT scanner manufacturers dominating the global CT scanner landscape. Apart from the above four, other players profiled in the report include Hitachi Medical Corporation and Shimadzu Medical Systems.

The research report titled “Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners: A Global Strategic Business Report” announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., presents incisive insights into major market dynamics, trends, issues, and competition pertaining to the market. The report enumerates recent product introductions/innovations, mergers, acquisitions and other strategic industry activity. Detailed analysis is presented for established and emerging markets including the US, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America for the period 2001-2015.

For more details about this comprehensive market research report, please visit – http://www. strategyr. com/Computed_Tomography_CT_Scanners_Market_Report. asp

About Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) is a reputed publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Founded in 1987, the company is globally recognized as one of the world’s largest market research publishers. The company employs over 800 people worldwide and publishes more than 1200 full-scale research reports each year. Additionally, the company also offers thousands of smaller research products including company reports, market trend reports, and industry reports encompassing all major industries worldwide.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Telephone: 408-528-9966
Fax: 408-528-9977
Email: press(at)StrategyR(dot)com
Web Site: http://www. StrategyR. com/


AmericaRx. com Has Added Special Gift Sets and More for Halloween and Holiday Season

AmericaRx. com Has Added Special Gift Sets and More for Halloween and Holiday Season

AmericaRx. com certified by Trusted commerce to validate compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.

East Elmhurst, NY (PRWEB) July 7, 2007

AmericaRx. Com is enrolled in Trustwave's Trust Keeper® remote compliance program to validate compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard supported by all the major credit card associations including: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard International, Visa International and Visa USA.

At the moment, AmericaRx. com is running seasonal specials on products like sun care, deodorants for with fine perfume and itch care to help everyone enjoy outdoor activities.
AmericaRx. com has Added Special Gift Sets and more for Halloween and Holiday Season.

Consumers can shop anytime without safety concerns, as the Web site features a secure shopping cart and transactions are processed through Verisign. Additionally, Scan Alert and Hacker Safe are operating constantly to prevent hackers from interfering with the website.

Consumers prefer safe shopping from online sites. They would prefer security about their credit card data and personal information. Keeping this in mind AmericaRx. com have "Trusted Commerce" certificate for providing PCI Data security to their consumers. AmericaRx. com have "Hacker Safe" certification by Scan Alert, 128 Bit SSL Security encryption for their customers secured data by VeriSign and now "Trusted Commerce".

With HackerSafe, AmericaRx. com verified towards Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (Visa CISP/AIS, MasterCard SDP), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Government Information Security Reform Act (GISRA), International Standards Organization (ISO) 17799, Japan's Personal Information Protection Law and Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

With Verysign's 128BitSSLSecurity, AmericaRx. com have capable for 'An SSL Certificate enables encryption of sensitive information during online transactions'. 'Each SSL Certificate contains unique, authenticated information about the certificate owner.

Trustwave's Trusted Commerce service designation indicates that AmericaRx. com protects credit card and order information in accordance with payment card industry best practices.

Based upon information provided by AmericaRx. com regarding its policies, procedures, and technical systems that process and/or transmit cardholder data, and the TrustKeeper scan of those systems, America. Rx. com has performed the required procedures to validate compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard.

AmericaRx. com is one of the Top retailers in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide. Consecutively for 2 years i. e., 2005 & 2006

AmericaRx. com - VeriSign Secured Online Pharmacy Shop for Health & Beauty Products, Over the counter Non-Prescription Medications, Home Health Care supplies and House hold Products. Also offer wide variety of brand name products in Beauty & Skin care.

AmericaRx. com -- a unique store for health, beauty, and home needs.

For more information, visit http://www. AmericaRX. com (http://www. AmericaRX. com).