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Care About Your Skin? Use InstantPeel & Let The Instant Exfoliating Begin

Care About Your Skin? Use InstantPeel & Let The Instant Exfoliating Begin

Care About Your Skin? Use InstantPeel & Let The Instant Exfoliating Begin

Tarrytown, NY (PRWEB) June 1, 2005

The latest trends in skincare are all about looking younger and preserver your flawless complexion and healthy glow. There are so many exfoliates on the market today but many of them are very time consuming and rather costly. Do you wish you have a skincare product that you could pop in your handbag, place in your briefcase or slide into your purse or wallet that would work “on the go”? Welcome to the world of InstantPeel… The world's first 7 minute mini facial. InstantPeel can be used by women and men of all ages and skin types who are interested in acquiring and maintaining healthy, refined, beautiful skin.

InstantPeel, an all-natural skin exfoliant, has an immediate effect and you do not have to wait for weeks after applying it, hoping to notice a change. No other product currently exists on the market that allows you to witness the instant peeling of dead skin and impurities as it is being used. In this way, InstantPeel achieves the effect that chemical peels render, but through safe, noninvasive and convenient application. This product is perfect for anyone on the go (men and women alike). It is a great item for your gym bag. Use it after a workout to clean and refresh your skin. Use it just out of the shower. Use it anywhere you wish (make sure there is water available to wash it off thoroughly)Â…it is that easy and effective!


To use: InstantPeel is used once a week for oily skin, and once every two weeks for normal skin, and once every three or four weeks for dry skin. Discard packet after each individual use.

Log onto http://www. instantpeel. com (http://www. instantpeel. com) today and let your skin look the way it was meant to.

For further information, please call Tel: (888) 733-5669 or E-Mail: InPeel@aol. com.

About Earthen Inc.

We at Earthen Inc., the makers of InstantPeel, are a U. S. based company fully dedicated to the enterprise of beauty enhancement and restoration. Earthen knows that the true youth within us is often masked by the dead skin, chemicals, and residue that virtually everyone develops on their skin. InstantPeel was created to counter these effects and revitalize its users. We know InstantPeel is a product like none other; therefore, we encourage you to try it for yourself and experience a revolution in skin care technology heretofore unimaginable.