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BTV Features Angiotech and VSM Medtech

BTV Features Angiotech and VSM Medtech

(PRWEB) May 18, 2003

On May 17th and 18th, 2003- on National TV, BTV-Business Television profiles:

*View the features online through the video links below*:

Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc.(ANPI:NAS, ANP:TSX) http://www. b-tv. com/i/videos/angio. ram (http://www. b-tv. com/i/videos/angio. ram) - develops medical device coatings and treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases through reformulation of the anticancer drug, paclitaxel. These treatments are based upon their discovery that paclitaxel, one of the most commercially successful and clinically effective anticancer drugs ever produced, also blocks an important cellular pathway involved in inflammation.

VSM Medtech Ltd.(VSM:TSX) http://www. b-tv. com/i/videos/VSMedtech. ram (http://www. b-tv. com/i/videos/VSMedtech. ram) - is a medical device company with a growing portfolio of commercial and near commercial diagnostic medical devices. VSM's proprietary, non-invasive solutions include applications for the accurate measurement of blood pressure in both primary and acute care health care environments and imaging systems for the assessment of adult and fetal brain function.

BTV, a half-hour weekly business program, profiles innovative companies across North America. With Host Taylor Thoen, BTV features companies at their location, and interviews the company's key personnel, features their products/services and unveils their plans for future growth.


U. S.: - America One --Sat. May. 17th @ 6:30pm EST

Canada: - Ontario: New VR Sun. May. 18th @ 11:30pm EST, New WI Sun.

12:noon EST, New PL Sun. 12:noon EST, New NX Sun. 12:noon EST, New RO Sun.

11:30pm EST,

CLT: Canadian Learning TV national across Canada: Sat. May. 17th @ 11:30am

MST, CLT repeat Mon. May. 19th @ 5:30pm &11pm,

British Columbia: New VI - chan12 Sun. May. 18th @ 8:00am PST

FOR INFORMATION ON BTV CALL: (604) 575-3002 http://www. b-tv. com (http://www. b-tv. com)

For more information visit our website at http://www. b-tv. com/ (http://www. b-tv. com/) or send mailto:info@b-tv. com Message sent on Thu May 15, 2003 at 7:38:15 AM Pacific Time

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Jami Lin, Award-Winning Author, Offers Complimentary Feng Shui and ColorAlchemy Readings at "Women Taking Care of the World" Conference, October 3 in St. Petersburg, Florida

Jami Lin, Award-Winning Author, Offers Complimentary Feng Shui and ColorAlchemy Readings at "Women Taking Care of the World" Conference, October 3 in St. Petersburg, Florida

Jami Lin, award-winning author, offers complimentary Feng Shui and ColorAlchemy readings at "Women Taking Care of the World" Conference, October 3 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Personalized readings take less than 5 minutes and are customized to each individual. Each attendee will discover their best colors to wear and which directions to face for greater health, wealth, and happiness.

Lanham, MD (Vocus) September 25, 2009

Jami Lin, internationally renowned Feng Shui Master (http://feng-shui-interior-design. com/), Color Alchemist (http://www. coloralchemy. com/), and best-selling author offers complimentary, life-transforming solutions for all attendees at Women-Taking-Care-of-the-World Conference, October 3 in St. Petersburg, Florida (iammoxywomen. com). Throughout he day and within minutes, discover, the best colors to wear and which directions to face for greater health, wealth and happiness at the first-of-its kind, world event: Progress Energy Center for the Arts-Mahaffey Theater.

"I love meeting new people and giving them personalized, life-enhancing solutions. Folks can either choose to receive their best direction (http://www. feng-shui-interior-design. com/Charts/psm. php) to locate their bed and desk, the most important furniture for love and money or get their unique, life-transforming colors to instantly turn stress into calm among other profound benefits."

Having designed thousands of square feet over the past thirty years, hundreds of Jami's clients experience why locating best directions are vital to life success. Sleeping with your head pointing toward a good direction, wake up feeling refreshed and with improved health. Also sleeping in a best direction deepens love or helps find a knight in shining armor. When desk chair faces a best direction, there is greater opportunity for career advancement and for money to flow easily.

"I know the value of these readings and love doing them for free! There is a quick, mathematical formula, modeled after physical science that the Chinese, Feng Shui Masters have time-tested for thousands of years. I combine this formula, intuition, and experience, and voila, easily reap the benefits by making sure desk and bed are facing personal, best directions!"

Free, ColorAlchemy readings will also be offered to identify the best, personalized colors for awakening greatest potential. Select favorite and least favorite colors to discover your unique combination of colors to increase vitality, heighten pleasure, strengthen professional success, deepen love and relationships, improve mental clarity, expand intuition, and/or inspire inner peace.

"As far back as Ancient Egypt, color (http://www. coloralchemy. com/) has been used to motivate and attract personal potential. Newtonian science, Quantum physics, and psychological studies explain how and why using the endless supply of color around you increases performance, helps overcome obstacles, and to experience work as play," shares Jami.

"I began studying color and design crawling around my mother's easel at three-years old, I graduated to my own set of paints as well as from the University of Florida, School of Architecture, studied the science of color, and continue to experience how it immediately influences people through thirty-years of Feng Shui interior design (http://www. feng-shui-interior-design. com/) and ColorAlchemy."

"When you integrate the magic of color in your consciousness, just like Dorothy in the Land of Oz, you will never go back to living in black and white."

Jami Lin is offering opportunities-to-win drawings for her new ColorAlchemy Triumphs Oracle Deck throughout the conference. Stop by, benefit from free life-enriching reading and enter to win!

Feng-Shui-Interior-Design. com and ColorAlchemy. com offers complimentary charts, lessons, and hundreds of helpful tips too.

About us

Jami Lin (JamiLin. com) is a 30-year veteran of interior design. Her expertise evolved into Feng Shui (http://www. feng-shui-interior-design. com/ (http://www. feng-shui-interior-design. com/)), international recognition as a master with six best-selling books, an online home-study certification program, and PBS-TV pilot. Color is her trademark and her new, award-winning ColorAlchemy book (ColorAlchemy. com (http://www. coloralchemy. com/)) is heralded as, "advanced thinking for infinite possibilities."

Jami's media section (http://www. jamilin. com/media/index. php) provides valuable, tailor-made content using color therapy, Feng Shui, design, and youth-enhancing wellness in: Lifestyle/General Interest, Family/Children, Business Success, Home/Garden, Health: Body, Mind, Energy Medicine, Youth-Enhancing Secrets, and Human Spirit/Awareness.

Jami Lin is available for interviews.
Photographs available on request.

Media contact:
Joy Starr
ColorAlchemy. com


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ViSalus Sciences Announces New Trim Slim Shape Program™ for Weight Loss and Weight Management

ViSalus Sciences Announces New Trim Slim Shape Program™ for Weight Loss and Weight Management

ViSalus Sciences, a leader in innovative nutritional solutions, has announced the introduction of their new Trim Slim Shape™ Program for weight loss and weight management. Simple 1-2-3 System Will Let the Real You Show Through.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 14, 2008

ViSalus Sciences (http://www. visalus. com), a leader in innovative nutritional solutions, has announced the introduction of their new Trim Slim Shape™ Program (http://www. visalus. com/products/productLines. asp? sub1=weightloss&imgSrc=1&sub2=benefits&imgSrc=1) for weight loss and weight management. This unique, patent-pending system of products addresses the 3 key common challenges people face when trying to lose or maintain weight:

1. Getting good nutrition while cutting calories.
2. Boosting a tired metabolism and keeping energy levels going on fewer calories
3. Controlling the hunger and stress of dieting.

The product line uses novel, patented ingredients to ensure success. The system includes Vi-Shape™ Nutritional Drink Mix to provide "fast food made healthy." Vi-Shape uses a unique blend of proteins for fast and long-lasting hunger control. It also boasts low carbohydrates and sodium, patented Aminogen™ for maximum protein absorption, pre-biotic for digestive health, and 23 vitamins & minerals in an amazing tasting Sweet Cream flavor.

Vi-Slim™ Metab-Awake! Tablets help boost your metabolism and increase energy. Packed with chocamine, green tea, and the Chinese herb Evodiamine, this unique tablet helps burn fat and promotes lean muscle.

The Vi-Trim™ patent-pending formula controls hunger and helps manage the stress of dieting. This unique drink mix blends into any beverage, and is virtually colorless and flavorless for 'clear control' of hunger pangs.

ViSalus CEO Ryan Blair (http://www. ryanblair. com) recently unveiled the product before a record audience at the company's national Vitality event. "We are witnessing a revolution in an industry that has seen an endless parade of failed fad diets," said Blair. "The Trim Slim Shape Program will help ViSalus further impact the health of millions and put in people's hands the power to combat obesity and the serious risks that come with it."

Also on stage to launch the product were Blair's co-founders Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen, who will spend the rest of the month touring the country (http://www. visalus. com/opportunity/calendar/) to share this new product with distributors and customers who were not on hand for the launch.

Director of Product R&D Dr. Michael Seidman helped unveil the sleek packaging of TSS with ViSalus Senior Vice President of Marketing Audrey Sommerfeld. Sommerfeld, previously a Vice President with Herbalife, has now launched 2 products in just over 12 months with ViSalus Sciences: The TSS Program and 2007's ViSalus NEURO (http://www. visalus. com/products/productLines. asp? sub1=neuro&imgSrc=1) smart energy drink mix.

The ViSalus Trim Slim Shape™ Program makes weight management easy to follow and tastes great too. Ideal for both losing weight and keeping it off, the product is based on cutting edge science as evidenced by its two patents pending. Individuals who participated in a test market of the product lost anywhere from 3-24 pounds in their first week of use alone. The company is committed to helping others live healthier lives, and knows that the Trim Slim Shape Program will provide the tools many need to finally reach their goals.

ViSalus Sciences is a direct sales company that focuses on positively impacting Life, Health, and Prosperity for its community of remarkable members. With the patented Vi-PAK (http://www. visalus. com/products/productLines. asp? sub1=viPak&imgSrc=1) Advanced Anti-Aging and Energy System, and the smart energy drink ViSalus NEURO, the company is committed to providing innovative health solutions. Created with a purpose for contribution, members are proud to give back to their communities every day, a commitment exemplified by the company's partnership with Jessica Biel'sMake the Difference Network. All health-conscious consumers are invited to visit our site and learn more at www. visalus. com.


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Home Decor Outdoor announced the new “B” Letter products

Home Decor Outdoor announced the new “B” Letter products.

Home Decor Outdoor - http://home-decor-outdoor. com/ announced the new “B” Letter products. Home Decor Outdoor is one of the greatest online shopping for Home and Décor Outdoors.

(PRWEB) May 23, 2004

Home Decor Outdoor - http://home-decor-outdoor. com/ (http://home-decor-outdoor. com/) announced the new “B” Letter products.

Home Decor Outdoor is one of the greatest online shopping for Home and Décor Outdoors.

Categories includes Home & garden, Toys, Electronics, Photo, Gifts, Automotive, Beauty, Health, Apparel, Accessories, Sports, Outdoors, Computing, Office, Books, Pets, Travel, Jewelry, and Watches.

Home Décor Outdoor announced the new “B” Letter products - http://home-decor-outdoor. com/?q=index&alphaletter=B (http://home-decor-outdoor. com/?q=index&alphaletter=B) and http://home-decor-outdoor. com/?q=index&alphaletter=B&itemIDprev=0&itemID=1162&items=2 (http://home-decor-outdoor. com/?q=index&alphaletter=B&itemIDprev=0&itemID=1162&items=2) includes Base Foundation Kit, Blata Minibike, Base for Vertical File Case, Bose Wave Radio, Best Wireless Intercom System, Best Double Shoe Polisher (Post), Best Double-Buffer Shoe Polisher, Brass Double Shoe Polisher, Brass Floor Model Shoe Polisher, Ball-Shooting Burp Gun, Best Wireless 3-Channel Intercom, Brush Cleaner, Broken Bulb Extractor, Best Rolling Cart Pressure Washer, Brass Rainfall Showerhead, Brass Classic Drop Bracket Arm, Brass Victorian Riser Bracket Arm, Brass Floor Towel Stand, Brass Wall Towel Rack, Bose Wave Radio & CD Player, BBQ w/ 2 Side, 1 Front Shelf Cover, Best Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker, Best Hard Surface Floor Cleaner, Best Swim Goggles (Red Frame), Bakery Car, Best Swim Goggles (Blue Frame), Better Than Vacuuming Carpet Cleaner, Bedroom Handset, Boater’s Essential Docking Tool, Back Stretcher, Brass Model Quartz Tide Timer, Black/Red Ribbon Replacements, Basket Bunk Bed for Cats, Beach Retreat Small Pop Up Shelter, Better-Than-A-Stepstool Platform, Bose Noise-Cancelling Headset, Best-Fitting Italian Knit Loveseat Cover, Battery-Operated Mini Pump, Basic Buffet Console, Build-Your-Own Harley-Davidson Kit, Barrier Bars, Bookmark Five-Language Translator, Battery-Operated Corkscrew, Beaded Massaging Seat Cushion, Boston Acoustic Receptor Radio, Bomber Leather Carry-On Bag, Bomber Leather Duffel Bag, Bomber Leather Shave Kit, Blade Sharpening Kit, Bed Lounger Slipcovers, and Baby Grand Piano.

Within Home Decor Outdoor thousands of different choices, no matter what you are looking for, you will find one which fit your need and budget.

About the website above:

Is built for new generation of eCommerce which committed to simplifying the life of millions internet users in a new way online shopping. The site and the supporting staff are dedicated to make eCommerce and online shopping fun, reliable, and easy. The site is easy to use and help merchants to minimize setup and maintenance, while maximizing return on investment. For more information please feel free to contact us.


Data and information provided by the above website(s), contents, materials, goods, and or services are for informational purposes only. The creator, webmaster, and the related staff of the website(s) shall not be liable for any errors in the content. For detail please visit the disclaimer section of the website(s).

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Special Healthcare Intelligence Network Report Focuses on Methods Used To Harness Healthcare Costs

Special Healthcare Intelligence Network Report Focuses on Methods Used To Harness Healthcare Costs

After illusions of reprieve, rising healthcare costs once again threaten to knock consumers out of the market. According to The Center for Studying Health System Change, growth in medical costs far surpassed the growth of wages by almost four times in 2004, continuing an eight-year-old trend. Employers are now looking beyond cost-shifting to address the problem from its roots. A 37-page special report, “Reducing Trend & Spend: Harnessing Healthcare Costs in 2005,” produced by the Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN) describes how healthcare organizations are employing novel methods to control healthcare costs through consumer-driven healthcare strategies, disease management and prescription drug programs.

Manasquan, NJ, (PRWEB) July 5, 2005

After illusions of reprieve, rising healthcare costs once again threaten to knock consumers out of the market. According to The Center for Studying Health System Change, growth in medical costs far surpassed the growth of wages by almost four times in 2004.

This trend is eight years old.

Employers are now looking beyond cost-shifting to address the problem from its roots. A 37-page special report, “Reducing Trend & Spend: Harnessing Healthcare Costs in 2005,” produced by the Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN) describes how healthcare organizations are employing novel methods to control healthcare costs through consumer-driven healthcare strategies, disease management and prescription drug programs. For more information, please visit the HIN bookstore.

“Employer groups cannot afford the increase they’re seeing,” said co-author Terrance Killian, assistant vice president of pharmacy services, The Regence Group. “They just flat out can’t take double-digit growth every year in drug costs. This is an extremely solvable challenge.”

Joining Dr. Killilea as co-authors of this report are Mary Bryngelson, regional vice president, American Healthways and Dr. Bridget Eber, practice leader of pharmacy and consumer-driven health strategy at Hewitt Associates. Together, these industrial leaders combine their expertise to brainstorm effective means of cost management. In this report, they discuss:

Six Key Healthcare Cost Management Levers; constructing a Build-Your-Own Consumer-Driven Healthcare Plan; steering Prescription Drug Utilization Through Efficacy; the Regence Group's Evidence-Based Formulary Strategy; the Disease Management Teaming Processes and Infrastructure at BCBSMN; results in Health Outcomes for BCBSMN.

“The secret to managing costs lies entirely in quality-of-care measures,” said co-author Bridget Eber. “An area where we’ve taken great strides is more availability or easier access to quality-of-care information and treatment guidelines. That effort has a direct impact on quality and cost management.”

This comprehensive report, available in print and Adobe® Acrobat® PDF formats, provides detailed descriptions of these progressive initiatives, discussing case studies and offering strategies for tackling challenges of medical and prescription cost management. For more information on this product, upcoming audio conferences and related resources, please visit the HIN bookstore.

About the Healthcare Intelligence Network---HIN is the premier advisory service for executives seeking high-quality strategic information on the business of healthcare. For more information, contact the Healthcare Intelligence Network, PO Box 1442, Wall Township, NJ 07719-1442, (888) 446-3530, fax (732) 292-3073,or visit http://www. hin. com (http://www. hin. com).


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Boston Recruiting Firm Hollister, Inc. Lists Top Strategies for Massachusetts Jobseekers in Today's Economy

Boston Recruiting Firm Hollister, Inc. Lists Top Strategies for Massachusetts Jobseekers in Today's Economy

With Jobs In Massachusetts Hard To Come By, Boston Recruiting Firm Hollister, Inc. Provides Tips To Help Job Candidates Better Market Themselves

Boston, MA (PRWEB) December 10, 2008

As more local professionals are facing layoffs in Massachusetts, Boston recruiting (http://hollisterstaff. com/specialty/index. asp) firm Hollister, Inc. discusses top strategies for jobseekers in today's uncertain economy.

"Right now, job seekers need to adjust their expectations and go into their job search with versatility," said Kip Hollister, Founder and CEO of Hollister, Inc. "There is no doubt that the market is tough right now, so it's going to take much more for jobseekers to get recognized."

Hollister recently published: "How to Guide: Job Search and Market Yourself During a Recession" (http://www. boston-jobs-blog. com/) on the Hollister, Inc blog. The guide includes helpful strategies including: concentrating on growth industries, gaining an understanding of the companies' current and projected pain points, developing a marketing strategy for yourself, and leveraging both on and offline networking outlets.

"What our clients are really looking for right now are professionals that can add value to their organizations," said Hollister. "There is a great deal of pressure to remain conservative with spending right now, so there has to be visible Return on Investment in every hiring decision that is made."

Over the past two months, Hollister, Inc. has experienced a substantial influx of candidates looking for jobs in Massachusetts, mainly due to the mass layoffs that are taking place within the financial services and consumer goods companies. Many of their clients are hiring contractors in an effort to keep productivity up and costs down. Sean McCourt, Manager of Hollister's Contract Technology Division (http://hollisterstaff. com/specialty/technology. asp) explains that several candidates have been leaning on these contract opportunities in an effort to wait it out while receiving work, income and benefits.

"It makes perfect sense, especially when you consider the benefits aspect," explains McCourt. "At Hollister, we offer all of our contractors a competitive benefits package from Blue Cross Blue Shield - the same that we offer our own employees."

Though Hollister, Inc. is feeling the impact of the recession through the supply and demand shift, the senior leadership team remains optimistic and focused on the opportunities that are out there. In a down time, they feel lucky to be in a state that is so diversified by industry.

"Though many companies are putting a freeze on hiring particularly within the areas of financial services and consumer goods, we are grateful to still have some activity in other industries including Technology, Clean Energy and Healthcare," says Hollister. "We are advising many of our candidates to remain positive and focus on how they can transfer their skills and add value in other market sectors."

About Hollister
Founded in 1988, Hollister is a leading full-service staffing firm passionate about connecting Massachusetts' opportunity with talent. Based and home-grown in the Greater Boston region, Hollister is well positioned to see the Massachusetts job market from both sides. They essentially have two sets of clientele that they show up for every day - Massachusetts companies and its active and passive jobseeker. For 20 years, Hollister has been the bridge that connects professionals with jobs in Massachusetts (http://hollisterstaff. com/services/index. asp) and companies with the best employees. Whether you are searching for Massachusetts jobs or to hire your next best employee, they are the network you are looking for.


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HIPAA Deadline Quickly Approaching....Small Health Plans Must Comply With HIPAA by April 14, 2004

HIPAA Deadline Quickly Approaching....Small Health Plans Must Comply With HIPAA by April 14, 2004

In today's world of acronyms and compliance mandates, we know it can be hard to keep HIPAA straight from hippos. We offer the following synopsis to help you and your business understand the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

(PRWEB) March 14, 2004

In todayÂ’s world of acronyms and compliance mandates, we know it can be hard to keep HIPAA straight from hippos. We offer the following synopsis to help you and your business understand the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

What Is HIPAA?

Enacted in August of 1996, HIPPA established rules to combat waste, fraud and abuse, improve portability of health insurance coverage, and simplify administration of healthcare. By establishing consistent industry standards, HIPPA makes it easier for health plans, doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers to process transactions electronically. Enforcement of the requirements is the responsibility of the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

Who Does HIPAA Affect?

HIPAA covers three groups:

Healthcare practices, and any business that sponsors a health plan that transmits ANY patient information digitally or uses a billing service that electronically administers claims. Health benefit plans (except those that are self-administered and cover fewer than 50 participants). Clearinghouses that supply services to convert transactions to required formats for healthcare practices and benefit plans.

What Is a Small Health Plan?

A small health plan is one that collects less than $5 million annually. Dental, vision, medical, and long term care are all health benefit plans. A fully insured plan that collected premiums of less than $5 million in the planÂ’s last full fiscal year is a small health plan and, if not self-administered, or if more than 50 participants are covered, is subject to HIPAA as of April 14, 2004. If more than $5 million was collected, then it is a large plan, subject to the earlier deadline of April 14, 2003. If you missed the deadline, please call us immediately; we can help you minimize your exposure or liability.

What Are the Deadlines for Compliance?

The HIPAA administrative simplification was finalized April 14, 2001. Most health plans, clearinghouses and health care providers who engage in certain electronic transactions were given two years (to April 14, 2003) from the time the final regulation took effect to comply with the HIPAA standards. Small health plans were given three years to comply – a deadline of April 14, 2004.

What Does HIPAA Require of Health Plans?

Health Plans are covered by Title II. This section mandates rules for maintaining the privacy of protected health information establishes security requirements to protect that information and publishes, documents, requires standard identifiers for Electronic Data Interchange.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) established the final privacy rules to provide health care recipients with:

The right to review and copy their health information. The right to request an amendment of their health information. The right to receive a reporting of disclosures of their health information. The right to request disclosure restriction of their health information. The right to request alternative methods of communication of their health information.

What Do You Need To Do?

The privacy rule contains five necessary responsibilities for a small health plan to meet by the April 14 deadline. Plans must:

1. Provide information to participants about their privacy rights and how their information can be used.

2. Adopt clear privacy procedures.

3. Train all employees in the planÂ’s privacy procedures.

4. Designate an individual to be held responsible for enforcing privacy procedures.

5. Secure all patient records and individually identifiable health information.

Who Can Help?

With the April 14 deadline quickly approaching, now is the time to act. Sifting through the requirements of HIPAA is not a simple task and is one that takes time and effort. The good news: help is out there. The United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights (OCR), provides in-depth explanations of HIPAA under the Privacy of Health Information / HIPAA feature at www. os. dhhs. gov/ocr/hipaa/ (http://www. os. dhhs. gov/ocr/hipaa/).

Additionally, experienced professionals, fully aware of these requirements and conversant with pertinent laws, rules and regulations pertaining to HIPPA, are available. Our team has developed an effective procedure to bring your company into compliance, including:

Evaluating your current practices, policies and procedures in light of HIPAA privacy legislation Preparing a gap analysis Constructing implementation plans Providing specimen policies, procedures and resources Assisting with implementation We have worked with a number of companies to meet their needs and complete the compliance requirements in a timely, cost efficient manner.

# # #

About Bill Wagnon, CPC

As a senior auditor with the Privacy and Security team of Brown Smith Wallace Consulting Group, Bill specializes in IT Security and Controls Reviews and Regulatory Compliance (i. e. HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley). BillÂ’s expertise can help determine the appropriateness of the methods by which an organization controls physical and logical access to your buildings and systems. Bill also reviews change management processes and can assess your compliance with legislative requirements. Bill earned a BS, Personnel Psychology at the University of Illinois and holds the Certified Pension Consultant designation from the American Society of Pension Actuaries (ASPA). His association memberships include the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Information Systems Audit and Control Association and Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (ISACA). On A Personal Note: Bill, his wife, Chris, and their children, Benjamin and Elizabeth, reside in Richmond Heights, Missouri.

About Brown Smith Wallace Consulting Group

St. Louis based Brown Smith Wallace Consulting Group, founded in 1976, is a leader in the strategic use of technology to create competitive advantage. While other firms may bring answers based on their experience, we use our experience to help our clients find the unique answers to their unique situations.

At Brown Smith Wallace we make a measurable difference in our clientsÂ’ lives. We do this by making sure that our clients get more than just a good return on their investment. Our staff works to find hidden value, we look where others forget, we bridging gaps to form long lasting relationships, we are accessible and by guarantee our work in writing. For more information visit www. bswllc. com.

EDITORS NOTE: Permission to reprint is hereby given to all print, broadcast and electronic media provided that the contact information at the end of each article or quotation is included in your publication. Permission is also granted for reasonable editing, including article title change and customizing for your audience/industry. Please send a copy of the published information to: Brown Smith Wallace, Media Placement, 1050 N. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63102

While Condemning Reckless Raelians, Canadian Transhumanists Affirm Cloning as a Valid Reproductive Choice

While Condemning Reckless Raelians, Canadian Transhumanists Affirm Cloning as a Valid Reproductive Choice

Toronto Transhumanist Association believes human cloning will one day become a beneficial and positive procedure, but wish to distance themselves from unethical groups and scientists

(PRWEB) January 5, 2003

Toronto, Ontario, January 3, 2002 -- With the Raelians announcing the birth of a human clone, blanket condemnations are flooding in. Most of the criticisms, however, are misdirected, and fail to mention reproductive cloning's potential benefits and supporters.

Virtually every cloned animal to date has been born with some sort of defect or abnormality (assuming they make it in the first place, as the majority of prospective clones die before birth). Even when seemingly healthy clones are born they can develop problems with their kidneys, liver, heart, blood vessels, skin, musculature of the body wall and immune system. They are also likely to have limb and facial abnormalities. And it's been reported that some cloned mice have continued growing to gigantic proportions, and that some animals are born with their insides on the outside.

In their haste to produce the first human clone, the Raelians and their renegade Clonaid biologists exposed babies to these sorts of risks. Yes, critics should be directing their disgust at the Raelians and the maverick scientists who helped them clone a human before the procedure was safe. But they should be careful about saying that all scientists and ethicists are against reproductive cloning, or that the act itself is evil.

"The media is reporting that scientists and ethicists believe reproductive cloning is in principle bad," says Simon Smith, president of the Toronto Transhumanist Association. "This is not the case. Most scientists and ethicists are opposed to reproductive cloning at present, as the technology is imperfect and dangerous. Many, however, see no problem with cloning in principle. When it's perfected, it will be merely another option in the growing list of reproductive choices."

The Toronto Transhumanist Association is a supporter of reproductive cloning, but denounces all attempts to clone humans until the technology is perfected. Until then, it wishes to distance itself as much as possible from unethical people and groups who are putting human lives at risk.

“Human cloning will someday be a good thing,” says TTA vice-president George Dvorsky. “For infertile couples who cannot make babies with sperm and eggs, cloning is a medical breakthrough that will provide them children of their own. Similarly, it will help gay and lesbian couples produce genetically related offspring. And for those individuals with inheritable genetic diseases, reproductive cloning will give them an increased chance of having a healthy child."

“Transhumanists believe that humans deserve the right to clone themselves should they choose, so long as the process isn’t harmful to others," says Dvorsky. "It is hard to imagine parents of clones being any less loving and caring than parents of regular children. Clones are nothing more than delayed twins, and are just as human and as deserving of rights and respect as anyone.”

About the Toronto Transhumanist Association

The Toronto Transhumanist Association (TTA) is a chapter of the World Transhumanist Association, a global organization founded in 1998 to support discussion, research and public awareness of Transhumanist thinking. There are currently more than 50 formed or forming chapters of the World Transhumanist Association around the world.

Transhumanism is concerned with ethically expanding technological opportunities for all people to live longer and healthier lives, to enhance their intellectual, physical and emotional capacities, and to enjoy a future of freedom and prosperity.

If youÂ’re interested in learning more, please visit our Website at http://toronto. transhumanism. com (http://toronto. transhumanism. com) or email george@betterhumans. com.

American Hydrotech Garden Roof® Assemblies Support Growing Trend of Edible Urban Landscapes

American Hydrotech Garden Roof® Assemblies Support Growing Trend of Edible Urban Landscapes

Landscape architects, architects take green roof projects to the next level to offer opportunities for education, food production and other sustainable benefits.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) November 17, 2010

American Hydrotech, a recognized leader in the development and distribution of premium waterproofing and roofing products, today announced it has provided Garden Roof Assemblies and technologies to support structures that are leveraging underutilized roof space as opportunities for achieving the greatest level of sustainability – food production, horticultural learning and environmental awareness.

One example of a recreation of the urban ecosystem is the Gary Comer Youth Center (GCYC), located in Chicago, IL. The GCYC offers extracurricular alternatives for young people to learn and study, in an effort to provide the needed support for students to graduate from high school, pursue college and careers. Boasting award-winning architecture in 2006, the landscape architect and architect closely collaborated to elevate a traditional Garden RoofAssembly plan into a working flower and vegetable garden. Today, the GCYC Roof Garden offers after-school learning space with structured curriculum for both youth and seniors in a typically unsafe neighborhood environment. In 2009 alone, children planted and dug their way through 18-24 inches of soil to produce more than 1,000 pounds of vegetables which was used in GCYC culinary classes, sold to the community and purchased by prominent local Chicago chefs for use in award-winning restaurant concepts.

“The rooftop garden is both an oasis from urban stress and also a stepping stone to future careers. In 2010, 85 youth ages 13-18 participated in a ‘seed-to-table’ program in which they learned all aspects of urban agriculture and other environmentally friendly careers,” says Marji Hess, GCYC garden manager. “The rooftop really shows the sky is the limit when youth and gardening are brought together.”

In Kentucky, the Louisville Scholar House is a 56-unit development providing housing for low-income single parents and children while the parents earn a college degree attending local colleges and universities. Residents regularly attend workshops on health maintenance, parenting skills, management of family resources, nutritional knowledge, problem solving, work skills and job-search techniques to reach their ultimate life goals. The campus also includes a child development center that serves 167 children ages 6 weeks through 4 years old. On top of the structure is a 3,800 square-foot Garden Roof Assembly in which residents and children can further their education in environmental awareness and food production, growing vegetables as a community to supplement their food stamps. The family environment and learnings are then extended into cooking and nutrition, as these vegetables are used to prepare nutritious meals for residing families.

“Our children have eaten many vegetables that they had not even seen before,” said Cathe Dykstra, president and chief executive officer of Family Scholar House, the parent organization of Louisville Scholar House. “They tried them because they grew them and cooked them with their parent. Our programs are about learning new things to break the cycle of poverty. Nutrition and environmentally-friendly living are integral to the future for our families and our community.”

“We are proud to offer a versatile range of Garden RoofAssemblies and other technology to support these and other outstanding roof projects,” said Edward Jarger, general sales and marketing manager, American Hydrotech. “At the core of our company is a commitment to the environment and sustainability, however, these associations and institutions, along with their landscape architects and other project members should be commended on how they leveraged technology and offered unique design perspectives for the greater good.”

About American Hydrotech
Headquartered in Chicago, American Hydrotech, Inc.® is a recognized leader in the development, production and distribution of premium waterproofing and roofing products. For more than 45 years, the company’s flagship waterproofing membrane product, Monolithic Membrane 6125®, has provided waterproofing to almost two billion square feet of roof decks, plazas, vertical foundations, reflecting pools and other structures in 36 countries worldwide. American Hydrotech also offers a variety of drainage, insulation and protection materials for single source assemblies such as The Ultimate Assembly® for plazas and roof terraces as well as the Garden Roof® Assembly, a unique, lightweight assembly for transforming underutilized roofs and plazas into beautiful landscaped and recreational environments. For more information, please call 800-877-6125, visit http://www. hydrotechusa. com or follow us on Twitter @Hydrotech6125

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Secret to a Longer, Healthy Life Found -- The No Med or Surgery Weight Loss Program that Anyone Can Do Easily

The Secret to a Longer, Healthy Life Found -- The No Med or Surgery Weight Loss Program that Anyone Can Do Easily

Anyone can copy this and lose weight permanently. Here is the weight loss program people have probably been looking for. Use this proven method that does not require any surgery, medication or faddy type diet plans. This totally safe and natural program is easy and effortless to use and one can still eat desired foods. A free report is available at www. effectivesafeweight loss. com.

Dorset, UK (PRWEB) September 23, 2007

Recently released from the USA and now available in the UK, Greenwood Direct are announcing that they have great news for those who are struggling with a weight problem. A self control weight loss program, which has been such a sensation in the USA, which allows one to reduce weight without the use of traditional diet type programs. It has enabled many people to improve their health and body shape. Also by reducing their weight it has a beneficial effect of reducing the level of diabetes and heart problems, just two of the major side effects of being overweight.

In these times of fast foods and ready meals people have been led into a life of fattier, cholesterol raising foods, which in turn causes anxiety, stress and obesity which becomes self aggravating.

However, as a nation we are becoming better informed of the problems and by making people more aware that there are alternatives, and that these do not have to include surgery, medication or fancy diets which cost money each month. Armed with this knowledge those wishing to help themselves to a healthier future know that they must act for themselves and know where they can go for the natural option. Visiting www. effectivesafeweightloss. com allows one to do just this, as Greenwood Direct are pleased to present this self control program to the public.

This is an excellent program for those who feel that they have failed in all that has gone before. It does not involve surgery, medication or special foods. This enables people to reduce their weight and keep it off without having to spend out on extra special supplements each and every month.

The program has been used with great satisfaction by stars such as John Travolta, Sean Penn, Tony Curtis and promoted by companies such as Coca Cola, AT&T and Xerox.

Why be reliant on various potions, pills and powders, paid for each month, when the remedy is here to be found at www. effectivesafeweightloss. com.

With the party season approaching, what a great time to get trim and slim. Go now to www. effectivesafeweightloss. com for a free report and make a decision to improve fitness levels and health.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Acclamation Systems Announces New Partnership with Medical Claim Repricing Firm

Acclamation Systems Announces New Partnership with Medical Claim Repricing Firm

Acclamation Systems, Inc. (ASI) announced today a strategic partnership with Medical Claims Funding Group (MCFG) which will enable healthcare payors on the LuminX benefits management system to utilize the MCFG claims repricing system.

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) April 28, 2008

Acclamation Systems, Inc. (ASI) announced today a strategic partnership with Medical Claims Funding Group (MCFG) which will enable healthcare payors on the LuminX benefits management system to utilize the MCFG claims repricing system.

"We are happy to welcome a top repricing company such as MCFG to our portfolio of service and technology partners. With healthcare costs continuing to rise at a rapid rate, our healthcare payor clients have to maximize cost savings for their employer clients. Adding MCFG's service to our state-of-the-art benefits technology suite will help our clients achieve these goals," said Jim Senge, ASI CEO.

MCFG offers claims repricing services for medical claims. The company offers the fastest and most financially transparent solution available to the healthcare marketplace - the MCFG Provider Express-Pay Program. This program can advance-fund provider payment within one business day.

"We are pleased to partner with an industry-leading company such as Acclamation Systems," says MCFG President Daniel Ferrara. "Acclamation clients will now be able to take advantage of our unique claims repricing program and benefit from the cost-savings created by sizable discounts."

About Acclamation Systems, Inc.
Acclamation Systems, Inc. delivers integrated, flexible technology solutions for employee benefits management. Since its inception in 1989, ASI continues to provide some of the world's largest insurance carriers, third party administrators and self-administered organizations with the most comprehensive, powerful benefits administration system on the market today. ASI's flagship product, LuminX, is an end-to-end, automated system designed for organizations entrusted with the responsibility of administering health and other employee benefits. To complement the LuminX system, ASI offers robust Web tools, including online eligibility and enrollment, and comprehensive reporting; full accounting capabilities; integrated technologies; and outsourcing services to enhance their clients' productivity and profitability. For more information on the company, visit www. acclamation. com.

About Medical Claims Funding Group
Medical Claims Funding Group accelerates out-of-network, medical claim settlements between healthcare providers and insurance carriers, third party administrators and self-funded employers. By contacting each Provider directly, and using the Advance Funding method, MCFG is able to access discounts from more Providers and extract larger discounts than competing methods. The MCFG process typically creates increased net savings for clients. Additionally, all transaction discounts with the Provider and associated transaction costs are available real-time, 24 x 7, via the MCFG Web Reporting Module.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Building Interoperability into Medical Information

Building Interoperability into Medical Information

Modern health information systems today are proprietary and often only serve one department making it impossible to easily share data across one facility, never mind across different facilities or countries. A big problem, it makes it difficult for doctors to capture a complete clinical history of a patient. But one project hopes to overcome this.

New Haven, CT (PRWEB) January 5, 2006

Modern health information systems today are proprietary and often only serve one department making it impossible to easily share data across one facility, never mind across different facilities or countries. A big problem, it makes it difficult for doctors to capture a complete clinical history of a patient. But one project hopes to overcome this.

“The healthcare interoperability problem can be investigated in two categories: Interoperability of the healthcare messages exchanged and interoperability of electronic healthcare records [EHRs],” says Professor Asuman Dogac, Director of the Software Research & Development Center in Turkey, and ARTEMIS project coordinator.

Right now messaging interfaces, or interface engines, are used to exchange information among different healthcare information systems. Currently, the Health Level 7 (HL7) Version 2 Messaging Standard is the most widely implemented.

Unfortunately, HL7 V2 compliance does not imply direct interoperability between healthcare systems, because V2 has no explicit information model. Instead it has rather vague definitions for many data fields and contains many optional fields.

EHRs suffer from similar problems. An EHR is digitally stored healthcare information about an individual that supports continuity of care, education and research, while ensuring confidentiality. A number of standardisation efforts are progressing to provide EHRs interoperability. However, an exchange of well-structured and machine-processable EHRs has not been achieved yet in practice.

ARTEMIS provides the desperately required interoperability between medical information systems through semantically-enriched Web services that use defined meanings of individual pieces of parameters. ARTEMIS uses existing standards, such as HL7, as a basis for defining both the service action semantics and the message semantics.

For EHRs, ARTEMIS uses constraint rules for specific clinical concepts, called ‘archetypes’, rather than distinct entities in the reference information model. It annotates their archetypes with ontologies, an established list of definitions, and then composes templates from archetypes and retrieves corresponding data from the underlying medical information systems.

To complicate matters, in most countries there are no unique person identifiers that would be valid for the whole lifetime of an individual and used by all parties in healthcare and for all episodes of care. In many cases several identifiers for a patient exist even within a single organisation.

Consequently a protocol is needed that allows the identification of patients by means of non-unique patient-related attributes. ARTEMIS developed a ‘Patient Identification Process’ (PIP) Protocol’. PIP provides a solution for continuity of care by locating and accessing prior clinical records and provides comprehensive security and privacy protection mechanisms.

Currently, the industry’s Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) initiative proposes the Retrieve Information for Display (RID) integration profile to allow users retrieve and display patient-related documents on systems other than the document keeping systems. Although it is well suited for use in a single hospital or within a trust of hospitals that belong to a single Patient Identifier Domain, it is not designed for cross-boundary access on information stored in different hospitals.

ARTEMIS’ middleware infrastructure extends the IHE RID protocol for cross-enterprise search and access to patient-related clinical information, even if no Master Patient Index is available, and without modifications to existing information source actors. Applied to the ARTEMIS infrastructure, the RID Information Source and Display actors may be located in different institutions using different Patient ID domains and different sets of demographic data.

At the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society annual conference in San Diego, February 2006, "we will run a demonstrator that will realise a scenario where, after an accident, a patient is admitted to the most appropriate hospital from the ambulance,” says Dr Dogac. “The patient will be admitted before the ambulance arrives at the hospital, via a mobile device. The hospital admissions service will then automatically seek out any relevant healthcare records of the patient in the ARTEMIS P2P network, and presents them to the doctor, although the hospitals discovered may not be using interoperable standards with each other. This is a considerable improvement over current systems."

Dr Dogac will begin a new project, SAPHIRE, in the next months. "That project will seek to extend the functionality of ARTEMIS. It will expose medical sensor data as semantically-enriched Web services. It will process sensor output, the patient's medical history and clinical guidelines to help physicians with diagnoses and treatment."

But even without these new services, ARTEMIS already represents a major advance; it enables clinicians to capture the complete clinical history of a patient that may be spread out over a number of different institutes that do not interoperate.

Note to Editors:

PLEASE MENTION IST RESULTS AS THE SOURCE OF THIS STORY AND, IF PUBLISHING ONLINE, PLEASE HYPERLINK TO: http://istresults. cordis. lu/ (http://istresults. cordis. lu/)
Contact: Tara Morris, +32-2-2861985, tmorris at gopa-cartermill. com

Project website: http://www. srdc. metu. edu. tr/webpage/projects/artemis/ (http://www. srdc. metu. edu. tr/webpage/projects/artemis/)


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Free Female Sexual Dysfunction Quiz Now Available Online to Help Boost FSD Awareness

Free Female Sexual Dysfunction Quiz Now Available Online to Help Boost FSD Awareness

Women experiencing loss of libido are now able to assess their risk for symptoms of FSD, finding answers to their questions in search of raising libido levels to an all new high.

St. Charles, IL (PRWEB) July 10, 2007

Marketing research reveals that many women, regardless of age, suffer from symptoms associated with Female Sexual Dysfunction or FSD (http://www. lyriana. com/female-sexual-dysfunction. html). Although FSD is a medical condition that wasn't officially recognized until 1999 by the National Institutes of Health, it is a condition that more and more women are talking about and seeking advice on. In fact, according to findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, an estimated 43 percent of women reported having experienced FSD. However, additional studies also suggest that many women, dissatisfied with intercourse, still don't know that what they are experiencing may be directly related to FSD. In response, Lyriana, a clinically proven and patented, all-natural topical gel designed to alleviate symptoms of FSD, now offers a free FSD Awareness Quiz (http://www. lyriana. com/fsd-awareness-quiz. html) that women can take directly on the website to assess their risk for symptoms of FSD.

"There are so many causes that tend to be interrelated in contributing to a woman experiencing sensual dissatisfaction, it can be hard to distinguish if it is actually FSD or not," states Chris Guill, President of Lyriana. "Which is why we are excited to provide a free, easy-to-use educational tool for women to assess their risk of FSD."

The American Psychological Association (APA) classifies Female Sexual Dysfunction as a loss of sexual desire or arousal, discomfort during intercourse, vaginal dryness (http://www. lyriana. com/vaginal-dryness. html), diminished blood flow to the vagina, trauma-related aversion to sex, and/or the inability to achieve an orgasm. In fact, achieving arousal and a satisfying experience depends on several factors including blood flow to the reproductive organs, state of mind, the ability to produce natural lubrication, and hormone levels. There are many conditions that can affect a female's reproductive response cycle, such as health conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease), lifestyle conditions (smoking), and age. In addition Guill says, "The symptoms of FSD are especially prominent in women reaching the ages of peri-menopausal and menopausal stages."

The FSD Awareness Quiz considers many other medical, physical, and lifestyle issues that can also affect a woman's libido including:

•Lack of exercise
•Injury and acute medical illness
•Weight gain
•Side effects from medication (such as antidepressants or birth control prescriptions)
•Stress & Fatigue
•Hormone Replacement Therapy

"Almost all women, at some time in their lives, experience symptoms of FSD," states Guill. "However, if you experience more than the occasional symptom, if it is just not what it used to be, or if you are experiencing pain during intercourse, you may want to assess your risk of FSD."

For more information about Female Sexual Dysfunction, or to take the FSD Awareness Quiz, please visit http://www. lyriana. com (http://www. lyriana. com).

In clinical trials, Lyriana reliably improved natural lubrication (http://www. lyriana. com/clinical-proof. html) and increased female libido for a majority of women experiencing FSD. Lyriana is designed to help the body repair the delicate tissues and membranes surrounding the vulva, alleviating discomfort for females experiencing intimate dryness. Lyriana is the only worldwide patented formula with the active ingredient, Visnadin (http://www. lyriana. com/lyriana-patent. html#leftNavMore) that promotes blood circulation, stimulation, and natural lubrication. Visnadin is a natural product extracted from the Amm Visnaga plant, known to Egyptian medicine as an antispastic and vasodilatory substance.

For more information regarding Lyriana, please visit http://www. lyriana. com/media-resources. html (http://www. lyriana. com/media-resources. html) or phone 800-933-3640.

About Lyriana -- The female libido topical gel, called Lyriana, has been clinically tested and evaluated to maximize results in treating the symptoms associated with different forms of FSD. Lyriana was developed by Indena S. P.A. of Milan, a privately owned Italian company dedicated to the research, development, and production of active ingredients derived from plants for use in pharmaceutical, health, and cosmetic industries. Indena is made up of 700 employees and operates in over 40 countries worldwide. Indena has successfully developed anti-cancer treatments and products to treat dysfunctions of the central nervous system. With over 80 years of expertise in botanical science, Indena has become one of the world's leading companies in the research and production of standardized plant-based extracts and active ingredients. For additional information about Lyriana, FSD, or Indena S. A., please visit http://www. lyriana. com (http://www. lyriana. com) or call 800-933-3640.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Check In Systems Enhances Patient Registration Solution

Check In Systems Enhances Patient Registration Solution

New Features, Capabilities Make System Easier To Use

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) June 1, 2010

Check In Systems, Inc., a leading provider of check in systems for healthcare, banking, government and education markets, has announced a wealth of enhancements to its Medical Check In HIPAA-compliant patient registration kiosk solution. “Medical Check In has long been the gold standard in touch screen-based patient check-in kiosk systems,” commented Jay Corn, President of Check In Systems Inc. “While it is already universally trusted by doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals across the country, these enhancements will add additional layers of functionality designed to improve the process of streamlining patient care for healthcare practices.”

Several new features and capabilities of the system make it easier to use, Corn noted. For example, records can now be edited by the receptionist directly from the sidebar. Comments may be added to help patient flow in the office. The “Daily Report” screen has a clickable calendar that enables users to quickly select the proper date, and a manual entry form provides another option for capturing patient information. The patients’ name, as well as the reason for their visit, can be quickly changed at the touch of a button, and a “date range” parameter makes it simple to find any information staff may require.

Other improvements allow for extra user control, increasing overall accuracy and augmenting overall value. The system now requires that a name be associated with the completion of individual registration steps and milestones. It also tracks the identity of individuals acknowledging and checking out patients.
At the same time, unnecessary features and capabilities have been eliminated from the system, heightening overall user convenience. Delete buttons are no longer found in the “All Records” and “Associate” reports and accessing simple reports no longer requires a password.

“Our focus is on efficient patient processing, and with the improvements to Medical Check In, that is what every user will achieve,” Corn concluded. “And future editions of Medical Check In will reflect our ongoing commitment to giving all healthcare providers the tools they need to operate at top speed while offering the best in patient care.”

About Check In Systems Inc.
Check In Systems Inc. (http://www. checkinsystemsinc. com) is a leading provider of state-of-the-art touch screen kiosk check in and sign in systems utilized by doctor’s offices, clinics, banks, schools, hospitals, and municipalities across the country. Our check in systems provide a simple touch screen interface that replaces the inefficiencies associated with paper based sign in systems. To learn more, visit www. checkinsystemsinc. com (http://www. checkinsystemsinc. com).


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cook Ross Publishes Cross-Cultural Communications Business Tool

Cook Ross Publishes Cross-Cultural Communications Business Tool

In response to the growing demand for effective communication in global and multi-cultural business environments, Cook Ross has created its Cultural Communication Guide™ to enhance cross-cultural business communications effectiveness.

Silver Spring, MD (PRWEB) August 8, 2006

Cook Ross has released its Cultural Communication Guide™, designed to help organizations and individuals learn the nuances of communicating in a multi-cultural business (http://www. cookross. com/products/guide. htm) environment.

The Cultural Communication Guide features a variety of regions and cultures, and provides guidelines on how to communicate across cultures effectively. Specific cultural nuances for each are laid out in twenty different categories, including relationships, decision making personal space issues, as well as communication patterns and work styles.

“In our work with organizations, the primary challenges revolve around communication. It is not always what is said, but how it is said, where, and when. It is quite simple theoretically, but when we are working with people from different backgrounds than ours it is easy to miss small things that can have tremendous impact, said Cook Ross President, Howard Ross. “The Cultural Communication Guide helps us get an idea of some of these nuances and be empowered by them, rather than caught off-guard by not having a working understanding of them.”

The Cultural Communication Guide is available for $10.95 each and can be ordered in large quantities for volume discounts. For more information visit http://www. cookross. com (http://www. cookross. com).

About Cook Ross

Cook Ross is one of the country's leading organizational change (http://www. cookross. com/services/orgtrans. htm) and diversity consultancies. Based in Silver Spring, Maryland for nearly 20 years, the company has provided cultural competency solutions through its training, consulting, products and services.

Cook Ross has proven that cultural competency can be learned and developed, and can lead to unprecedented growth, as well as vastly improved productivity, morale, internal communication, leadership, and customer satisfaction.

Cook Ross has developed a broad series of tools that empower its clients with cultural competence (http://www. cookross. com) awareness and skills, including online tools such as CultureVision (http://www. crculturevision. com) which was specifically designed for healthcare practitioners and provides on-the-spot access to culturally competent patient care, and The Diversity Toolkit (http://www. thediversitytoolkit. com), which helps managers, leaders, and front line workers in all types of organizations understand and deal with diversity issues as they arise in the work place.

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www. HRmarketer. com) on behalf of the company listed above.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Planet, Inc. Launches Special Holiday Shops at PlanetShoes. com

Planet, Inc. Launches Special Holiday Shops at PlanetShoes. com

PlanetShoes. com is featuring several special holiday shops for 2009 including Gifts Under $50, Gifts Over $150 and Brands That Give Back.

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) November 26, 2009

Planet, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of several special holiday shops online at PlanetShoes. com. The specialty shops include Gifts Under $50, Luxury Gifts and Brands that Give Back. The shops will be featured on the homepage of Planet Shoes as well as online at http://www. planetshoes. com/shops. asp (http://www. planetshoes. com/shops. asp).

“Our goal is always to help the customer to find interesting new products on the site – to help expand their sights to new offerings and brands – which is why we’re launching these special shops,” explained Philippe Meynard, President of Planet, Inc.

The Gifts Under $50 specialty shop will offer value footwear, socks, hats and gloves from brands like Earth Footwear, Blowfish, Sporto Boots, Lamo Sheepskin and more. The Luxury Shop, on the other end of the spectrum, offers beautiful footwear from brands like Born, Apepazza, Camper and MBT.

“We put together the Gifts Under $50 and the Luxury shops to help people who are shopping either within a budget or who are excited to splurge on a loved one. The Gifts Under $50 is a particular point of pride because of the depth and breadth of the products offered. We’re also excited about our Luxury Shop because it really highlights our growth into fashion brands and the amazing boot collection we have in stock right now,” continued Meynard.

The Brands That Give Back is a shop that includes all of brands that PlanetShoes. com carries that give back to their community or to the world. This shop includes brands like El Naturalista, Greenbees, Patagonia, Teko Socks and Tsonga. Each of these brands have compelling stories of how they give back, like Tsonga that employs 160 women from a village in Africa, or El Naturalista and their Atauchi Project.

“The Brands That Give Back Shop is a great way for us to support the brands we carry that are supporting humanitarian efforts. We actively support and Market our Eco-Friendly shoes and these Brands that Give Back are really important to us as well. We wanted to help our customers buy shoes and accessories that support causes as well,” said Meynard.

About Planet, Inc.
Planet, Inc. is an innovative lifestyle shoe retailer dedicated to selling the most comfortable and stylish shoes possible at value prices. Our flagship site found on the web at PlanetShoes. com specializes in active, comfortable, healthy, earth friendly shoes and products with a flare of fashion. Our product lines are ever expanding to bring our customer new fun footwear to choose from. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or an eco-friendly fashionista, we strive to offer the selection you want.

We look at affordability and value in pricing our products. Customer service and unique products are our calling card. Contact us directly at 1-888-818-SHOE (7463).


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Soldiers Will Shine In This Year’s Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon

Soldiers Will Shine In This Year’s Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon

Several to run in honor of others wounded or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan

Seattle, WA (Vocus) November 20, 2010

Thousands of runners will take to the streets on November 28 to participate in the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon. Among them will be soldiers who participated in the marathon last year – not here, but in a shadow run at a military base in Baghdad.

Following the successful Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon Baghdad Shadow Run, which took place in Baghdad, Iraq in November 2009, the Seattle Marathon Association (SMA) has teamed up with Maj. Mark Piccone, Maj. Mike Moore and the soldiers from Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM) once again. They have formed the 2010 Iraq/Afghanistan Remembrance Run Group to participate in this year’s Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon Family of Events in honor of those who died or were wounded in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

First, a team will be running in the Seattle Marathon 5K Race presented by Road Runner Sports on November 27. This team from JBLM will consist of wounded warriors accompanied by un-injured battle buddies, soldiers and some family members of soldiers killed in battle.

In addition, a group of more than 49 soldiers will be participating in the Amica Insurance Half and Full Marathons on November 28.

Soldiers will also participate in this year’s Family of Events in a number of ways other than running. They will pass out finisher medals at the marathon and half marathon finish line, as well as host a booth at the Health+Fitness Expo to bring attention to the long struggle wounded soldiers have on the road to recovery.

In further support of the soldiers, SMA has brought on Operation Ward 57 as an official charity partner of the 2010 Event. This charity supports wounded warriors as they recover from severe injuries. Participants may donate to Operation Ward 57 when they register online through Active. com or through the Charity Partner page. SMA also encourages support for the Wounded Warrior Project, another charity that supports wounded warriors throughout the recovery process.

Operation Ward 57 is one of many organizations that will benefit from this year’s race. All runners are encouraged to collect donations for their favorite cause or charity, and the Seattle Marathon Association makes that easy to do by using the Active Giving program on Active. com.

The Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon, Marathon Walk, Half Marathon and Half Marathon Walk will take place Nov. 28. All events will start and end at the historic Seattle Center downtown and will traverse the streets of the Emerald City, showcasing the sweeping vistas of this important seaport town. The marathon course is USATF - and AIMS-certified and is a Boston Marathon qualifier. Visit http://www. seattlemarathon. org to find out more about the race and to sign up as a participant.

Operation Ward 57’s mission statement is to support wounded warriors, their families and medical staff at Walter Reed Army Medical Center by providing items that assist in recovery, maintenance and morale of the hospital environment and through advocacy, education and promotion of their circumstances.

About Amica Insurance:
Amica Mutual Insurance Company, the nation’s oldest mutual insurer of automobiles, was founded in 1907. The company, based in Lincoln, RI, is a national writer of automobile, homeowners, marine and personal umbrella liability insurance. Life coverage is available through Amica Life Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary. Amica employs more than 3,200 people in 40 offices across the country.

About the Seattle Marathon Association:
The Seattle Marathon Association (SMA) is a non-profit organization governed by a 10-member board of directors. It is proud of its commitment to providing a quality running event in the Pacific Northwest, providing sponsors with maximum exposure in association with the event and making a positive social and economic impact on the city of Seattle. The marathon course is USATF - and AIMS-certified and is a Boston Marathon qualifier. Visit http://www. seattlemarathon. org to find out more about the race.

Media Contacts:
Meghan C. Palumbo
Senior Sponsorship Specialist
Amica Insurance
Office: 800.652.6422, ext. 23354
Cell: 401.617.4375

Julie A. Montalbano
Sponsorship Supervisor
Amica Insurance
Office: 800.652.6422, ext. 22100
Cell: 401.481.7059

Kiira Ness
Seattle Marathon Association


AP9 Connections Takes a Look at Upcoming 2006 Gaming Conventions

AP9 Connections Takes a Look at Upcoming 2006 Gaming Conventions

AP9 Connections, from Adaptive Marketing LLC, delivers savings on video games, electronics, DVDs and other entertainment.

Stamford, CN (PRWEB) December 30, 2005

There’s a world of innovation and competition out there that often goes unnoticed -- unless you’re a gamer. The video-game business is a multi-billion dollar industry, and its programmers and developers might even be considered the twenty-first century equivalent of rock stars in discerning gamers’ eyes, notes AP9 Connections (http://www. connections-program. com/), a leading entertainment discount program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC.

The video-game industry has come a long way since Pong first entered the public’s consciousness in 1972, and understandably so. The rapid refinement of computer graphics and other game-enhancing technologies over the last 30 years has created infinite possibilities for video-game developers, from real-life simulations of society to extraterrestrial fantasies whose only limits are those imposed by the developers’ imaginations.

So where in the U. S. does the interactive entertainment industry gather to discuss and unveil the latest and greatest in video-game offerings in 2006? AP9 Connections (http://www. connections-program. com/) offers a few choice destinations for devotees of the video-game genre:

-- The 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), scheduled for January 5-8 in Las Vegas, is an international event featuring 2,500 exhibitors and 130,000 attendees and showcasing a wide spectrum of consumer electronics, including interactive entertainment. While it’s not a gamer-intense exhibition, many of the technologies that grew the gaming industry have debuted at the CES since its inception in 1967, including the compact disc player, digital audio technology and interactive CDs; in fact, the Microsoft Xbox made its debut at the 2001 convention.

-- The Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2006, scheduled for March 20-24 at the San Jose (CA) Convention Center, is the official convention for game developers. Programmers, artists, producers, designers, audio professionals and others get together to share ideas, meet others in their field, and showcase the latest development tools, platforms, and services. The event also hosts the annual Independent Games Festival, where the GDC hands out prizes and publicity for innovative, independently-created video games from around the world.

-- The Electronic Entertainment Expo (“E3” to those in the know) is the big dog of gaming conventions. Scheduled this year for May 10-12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, E3 brings together all of the big interactive-entertainment businesses for panel discussions, exhibitions and news conferences to roll out the latest innovations in the industry. Although the expo is a trade event that isn’t open to the general public, gamers eagerly await the product debuts and technological advances heralded at E3.

-- DigitalLife 2006, scheduled for October 12-15 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City, focuses on educating businesses and consumers about how to apply the latest technologies to their everyday lives. DigitalLife exhibitors show off the latest in home entertainment systems, gaming software and hardware, and other everyday business and personal electronic products.

Of course, gamers interested in competing against their peers also have a multitude of events to choose from in 2006. For more information on these events, you can enter a variety of keywords -- video game, gaming, competition and other related terms -- into an online search engine to find opportunities to compete almost every weekend of the year.

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Emu Oil | The Next Big Thing in Skin Care Products

Emu Oil | The Next Big Thing in Skin Care Products

Emu Oil stimulates skin development and its moisturizing and transdermal properties have made it a popular and effective ingredient for anti-aging skin care. Emu Oil has been recognized through clinical studies for its ability to repair and heal the skin.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 31, 2007

SkinEnergizer. com, a leading manufacturer of skin care products (http://www. skinenergizer. com/), announces it has introduced a new skin care line with the deep-moisturizing, anti-bacterial, anti aging, and hydration properties of Emu Oil. Emu Oil Products (http://www. skinenergizer. com/Emu-Oil-Products-s/2816.htm) have been proven to help build healthy skin by encouraging cell reproduction, and thickening fragile skin. This restores elasticity and helps reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. For aging baby boomers, this is the next big thing in skin care.

Emu Oil use has been shown effective treating:
Wrinkles and fine lines on the face and around the eyes. A natural emollient, Emu Oil is non-comedogenic (does not clog skin pores) An anti-bacterial, Emu Oil treats acne, rosacea and reduces scarring Soothe and repair bruises, insect bites, sunburn, rashes, and eczema Reduce swelling and muscle soreness - a natural inflammatory Heal burns, wounds, injuries, minor cuts and scratches Scars and stretch marks from childbirth, weight loss, surgery and acne Derived from the Emu bird, a cousin to the Ostrich and Kiwi, Emu Oil is well known for its skin healing properties. Long touted as an alternative for solving such problems as acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, abrasions, sore joints, skin rashes, dry skin, as an effective treatment for scars and stretch marks and as a wound application, Emu Oil promotes healthy cell and collagen development and provides essential fatty acids, Omega 3's, and nutrients.

Research has shown Emu Oil stimulates skin development and its moisturizing, hydrating and transdermal benefits have it becoming a popular and effective ingredient in skin care. Emu Oil has been repeatedly recognized in the cosmetic world through clinical studies for its ability to repair and heal the skin.

The Emu, a flight-less bird, was discovered by the Aborigines in Australia and is valued both for its healing properties, meat, and feathers. In fact, the American Emu Association's mission includes education to promote whole use of the bird - which is enjoying growing popularity globally.

Skinenergizer. com has formulated skin products to take advantage of Emu Oil's rich properties. Deep moisturizing Emu Lotion (http://www. skinenergizer. com/Emu-Lotion-p/seemlo008.htm), Dermal Em® (http://www. skinenergizer. com/Emu-Oil-p/seemoi002.htm), a pure-grade, therapeutic emu oil, Skin Tight® (http://www. skinenergizer. com/Body-Firming-Lotion-p/seskti008.htm) body firming lotion, and Emu Shampoo with natural nutrients, Vitamin E, and Jojoba Oil to promote healthy, moisturized hair, follicle development and hair growth.

SkinEnergizer. com manufactures and distributes a complete line of skin care products for anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and common skin treatments.

Moisturizing and Cosmetic Properties Of Emu Oil: A Double Blind Study
Presented at the AEA national convention in Nashville, Tennessee. August 1994
Alexander Zemtsov, M. D., M. S. Indiana University School of Medicine
Monica Gaddis, Ph. D. Ball Memorial Hospital
Victor Montalvo-Lugo, M. S. Ball Memorial Hospital
We found emu oil to be totally non-irritating, having excellent moisturizing properties, cosmetically pleasing texture, and low incidence of comedogenicity. The most intriguing properties of emu oil as far as cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries are concerned is its apparent ability to penetrate the stratum corneum barrier. The study of penetration of various substances through the skin is an area of an active research and is obviously important from the therapeutical and toxicological viewpoints.