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AP9 Connections Takes a Look at Upcoming 2006 Gaming Conventions

AP9 Connections Takes a Look at Upcoming 2006 Gaming Conventions

AP9 Connections, from Adaptive Marketing LLC, delivers savings on video games, electronics, DVDs and other entertainment.

Stamford, CN (PRWEB) December 30, 2005

There’s a world of innovation and competition out there that often goes unnoticed -- unless you’re a gamer. The video-game business is a multi-billion dollar industry, and its programmers and developers might even be considered the twenty-first century equivalent of rock stars in discerning gamers’ eyes, notes AP9 Connections (http://www. connections-program. com/), a leading entertainment discount program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC.

The video-game industry has come a long way since Pong first entered the public’s consciousness in 1972, and understandably so. The rapid refinement of computer graphics and other game-enhancing technologies over the last 30 years has created infinite possibilities for video-game developers, from real-life simulations of society to extraterrestrial fantasies whose only limits are those imposed by the developers’ imaginations.

So where in the U. S. does the interactive entertainment industry gather to discuss and unveil the latest and greatest in video-game offerings in 2006? AP9 Connections (http://www. connections-program. com/) offers a few choice destinations for devotees of the video-game genre:

-- The 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), scheduled for January 5-8 in Las Vegas, is an international event featuring 2,500 exhibitors and 130,000 attendees and showcasing a wide spectrum of consumer electronics, including interactive entertainment. While it’s not a gamer-intense exhibition, many of the technologies that grew the gaming industry have debuted at the CES since its inception in 1967, including the compact disc player, digital audio technology and interactive CDs; in fact, the Microsoft Xbox made its debut at the 2001 convention.

-- The Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2006, scheduled for March 20-24 at the San Jose (CA) Convention Center, is the official convention for game developers. Programmers, artists, producers, designers, audio professionals and others get together to share ideas, meet others in their field, and showcase the latest development tools, platforms, and services. The event also hosts the annual Independent Games Festival, where the GDC hands out prizes and publicity for innovative, independently-created video games from around the world.

-- The Electronic Entertainment Expo (“E3” to those in the know) is the big dog of gaming conventions. Scheduled this year for May 10-12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, E3 brings together all of the big interactive-entertainment businesses for panel discussions, exhibitions and news conferences to roll out the latest innovations in the industry. Although the expo is a trade event that isn’t open to the general public, gamers eagerly await the product debuts and technological advances heralded at E3.

-- DigitalLife 2006, scheduled for October 12-15 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City, focuses on educating businesses and consumers about how to apply the latest technologies to their everyday lives. DigitalLife exhibitors show off the latest in home entertainment systems, gaming software and hardware, and other everyday business and personal electronic products.

Of course, gamers interested in competing against their peers also have a multitude of events to choose from in 2006. For more information on these events, you can enter a variety of keywords -- video game, gaming, competition and other related terms -- into an online search engine to find opportunities to compete almost every weekend of the year.

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