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Author Unlocks “Door” to Successful Relationships

Author Unlocks “Door” to Successful Relationships

To attract the best, you have to be your best. New book on love relationships explains how cultivating a healthy self-love and developing the characteristics in yourself that you seek in others can help you find the relationship of your dreams.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) April 25, 2006

Crossing the Threshold: Opening Your Door to Successful Relationships, by Talayah G. Stovall, offers insight into how becoming your “best self” will automatically draw the type of relationship you seek. Using analogies of women as various types of “doors”, the book encourages readers to break the mindsets that hold them back and keep them repeating the same relationship patterns. They will discover how to develop the qualities they seek in others as they move from a “Door Mat” - allowing themselves to be walked on, “Door Prize” - expecting to be put on a pedestal, or other negative “Door” mentalities to the self-aware, balanced and relationship-ready “Door Belle.” Perhaps most importantly, the book facilitates the readers’ understanding and acceptance of the fact that in order for others to value them, they must first value themselves. They will discover that THEY are the key that unlocks the door to a successful relationship. Readers will learn to:

 Break the patterns that cause them to exhibit self-defeating behaviors  Overcome a negative self-image and recover from the “Cinderella Syndrome”  Release “Mr. In The Meantime” and the relationship “baggage” they might be carrying  Recognize the characteristics of “Mr. Right” and a true love relationship  Change their outlook to change their outcomes – develop the healthy “Door Belle” within

With a powerful foreword by Dr. Linda G. Owens, PhD, this book will help you develop an understanding of who you are so that you can grow into the person that God designed you to be.

The launch party for Crossing the Threshold will be held on Sunday, April 30, from 4:00 – 6:00 p. m. at the Sole Lounge, Chicago’s premiere shoe salon, located at 1516 E. 63rd Street in Chicago, IL. For more information, call 773-268-5620.

About the Author

Talayah G. Stovall, President of TGrace, an author, certified trainer and motivational speaker promotes personal empowerment and self-improvement. With her inspirational style, she challenges audiences to reach their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals. She uses the spoken and written word to inspire people to embrace their God-given abilities and increase their life satisfaction.

Talayah is a native and current resident of Chicago, Illinois. She also has an eBook entitled, 150 Important Questions You Should Ask Before You Say “I Do.” Her next book, Light Bulb Moments: Seeing God in Everyday Circumstances, a compilation of inspirational vignettes, will be available later this year.

To arrange a book signing or press interview, please call 773-268-5620. The book and eBook may be ordered at www. talayahstovall. com.

For information: http://www. talayahstovall. com (http://www. talayahstovall. com)
Phone: 773-268-5620