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Groundbreaking New Book Removes the Shroud of Secrecy Surrounding Donor Insemination

Groundbreaking New Book Removes the Shroud of Secrecy Surrounding Donor Insemination

Author and licensed psychologist, Lynne W. Spencer reveals how being a sperm donor offspring shaped her life in Sperm Donor Offspring

Detroit (PRWEB) October 18, 2007

Sperm Donor Offspring: Identity and Other Experiences by Lynne W. Spencer is a qualitative study of eight individuals conceived from the sperm of a donor and how being a sperm donor offspring affected their life experience and identity.

In Sperm Donor Offspring, Spencer describes the emotions she encountered in her own life and while conducting interviews with other sperm donor offspring. Throughout the research process, Spencer discovered several common themes, including family secrecy, identity confusion, not fitting in, and a need for ancestral connection. Drawing from and including quotes taken from interviews, Spencer explains each theme and offers resources for support.

Today, donor insemination is commonly accepted as a treatment for infertility; however, there is often little thought given to the children who will be conceived and the impact the experience will have on them later in life. For that reason, it is important to hear what actual sperm donor offspring have experienced in order to evaluate how the practice of sperm, egg, and embryo donations should be handled in the future. The knowledge gained in this book is relevant for the future practice, legislation, and regulation of infertility treatments as well as in determining what information should be shared with offspring.

Informative and educational, Sperm Donor Offspring: Identity and Other Experiences is a must read for anyone considering donor insemination.

For more information or to request a free review copy, members of the press can contact the author at lynnewspencer@yahoo. com. Sperm Donor Offspring: Identity and Other Experiences is available for sale online at Amazon. com, BookSurge. com, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author
A registered nurse and a limited license psychologist, Lynne W. Spencer holds a B. A. in cultural geography from the University of Michigan and a nursing degree from Mercy Central School of Nursing. She earned a master's in health services administration from the University of Michigan School of Public Health and later a master's in humanistic and clinical psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology. Spencer currently works as a client services manager at Monroe Community Mental Health Authority. She is the proud mother of three daughters and resides in the Detroit area.

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