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Launch of HealthPricer. com Offers Shoppers One Destination to Comparison Shop for over 13,000 Dietary Supplement Products from 40 Online Retailers

Launch of HealthPricer. com Offers Shoppers One Destination to Comparison Shop for over 13,000 Dietary Supplement Products from 40 Online Retailers

First to provide Industry Association Quality Certification information to consumers.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) September 27, 2005

One Person Health Inc., an expert in online comparison health, today unveils HealthPricer. com, a 'comparison shopping' site focused on the healthcare products market. HealthPricer. com provides visitors with the most comprehensive product and ingredient information available on the internet together with the ability to compare features and pricing for over 13,000 dietary supplement products at over 40 of the Internet's most trusted and respected vitamin stores.

"We're launching our site at a time when health costs are rising for consumers, insurers and government. The proactive health consumer has emerged and is looking to the Internet as a source for information and purchasing power," says George Fleming, CEO of OnePersonHealth. "E-health consumers require in-depth, science-based information to help them buy the products and services that fit their personal needs. There isn't a market that is more confusing and complicated or one where quality and pricing is inconsistent. With the launch ofHealthPricer. com online shoppers can now shop with confidence and find the nutritional products they need at better prices."

One source for purchasing power

With 49% of US consumers taking some form of nutraceutical product (American Dietetic Association), HealthPricer. com is initially focusing on nutrition and dietary supplements. The web site is easy to use and navigate, giving shoppers the ability to search, sort and compare supplements based on detailed product information, including dosage, health category, brand, Internet retailer, product certification and specialty science-based features, such as the ability to sort for products that are animal free, yeast free, gluten/wheat free and sugar free. Based on search criteria indicated by the shopper, HealthPricer. com searches the Internet's top online retailers to find the exact products the shopper is looking for. From a list of the products that match these criteria, the shopper is then able to select those they'd like to price compare. Once a choice has been made HealthPricer. com directly drops those items into a shopping basket at the online health retailer of choice and the purchase is completed. HealthPricer. com will soon expand into other areas of health and wellness including pharmaceuticals and generic drugs, OTC drugs, sports supplements, cosmetics, skin care products and local comparison shopping for health products and services.

A trusted advisor of quality products

Recognizing that consumers are confused by fragmented and contradictory health information online, HealthPricer. com draws on the company's vast collection of in-depth and science-based health and wellness information. OnePersonHealth has been leading the market by combining science-based nutritional health assessments with product recommendations to deliver affordable and accurate personalized nutritional healthcare solutions. HealthPricer. com builds on that experience and expertise and provides consumers with trusted health information together with comparison e-commerce.

In its efforts to better inform consumers of the quality of supplements, HealthPricer. com contains an entire section on supplement certifications and how shoppers can identify top quality products. Third party certification bodies such as USP, NNFA, and NSF have developed standards regulations that evaluate the quality of supplement products and manufacturers: their ingredients, dosage levels, label claims and manufacturing facilities. Every supplement on the site that has been certified, or is manufactured by a certified manufacturer, is identified by its corresponding seal to help shoppers choose from quality products.

Partnered with trusted online health retailers

Further living up to its promise of trusted health product comparison shopping, HealthPricer. com has partnered with over 40 of the Internet's most trusted and respected vitamin stores. This allows HealthPricer. com to offer detailed product information and comparison on over 13,000 products.

Unique Shopping Features

HealthPricer. com presents a number of industry-first comparison shopping features designed specifically for the personal healthcare products market:

 ShopMatchingTM - a feature that automatically searches for products closely matching in ingredient, form of ingredient, dosage and content, which are available at lower prices;  Shopping List PricingTM - allows consumers to create and comparison shop a shopping list of different products simultaneously.  Unique filtering options – recognizing that every consumer will have different product preferences, the site allows the shopper to filter search results to easily find products that have a certain dosage of one ingredient, are animal free and dairy free or products that only have a certain designated certification.  Supplement certification feature – HealthPricer. com's third party certification feature allows the consumer to examine the certifications of the products they purchase.

In the near future, HealthPricer. com will also include consumer ratings and reviews through HealthPinions. com as well as provide a sign-up service that notifies registered members of better deals and product advice based on their personal settings and shopping experiences.

About OnePersonHealth

One Person Health www. onepersonhealth. com is a leader in the emerging field of Comparison Health. The Company's unique approach and patent-pending technologies are driven by an underlying philosophy that in healthcare, "One Size Does Not Fit All". Led by a proven management team of scientists and e-commerce professionals, OPH is commercializing its range of online and evidenced based health assessment programs, personalized product recommendations and comparison shopping technologies to consumers, healthcare practitioners and corporate partners in the US marketplace. One Person Health is a publicly traded company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol TSXv-OPH.

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