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OPERATION SPECIAL DELIVERY: Doula Support For Military Families

OPERATION SPECIAL DELIVERY: Doula Support For Military Families

Operation Special Delivery provides free of charge, Labor Doula Support to the pregnant wives of the U. S. military troops that are scheduled to be deployed at the expected time of the birth of their baby. The program also provides, free of charge, Labor Doula Support to the pregnant wives of the U. S. Military members which have become widowed as a direct result of September 11th or the subsequent war.

(PRWEB) July 30, 2003

Some gave their lives. Some gave blood. Some gave money. Some gave time and physical strength. Others are giving their hearts.

In response to the September 11 terrorist attack on America, Doulas across the country stand ready to respond, similar to military troops, to any family who needs their assistance.

Doulas are trained childbirth professionals who provide a continuity of care that is not provided by any other single childbirth professional. They focus on the emotional needs of their clients and attend to them during the latter part of pregnancy and continuously throughout their labor. Postpartum Doulas work with new families well into the postpartum period.

More than ten known studies indicate that Doulas have dramatically positive effects on the labor process. These effects include shorter labors, fewer complications, fewer cesarean births, fewer requests for pain medications, and healthier babies.

The fees for Doula Services vary from $100 to $1,000, depending on the location and the individual Doula. Doulas throughout the United States have formed Operation Special Delivery, which is an effort to provide much-needed Doula Services at no charge to any woman whose husband or partner has been called or will be called into active military duty and will therefore not be able to attend the birth of their baby.

Operation Special Delivery was created by Patricia Newton, a Doula in southern New Jersey, who felt a need to help the families greatly affected by the tragedies of September 11. Fully aware of the immeasurable impact childbirth has on a family, and specifically on a woman, she placed a request for volunteer Doulas in New Jersey, and the response was immediate. Surprisingly, the project quickly spread to neighboring states Pennsylvania and Delaware, and within one week, twenty states across the country had joined Operation Special Delivery.

The services are now offered nationwide, with twenty-five states being involved with Operation Special Delivery. The remaining twenty-five states are being led under its sister project, Operation Doula Care. As a group, these Doulas are enthused about supporting the United States Military in this manner.

Many military wives have written "thank you" notes to this organization, expressing their gratitude because of the great need they know these Doulas are meeting. Military bases are also welcoming this project and are promoting this service directly to their families.

For more information on Operation Special Delivery, please visit www. operationspecialdelivery. com or telephone(856) 455-8636.