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SOWSIA Launches Global Health Care Management Suite of Web Applications on HIPAA-Compliant OpSource On-Demand: ONDEMAND HEALTH CARE. net Provides Highly Secure, Central Resource for Managing all Aspects of Patient Care Without Boundaries

SOWSIA Launches Global Health Care Management Suite of Web Applications on HIPAA-Compliant OpSource On-Demand: ONDEMAND HEALTH CARE. net Provides Highly Secure, Central Resource for Managing all Aspects of Patient Care Without Boundaries

OpSource(TM), the SaaS delivery experts, today announced that SOWSIA, a leading developer and marketer of integrated healthcare management solutions, has selected OpSource On-Demand to deliver SOWSIA's ONDEMAND HEALTH CARE and a broad Unified Health Performance Management suite, which manages all clinical, operational, and financial functions across the healthcare continuum. The uHPM suite comprises more than 75 application modules that enable individuals, care providers, administrators and insurers to serve patients' health needs regardless of physical location or type of health service provided. OpSource On-Demand provides SOWSIA with guaranteed uptime to meet round-the-clock healthcare needs, as well as critical HIPAA compliance, which is essential for assuring confidentiality of sensitive medical records. The access to entire uHPM suite is free with 1GB of data storage. The SaaS offering has an attractive price for additional storage and information management and comes with an exclusive 90-day on-line trial. The combination of SOWSIA's Web applications and Healthcare Services Network-OS(TM) with the efficiencies of OpSource On-Demand will enable individuals to securely manage their health records for pennies a day and physicians and hospitals to administer their services at costs 100 to 1,000 times lower than what the traditional electronic health record (EHR) systems allow.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (PRWEB) March 3, 2008

 In response to the soaring cost of healthcare administration, SOWSIA has leveraged software-as-a-service (SaaS) as the delivery vehicle to make a reality of its vision of healthcare management as a universally accessible commodity for every individual in the United States and around the world. After exploring traditional hosting vendors, SOWSIA chose OpSource On-Demand, the only complete Web application delivery solution priced on-demand. Moreover, only OpSource offered the entire spectrum of services required to bring SOWSIA's Web applications to market, including application management, billing and analytics, security, 24x7 end-user customer support and business continuity, all underpinned by HIPAA compliance and SAS 70 Type II certification -- all critical for creating, securing, reliably accessing, confidently sharing, and fully protecting private health records.

OpSource CEO Treb Ryan said, "SOWSIA has pioneered SaaS applications in healthcare that will transform the way medical information gets managed online, and we are excited to play such a key role in bringing its vision to life. Healthcare organizations today not only have to take care of their core business of providing care, but also have to deal with the distraction of reining in runaway costs associated with IT deployments. Before SaaS, organizations did not have a choice but to spend millions of dollars in licensing, maintenance, support fees, and managing infrastructure obsolescence. SOWSIA brings all of the benefits of SaaS to the healthcare sector worldwide. Also, by simultaneously launching 75 applications that cover the continuum of care provided by Physicians, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes, SOWSIA has proven the massive scale and versatility of OpSource On-Demand as a Web application platform."

Arvind Jain, SOWSIA's Founder, added, "The significance of OpSource On-Demand is that it supports the latest application technologies, so we are not limited by old technology like many traditional players. We found that OpSource excelled in not only the infrastructure to deploy Web applications, but also in providing all the essential supporting services such as HIPAA and SAS 70 compliance, security, networking and platform administration for managing SOWSIA uHPM and SOA-Grid Appliances. In addition, OpSource was integrally involved in helping us navigate through our own evolution away from a traditional software licensing model, providing expert guidance to transform our application suite into a commercially viable SaaS solution. By relying on OpSource to handle everything related to SaaS delivery, we can focus solely on enhancing the capabilities and value of our healthcare applications."

Sandeep Jain, M. D., Board Member, said, "In the face of reimbursement and financial pressures, healthcare organizations are eager to embrace a redesign that will remove costs and expand quality. Today's emerging healthcare environment is also becoming increasingly complex and there is a need for a demand driven system that would connect the many diverse sources of information created by physicians, pharmacists, nurses, case managers, quality officers, administrators, and insurers. All of this data flowing over disparate systems from geographically distinct locations need to come together at the point of service.

"SOWSIA's comprehensive offering launches healthcare into a state of evolution overdrive -- changing faster than ever. By making the ONDEMAND HEALTH CARE model omnipresent with OpSource On-Demand, we gain the limitless potential of SaaS, enabling all of the patient's medical information to be globally accessed and shared from a highly secure, centrally managed environment. With the need for quality and accuracy in medical information of potentially hundreds of millions of patients that ONDEMAND HEALTH CARE envisions, we could only put our trust in a SaaS delivery partner that has the level of proven reliability and security, which OpSource offers. Patients are finally in the drivers seat, and Physicians have all the tools to provide front-line care, on demand."

About OpSource On-Demand

A comprehensive, award-winning Web application delivery platform, OpSource On-Demand enables Web 2.0 and software companies to quickly and securely deliver their applications and services to consumers and businesses alike. The only complete platform for Web application delivery, OpSource On-Demand includes:

-- Best-in-class, scalable software, hardware and network infrastructure

-- Application management and tuning

-- 24x7 customer-branded end-user support

-- 100 percent uptime guarantee for infrastructure and applications

-- Best practices: SAS 70 Type II audited, HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance and salesforce. com AppExchange and WebEx certifications

-- Enterprise services bus enabling easy integration of customer or third-party Web services that accelerate revenue generation

-- Fully integrated PCI DSS-compliant billing solution, including customer on-boarding, pricing, payment and collections

-- Application analytics that offer insight into the performance and usage of the on-demand application

-- The industry's only Success-Based Pricing(SM), a unit-based pricing model that allows businesses to begin with a modest minimum commitment and scale expenses as revenues increase

About SOWSIA Healthcare Solutions

SOWSIA Healthcare Solutions is a global company with leadership in technology, software, medical sciences, medical practice, pharmaceutical sciences, and product development. The company's founding team brings over 60 years of experience in caring for patients, designing products that affect millions of patient lives, and envisioning cutting-edge technological solutions for widespread information assimilation challenges. SOWSIA's applications enable health care organizations to deliver high quality of care, facilitate real-time collaboration amongst providers, patients and other care entities, improve operations and financial efficiency, ensure conformance to coding and clinical standards, and comply with pay-for-performance measures. More information is available at www. sowsia. com.

About OpSource

OpSource delivers Web applications and software-as-a-service for on-demand companies, with hundreds of applications, millions of users and billions of transactions supported daily. OpSource On-Demand, the leading platform for Web application delivery, is defining how Web-based software is delivered. By choosing OpSource as their Web application delivery partner, companies are freed from investing in and managing the complex and costly infrastructure and services necessary to deliver applications over the Web. They can instead focus their resources on developing, marketing and selling their applications and services. OpSource On-Demand is suitable for companies at any stage of growth, with any type of on-demand application. OpSource is the only company to offer Success-Based Pricing(SM), a unit-based pricing model that allows businesses to begin with a modest minimum commitment and scale expenses as revenues increase.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, OpSource has Web application delivery centers in Virginia, London and Bangalore. For more information about OpSource, visit www. opsource. net.

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