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WinMagic's SecureDoc Encryption Software Now Supports CRYPTOCard's Secure Password Technology

WinMagic's SecureDoc Encryption Software Now Supports CRYPTOCard's Secure Password Technology

CRYPTOCard Makes It Simple for SecureDoc's Local And Remote Users To Gain Multi-Factor, Positively Authenticated Network Access

Ottawa, Ontario, (PRWEB) January 29, 2004

CRYPTOCard Corp. (www. cryptocard. com), the innovative leader in Secure Password Technology, today announced that WinMagic Inc. (http://www. winmagic. com (http://www. winmagic. com)), a leading developer of disk encryption software, has integrated CRYPTOCard's authentication capabilities with its SecureDoc line of products. SecureDoc encryption software, which protects sensitive information stored on desktops and laptops by employing authentication technology even before the operating system boots up, can now be configured to work with CRYPTOCard's multi-function smart card and tokens to provide users with multi-factor positively-authenticated network access. SecureDoc then encrypts the entire hard disk, to further protect confidential information.

Once the initial SecureDoc Boot Logon is completed, the encryption software prompts the user to utilize a CRYPTOCard smart card or token to identify themselves to the network. By coupling two factors; something in the user's possession (a smart card, hardware token, or software token), with something the user knows (a PIN); CRYPTOCard makes it simple for users to positively authenticate themselves to the network. During the simple ATM-style log-on procedure, the CRYPTO-Admin authentication server generates an unguessable one-time 'Secure Password' that is only valid for the current logon attempt, eliminating any opportunity for an unauthorized user to gain network access via a stolen password. Additionally, the solution never transmits a user's PIN over the network, where it would be vulnerable to 'sniffer' technology.

"Obviously, an organization cannot guarantee system security if it cannot positively identify each individual user requesting network access," explained Malcolm MacTaggart, President & CEO, CRYPTOCard Corp. "The combination of WinMagic's encryption software and CRYPTOCard's authentication technology is a natural fit for organizations looking to positively identify both local and remote network users without complicating the log-on process."

"WinMagic's and CRYPTOCard's technologies are extremely complimentary," said Martijn Vrugteman, Channel Manager, WinMagic, Inc. "Integrating CRYPTOCard's Secure Password Technology enables organizations to add an additional layer of authentication security without sacrificing SecureDoc's inherent ease of use."

CRYPTO-Admin provides centralized authentication for network access regardless of network infrastructure or user location, and, by automating password generation, greatly reduces Help-Desk costs associated with resetting stolen or forgotten credentials. Additionally, the simple ATM-style log-on process counters the staff resistance often encountered when organizations attempt to implement an additional layer of security, by making it easy for even the least computer-savvy user to log on to the system. CRYPTO-Admin provides One-PIN-And-You're-In(TM) access to the LAN (using CRYPTO-Logon), VPN (using CRYPTO-VPN), Web (using CRYPTO-Web), and Building access (supporting HID, or Mifare access control systems). Additionally, CRYPTO-Deploy makes it easy for security officers to add or delete a system user in seconds - making it simple to administer large user populations, Extranet partners, or others requiring temporary building or network access.

Designed for today's increasingly-mobile workforce, the SecureDoc Central Database lets administrators install, encrypt, and configure user machines centrally, and enables secure, yet flexible creation and distribution of keys and key files, as well as assignment of access privileges to users. Administrators can customize password rules for the entire network, as well as recover lost passwords through a secure one-time challenge and response online engine. Most importantly, the unique design of the SecureDoc Central Database Key file management eliminates all the vulnerabilities associated with the 'Master Password' concept so commonly used by other encryption software.

SecureDoc utilizes Public Key Cryptographic Standards PKCS-#11, and has achieved validations for Common Criteria, FIPS 140-1 Level 2. SecureDoc's FORTEZZA-based version is the only disk encryption software certified by the NSA to safeguard US government secret information.

About CRYPTOCard Corporation

Established in 1989, CRYPTOCard provides cost-effective Secure Password Technology to leading enterprises worldwide in the government, technology, aerospace, financial, telecommunications, and healthcare sectors. CRYPTOCard's award-winning technology positively authenticates a user's identity by coupling something in the user's possession (a smart card, hardware token, or software token), with something the user knows (their PIN), and provides centralized authentication for all physical and network access regardless of network infrastructure or user location. CRYPTOCard's partners include Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT - News), Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL - News), Cisco (Nasdaq:CSCO - News), Check Point (Nasdaq:CHKP - News), Citrix (Nasdaq:CTXS - News), Entrust (Nasdaq:ENTU - News), Oracle (Nasdaq:ORCL - News), Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq:SUNW - News), and Macromedia (Nasdaq:MACR - News). For additional information on CRYPTOCard, please visit www. cryptocard. com.

About WinMagic, Inc.

WinMagic Inc., is a Canadian company based out of Mississauga, Ontario. Its SecureDoc line of products ensures protection of sensitive information stored on desktops and laptops by employing authentication through passwords to hardware tokens, biometrics, and PKI commencing right at pre-boot time. WinMagic's award winning products fulfill the requirements of even the most security conscious users by focusing on concrete security features, nevertheless still offering unparalleled flexibility. For more information concerning WinMagic's products or services, please visit www. winmagic. com, call 1-888-879-5879 (toll free in North America)/+1 905 502-7000 (worldwide), or email info@winmagic. com.