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Health Attitudes Survey Reveals Diabetes Diagnosis Can Have Hidden Benefits

Health Attitudes Survey Reveals Diabetes Diagnosis Can Have Hidden Benefits

Increased awareness of lifestyle choices benefits newly diagnosed diabetics--particularly among women.

Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) April 28, 2005

morefocus group, a leading on-line research panel manager and publisher, today announced interim results of its latest survey in the Healthcare Attitudes series. Conducted by the Group's NCERx healthcare division, the initial diabetes survey is part of a 2 year, disease-specific, longitudinal study covering 70 separate conditions and involving over 1.5 million panelists.

The most recent diabetes survey looked specifically at patient attitudes to treatment and was designed for interview follow-up to research treatment compliance. Although, as expected, compliance is high among the diabetic population, several interesting results emerged. "Most people would agree that diagnosis with diabetes is life changing," said Dr. Regan Carey, the morefocus Study Director. "However, what may not be so obvious is that the life changes are not all bad. The vast majority of the 2,000 panelists (82%), reported that they now take a much greater interest in their overall health, while a surprising 63% report that they actually appreciate life more since diagnosis."

Richard Scuderi MD PhD, NCERx Medical Director, commented, "Clearly one would expect an increased appreciation of lifestyle choices, however detailed interviews with selected respondents confirm that the 'appreciation of life' question applied to a far more complex mix of motivators than simply the health aspects."

Women were twice as likely to make the lifestyle change as men, with a strong split emerging between the attitudes of the young and the old. While 90% of those over 65+ reported taking better care of themselves, only 54% of those of less than 18 years of age reported the same. In a parallel study of non-diabetic's attitudes, overall, 59% of those with a diabetic relative reported changing their personal lifestyle choices since their relative's diagnosis. Again, women were significantly more likely (73%), to make permanent life changes.

"We are very encouraged by the response to the Healthcare Attitudes series," commented Colin Lucas-Mudd, morefocus group CEO, "The data have significant value in driving the design of our compliance and persistency programs. With less than 17% of patients continuing medication as directed across all conditions after three months, increasing compliance and persistency is a critical component in lowering healthcare costs and improving patient care. As the results of each survey wave are compiled, the importance of patient dialog rather than unidirectional promotion is increasingly evident. Clearly, pharmaceutical manufacturers and providers need to take note and adjust their approach more rapidly than is the current trend."

The diabetes survey results and information on the Healthcare Attitudes study are available on request from morefocus at 1.800.549.3904. The on-going survey is available at the Group's diabetes website, diabetes-and-diabetics. com (http://www. diabetes-and-diabetics. com/). In early May, the Group's clinical trial publication CTResearch. com (http://www. ctresearch. com/) will be hosting a survey to compare changing patient attitudes to Rx marketing and clinical research approaches.

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