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HR. com Finalizes Compensation and Benefits Workshops for Annual Employers of Excellence Conference 2005

HR. com Finalizes Compensation and Benefits Workshops for Annual Employers of Excellence Conference 2005

More than 100 educational workshops available for senior human resources professionals.

Aurora, ON (PRWEB) June 24, 2005

HR. com, the largest research and Internet destination for senior human resources professionals, today announced the lineup of more than 100 educational workshops targeted to the senior HR professionals who will be attending the event, being held Sept. 25 to 27 in Phoenix, Arizona.

A selection of 10 workshops in the "Compensation and Benefits: Techniques to Successfully Reinvent, Rejuvenate, Revamp or Repair Your Programs" will be available.

Rising costs of benefits, employee retention, pay for performance and competitive compensation plans - these are all top concerns in the field of compensation and benefits. HR plays a key role in ensuring employee satisfaction and commitment to the organization, especially in regards to compensation and benefit plans. As the market for talent becomes more competitive so does the need for competitive plans. This track will demonstrate proven programs, strategies and tools employed by your peers that you can successfully utilize in your organization.

Specific topics being addressed include:

-"Benefits Networking and Brainstorming Session"

-"Yahoo! Uses Benefits Technology as Retention Tool" with Loree Farrar, VP of Global Rewards for Yahoo!

-"Leveraging Benefits Strategically to Become an Employer of Choice" with David Hewitt, the VP of Strategic Markets for Aflac

-"Best Practices in Reducing Future Healthcare Medical Claims" with Deborah McKeever, the President of Executive Health Exams International and Lillian Petty, the Corporate Manager of Employee Benefits at Schlumberger

-"Executive Retirement Benefits: I DonÂ’t Know Where IÂ’m Going But IÂ’m Making Good Time" with Jim Mulvaney, the former CEO of Chela Financial and Phil Currie, the SVP for Clark Consulting,

-“Benefit Plan Decision Makers in the Cross Hairs: A Practical Guide to Fiduciary Best Practices in Today’s Environment" with Jeffrey Zimon, the President and CEO of Claim Appeal Fiduciary Services,

-"Health and Welfare Ineligibility Audit -- HR Learnings from Hillenbrand Industries, Inc." with Jon May, Director of Health and Welfare Benefits for Hillenbrand Industries,

-"Designing Effective Total Rewards Strategies in Emerging Markets" with Ellyn Shook, Partner and Global Director of Rewards, Performance and Career Management for Accenture Human Resources

-"Pull Up A Chair! Governance and the Boardroom: An HR Perspective" with Raoul Choos of Pearl Meyer & Partners and Susan O'Donnell, Senior VP of Clark Consulting

-"Remodeling Compensation" with Cherie Bates, the Director of HR for Kootenai County

Vendor sponsors who represent the compensation and benefits field will be meeting one-on-one with HR professionals looking to expand their knowledge on particular areas of interest. These vendors include Aflac, Aon Consulting, Claim Appeal Fiduciary, Clark Consulting, Convergys, Denali Fiduciary Management, ISR, JMW Consultants, Maritz Incentives, and Ultimate Software.

"We also have workshops covering staffing, performance management, leadership, HR outsourcing, and best practices on becoming an employer of excellence," says Terri Joosten, HR. comÂ’s Vice President of Events and Business Development. "We have also partnered with Metrus Group and Knowledge Infusion to deliver a program entitled '2005 HR Strategy Summit: Develop, Align and Execute Your HR Strategy!'; Interaction Associates on 'Leadership Fast Track: Leaders in Action - Working Smarter, Faster, Better Â… Together'; and, returning for a third year, PwC Saratoga with their 'How HR Talks to Wall StreetÂ’ Program."

The program also includes an exciting lineup of keynote speakers: Jim Collins, Best-selling author of "Good to Great" and "Built to Last"; Marcy McGinnis, Senior Vice President of CBS News Coverage; Dewitt Jones, Author and Professional Photographer; Daniel Pink, Author of "A Whole New Mind"; David Whyte, Best-selling author and poet; Ann Rhoades, Former Executive Vice President for JetBlue Airways and President, People Ink; and Coleman Peterson, retired Executive Vice President of HR for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

For complete details on all workshops as well as registration and sponsorship information, visit www. hr. com/events (http://www. hr. com/events).

About HR. com:

Established in 1999, HR. com is in business to help build great companies by connecting them to the knowledge and resources they need to effectively manage the people side of business. As the global authority, we deliver HR Best Practices to help organizations build great companies through community, collaboration, research, shared best practices, and measurements. HR. com is funded by the leading venture capital firm Ventures West and private investors.


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