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MakeupTalk. com Threads Beauty to Connect a Diverse Online Community

MakeupTalk. com Threads Beauty to Connect a Diverse Online Community

User-friendly, website offers beauty, fashion and health-related exchanges to edify and promote self-esteem and commaraderie among women

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 4, 2004

Directed by AR WebSolutions, Inc. associate, internet relations specialist, and beauty product expert, Reija Eden, MakeupTalk. com caters to a diverse community of women who share an interest in beauty and fashion. Reija's online community continually reinvents itself through high user involvement and online interactivity. A multi-faceted exchange of ideas, experiences, and opinions keep users current in the beauty and fashion industry and inspire self-improvement. Real time features, threads organized by topic, and a beauty product review center aim at helping members look and feel their best. Reija and several beauty industry experts administrate MakeupTalk. com to ensure its longevity, professionalism and sense of camaraderie.

Many features highlight MakeupTalk. com as the place to surf for beauty related information. Message threads reflect a wide variety of topics such as hair and skin care, fashion, bath and body, health and fitness and sundry makeup products. According to Project Manager, Tony E., “the functionality of MakeupTalk’s message board is distinguished. It runs on a proven software package that has been impeccably modified to fit our MakeupTalk users' abilities.” The intuitive features of the software welcome both novice and advanced computer users. The website's functionality is second to none.

The Product Review Center is popular with MakeupTalk. com members. This interactive section allows consumers to review and research the effectiveness of a product which aids in purchasing decisions. Users share helpful reviews that range from humorous, “this product made my skin feel like rubber” to life-changing, “This thermal reconditioning has changed my life... I feel so much more attractive so I feel like a new person. I would absolutely recommend it to all my friends.” MakeupTalk’s casual environment makes members feel comfortable in sharing honest opinions.

Members seek answers and often end up helping others in the process. It can be a spontaneous experience. The Product Review Center's search capabilities are astonishing as nothing gets missed. It's powerful search engine runs hundreds of queries on it's database simultaneously. This makes finding a beauty product review simple.

Another distinguishing feature of MakeupTalk. com is that it offers syndicated product reviews. This feature allows MakeupTalk. com members with their own websites to display beauty product reviews from the MakeupTalk Product Review Center in real time on their own sites. Users who install the free automated software can download MakupTalk's product reviews in real time. The ability to communicate in real time is one of the tools that keep the website current and innovative. The format is easy to use and is explained on MakeupTalk. com where administrators are also available for technical help.

A section called User's "NotePads" encourages members to express themselves in a unique and creative fashion. This is the spirit of MakeupTalk. com where women of different ages and nationalities are free to express their opinions and their individuality. The "NotePads" allow members to creatively build their own websites. Project Manager, Tony E. says, "User's NotePads allows our members to put together their own websites even if they don't know how to write HTML. Our software does all the work for them. It's easy; if you can run a word processor, you can have your own website on MakeupTalk." User's "NotePads" features include the ability to upload images, type in color, insert tables, share favorite products, and create beauty wish lists among other tasks.

The Newest MakeupTalk section, "The Swap Center, is self-descriptive. It lets members trade and swap beauty products of interest. Both individuals involved in the transaction benefit. Trading gives members the opportunity to try products for free. The Swap Center has a rating system and guidelines to protect members and aid them in the trading process. Members are invited to rate and review the products they try in the Product Review Center so that they may benefit others who share an interest in a particular brand or product.

Additionally, MakeupTalk. com offers a free by-weekly e-newsletter. This newsletter highlights the hot new beauty products as they hit the stores. Up-to-date MakeupTalk news and information keep users enlightened and involved.

In summary, women interested in beauty, fashion and health find a comfortable and interactive community at MakeupTalk. com. As members utilize the website’s features, they find these benefits in its user-friendly environment: pertinent and up-to-date information; a helpful exchange of ideas; and universal camaraderie in the name of beauty.

About MakeupTalk. com

Started in the fall of 2003, MakeupTalk. com provides on online community message board for users to ask questions, share tips, experiences, and unbiased product reviews in the name of self-improvement where beauty and health is concerned.

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