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A SurvivorÂ’s Story: Strategies for Coping with Death, Diseases, and Disability

A SurvivorÂ’s Story: Strategies for Coping with Death, Diseases, and Disability

A survivor of multiple illnesses tells how to cope emotionally

(PRWEB) January 24, 2003

Ron Gold is a survivor: a type II diabetic suffering kidney failure and on dialysis three times a week, who went blind and then re-gained his sight with sophisticated surgery, who died twice from heart problems, was resuscitated, and later had quintuple bypass open-heart surgery. He knows about health problems and how to face them.

Late in 2002, he was again hit with another life-threatening operation. From it flowed his non-book “Walk On, Walk On”. “As you roll onto a hospital gurney”, writes Gold “and begin your ride to the Operating Room, you can choose to view the experience in one of three ways: One—you can be content to watch the ceiling move. Two—you can contemplate things that can go wrong and kill you. Yes, you can die. And three—you can visualize your gurney ride as your return to good health. I always choose the third. I convince myself that I’m riding forward to recovery. I ride with hope in my heart.”

Gold pours forth his optimism, his philosophy on surviving in the face of death. He lists his beliefs, his coping mechanisms that have seen him through. Gold writes from his heart and shares his experiences by giving public readings of his many works to civic and church groups. His stories range from inspirational to humour, from love stories to sports stories and can be found at www. Non-Books. com/Category-Gold_Stories. html (http://www. Non-Books. com/Category-Gold_Stories. html). He has compiled 12 of his stories in his newly-published book Let Me Touch Your Spirit. A writer for more than 30 years he brings a warm human touch to his subjects.

What are non-books? TheyÂ’re short, to-the-point booklets, manuals, articles, and collections (including collections of stories, humour, recipes, and tips), which are easy-to-read alternatives to books to save you time. 90% of all non-fiction readers do not read their books from cover-to-cover. They donÂ’t have time. Non-books are the perfect way to get information fast.

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