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HyperStrike. com Announces Five Ways to Keep New Year's Diet and Fitness Resolutions

HyperStrike. com Announces Five Ways to Keep New Year's Diet and Fitness Resolutions

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Cupertino, CA (PRWEB) January 8, 2008

Concerned about those extra holiday pounds? Looking to get in shape and feel great in 2008? Diet, exercise and fitness expert Mike Greeves offers practical tools and advice for anyone looking to get in shape, and stay in shape, can use.

"The end of November through mid-January is a time when a lot of Americans tend to neglect their workout programs and overindulge with their eating," Greeves, President of HyperStrike. com said.

"Some wine and desserts at Thanksgiving, cookies and candy over the Holidays, champagne at New Years, beer and chips for the Bowl games, pretty soon you've consumed a lot of empty calories and have little time left to get in a good workout," Greeves explained.

There are a few simple things Greeves recommends to help Americans lose those extra pounds, create successful workout programs and stick to an overall healthy lifestyle. He added that HyperStrike has released new site features to help individual's reach their fitness goals.

"First, find a workout (https://www. hyperstrike. com/pages/Sample-Workouts/) that works for you and helps you meet your goals," Greeves said. "Do you want to train for a specific sport? To lose weight? To build mass? Customize your workout to align with what you want to achieve."

Greeves also recommends that individuals understand their nutritional needs (https://www. hyperstrike. com/pages/Nutrition/), based on their activity level, age and goals. "If you're training to run a marathon you have very different nutritional needs than the weekend athlete who wants to drop a pants size. There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutritional needs. HyperStrike's tools allow our site visitors create personal nutritional profiles."

Next, Greeves recommends that individuals should know their baseline fitness numbers (http://www. hyperstrike. com/my_fitscore. aspx). "You can't manage what you can't measure," Greeves explains. "It is important to have an understanding of your strength, power, agility endurance, flexibility. Tools like the HyperStrike's FitScore can help individuals rate their fitness levels."

Greeves also urges exercise and fitness enthusiasts to stay informed. "There are great exercise and fitness resources (http://www. hyperstrike. com/resources. aspx) online that can help individuals stay current. There is always something new to learn, no matter how long you've been training," he said.

Finally, Greeves recommends making fitness a social event. "Find a workout buddy with similar goals. You can hold each other accountable, offer support, celebrate goals and push each other to perform even better." According to Greeves, HyperStrike offers an online fitness community (http://www. hyperstrike. com/community. aspx) feature that allows members to connect with their workout buddies or meet new people online.

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