Thursday, March 18, 2010

RNs Wanted: Your Favorite Recipes

RNs Wanted: Your Favorite Recipes

NFP to host raffle for quilt and pearl necklace, raising funds to underwrite nursing scholarships.


Creating tasteful memories with recipes submitted by RNs is the focus for a new cookbook currently being compiled by the PA State Nurses AssociationÂ’s Political Action Committee (PAC).

There will be 150 recipes accepted to fill the cookbook. There are nine different recipe headings including: Appetizers & Beverages; Breads & Rolls; Soups & Salads; Main Dishes; This & That (misc.); Vegetables & Side Dishes; Desserts; Cookies & Candy; Light Dishes for the Active Nurse. Contributors are limited to 20 recipes per person,

“Selfishly, I’m anxious to ‘try’ the Light Dishes for the Active Nurse category,” commented Michele Campbell, MSN, RNC, Executive Administrator, PA State Nurses Association.

“We’ve made it really simple for nurses to submit their favorite recipes by either following the directions on the website, or simply emailing or faxing us their recipe,” notes Campbell.

To review the process for recipes, please go this page on the PA State Nurses website at http://www. panurses. org/c_pac. htm (http://www. panurses. org/c_pac. htm) and click on the cookbook. The user will then enter the username: panurses-pac and the pass code 3e077.

In order to contribute a recipe, a recipe must include the following:

-Recipe title (subtitles can also be included)

-Contributor must list their name (attribution for 2 other individuals allowed)

-Category must be specified

-List the number of parts to the recipe (i. e. preparation, mixing, cooking/baking)

-Listing the number of ingredients

-Instructions how to prepare

-Degree to bake/cook item

-Time needed to prepare/bake etc

-Misc notes

-Servings if possible

Cooks can classify their recipes by symbols: heart healthy; quick n easy; hot n spicy; in memory of; specialty; international, custom.

This is the first time The AssociationÂ’s PAC has ever undertaken a cookbook as a fundraising endeavor. All proceeds raised through the cookbook sales will benefit the advancement of the nursing profession in the Commonwealth. The goal is to have the book published and available for delivery just before the holidays.

To meet this deadline, recipes must be submitted no later than September 30th.

Nurses can make a difference in the political, legislative and regulatory arenas. The PA State Nurses Association and PA State Nurses - PAC maintain a strong voice as nurse and patient advocates on Capitol Hill. While the gains that have been made are impressive, we still have a long way to go. The PA State Nurses-PAC educates members about political candidates and collects and distributes funds to candidates and to elected officials who support nursing's legislative agenda at the state level.


The PA State Nurses Association (PA Nurses) is a non-profit organization representing the over 200,000 practicing nurses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PA State Nurses Association works to advance the profession of nursing through education, advocacy, practice, and legislation. PA Nurses is a constituent member of the American Nurses Association and is the official voice for nursing in Pennsylvania. www. panurses. org

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Contact: Valerie Jo Roberts, Director of Marketing Communications Pennsylvania State Nurses Association

TEL: 717- 657-1222 X 208; EMAIL: vroberts@panurses. org

Available for Interview/comments: Michele P. Campbell, MSN, RNC, Executive Administrator, PA State Nurses Association