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American Researcher Develops Natural Method to Heal Hemorrhoids in 48 Hours

American Researcher Develops Natural Method to Heal Hemorrhoids in 48 Hours

American researcher develops natural method to heal hemorrhoids in 48 hours she is Holly Hayden of Palo Alto, California USA, and has already helped thousands of people around the world.

(PRWEB) May 20, 2009

An American researcher has developed a natural method to heal hemorrhoids in 48 hours she is Holly Hayden also an author of Palo Alto, California USA, Holly set out to find a cure after suffering from hemorrhoids herself. And after trying all sorts of would-be cures she developed the H-Miracle system. And the fact is that More than 40% of adults will suffer from hemorrhoids or piles at some point in their lives. It is basically any form of vein inflammation around the lower rectum.

Likely signs that you have piles are blood on your toilet paper, itching in your anus area or pain during constipation. In the more severe stages, piles form into lumps on your anus - very painful and embarrassing. Even if you're already showing these signs, you can start relieving the problem by avoiding three common mistakes.

Mistake #1: Eating too much processed food.
This can be tough for some people but it's known that processed foods can create harder stools and digestive troubles, leading to constipation and hemorrhoids. So the key here is to lower your intake of processed sugars and foods.

Mistake #2: Sedentary lifestyle.
Long-term sitting, putting pressure on your rectum, sets up the perfect conditions for hemorrhoids to occur particularly when combined with constipation (or pregnancy in women). The solution is to make sure you do not sit for more than one hour at a time, and remember to do stretches that promote healthy blood flow.

Mistake #3: Intake of processed medication and use of creams.
These create the same potential problems as processed foods. Even many fibre supplements contain processed and artificial elements that can cause side-effects. And they are not attacking
The root of the problem. The other downside of these creams is that they're a waste of time and the hemorrhoids can get worse if the root problem is not reversed. By not making these three mistakes, you will avoid contributing to any worsening of hemorrhoids.

Holly has now helped thousands of sufferers all around the world to heal their painful hemorrhoids heres what some of them had to say;

One, Phil H., San Francisco, CA said: Holly, I wanted to let you know that your manual and method are a complete life-saver! Thank you so much for sharing this information. My doc would only tell me surgery was the only option. I couldn't stand it. Your stuff on the other hand, I tried the crystal soak remedy and on the second day, no bleeding ever again. It even shrunk the tissue and was amazingly easy!

Another Dr. Charles Livingston. D. C., C. C.W. P. said: This is a fantastic [system]. Holly has discovered the best natural treatments for hemorrhoids on the market... she gives at least 10 different instant relief remedies. I was so impressed, that I will be recommending them for my patients. The research and knowledge that she has laid out in this [system] will save you hours of pain and hundreds of dollars. Listen to her. She knows what she's talking about!