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Aquent Unleashes "RoboHead" Project Management System

Aquent Unleashes "RoboHead" Project Management System

Affordable Suite of Online Tools Created for Marketing and Creative Services Organizations

Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 4, 2004

Aquent, a firm that specializes in solutions for marketing and creative services organizations, has Launched "RoboHead", a set of integrated Web-based tools designed to help organizations better manage their projects and schedules.

RoboHead focuses on three key areas: project and resource management, communication and collaboration, and digital library storage. With no software to buy or difficult processes to master, RoboHead is an affordable, easy-to-use solution for organizations challenged by too many projects, tight deadlines, and reduced budgets.

"Marketing and creative services organizations can be overwhelmed by administrative tasks, like managing schedules budgets and coordinating tasks across dispersed teams," said Chris Moody, president, Aquent Consulting Division. "By automating processes like updating schedules, routing materials, and retrieving digital assets, RoboHead lets organizations focus on the work they do best," said Moody.

While most corporate disciplines have used technology for years to manage important initiatives, many marketing and creative services organizations still track and manage mission-critical projects using sticky notes and e-mail."

For organizations struggling to manage the chaos of delivering hundreds of creative projects to a diverse set of customers," Moody observed, "RoboHead is a great place to start."

Aquent uses RoboHead internally to manage several critical business processes, enabling more than 100 worldwide users to communicate and collaborate. Based on the system's quick setup time, ease of use, and minimal training requirements, Aquent validated RoboHead as a beneficial tool for clients.

RoboHead clients pay a monthly per-user fee, with no minimum or maximum number of users. "RoboHead can help a small department or an entire division," noted Moody. "If workloads increase seasonally, organizations can add users as needed."

To learn more about RoboHead, please visit http://www. robohead. net/info (http://www. robohead. net/info)

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