Thursday, April 8, 2010

General Physics (GP) to Sponsor the 2nd Annual Gulf Coast Terrorism Prevention Conference Hosted by the Sarasota Sheriffs Office

General Physics (GP) to Sponsor the 2nd Annual Gulf Coast Terrorism Prevention Conference Hosted by the Sarasota Sheriffs Office

In an atmosphere of heightened concern over the threat of terror incidents following thwarted plots in New Jersey, New York, and most recently in London, the Nation's leading homeland security training company Security Solutions International (SSI) will provide 5 different speakers in a full week's program hosted by the Sarasota Sheriffs Office.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 8, 2007

Security Solutions International - SSI, the leading Homeland Security training company in the USA, announced today that the 2nd annual Gulf Coast Terrorism Prevention conference will be taking place at the Hyatt Hotel in Sarasota the week of September 17th through the 21st, 2007. General Physics Corporation (GP) will sponsor the event.

General Physics Corporation is a subsidiary of GP Strategies Corporation, a NYSE listed company (GPX), GP is an international performance improvement company and a global leader in training, engineering, and technical services. GP provides strategies and solutions designed to help customers optimize technical and workforce performance. GP has provided services in more than 60 countries, and is well positioned to serve clients throughout the world. For 40 years, GP has been a leader in workforce development and technical training, including extensive long-term involvement with risk-sensitive facilities in the nuclear power, chemical, petrochemical, refining, and defense industries. Their homeland security and emergency management services are designed to help organizations prevent acts of terrorism, assess their vulnerability and risks, plan for incidents, respond adequately to an event, and mitigate the shortand long-term consequences of an incident. Their experienced staff have backgrounds in local, state, and federal government, as well as private industry - representing a broad
Functional spectrum (city managers, fire chiefs, police chiefs, emergency management directors, EMS, SWAT, public health, military, IT, finance, logistics).

"GP's sponsoring of this conference is another indication of GP's long term commitment to homeland security, emergency management, and especially our first responders who are truly on the front lines. Preparedness programs for public safety agencies including law enforcement personnel are just part of GP's vast array of services". - Noel Mueller J. D., GP Terrorism Prevention and Law enforcement Services.
Last year's conference drew participants from the US, Canada, Europe and Israel.

For the second year running SSI is teaming with the Sarasota Sheriffs office to bring a wealth of International experts in detecting, preventing and responding to acts of terror.

Day 1 - The Middle-East Mind Set and Cultural Orientation - Learn how to communicate with people from the Middle-East and understand their culture: Religious fault lines & Ethnic flashpoints; The Arabs before Islam; Islam: a way of life; Modern history of Middle Eastern terrorism; Iraq; and much more.

Day 2 - Setting up Intelligence departments - Learn the basics of handling intelligence; collecting, analyzing and reporting; intelligence methodologies and department structure.

Day 3 - Protecting schools and Colleges - Understand the school threat by looking at case studies from all over the world, such as the BESLAN incident - the deadliest school incident in the world. Learn to detect, prevent and respond to an incident.

Day 4 - Operational Response to Mass Casualty Incidents (ORMAC) - Learn how to create a sound, coordinated and well-drilled approach to incidents of mass casualties, in order to confront acts of terror or natural disasters effectively.

Day 5 - The Risk of Terror - Terrorist organizations: learn about their modus operandi and the correct way to perform a risk and threat assessment.