Friday, April 9, 2010

Leading Skin Care Chemist Offers Tips for Healthy Aging Techniques

Leading Skin Care Chemist Offers Tips for Healthy Aging Techniques

Sam Dhatt provides easy best practice advice to help control wrinkles and signs of aging skin.

California, U. S.A (PRWEB) July 14, 2007

Sam Dhatt, a leading cosmetics and skin care chemist, shares skin care tips in a five-article series, Helium. com, including tips to control wrinkles and skin elasticity. Dhatt, who is the CEO of Allure Cosmetics, Inc. and DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy, is an innovator in the field of peptide research and anti-aging techniques.

Included in the article, titled "Best Anti-Aging Products for Eyes," Dhatt recommends avoiding pollutants, large amounts of alcohol, and cigarettes. He also advocates the use of sun screen and avoiding long exposure to sunlight.

"Keeping skin healthy, wrinkle-free and supple does not have to be difficult," said Dhatt. "Our researchers have invented products that use peptides to help increase the youthful appearance of skin. In addition to our proven products, we always recommend that people follow a healthy lifestyle, such as decreased exposure to the sun and increased water intake."

Dhatt's articles can be accessed on Dhatt's site by visiting http://www. samdhatt. com (http://www. samdhatt. com), or by visiting Helium. com.

More about Sam Dhatt:
Sam Dhatt has been a leading chemist and innovator in the skin care industry and has been for over 20 years. He has expertly crafted formulas for skin care products and has produced award-winning results that are used in clinics around the world. Dhatt and his team of highly-trained chemists develop and manufacture skincare products for more than 700 of the industry's most successful brands. For more information about Sam Dhatt, visit his site at http://www. samdhatt. com (http://www. samdhatt. com).