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New Book Blows the Lid Off Obama's Questionable Past and Plans for 'Change'

New Book Blows the Lid Off Obama's Questionable Past and Plans for 'Change'

"The Audacity of Deceit" goes where no book on Obama has gone before. Includes exclusive Zogby polling data on the 30% of Americans who pay no taxes - and who they plan to vote for.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 2, 2008

Joseph Farah, president of WND Books, announces the publication of a blockbuster book, "The Audacity of Deceit: Barack Obama's War on American Values" (WND Books, ISBN: 978-1-935071-02-0), written by a conservative Republican and noted political consultant. "Audacity" will join the storm surrounding the recent books on Obama that have flown off book shelves. Certain to stir up a hurricane of controversy, "The Audacity of Deceit" hits all major bookstores and online vendors on September 9th.

With his typical bare-knuckle candor, author Brad O'Leary unleashes a torrent of new and vital information on the Democratic presidential hopeful. O'Leary was known in the '90s for his point-counterpoint newsletter and the NBC Westwood One political talk show he co-hosted with liberal political activist Vic Kamber, which drew two million listeners. O'Leary and Kamber also authored regular political columns for USA Weekend which drew 90 million readers and generated much controversy.

In "The Audacity of Deceit", readers will learn:
 How Barack Obama's "health care reform" plans will let government determine what types of medical procedures and operations senior citizens are permitted to have;  How Obama's position on abortion is opposed by the vast majority of Christians and Catholics, by way of exclusive polling data;  Obama's goal to implement his "zero to five" program, designed to transfer infant and child-raising responsibilities from parents to the federal government;  His plan to raise taxes to the economy-destroying 60 percent rate last seen under President Herbert Hoover during the Great Depression;  How Obama will spark a trade war that would eliminate millions of jobs;  Obama's plan to choke-off America's domestic energy resources and send gas and electricity prices through the roof;  How Obama will raise the cost of food by underwriting the ethanol energy speculators who are playing critical roles in his campaign.

In one explosive chapter, O'Leary exposes the entire family tree of friends and close Obama associates who are working on his campaign or as bundlers, including Thomas Ayers. Father to acknowledged domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, Thomas Ayres through his corporation funded or supported the foundations and law firms that employed Obama. O'Leary also shows how Ayers was associated with the bank that gave Obama his controversial, low-interest home loan.

Another chapter called "The Barack Obama Test" gathers polling results from America's most reputable pollsters, including Zogby International, Rasmussen, Gallup Organization, and CNN/Opinion Research. Through these polls, readers learn how Obama's positions on a broad array of issues are completely at odds with those of the vast majority of Americans.

This chapter also includes Zogby polls - never seen before and available nowhere else - that show in stark detail the differing political views of the 70 percent of American voters who pay federal income taxes and the 30 percent who do not. This is the first time such exclusive polling information has been available to the general public.

Through these results, O'Leary reveals for the first time exactly who the non-taxpaying Americans are - right down to their voting preference, party affiliation, income levels, education, marital status, and even religious practices.

The book has even spawned a website, www. BarackObamaTest. com, which is a condensed version of "The Barack Obama Test" chapter. Here visitors can take a 39-question survey to see how their views match up to those of Obama. Test takers will also see where the rest of America stands on the cutting - edge issues of our time.

On the book's website, www. AudacityofDeceit. com, anyone can download a free chapter of their choice from the book. The chapters hit every major political issue, including taxes, trade, energy and social values, to name just a few.

Asked why he wrote "The Audacity of Deceit", O'Leary explains: "Not long ago at a family gathering, I discovered that some of my six daughters and five grandchildren were thinking about voting for Barack Obama - yet they didn't know his views on key issues."

To convince them to study the facts before making a decision, O'Leary began writing a long letter documenting how, if Obama is elected, O'Leary's children and grandchildren will be deprived of important opportunities to succeed. In fact, America will become unrecognizable under an Obama presidency. The letter developed into this explosive book.

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