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Spice Up Your Holidays With Random Acts of Malice

Spice Up Your Holidays With Random Acts of Malice

Liaison Press and Happy Woman Magazine are pleased to announce the birth of Random Acts of Malice.

VANCOUVER, CANADA (PRWEB) November 24, 2005 -–

What do your eyebrows say about you? If you're a man, you couldn't care less. If you're a woman, you undoubtedly recognize the question as a women's magazine headline.

If you care about the answer to that question, stop reading now because Random Acts of Malice: The Best of Happy Woman Magazine, the newest title from Liaison Press takes the women's magazine genre and twists it like a bleached blonde tress around a perm rod. With satirical articles like "The Sheep Shearer's Workout" "Raising Your Ungifted Child" and "Celine Dion Pumpkin Stencil" Random Acts of Malice spoofs relationship issues, do-it-yourself projects, beauty tips, and celebrity interviews – all without chipping a nail.

"I was bored with the fluff offered by women's magazines in the guise of substance," said the anthology's editor, Sharon Grehan-Howes. "Several years ago, I picked up a copy of a woman's magazine, took the compatibility quiz and the health assessment, and then I came across an article called 'What Your Eyebrows Say About You.' It was the final straw. I thought, 'I can handle being unlovable, fat and bald, but I will not have any facial hair talking bad about me behind my back…right in front of my face.'"

Grehan-Howes subsequently launched Happy Woman Magazine, with the tagline "We think so you don't have to." Since its launch in May, 2000, the e-zine has garnered popular and critical praise:

 "Devilish wit" – USA Today  "A welcome oasis" – The Globe and Mail  "With satire like this, who needs mascara?" – Yahoo Internet Life Magazine, Best and Worst Issue  "Politely vicious satire" – The Vancouver Sun  "Do these pants make my thighs look fat?" – Joan Smythe, confused reader

Random Acts of Malice collects the best articles from the first five years of Happy Woman Magazine. It makes the perfect gift for women who love to laugh but don't really care what their eyebrows are saying about them. The book is available at better bookstores everywhere.

Review copies of the book are available by request, and individual contributors are available for interviews. Contact Editor Sharon Grehan-Howes for more information.


Sharon Grehan-Howes, originally an improvisational comedian, trained at The Second City Toronto and has performed at all major and minor (very minor) comedy clubs in the city and surrounding areas. She has appeared in short films, television, provided voices for cartoons, and was a teacher at The Improv School. Her short fiction has appeared in various magazines, and her column "Jenna's Diary" was serialized in The Monitor. Sharon is currently at work on a fourth book because she doesn't have time to do a second or third. She lives in Toronto with her husband, Wynn, and George and Lyle, professional cats.

CGP is a Canadian small press publisher of specialty eBooks and certain print titles. Together with its non-fiction and coordinating imprint, Liaison Press, CGP intends to remain a vital member of the small press community, and challenge the public perception of what defines a book. "Thinking Outside the Books"

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