Thursday, April 1, 2010

Theravive Introduces Values Counseling as a Model of Professional Therapy

Theravive Introduces Values Counseling as a Model of Professional Therapy

Theravive launches an integrative resource and therapist directory for clients seeking counseling from a licensed psychologist or counselor who upholds strong moral values in their practice. Values Counseling addresses the needs of individuals, marriages, and families in a healthy moral framework towards healing and positive growth. Currently, Theravive. com reaches more than 50 cities with a forward outlook of continued growth in the United States and Canada.

Vancouver, B. C. (PRWEB) March 24, 2008

Theravive. com announces a new service to connect clients to professional and licensed counselors, therapists, and psychologists who uphold common moral values in their practice.

The purpose of this service stems from what Theravive believes is a need for values in counseling. "For many people, by the time they choose counseling, they are at the end of their rope" says co-founder Christie Hunter. "Choosing the right counselor for someone in this situation can mean the difference between success and failure in this person's life. There are too many stories of married couples, for example, who have tried counseling only to find themselves divorced, their children growing up in broken homes."

Theravive strives to change this statistic by providing clients with a resource of psychologists, counselors, and therapists who are founded in solid family and moral values with the clear goals of restoration, reconciliation, and healing. "Too often in the counseling field, therapists attempt to keep their values hidden," says Christie. "Yet regardless of the intent of the therapist, there is no such thing as values free counseling. Whether the therapist states their values or not, these are an integral component of how they practice." Visitors seeking individual or marriage counseling locate therapists from the site's counselor directory (http://www. theravive. com/cities/locations. aspx) page.

Operating under the premise that therapy is more effective when clients can share and relate to the underlying values of the therapist, Theravive brings to light these values and the counselors who use them as a basis in helping people. For example, a couple seeking marriage counseling would prefer a counselor who believes in and who upholds the importance of marriage as opposed to a therapist who sees marriage as merely a paper contract. Current polls suggest the majority of Americans and Canadians still identify with more traditional values, identifying a strong need for licensed practitioners who are morally grounded. Yet getting the message out may pose a bigger challenge.

"The need is there, it's only a matter of letting ourselves be heard," says Theravive's technology director. "We have adapted a unique model of search engine optimization so that we are returned in top search results when potential clients use the internet to look for a counselor."

The premise of their internet marketing strategy is that a potential client is more likely to use their local city in a search engine when searching for a counselor. "For example," states the IT director, "say someone in Seattle, WA uses Google to look for a marriage counselor. That person is more likely to type the search terms 'marriage counseling Seattle', than simply 'marriage counseling,' and that has been our internet focus."

Theravive is an emerging leader in connecting individuals and families to licensed and professional therapists, counselors, and psychologists who uphold values counseling (http://www. theravive. com) in their practice.