Saturday, May 1, 2010

22nd Century Healing Energy Technologies Promote Self Care

22nd Century Healing Energy Technologies Promote Self Care

Russian Space Program inventions replace American medicine cabinet with Self Healing technologies. 22nd Century Self Healing Center empowers men and women to Recliam their Health and Peace of Mind. For sale and lease, Stress Reduction devices and anti-gravity swing, O2 Zero Point Chamber, Shiatsu Massage Chair and Chi Machine achieve relief from pain and anxiety.

Bend, OR (PRWEB) July 30, 2009

They say 'genius inventions and million dollar ideas' are miraculously produced during times of economic depression and Rabbine Harpell of Bend, Oregon just may have proven it. As medical insurance reform is hotly debated in Washington D. C., Ms. Harpell wondered how is her community going to survive suffering the loss of homes, jobs and heath insurance?

As unemployment rates hit 19%, rumors spread throughout Central Oregon that 'something new' was being birthed in downtown Bend, Oregon, while businesses hit hard by the recession closed their doors. Ms. Harpell leased the 1918 historic Bend Hardware building #3 and metamorphed it into Azura' Studio. Azura' pronounced (ah...shur...ay) is defined as "the center point in stillness". This one of a kind full service Salon and Self Healing Center features 22nd Century Self Healing Technologies invented by a Russian scientist for Cosmonauts.

"Self care is empowering. We're just a reminder to men and women to reclaim their health and peace of mind, and refine their beauty. We are repurposing the adage "as above so below" to mean "as within so without" because health is beauty. I see myself only as a neighbor helping a neighbor, a friend to all offering a means to relax to those in great stress," stated Rabbine Harpell, owner, Azura' Studio.

Walk ins are welcome and encouraged to use the Self Healing Technologies and pay $1.00 per minute to enjoy the Shiatsu Massage Chair, Anti-Gravity Swing, 02 Zero Point Chamber and Chi Wave machine that allows you in 15 minutes lying down to experience the benefits of a 90 minute Run. Services include ONE FORCE Technnology; Bioenergetics; The Reconnection and MindMakeover, "Its okay to change your Mind" Doctor assisted audio programs, designed to help you overcome bad habits and achieve success and health. Salon services are offered with heartfelt care by hair, nail and skin professionals dedicated to refining your inner and outer beauty.

Azura' Studio / 22nd Century Self Healing Center offers relaxation modalities without the use of drugs or invasive techniques. Education is stressed as the key component to self healing therapies for regenerating health and relief from pain. Selfcare healing modalities offer a positive shift toward conditions that accelerate the body's natural healing processes. Improvements for a wide range of symptoms are reported. Modalities are offered to inform and educate and are not used to diagnose, treat or cure diseases. The transformational health technologies are used as relaxation techniques for stress reduction and relief from chronic pain, PTSD, and anxiety.

"It's exciting to offer for sale or lease the 22nd Century self healing fusion devices", stated Ms. Harpell. Solaris Energy Blanket is the result of extensive research conducted within the Russian Space Program The healing wrap simulates the space suit construction with multi-layered reflective metallized fibers that promote a non-stressed state experienced by Cosmonauts.

D. O.V. E./Cosmodic are the newest "next generation" SCENAR iinvented by Dr. Alexander Karasev of the Russian Space Program. They are small, handheld, easy to use devices designed to re-organize and re-belance the vital energy of the body for higher working efficiency. Soft Laser - used in medical and veterinary practices for 35 years uses low power that promotes healing on a cellular level, reducing inflammation and pain.

The White House email letter sent across the nation opens with "If you're like most Americans, there's nothing more important to you about health care than peace of mind." Rabbine Harpell has offered her own message of hope promoting Self Healing health care. For more information contact: 541.385-1846 / email: azurastudio@aol. com Location: Azura' Studio, 22nd Century Self Healing Center & Salon, 856 NW Bond St. #3, Bend, OR 97701