Saturday, May 15, 2010

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Releases Compliance Statistics

BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy Releases Compliance Statistics

BioPlus Compliance Statistics - of more than 17,000 patients analyzed, compliance at discharge was at 92%.

Altamonte Springs, FL (PRWEB) November 21, 2010

BioPlus Compliance Statistics - by Quarter, 2004-2010 - of more than 17,000 patients analyzed, compliance at discharge was at 92%.

“This retrospective data demonstrates to the payers, prescribers, pharma and patients that we are measurably improving outcomes as we daily manage specialty therapies," said Dr. Stephen C. Vogt, PharmD and CEO. “This is our mission. We will continue to be the innovators of valued solutions as we enhance our pharmaceutical management programs.”

The data includes all therapies and all new patients from the first dispensation to final physician discharge. The data includes those patients who did not achieve compliance in the first ninety days: data from this low-compliance period is often excluded in other compliance studies.

“This data is part of our quality assessment results that we review quarterly,” adds Dr. Nick Maroulis, PharmD and Director of Pharmacy Services. "By asking the question, “How can we improve compliance?” our entire clinical team is comfortable that we have found the answers, and the data over the years demonstrates that."

As a BioPlus patient, healthcare needs can fluctuate and so do their pharmacy follow-up needs. BioPlus clinical pharmacy staff will adjust our clinical follow-up assessments to our patients’ needs. BioPlus’ clinical staff is trained to identify signs of adherence and compliance issues. Once an issue with adherence or compliance is identified, then clinical adherence interventions begin, in the form of consultation with our Doctors’ of Pharmacy. Our Doctor’s of Pharmacy take the time to discern the factors that may be leading to this adherence issue and provide intervention strategies to help improve adherence and therefore patient overall outcomes. The dispensing practitioner is notified of all interventions for their clinical assessment needs as well to allow a “closing of the loop” in any adherence issue and completes the “team” approach to healthcare medication management.

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