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BWell Clinic at the Beverly Hilton on 'Awards Weekend'; Nathalie Dubois and DPA Gift Suite and Talent Lounge - January 12-14th 2007

BWell Clinic at the Beverly Hilton on 'Awards Weekend'; Nathalie Dubois and DPA Gift Suite and Talent Lounge - January 12-14th 2007

BWell Clinic to provide $20,000+ worth of wellness services including a 360 Degree Total Wellness Assessment, 14-day Clinical Detoxification, Cosmetic Acupuncture, and Bodywork.

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) January 13, 2007

BWell Clinic is proud to participate in the world famous Nathalie Dubois and DPA gift suite and talent lounge at the Beverly Hilton January 12th to 14th, "Awards Weekend". This year Nathalie Dubois will outdo herself with the "All Around the World Style Talent Lounge."

Nathalie Dubois and DPA's talent suites have been highly successful in major entertainment events (previous credits include; the pre-Emmys, the pre-Oscars, the French Cesars, the Cannes film festival and the Venice film festival official gift rooms). DPA previous attendees range from directors such as Spike Lee and David Lynch, remarkable actors Catherine Deneuve, Sharon Stone, Kim Raver, Sir Ben Kingsley, Sherry Lansing, Paula Wagner, Cheryl Hines, Scarlet Johansson, Eva Longoria, Darryl Hannah, Julie Delpy, and Morgan Freeman, to entertainers such as Sting, Star Jones, Paula Abdul, Paris Hilton, and Rapper 50 cents.

BWell will offer guests of the Talent Lounge a thorough wellness assessment including 360 degree clinical and laboratory testing, consults with the world's best Toxicologist, Internist, Naturopathic and Chinese medicine doctors (Valued at: $12,500). Guests will also receive access to our spa facilities in Santa Monica for a medically assisted 14-day Clinical Detoxification Protocol (Valued at: $5000), 10 Cosmetic Acupuncture and 100% Organic Chemical Free Liliflora mini-facials (Valued at: $1500), and 10 Bodywork Treatments (Valued at: $1200). Guests are also welcome to take the elegant gift boxes containing Liliflora Organic and Chemical-free skincare products and spa shower shoes to enjoy while undergoing detoxification in our spa-facilities ($150)

Total value of the box: $20,000+

Dr. James Dahlgren, Medical Director and founder of BWell Clinic, is a world-renowned toxicologist, internist, and expert witness with 35 years experience diagnosing and treating patients with chemical poisoning. Dr. Dahlgren was the chief examiner involved in a major lawsuit made famous by the "Erin Brockovich" movie. Dr. Dahlgren opened BWell Clinic in 2004 to offer people an alternative to standard medical care. "BWell's total wellness assessment and detoxification protocol will make you look and be healthier, feel better, live longer, and even look younger. We do this by discovering your unique deficiencies, supplementing your body to be as strong as it can be to fight disease, oxidative stress and the natural aging process. Our detox protocol reduces the level of chemicals like PCBs, Mercury, Dixoins, Pesticides, even some pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs stored in fat and brain tissue that lead to disease, infertility, aging, and even cancer. Everybody benefits from assessment and detoxification. It heals, prevents and improves all aspects of your health and vitality. Energy, skin conditions, even sleeping and brain function improve with our protocols. It's all around good for everyone," Says Dr. Dahlgren.

"In order to do the most good for our patients, we need to understand what makes them unique. Then we can design an individualized wellness program that delivers the desired outcome. BWell physicians are meticulous about testing and assessment. Our formal evaluation, combined with personal objectives set forth by each of our patients, provides a 'menu' approach to wellness. Our methods are the result of decades of reviewing and learning from research and clinical practice. This practice model requires a time allocation for each patient that limits the number of patients we can see. That's true wellness medicine," says Dr. Hollis, BWell Clinic's Naturopathic Medicine Director.

Guests will receive a 360 degree wellness assessment including: Three in-depth physician consultations, Comprehensive Liver & Detoxification Panel, Elemental Analysis (for heavy-metals such as Mercury, Lead and Arsenic), Metabolic Analysis (Fatty-acid & Carbohydrate metabolism, B-Vitamin insufficiency, cellular energy), Endocrine, Neurological, Cardiac, and Pulmonary Function, Antioxidant status including Oxidative stress, as well as specific Dysbiosis markers for bacterial and yeast overgrowth. For each aspect of health tested, we use the absolute cutting edge in specialty laboratory testing in order to obtain a thorough picture of patient's fundamental systems. Clinical testing allows our practitioners to see into patients' complex and unique chemistry. With this invaluable information we provide recommendations that are unique for each individual.

At BWell, We Only Provide Scientifically Proven Treatments:

Physician prescribed supplements. We provide targeted treatment for specific deficiencies discovered by clinical testing. Extensive research by our Naturopathic Physician uncovers the absolute cutting edge in targeted nutritional, herbal and pharmaceutical supplementation. Sauna-based detoxification. Our state-of-the art spa facilities support patients through a rigorous outpatient sauna-based detoxification protocol. Our highly trained and nurturing staff facilitate a medically supervised, and yet pleasant experience through a rigorous process. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Our Director of Chinese medicine is not only trained in acupuncture and Chinese herbs, he actively incorporates several forms of bodywork into treatment such as Shiatsu, Cranio Sacral, and Tui Na.

About BWell Clinic

BWell's mission is to provide the best, scientifically proven medicine. Every treatment offered has been rigorously studied for its effectiveness and recommendations are supported by individualized clinical laboratory testing. BWell provides:

Individualized assessment - each person is unique Tailored treatment protocols based on laboratory testing Naturopathic medicine to diagnose, heal, maintain and support lifelong wellness Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Detoxification to eliminate toxins and restore a natural and healthy balance in every system of the body Movement Therapy and Bodywork Organic, chemical free and naturally healing products

At BWell we value the naturopathic principles: 1) Do no harm. We use the least invasive intervention necessary to achieve optimal results. Herbal and supplemental support can work as and even more effectively than pharmaceutical alternatives, but when medicine is needed, we know when to prescribe it. 2) Provide solutions that promote a person's inherent healing capacity. 3) Identify and treat the cause. 4) Heal the whole person. A balanced and integrative approach will provide the best health promotion program. 5) Prevention is accomplished through education and promotion of life-habits that create good health. 6) Drawing from the healing power of nature, our practitioners can help establish or restore a healthy internal and external environment.

All BWell products and services are scientifically proven to deliver the most effective health and wellness programs available.

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