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Childhood Obesity Innovations Find a Home at HealthyKidsCatalog. com

Childhood Obesity Innovations Find a Home at HealthyKidsCatalog. com

Among the marketplace’s most unique childhood obesity interventions are aggregated into first and only catalog of its kind offering ‘Solutions That Foster Healthy Children™.’

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 28, 2006

Healthy Kids’ Catalog, a first and one-of-a-kind online catalog company exclusively offering a breadth of “Solutions That Foster Healthy Children™” to help kids of all ages achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, today announced that it has inducted an array of visionary products specifically designed to combat childhood obesity into its online storefront at www. healthykidscatalog. com. The new additions include, among others:

 The Entertrainer™ - Device rendering your television’s power and volume directly reactive to a viewer’s heart rate. If the viewer is sedentary, the volume goes down until the viewer gets his or heart rate back on target  GamerCycle™ - Stationary bicycle that converts the completely sedentary activity of playing home video games into a calorie-burning, aerobic activity  Patent-Pending EZ-Rope™ - “The Rope Without the Middle” that makes jumping rope fun, safe and achievable for kids at every fitness level  Food Group Bingo - Good nutrition is serious business, but learning about it is fun with this new twist on this timeless game  Healthy Habits Game – Innovative game where the young players “are” the game pieces, requiring them to move around as the game progresses  Yum Yum Dishes – Wonderfully decorated hand-painted 4-ounce dishes that promote portion control  A full line of children’s hydraulic fitness equipment – exercise machines designed to be fun, easy to use, and safe for the growing muscles, joints, and bones of kids ages six and up

These new products are among the scores of resources intended to help children become “weight-wise.” The wide assortment of kid-friendly healthy living products offered by Healthy Kids’ Catalog run the gamut; categories include Nutrition, Fitness, Exercise Tools/Equipment, Sports Gear, Health-Promoting Toys/Games, Videos, Kitchen Appliances, Books/Literature for Children, Books/Literature for Care givers, Instructional/Educational Materials, and Healthy Living.

“To achieve and maintain good health, children must be enabled to make wise lifestyle choices by being equipped to do so,” said Healthy Kids’ Catalog co-founder and CEO Merilee A. Kern, author of the fictional children’s book, “It’s Not Your Fault That You’re Overweight - A Story of Enlightenment, Empowerment and Accomplishment for Overweight and Obese Kids” - winner of iParenting Media’s “Excellent Products of 2006” award. “By making health and fitness fun and easy, the products offered in this catalog all serve to improve kids’ diet and physical fitness while motivating them to get – and stay – on a healthy track for the long-term.”

Kern concludes, “Our catalog offering a compilation of kids’ good nutrition and physical fitness-promoting products from one central, conveniently accessible online destination is a sorely needed and long overdue resource. Now, parents and other youth caregivers, as well as related gift givers, have quick and easy one-stop access to an assortment of lifestyle tools that ‘can’ help get America’s children back on track.”

Healthy Kids’ Catalog is currently conducting a childhood obesity survey intended to gauge the current state of consumer attitudes on the topic. Upon completing the quick 15-question questionnaire, respondents will receive a store-wide 15% off coupon code. Interested participants can access the survey online at http://www. healthykidscatalog. com/polls. html (http://www. healthykidscatalog. com/polls. html).

About Healthy Kids’ Catalog

Established in 2006 and with corporate headquarters in San Diego, California, first and one-of-its-kind Healthy Kids’ Catalog® (www. HealthyKidsCatalog. com) is dedicated to improving the state of kids’ health by offering a comprehensive line of top-quality “Solutions That Foster Healthy Children™” from one convenient online destination. With Healthy Kids’ Catalog, parents, teachers, physicians and other youth caregivers benefit from single-point access to a broad selection of kid-friendly healthy living resources. The company also publishes WEIGHT-WISE KIDS®, a free monthly electronic newsletter that “serves up” youth-specific healthy living advice, information, news, and resources. Healthy Kids’ Catalog was co-founded by child health advocate Merilee A. Kern, CEO and author of the fictional children’s book entitled "It's Not Your Fault That You're Overweight - A Story of Enlightenment, Empowerment and Accomplishment for Overweight and Obese Kids,” which was named among iParenting Media’s “Excellent Products of 2006.” For more information, visit www. healthykidscatalog. com.