Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Continuing Baby Boom Creates Further Rhythm Time Franchise Opportunities

Continuing Baby Boom Creates Further Rhythm Time Franchise Opportunities

The UK's population is continuing to grow, and this is providing exciting franchise opportunities for individuals who have a love of music and who want to work with children.

(PRWeb UK) August 28, 2010

With the UK’s ever growing population continuing, demand for Rhythm Time’s baby music classes across the UK is on the up. This increase has also brought about a rise in demand for Rhythm Time’s franchise opportunities (http://rhythmtime. net/about_rhythm_time/music_franchise_opportunity/), as more and more people are contacting the organisation to find out how they can enjoy a successful career that combines quality of life, a love of music and working with children.

The Office for National Statistics confirmed that, despite the recession, birth rates rose from April to June last year. And, according to the Guardian, maternity units in large hospitals around the UK expect the number of births to continue to rise. The recession itself may even be a factor in some people taking time out of work to start a family.

All this is very good news for those people wanting to take advantage of the franchise opportunities (http://rhythmtime. net/about_rhythm_time/music_franchise_opportunity/) being offered by Rhythm Time. Every week, they receive several enquiries from prospective franchisees looking to achieve a healthier work-life balance.

The unique set of music courses has been specifically written by its Founder, Kathy Doolan, and created to help a child’s confidence, creativity and co-ordination (http://rhythmtime. net/about_rhythm_time/the_three_cs/). These classes are aimed at different age groups, specifically: music classes for babies (http://rhythmtime. net/about_rhythm_time/music_classes_for_babies), music classes for toddlers (http://rhythmtime. net/about_rhythm_time/music_classes_for_toddlers/) and music classes for pre-school. (http://rhythmtime. net/about_rhythm_time/preschool_music_classes/) Kathy, who is also the Managing Director, started the business 15 years ago and its franchise opportunities (http://rhythmtime. net/about_rhythm_time/music_franchise_opportunity/) have been offered since 2000. Kathy is a firm believer in the power of music and rhythm on the development of children of pre-school age. “The music classes are well structured, fun for both parent and child, and this early music making together leads a child to an early love of music – something that they will never forget. Above all, music enriches childrens’ lives. What could be better!”

Many of Rhythm Time’s current franchisees have been started by mums who have attended classes themselves and who then wanted to be part of this hugely successful brand. It’s also very popular with people who want to enjoy a better quality of working life and take control over their work - life balance.

Frances Donkin runs a large and highly successful franchise in Cheshire. “My musical background was not vast but with the training and support offered to me, my confidence grew and I have never looked back. I could never have imagined running my own business around my own family, but it works so well and the rewards are so fulfilling.”

If you would like to be part of this successful brand and would like to know more about the franchise opportunities (http://rhythmtime. net/about_rhythm_time/music_franchise_opportunity/) Rhythm Time could offer you, please contact Kathy Doolan on 0121 711 4224.

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Rhythm Time was started in Solihull in 1995 by Kathy Doolan. After a very successful five years, Kathy decided to franchise the business in 2000.

Rhythm Time now has franchises all over the UK, operating in 181 areas with approximately 10,000 children attending classes.

Rhythm Time offers three age-appropriate classes for babies (birth to 15 months), toddlers (15 months to three years) and pre-school (three to school age).

Children come to Rhythm Time as tiny babies and progress to toddler and pre-school classes, enjoying a wonderful introduction to music.

All the courses have been created by Kathy, who trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama in Glasgow.

Kathy previously was head of music in a Scottish school and shares with all franchisees and teachers a real passion and belief in the importance of music during a child’s formative years.

Kathy is a strong believer that singing unaccompanied helps to develop a child’s speech and language from an early age and this forms a key element in all the classes.