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Enterprise Network Applications Recommends CelcorpÂ’s Intelligent e-Business Integration Software for Telecommunication Providers

Enterprise Network Applications Recommends CelcorpÂ’s Intelligent e-Business Integration Software for Telecommunication Providers

(PRWEB) January 25, 2001

ALPHARETTA, Ga. and EDMONTON, ALBERTA – January 22, 2001 – Enterprise Network Applications (ENA), a software development firm specializing in operations support systems (OSS) for telecommunication carriers, and Celcorp today announced that ENA has named Celcorp (www. celcorp. com) its preferred vendor for intelligent e-Business OSS Application Integration Framework (AIF) solutions. This strategic partnership offers telecommunications providers, particularly Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) and Integrated Communications Providers (ICP’s), a comprehensive, industry-leading solution that significantly reduces the time and cost associated with OSS system application integration. ENA will recommend that telecommunications carriers utilize Celcorp’s industry-leading intelligent application integration software, Celware 2.0™, in conjunction with ENA’s Enterprise 20.20 ProvisionView™ software.

"The telecommunications landscape has changed dramatically in the past several years, from deregulation to technological innovations, from countless service options to slashed costs. Given this ever-changing environment, telecommunications carriers face daily challenges to attract and retain customers," said Robert Dahut, ENA president and CEO. "By utilizing both Enterprise 20.20 and Celware, telecommunications providers can increase their efficiency, improve customer service and support, protect their enabled investments and move services to market faster by seamlessly accessing information over their extended enterprises."

Patent-pending Celware is the industryÂ’s first e-Business integration software that uses intelligent systems to model business environments, dynamically generating optimal process solutions and the associated data integration without the need for programming. As new systems are introduced, customers simply update the model and Celware implements the changes, modifying the process where necessary and consequently minimizing future integration maintenance efforts. This scalable, code-free technology makes Celware an adaptable, cost-effective and long-lasting solution.

Telecommunication carriers benefit not only from CelwareÂ’s speed and scalability, but also from its ability to repurpose existing systems for e-Business, key value-adds for an industry that continues to diversify its service offering for the new Internet economy.

"The ENA-Celcorp partnership is a ‘win-win,’ offering significant benefits to telecommunications providers," said David Foy, Celcorp president and CEO. "With Celware, ENA further strengthens its information linking capabilities, while Celcorp provides a solution that deploys e-Business solutions four times faster than other integration methods, further solidifying Celcorp’s presence in the telecommunications marketplace."

For more information about ENA, call (770) 667.2600, visit www. enainc. com, or email sales@enainc. com. To learn more about CelcorpÂ’s cutting-edge integration technology, call (780) 438.2323, visit www. celcorp. com or email info@celcorp. com.

About Enterprise Network Applications

ENA is a software development firm specializing in Operations Support Systems (OSS) for telecommunication service providers. ENA markets the Enterprise 20.20 Provisioning product suite, an integrated set of applications based on an in-depth understanding of telecommunication provider networks and operations. E20.20™ is a TMN standards compliant data model that provides clear, adaptable, and consistent business objects for a complete horizontal, vertical and logical view of the service providers in-service inventory. A centralized repository stores data that is precisely classified and tracked by object type, location, building, floor, line-up, bay, shelf, etc.

To provide tangible business value, ENA applications emphasize; re-use of data, consistency of presentation, and adaptation of system functionality, to the workflow it supports. ENA has a proven history of anticipating and meeting a broad array of communications providers' needs. ENA is a privately held company headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA.

About Celcorp:

Celcorp is a leading developer of business-to-business integration software that significantly reduces the time and cost associated with inter-departmental and cross-firewall application integration. CelcorpÂ’s products and services, which help organizations to quickly respond to continuously changing market conditions, include: patent-pending Celware, the industryÂ’s first e-Business solution to use intelligent systems to expose back-end systems to business processes spanning partner networks; Celware Embedded Intelligence, a tool suite for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to embed intelligent systems into their software; and a variety of consulting, support, partner and educational services. Using intelligent systems, CelcorpÂ’s core product, Celware, eliminates the need for programming by dynamically generating the most effective processes and associated data integration within a unified environment.

Founded in 1990, Celcorp is a privately held company based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Celcorp serves Global 2000 companies throughout all industries including telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, and hospitality. Additional information about Celcorp and its industry-leading intelligent solutions can be found at www. celcorp. com or by calling (800) 338.8491.

E20.20 ProvisionView™ is a registered trademark of Enterprise Network Applications. Celware™ is a registered trademark of Celcorp. All other brand or product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.