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Harvard Business School Alumnus & Growth Guru Joins Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

Harvard Business School Alumnus & Growth Guru Joins Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

Former PepsiCo & Frito-Lay senior executive develops Max Muscle Sports Nutrition franchises in Texas

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) July 28, 2009

Alberto Bandera has not only transformed the businesses of PepsiCo and Frito-Lay over the past two decades, he recently transformed his physique and health resulting in changing careers to help people focus on health and not what has become an epidemic in the United States through the consumption of unhealthy eating habits. Bandera has joined Max Muscle Sports Nutrition franchise development to assist in educating, leading and consulting with individuals and companies on the practical implementation of their own Max Muscle Sports Nutrition stores.

"I was able to drop 75 pounds, I have kept it off for more than 2 years and now I'm running Triathlons." said Bandera from his new Texas offices. "I switched life style, switched careers, changed cities and I'm looking forward for a very rewarding and successful future with Max Muscle Sports Nurition."

The Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss supplement market was $22 billion strong in 2008 and is fully expected to grow by $1.3-1.9 billion per year for each of the next five years. July has already been a record month for individuals applying to own their own Max Muscle Sports Nutrition franchise.

Bandera noticed the nationwide trend growing literally by leaps and bounds as more and more people searched for an answer to their burgeoning waist line, the obese epidemic in children, and increasing health issues due primarily to poor diet choices and lack of education on supplementation and even basic exercise.

"The new me…the much lighter, happier, and 'awake' me needed to change my professional focus on taking these talents and doing well by them." added Bandera. "I had several opportunities in which to choose from, but after seeing Max Muscle Sports Nutrition growth first hand by visiting stores, headquarters in California, speaking with customers, and doing months of exhausting research, the choice was actually very easy in the end. I gathered my family, discussed the opportunity and togehter made the decision. We celebrated the future by taking on Texas as Regional Director for the company."

One of the reasons many executives are leaving corporate America and choosing a Max Muscle Sports Nutrition franchise for their future, according to Bandera, is that the Max Muscle Sports Nutrition approach to this market is not as a fad, but to serve a lifestyle for those individuals that choose to live 'healthy and active' for the long run. Bandera is a shining example having lost more than 75 pounds, enlisting his family and friends in the same lifestyle, and feeling the benefits it has had on him professionally and personally.

"You look at the world completely differently when you're healthy and making that healthy lifestyle a conscious decision. This is far deeper than saying 'No Trans Fats!'…it's about truly understanding what you need to consume and how your body reacts to it. People today understand this more and more. It leads to happiness in all facets of life." 
"Most of our franchises are owned by people who were first exposed to the business as a customer. " said Patrick Sanders, CFO for Max Muscle and Chief of Franchise Operations. "Alberto leads by example. He not only lives the lifestyle we want to exude, but he's lived on the 'other side' by not being happy with his health and fitness levels. There couldn't be a better match and his education and extraordinary background will greatly add to our overall offering."

Texas too has become an expansion market for Max Muscle Sports Nutrition. In June Texas Max Muscle Sports Nutrition franchises climbed to #2 system-wide, second only to a group franchise owner in California. Dallas, in particular, with its emphasis on sports, food, fitness and lifestyle has media covering the growth of the concept and several new stores are already underway in the market.

Max Muscle Sports Nutrition in Plano has already felt the power Bandera can bring to a market as owner and Certified Sports Nutrition Coach Roger Forsini has not only been instantly accepted and sought ought by an eager customer fan base, but his new website at Max Muscle Plano (http://plano. maxmuscle. com) immediately had people from throughout the Metroplex signing up for more information, scheduling Nutritional Evaluations, and wanting Max Muscle Sports Nutrition at their events.

"I'm ready…very ready, to make a great number of individuals extremely successful in this marketplace." said Bandera. "A lot of people think that once they reach the top of their positions there's no place to go. I'm here to tell you there is a place…your own place…a Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store. And I'm just the right person you want on your team."

For more information about franchise opportunities, visit: Max Muscle Franchise (http://www. maxmusclefranchise. com)

Rich Carr, Carr Knowledge