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KJ Beckett Launch Innovative Yoropen Collection

KJ Beckett Launch Innovative Yoropen Collection

KJ Beckett, the UK's leading men's fashion retailers, announce the launch of the award-winning and innovative Yoropen collection of writing implements. The award-winning Yoropen is specially designed for use by left-handers, learning needs, designers, students and children.

Bath, England (PRWEB) March 25, 2008

KJ Beckett, well known for its line of quality, unusual and enticing men's accessories, has added the Yoropen collection of futuristic pens and pencils to its portfolio of remarkable products. The Yoropen collection is unique in that its design can accommodate left-handed writers with perfect ease as well as reduce the stress and strain that most people feel in the process of writing by hand. View the fantastic range at online KJ Beckett: http://www. kjbeckett. com/acatalog/yoropen. html (http://www. kjbeckett. com/acatalog/yoropen. html)

Invented by Taiwanese inventor, Bao Shen Liu, the Yoropen has three unique aspects: 1) It offers finger support that allows the user to change the holding angle to permit a more comfortable and natural writing position. This reduces writing strain. 2) The Yoropen allows users to keep their fingers from blocking their field of vision. For designers, this is a great bonus factor. 3) The final amazing ability the Yoropen offers is an adjustable tripod grip so users can rotate the pen until they find the perfect writing position. For left handers, it is simply a matter of rotating the grip to the left to obtain better visibility and smudge-free handwriting.

Mr Liu believed that the act of writing is one of the most effective means of learning. When he turned his inventive skills to facilitating the act of writing, he studied pens, writers and writing making careful note of the strengths and weaknesses of conventional writing instruments.

Michael Woods, editor of the Journal of Writing Equipment Society, comments that the Yoropen "should be particularly welcomed by educational and physiotherapy professionals as another valuable resource to help their work." Indeed Jason Morantz, an English teacher in London, noticed that in using the Yoropen, his students had to sit up straight, thereby enhancing their posture. This is due to the angle at which the Yoropen operates best. The improved handwriting enabled by the Yoropen has given the students, both right and left handed, improved handwriting and self confidence.

Even doctors praise the Yoropen. In the world where carpal tunnel syndrome has reached near epidemic proportions, the innovative Yoropen has a great deal to offer those who want to or need to write by hand.

Not only is the Yoropen collection of writing pens a healthy choice in terms of stress and strain on the writer and an excellent tool for educational purposes, it is "a truly unique and funky pen" according to Paul Beckett of KJ Beckett. After a successful trial period at KJ Beckett, there has been an excellent response to the Yoropen, especially from KJ Beckett's US customer base. Prices range from $6 through to $60. The company offers fast shipping worldwide. View the complete Yoropen range here: http://www. kjbeckett. com/acatalog/pens_p5.html (http://www. kjbeckett. com/acatalog/pens_p5.html)

KJ Beckett (http://www. kjbeckett. com (http://www. kjbeckett. com)) is the UK's leading retailer of luxury accessories for men. Founded in 2004, its concept surrounds selecting quality accessories from around the world. Unique and exciting designs are sought after to provide customers with a unique shopping experience. KJ Beckett is owned and run by the Beckett brothers (Alex, Mark and Paul) and its head office is located in Bath, England.

For more information or artwork on Yoropen writing implements, or information about KJ Beckett, please contact marketing on +44 (0) 117 9095373. Please also visit: http://www. kjbeckett. com/acatalog/yoropen_info. html (http://www. kjbeckett. com/acatalog/yoropen_info. html)

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