Sunday, May 23, 2010

Professional Housing Counselors Help Families Stop Foreclosure with New Book

Professional Housing Counselors Help Families Stop Foreclosure with New Book

Ajustable rate mortgages, illness, divorce, lack of health insurance, job loss, high energy costs, and predatory lending leads to highest rate of home loss since Great Depression.

Columbia, SC (PRWEB) March 24, 2006

What can a borrower do to prevent foreclosure sale of their home if they have failed a bankruptcy plan or do not have the money to catch up the mortgage?

After counseling over 10,000 homeowners in foreclosure, Herbert Addison, JD, CHC and Michael Taylor, Sr., introduce "How to Save Your Home", a book that explains a better, less costly way to save your home, your dignity and your future credit rating.

“How to Save Your Home: Your Guide to Loss Mitigation,” ISBN#0-9753754-0-7, SYH University, $19.95, 2005, reveals step by step instructions and negotiation strategies based on five case studies of families that successfully stopped foreclosure despite having a sale date and being over $7,000 to $30,000 behind on the mortgage. The specific knowledge conveyed in this book include:

*The fundamentals of loss mitigation and why most homeowners do not succeed

*How to negotiate like a professional through the use of detailed role play

*How to complete a loan work out package that will be approved by your lender

*How to identify and communicate with those with the authority to approve your deal

*How to make your hardship letter perfect

*How to raise money to help you leverage an agreement

"The Bible teaches us that a lack of knowledge destroys and causes suffering; our book was written to provide professional knowledge to people who are serious about homeownership,” stated Addison who is also a Certified Housing Counselor. “When our neighbors, friends, family or church members lose a home to foreclosure, it lowers the morale and wealth of the entire community,” added Taylor

To interview the authors or to request a review copy, contact Mr. Addison by email.

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