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Sierra Goodman Helps Others Lose Weight after Dropping 170 Pounds with Green Tea and the Law of Attraction

Sierra Goodman Helps Others Lose Weight after Dropping 170 Pounds with Green Tea and the Law of Attraction

There are many scientific claims regarding the weight loss benefits of green tea, but Sierra Goodman is living proof. Formally weighing over 300 pounds, Ms. Goodman lost 170 pounds in just over a year with regular consumption of Japanese Green Tea and a healthy, balanced diet. She has created a website to help others lose weight with green tea, including an interactive weight loss forum, an online store to buy green tea, and her insightful and humorous weight loss tips.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) December 29, 2006

After losing more than 170 pounds, Sierra Goodman has created an interactive website, www. iam-iam-iam. com, to help others lose weight for good. Sierra, once tipping the scale at 300 pounds and now a size 6, wants to help others benefit from her experiences with a lifetime of dieting and finally dramatic weight loss by consuming green tea and eating a healthy, whole foods diet.

"I was always looking for the magic pill, the psychological breakthrough, the one thing that would finally let me be thin. I was starting to give up and give in to being fat for the rest of my life," Goodman states. "I was desperate to lose weight. I started reading about the health benefits of green tea (http://www. iam-iam-iam. com/) and decided to give it a try. I wanted to see if green tea weight loss was really possible. I had nothing to lose but 150 pounds."

And lose she did. Goodman, a former paralegal who now runs a non-profit marine conservation organization, was able to shed 170 pounds in just a little over a year. She says she felt a difference within hours of her first cup of tea. "The green tea has helped to raise my metabolism and fills me up and satisfies me. I am not hungry all the time and do not have cravings as I did before. While I certainly would have lost weight anyway with the change in eating habits, the green tea gave me the strength and will power to go all the way this time, and much faster than it normally would have taken. I continue to drink green tea every day."

Now Goodman wants to help others lose weight too. "I am living proof that one really can lose weight in a safe and natural way with green tea and a whole foods diet. I truly want to help others reach their weight loss goals by sharing what I have learned and what worked for me. I know first hand the pain and suffering of being overweight and feeling bad about yourself. I want to show others that there is an answer, that they don't have to suffer anymore."

Her website, http://www. iam-iam-iam. com (http://www. iam-iam-iam. com), reflects Goodman's experiences taken from a lifetime of dieting. In a very personal and humorous manner, Goodman describes her battle with weight loss and gives visitors real tools to help them lose weight and feel good about themselves.

The website includes ordering information (http://www. iam-iam-iam. com/weight-loss-green-tea. htm) for green tea as well as other products that Sierra recommends for weight loss. It also includes an interactive weight loss forum (http://www. iam-iam-iam. com/lawofattractionweightloss/) to support those who are losing weight. Her weight loss tips (http://www. iam-iam-iam. com/lawofattractionweightloss. htm) are insightful and helpful. But the real proof is in the photos. Sierra's before and after photos are truly inspiring.

Sierra instructs, "It is so important to do things that make you feel good about yourself during this time. Please take off those ugly sweats, cut them up and use them for cleaning the house. Go out and buy yourself some new clothes that you feel good in, no matter what size they are. No Frumps Allowed." Well said.

Sierra is living proof that weight loss with green tea is real and not just the newest diet fad to hit the market. Considering it has been the drink of choice in the Orient for thousands of years, it would seem that green tea is here to stay.

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