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Typecast - Social Network for Lancashire Teens Launched

Typecast - Social Network for Lancashire Teens Launched

Are young people typecast or should they just be outcast? A brand new social networking site is giving Lancashire youth the opportunity to put the record straight.

Lancashire (PRWeb UK) June 14, 2009

Typecast, an exciting new social networking site specifically for Lancashire teenagers, has just 'gone live' at http://www. typecastawards. co. uk (http://www. typecastawards. co. uk)

One of the most innovative developments for young people, it focuses on the impact of crime, especially knives and guns, gangs, drugs and alcohol and anti-social behaviour, giving its young visitors the opportunity to challenge the stereotypical views that young people are trouble just waiting to happen.

It is asking groups and individuals alike to share their views - not just in words, but in video, music, poetry, mobile phone footage, all of which can be easily uploaded to the Typecast site. The site can be found at http://www. Typecastawards. co. uk (http://www. Typecastawards. co. uk) and access is also available through channels such as Facebook, YouTube and BeBo.

Visitors are invited to vote for their favourite uploads, so that they can be shortlisted for the extremely worthwhile prizes, including an acting class with Hollyoaks stars, the chance to produce a live breakfast radio show and a mixing master-class from DJ Mark Freejack. The project will culminate with the Typecast Awards Ceremony in January 2010 in the best full red carpet Brit Awards tradition.

Every month smaller prizes, such as HMV vouchers, are on offer to reward people who have uploaded their views.

This exciting new forum has been developed with the full involvement of young people to ensure maximum appeal to its target audience. It has the support of the Youth Parliament and the Youth Councils, while education officials across Blackpool have agreed to help students get involved either through a formal classroom setting, homework or within media and IT classes.

Andreas aged 16, is a member of OK2be in Blackpool. He said "Typecast shows our opinions count as you can tell that we've been involved just by looking at it. They listened to what we said and adapted their ideas in response. They even talked to us again to check that they'd got it right. Then we were asked to help develop the project and Typecast is the result. I think it's fantastic."

During the summer months, Typecast has teamed up with the Rock FM media bus, and a county-wide tour will be undertaken so that young people wanting the extra technological edge can take advantage of the latest digital wizardry accompanied by technical and creative experts from Rock FM to help them create and upload their submissions.

Lancashire teenagers can get on-line and check it out at http://www. typecastawards. co. uk (http://www. typecastawards. co. uk)

This ambitious project is supported by partners across the county, including the Police Authority, Youth Services, Education, Health and Youth Groups. The aim is to provide a way in which young people want to give their views on hugely important issues. These views will then be used to make the service provision more effective so that young people can see that their opinions can influence the way in which services are delivered with a positive impact.

Suzanne Holroyd, Blackpool Council's PSHE and Offsite Learning Consultant, said: "Blackpool Children's Trust is very pleased to have been given the opportunity to become involved with the Typecast project. The concept is excellent and the abundant resources have been greeted with enthusiasm by PSHE staff in our secondary schools and other educational settings. We look forward to seeing the fruit of the young people's labour as the project develops."

Naomi Walker, Head of Community Engagement for Lancashire Police Authority, has campaigned for sometime to find more effective ways to communicate with, and listen to, young people and has developed Typecast with the help of young people's groups across the County. She said: "Typecast offers a contemporary and user-friendly way in which young people can tell us what they think. We have had fantastic feedback so far, particularly from the young people who have worked with us to produce both the site and the video.

"If the interest so far is any indication, we have hit on a winning way to get young people involved in influencing the way in which local services are provided for them."

About Typecast:
Typecast is a social networking site for young people in Lancashire giving them an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas about crime.

Http://www. typecastawards. co. uk (http://www. typecastawards. co. uk)
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