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Clay Mask Formulated by Zion Health Eliminates Acne Naturally

Clay Mask Formulated by Zion Health Eliminates Acne Naturally

Kanwaminerals. com announces launch of New Acne Remedy formulated with Montmorillonite Clay.

San Francisco, Calif. (PRWEB) October 30, 2008

Today, Gloria Vilchez founder of kanwaminerals. com announces an addition to its Healing Clay Product line. Clay Mask, manufactured by Zion Health naturally absorbs bacteria related to acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Now consumers can alleviate symptoms of acne without medication and harsh cleansers that often produce negative side effects. Clay Mask contains herbs and montmorillonite clay that pulls impurities to the surface until the skin is clear.

Ms. Vilchez claims, "Anyone who has acne knows that standard remedies redden and irritate the skin, and result in only short term effects. Clay Mask can be applied overnight and rinsed off in the morning to prevent severe teenage acne." Most teenage acne which is related to hormonal changes needs an ongoing treatment to prevent acne from recurring. Teenagers and adults can benefit from use of Clay Mask without resorting to harsh medications that may dry out the acne but damage the skin.

Clay Mask manufactured by ZIon Health contains a unique type of clay called Calcium Montmorillonite. Calcium Montmorillonite serves many uses in Alternative Medicine. Montmorillonite contains more than 60 trace minerals that have been commonly used by Native Americans and African tribes to heal wounds, and absorb poisons from food. Montmorillonite which is in a similar family to Bentonite Clay contains common detoxifying properties, however, supplies a much greater nutrient content than bentonite.

Zion Health Clay Mask is available at Akin's Chamberlin Natural Foods Market, Yogi House, Whole Foods San Mateo, Vim & Vigor Michigan, Abundant Health Texas, Nature's Way Pennsylvania, Bee Healthy Arizona, Health Nutz Palm Springs, Rainbow Grocery, Pollack Herbs, Earth Beam and online at kanwaminerals. com.


HeartMath®, Pioneers in New Applications of Heart Rate Variability, Will Showcase the emWave® Technologies at the 2008 Applied Psychophysiology & Biofeedback Conference

HeartMath®, Pioneers in New Applications of Heart Rate Variability, Will Showcase the emWave® Technologies at the 2008 Applied Psychophysiology & Biofeedback Conference

Dr. McCraty will be conducting a half-day experiential workshop at the 2008 Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Conference where event participants will receive instruction in use of HeartMath's heart rhythm technology -- emWave Personal Stress Reliever® and emWave® PC Stress Relief System.

Boulder Creek, CA (PRWEB) May 13, 2008

There's a growing scientific interest in new applications for heart rate variability (HRV) measurements. Innovative programs that help people reduce emotional stress offer new hope for those with a variety of health challenges, ranging from trauma to asthma, and depression. Rollin McCraty, Ph. D., director of research for the Institute of HeartMath (http://www. heartmath. org/) has led pioneering research which uses HRV measurements to reflect emotional states. McCraty and researchers at HeartMath identified the psychophysiological state of coherence, now widely used as an effective feedback practice in stress management, emotional self-regulation and performance improvement. Dr. McCraty will be conducting a half-day experiential workshop at the 2008 Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback Conference (http://www. aapb. org/) where event participants will receive instruction in use of HeartMath's heart rhythm technology -- emWave Personal Stress Reliever® and emWave® PC Stress Relief System.

Traditionally, biofeedback has monitored bodily responses such as brainwaves (EEG), muscle tension (EMG), skin temperature, and sweat gland activity. However, HeartMath researchers discovered that monitoring heart rhythm patterns offers several unique advantages over the traditional forms of feedback. Heart rhythm feedback is considerably simpler and more straightforward for people to learn and use. It's also more reflective of changes in both branches of the autonomic nervous system and, therefore, changes in the emotional and psychological states.

The current issue of Biofeedback Magazine (http://www. aapb. org/i4a/pages/Index. cfm? pageID=3538) features an article authored by Dr. McCraty titled from "Completion to Renewal: Positive Emotions and Heart Rhythm Coherence Feedback." This special issue of Biofeedback Magazine examines HRV analysis as an emerging science and practice in the field of biofeedback. Don Moss, Ph. D., editor in chief of Biofeedback Magazine tells his readers, "HRV feedback is one of the newer and most promising areas of biofeedback, with applications to the treatment of medical conditions, the enhancement of human performance, and the achievement of higher-level health."

HeartMath's scientific contribution to the concept of heart rhythm (or HRV) feedback started with a ground-breaking study which was published in the American Journal of Cardiology in 1995. In this study HeartMath researchers identified a distinct pattern in the heart rhythms that is characteristic of positive emotions like appreciation, care, love, and compassion. This heart rhythm pattern reflects physiological coherence - simply said, coherence is when the heart, brain, and nervous system are working in harmony. Dr. Rollin McCraty says, "Our research identified a specific mode that the body naturally shifts into when we experience positive emotions. We call this the "psychophysiological coherence state," which is characterized by increased synchronization, harmony, and efficiency in the interactions within and among the physiological, cognitive, and emotional systems."

In 1999, HeartMath introduced the first affordable consumer stress-reduction product using their patented heart rhythm feedback. Their focus on heart rhythm feedback provided a refreshing departure from conventional biofeedback practices, and has since been adopted by thousands of health professionals worldwide as an effective and invaluable tool for patients suffering from stress-related issues. HeartMath's emWave technologies opened a door for consumers and health professionals in need of convenient lifestyle tools that offer the same objective feedback as more cumbersome and expensive equipment that has traditionally been used in professional settings.

The emWave products include:
EmWave PC Stress Relief System (http://www. emwavepc. com/) (formerly the award-winning Freeze-Framer®) was created by Doc Childre, founder of HeartMath. The PC program essentially mirrors your emotional state by collecting information from your heart through a finger or ear-clip sensor that plugs into your computer via USB. emWave PC trains you to achieve a high level of coherence. The program translates heart rhythm information into user-friendly graphics on your computer screen. As you apply the stress-reducing Quick Coherence® technique learned from the program, you see your heart rhythms change in real time as you move out of stress and into a more balanced, regenerative emotional state.

The program allows you to track your progress and has three colorful interactive games powered by your ability to transform stress into renewed energy. An innovative feature of emWave PC is its Emotion Visualizer (http://www. emwavepc. com/emwave_pc_new_features. html)®, a practice application that provides stunning images which emit varying degrees of color and movement as you adjust your emotional state.

HeartMath's emWave Personal Stress Reliever (http://www. emwave. com/) (PSR) - is a mobile lifestyle tool weighing only 2.2 ounces. The device detects your heart rhythms through its built-in finger sensor and gives immediate feedback, reflecting your emotional state through changing colored lights and sound. It includes a hands-free option and animated instructional CD-Rom that guides you through HeartMath's scientifically validated Quick Coherence® technique.

In July of 2007, the American Institute of Stress honored HeartMath's emWave Personal Stress Reliever with their award for Distinction and Innovation. "The emWave Personal Stress Reliever is a unique stress reduction tool that is unusually effective for reducing stress, anxiety and improving performance", says Paul J. Rosch, M. D., F. A.C. P.,President of the American Institute of Stress. "HeartMath has established themselves as a leader in the scientific community through their years of solid scientific research and in-depth understanding of stress and the physiology of emotions."

Both emWave products will be exhibited at the AAPB conference at the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort, Daytona Beach Florida. Dr. McCraty will lead a short workshop titled, "HeartMath Heart Coherence Training" on Thursday, May 15th from 1:00 pm -5:00 pm where he will demonstrate HeartMath's heart rhythm technologies and teach participants positive emotion-focused techniques for emotional stabilization which have been demonstrated to improve clinical outcomes. Recent research studies in this area will be discussed. AAPB participants can also try out the emWave technologies at HeartMath's booth #7.

About HeartMath® LLC
HeartMath LLC (http://www. heartmath. com/), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantum Intech, is a cutting-edge performance company providing a range of unique services, products, and technology to improve health and well-being, while dramatically reducing stress and boosting performance and productivity. HeartMath's organizational clients include Duke Medicine, Stanford Business School, Stanford Hospital, Mayo Health System, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sutter Health, Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine, BP, Cisco Systems, Redken, Kaiser Permanente, Boeing and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, as well as thousands of health professionals around the world.

About the Institute of HeartMath (IHM)
Since 1991 the Institute of HeartMath (http://www. heartmath. org/) has been dedicated to helping people find balance between their mind and heart in life's activities. HeartMath researchers have conducted research and clinical studies on emotional physiology, heart-brain interactions, and the physiology of learning and performance. Through their research they have demonstrated the critical link between emotions, heart function, and cognitive performance. IHM's work has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals such as American Journal of Cardiology, Stress Medicine, Preventive Cardiology, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science, and Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

Media Contact:
Gabriella Boehmer
(831) 338-8710
Gboehmer @ heartmath. com


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Unique "Scent-sational" Valentine Gift

Unique "Scent-sational" Valentine Gift

French-trained Master perfumer blends natural essences for a one-of-a-kind personal fragrance for your Valentine.

Fairfax, VA (PRWEB) February 13, 2004

Dr. Mireille Nedelec, Research Director of the Aromatherapy Center of Fairfax and a native of France--the capitol of perfumery and aromatherapy--will formulate a unique scent for your special loved one. Dr. Nedelec's fragrances can be formulated for men, women, and even for couples!

To begin the process, Dr. Nedelec collects basic information about the recipient to determine the purpose of the perfume and, when possible, the recipient's personal likes and dislikes about scent families. For example, if a person needs to have more confidence to interact in matters of romance, Dr. Nedelec knows exactly which essences to select. “Her trained "nose" allows her to formulate exquisite, totally natural customized fragrances that are perfect for each individual or couple,” according to Clydette Clayton, Director of the Aromatherapy Center. “What's more, using her specific knowledge of plant essences, she can prepare a fragrance to help the recipient overcome fears, anger, frigidity, and even physical weaknesses!”

Dr. Nedelec uses only the finest natural essences blended in a bath of high-quality jojoba oil so that the perfume penetrates the skin easily and at the same time nourishes it. Her formulations use no synthetic products of any kind -- only essences from flowers that have been grown organically or are Ecocert approved. For example, her incredible rose and orange essences are derived from blossoms distilled by steam, not by chemical processes that are harmful to the body.

Developing customized scents for individuals takes time, but the results are exquisite. For $109.95, you will receive a 30-ml [1-oz] bottle of a unique perfume made specifically for your loved one, including air express shipping to your door.

Although Valentine's Day is a perfect occasion for introducing your loved one to his or her customized perfume, Dr. Nedelec also makes individualized perfumes for other special occasions and for everyday use. Could there be a more perfect wedding gift than a unique scent crafted specifically to help a bridal couple reach the fullest potential of their relationship?

Dr. Nedelec's individual perfumes come to you with this promise for the future: the recipient will make positive life changes under the influence of powerful plant essences. Once prepared, Dr. Nedelec will keep a record of your signature scent-formula. She can then adjust it accordingly to grow with you when you tell her you are ready!

The Aromatherapy Center, founded in 1986, has offices in Fairfax, VA, and Paris, France. It offers individual treatments, conducts workshops and aromatherapy certification training, and consults with corporations for stress relief and employee wellness. The Center has also developed the line, Perfect-Health Scents™, with over 100 fine aromatherapy products to fragrantly aid in relieving many common health problems such as joint pain and sinusitis.


Clydette Clayton

Aromatherapy Center



Http://wwww. aromatherapy-center. com (http://wwww. aromatherapy-center. com)

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NASA second generation reusable rocket program opens its doors at Marshall Center

NASA second generation reusable rocket program opens its doors at Marshall Center

(PRWEB) January 19, 2001

NASA has created a new program office to lead its effort to enable development of a new reusable launch vehicle for flight in 2010 that will be dramatically safer and less expensive than today's rockets.

The new Second Generation Reusable Launch Vehicle program office at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., is part of NASA's Space Launch Initiative and an integral part of the agency's Integrated Space Transportation Plan.

Other elements of the plan include upgrades for safety of NASA's first generation RLV, the space shuttle, and developing technologies for third and fourth generation transportation systems.

The office, charged with identifying requirements and developing technologies for the 2nd Generation RLV, is seeking proposals from industry and academia to reduce the business and technical risk associated with developing the next-generation reusable launch system. The proposals are a step toward enabling development of a launch system beginning in 2005, leading to an operational system that will dramatically increase safety and reduce the cost of space flight.

The second generation RLV program will build on NASA's current X-33, X-34 and X-37 programs - testing new materials, structures, propulsion, computers and other technologies needed to meet the program's goal of significantly increasing safety to a 1 in 10,000 chance of loss of life and reducing payload launch costs from $10,000 per pound today to $1,000 per pound.

Dan Dumbacher has been appointed manager of the Second Generation RLV Program Office. He formerly served as manager of the Structures, Mechanics, and Thermal Department at the Marshall Center, deputy manager of NASA's X-33 technology demonstrator program, and manager of NASA's DC-XA technology demonstrator program.

Danny Davis, formerly manager of the Fastrac rocket engine project at Marshall, has been appointed deputy manager of the new office.

"We hope that this program will give a boost to America's efforts to build a safer and more economical "highway to space", make the multi-billion-dollar commercial space industry a clear world leader and stimulate competition -- all for the good of the economy, as well as our nation's future space exploration plans," Dumbacher said.

Earlier this year, NASA solicited industry proposals and awarded contracts to define national mission needs and top level system requirements to meet safety and cost goals for a second generation RLV. They were the springboard for the five-year, $4.5 billion effort to reduce the risk associated with building and operating next-generation launch systems. The effort also is aimed at enabling more than one commercial option for private ownership and operation of reusable launch vehicles and opening additional market opportunities for getting cargo to the International Space Station.

NASA field center roles in the new program include: Marshall Center, program management, propulsion, cryogenic tanks; Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va., airframe development; Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., thermal protection systems, automated vehicle health monitoring; Kennedy Space Center, Fla., ground operations; Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, Calif., flight testing; Johnson Space Center, Houston, crew systems and flight operations support; Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, subsystems and propulsion support; and Stennis Space Center, Miss., engine systems testing. The U. S. Defense Department also will be involved in defining requirements and coordinating technical activities for the second generation RLV Program.


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Heritage Hideaways Holiday Cottages Hosts Christmas Tea Party to Raise Money for Marie Curie Cancer Care

Heritage Hideaways Holiday Cottages Hosts Christmas Tea Party to Raise Money for Marie Curie Cancer Care

A Bloomin’ Great Tea party ‘with a Christmas twist’ was hosted by Heritage Hideaways this week, raising a grand total of £651 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

(PRWeb UK) December 11, 2009

A Bloomin’ Great Tea party ‘with a Christmas twist’ was hosted by Heritage Hideaways this week, raising a grand total of £651 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The event, hosted at the Heritage Hideaways office near Southwold, was attended by business colleagues, owners of holiday cottages in the local area and many friends of the staff.

Marion Anthony, owner of the Suffolk holiday cottage business, has supported Marie Curie fundraising events in the past, as well as other initiatives to raise money for people affected by cancer, including the Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

‘Marie Curie provides tremendous support for the families of those with cancer and does so much to help cancer patients themselves, said Marion. ‘It is a cause close to my heart.’

Supported by the generosity of Mary Goodrich, a local chef, and the Randolph Hotel in Reydon, visitors were treated to a delicious spread of carrot cake, chocolate brownies, cup cakes and sausage rolls, washed down with copious cups of tea.

Phoenix Trading added to the festive feel, with a display of Christmas cards, wrapping paper and other Christmas stationery, and a Christmas raffle for a luxury hamper was held, and won by a delighted Trish Hart.

Marion said: ‘We’re delighted by today’s successful fundraising and extend a huge thank you to all who attended the event and made a donation.’

Notes to Editors:
 Heritage Hideaways, the Suffolk holiday cottages specialist, markets and manages high-quality holiday cottages throughout Suffolk and Norfolk. With 85 properties on its books, the company has seen a 244% growth in bookings across the last four years.  Heritage Hideaways’ Suffolk holiday cottages are based in the seaside resorts of Southwold, Walberswick, Aldeburgh and Thorpeness, with Norfolk holiday cottages dotted across the County from Hunstanton to Sheringham, as well as at the heart of the Norfolk Broads.  To find out more about Heritage Hideaways’ Norfolk and Suffolk holiday cottages, visit www. heritagehideaways. com, tel 01502 578278.  Marie Curie Cancer Care provides high-quality nursing, totally free, to give terminally ill cancer patients the choice of dying at home supported by their families.  Marie Curie Cancer Care is one of the UK’s largest charities. Employing more than 2,700 nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals, it expects to provide care to around 27,000 terminally ill patients in the community and in its 10 hospices this year. The charity is the largest provider of hospice beds outside the NHS.  Marie Curie Cancer Care’s services are provided totally free of charge to the patient - two thirds of the costs are paid for through the £115 million we need to raise this year and a third is covered by our partners in the NHS across the UK.  To find out more about how you can get involved visit www. mariecurie. org. uk/events (http://www. mariecurie. org. uk/events)  Phoenix Trading is the world’s number one direct-selling greeting card company with over 100 million cards sold worldwide to date.  To order products from Phoenix Trading, visit www. phoenixtrading. com


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Small Cases of Athlete's Foot Can Lead to Severe Illness

Small Cases of Athlete's Foot Can Lead to Severe Illness

Treating athlete's foot completely the first time can mean the differences between healthy attractive feet and serious illness that could even cause hospitalizaiton.

Cordova, TN (PRWEB) August 26, 2005

Recent research shows that if left untreated, Athlete's foot can cause more serious illness. Athlete's foot is a fungal infection that occurs on the feet and toes. The medical term is tinea pedis. Athlete's foot may last for a short or long time and may come back after treatment. AthleteÂ’s foot can cause cellulitus and Lymphadentis. Cellulitis is an acute inflammation of the connective tissue of the skin, caused by infection with staphylococcus, streptococcus or other bacteria). Lymphadenitis is an infection of the lymph nodes (also called lymph glands) and lymph channels.

These infections can cause a person to have several symptoms including cracked, flaking, peeling skin between the toes. The affected area is usually red and itchy. You may feel burning or stinging, and there may be blisters, oozing, or crusting. In addition to the toes, the symptoms can also occur on the heels, palms, and between the fingers. Localized skin redness and inflammation increases in size as the infection spreads. Symptoms of a more serious infection include tight, glossy, "stretched" appearance of the skin, pain or tenderness of the area, rash, fever, chills, shaking, sweating, fatigue, muscle aches, pains, nausea and vomiting, joint stiffness caused by swelling of the tissue over the joint and hair loss at the site of infection.

Some conventional treatments for athlete's foot include over-the-counter antifungal powders or creams to help control the symptoms. Cellulitis treatment may require hospitalization if it is severe enough to warrant intravenous antibiotics and close observation. At other times, treatment with oral antibiotics and close outpatient follow-up is enough. Antibiotics are given to control infection, and analgesics may be needed to control pain. Lymphadenitis and lymphangitis may spread within hours so it requires immediate treatment. Specific antibiotics are used to control infection, when bacterial infection is diagnosed as the underlying cause of lymphadenitis. Analgesics may be needed to control pain with lymphangitis. Anti-inflammatory medications may help reduce inflammation and swelling. Aspirin may be recommended as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and fever reducer. An abscess may require surgical drainage. Hot moist compresses may help to reduce inflammation and pain.

These serious infections can be avoided by properly treating an infection of athlete's foot. However, most conventional treatments merely control symptoms of athlete's foot but do nothing to actually kill the fungus that is rotting your skin and nails. Prescriptions drugs can be costly and come with a list of side effects, and over-the-counter creams only affect the skin on the surface of the infection -- the skin thatÂ’s already decaying and flaking away with every scratch.

Selmedica Healthcare, a well-known name in the nutraceutical industry has combined over a decade of international tests, studies and research to successfully treat athlete's foot with an alternative to conventional treatments. At this time there are no other alternative solutions like it. Paravex™ is a two-part system – a capsule and a liquid, since it is necessary to attack tinea pedis both internally and externally to destroy it. Paravex™ liquid is unique in that it is a blend of oils infused with potent anti-fungal botanicals. Jojoba oil is used as a base for this step in the Paravex™ program, which Selmedica Healthcare says is the key to the success of their product. Jojoba oil has the smallest molecular structure of any oil, allowing it to saturate and penetrate the skin more deeply than a cream would. In fact, tests and studies have shown it actually penetrates the nail bed and any skin it is applied to. This allows for the anti-fungal botanicals to reach every area of infection, both from the capsule internally and the liquid externally.

Selmedica Healthcare offers Paravex™ in a kit for $67, which is comparatively less than most prescriptions and repeated purchases of creams when they fail to get rid of the fungal infection in one shot. And like most nutraceutical companies, Selmedica Healthcare firmly backs the effectiveness of their product with a 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee, even up to a year after the purchase date. Try to get that kind of support from the pharmacy or grocery store, you’ll be laughed at. For more information, please visit www. paravex. com.

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Protein is the Secret to a Healthy Body

Protein is the Secret to a Healthy Body

The Proto Diet System is a protein-based fat loss and body composition management system. It blends advanced metabolic science with simple, common sense procedures. The Proto Diet System is comprised of the Cyclical Dieting System as well as two major supplements: Proto Whey and Proto Lean.

(PRWEB) February 28, 2002



Ms. Olivia Lamon


990, Moraga Road, Suite C

Lafayette, CA 94549

Protein is the Secret to a Healthy Body

LAFAYETTE, CA – February 28, 2002: Market-Ability announces its brand new product The Proto Diet System.

Do you realize that protein is the most important nutrient in your entire diet? It is responsible for your immune system, brain cognition, the development of cells, energy, skin, hair and nails. If you understand this, you understand how vitally important it is to get enough protein in your diet.

The Proto Diet System is a protein-based fat loss and body composition management system. It blends advanced metabolic science with simple, common sense procedures. The Proto Diet System is comprised of the Cyclical Dieting System as well as two major supplements: Proto Whey and Proto Lean.

A study done on the Proto Diet System yielded some amazing results. Participants who used the Proto Diet System lost an average of 5.5 inches in the waist, 4 inches from the thighs and 5 inches from the hips. And all this was fat loss, not muscle loss.

The Cyclical Dieting System used in PDS works by alternating days of restricted calorie intake with a day of unrestricted eating. The inclusion and timing of the free eating day is the key to maintaining maximum fat burning and muscle preservation. It prevents your body from going into "starvation mode", during which your metabolic rate actually decreases while your body tries to preserve energy.

ProtoLean is an herbal and amino acid product which stimulates metabolic rate and suppresses appetite. It helps all the organs involved in the digestion of food to work better and more efficiently. Proto Lean is nothing short of revolutionary when it comes to fat loss and body reshaping.

Proto Whey is an entirely new form of dietary protein that makes it easy to get the protein your body needs. Because of its added glutamine and high levels of amino acids, Proto Whey is the most advanced and metabolically efficient source of protein in existence.

While most Americans eat enough protein, they arenÂ’t absorbing enough protein. Protein isnÂ’t as easy to absorb as fat and carbohydrates are so we usually only absorb 30-35% of the protein we ingest. Using a proprietary method, the protein in Proto Whey has been broken down into micro peptides, allowing for 100% immediate absorption. Proto Whey is the only source of protein that allows your body to keep all the protein you are consuming! The result is a metabolism that works at itÂ’s full potential.

Proto Whey can be easily mixed with water, juice, milk or other liquids and comes in a delicious array of flavors: Vanilla Cappuccino, Suisse Chocolate, Raspberry Cream, French Vanilla and Orange Cream. Proto Whey is included as part of the Proto Diet System but can also be purchased individually.

Power Crunch is another way you can include more protein in your diet. Power Crunch is a delicious frosted wafer snack that is glutamine enhanced and delivers 13 grams of Proto Whey protein. They are low in fat, low in sugar and come in three great flavors. Power Crunch creme filled cookies are a unique alternative to energy and nutritional bars that are low in taste and high in sugar. Finally a good-for-you snack that tastes good too!

The product showcase presentation will be held on Monday March 4, 2002 at 990 Moraga Road, Suite C, Lafayette CA 94549. Call for times and reservation. Northern California based Market-Ability, LLC is a joint-venture firm that partners with new product inventors and distributors and markets their products and services through direct response television, radio, catalogs, direct mail and more. A complete listing of their line can be seen by calling 800-434-6275.

For Additional Information, Please Contact:

Olivia Lamon


Http://www. market-ability. com (http://www. market-ability. com)

Mproduct@pacbell. net

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Chrysalis-ITS Extends Global Reach via Reseller Expansion

Chrysalis-ITS Extends Global Reach via Reseller Expansion

Chrysalis-ITS has signed new reseller distribution partners throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America. Chrysalis-ITSÂ’ leading HSMs which are used to protect private encryption keys, and accelerate cryptographic functions in sensitive online transaction environments, are now sold through channel partners in over 40 countries.

(PRWEB) January 30, 2002

Chrysalis-ITS Extends Global Reach via Reseller Expansion

Leading Luna® HSMs available to customers through partners in 40 Countries

Ottawa, Ontario – January 29, 2002 - Chrysalis-ITS, the leading provider of trusted hardware security modules (HSMs) for e-business, has expanded its global reach with new reseller distribution partners throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America. Chrysalis-ITS’ leading HSMs which are used to protect private encryption keys, and accelerate cryptographic functions in sensitive online transaction environments, are now sold through channel partners in over 40 countries. Chrysalis-ITS resellers benefit from the company’s indirect channel strategy, which covers both territories and verticals, and are realizing extensive benefits selling into the growing HSM market, which IDC predicts will expand by 33 percent annually from 2000 to 2005.

The latest Chrysalis-ITS resellers join an extensive list of system integrator and VAR partners. New Chrysalis-ITS resellers include: Cassarius AG of Switzerland, Cyber-Networks of France, ProWare of Hungary, BCQRE of Korea, EVALI of Korea, INITECH of Korea, SVOA of Thailand, ACT of Lebanon, Al Moammar Information Systems MIS of Saudi Arabia, GNS of Canada, ORC of USA, Symmetry of Brazil, and Teknowledge of USA.

Encrypted links and strong authentication are becoming baseline requirements for all online business transactions, and hardware security modules are fundamental ingredients in such solutions. Analysts also predict that HSM devices will be increasingly required for digital signing of e-commerce transactions, as individuals must be able to trust that signing operations are secure.

“The use of HSMs is already mandated within the financial, government and healthcare e-business sectors, so working with Chrysalis-ITS products and our indirect sales team affords resellers ready access to a growing market opportunity. Each of our reseller partners has focused security expertise and is a leading integrator in their respective geography, or vertical,” said Carlos Fox, Vice President of Sales, Chrysalis-ITS. “We are pleased to have each of them join our reseller program and we are dedicated to provide them with the technical and marketing tools required to integrate and sell Chrysalis-ITS products as a fundamental part of their electronic commerce and Internet security solutions.”

Reseller partners in Asia, Europe and North and South America are actively integrating Chrysalis-ITS products into security infrastructures within leading financial institutions, governments and Fortune 500 companies around the globe to provide these organizations with solid foundations of trust for their architectures. Chrysalis-ITS has received an overwhelming positive response from new reseller partners.

Cybernetworks: “Chrysalis-ITS is a pioneer in the hardware security space, and dominates the PKI market for HSMs,” said Philippe Bonnet, Sales Director for Cybernetworks. “With Europe being at the leading edge of deployment for security technology, we want to provide our customers with all the hardware and software components they need for successful e-business security operations - Chrysalis-ITS products are a must-have for hardware-based key protection.”

BCQRE: “BCQRE has partnered with Chrysalis-ITS to provide complete security solutions that meet the needs of our growing Korean customer base,” said Sungjoon Park, CEO of BCQRE. “Using Chrysalis-ITS HSMs, BCQRE is well positioned and equipped to support our clients through an extensive offering of Enterprise PKI Solutions, Digital Rights Management Solutions and Systems as well as Advanced Cryptographic Security Solutions.”

Operational Research Consultants: “The federal government is becoming North America’s hottest technology market given its high growth prediction for the next five years and a $45 billion technology budget in fiscal 2002. Security planning and expenditures will be critical,” said Ronald Howell, ORC Vice President Product Sales, ORC. “Chrysalis-ITS and ORC already have a large customer base within US government agencies, and we want to help that grow as increased government spending is realized.”

Teknowledge: “Teknowledge is focused on delivering security products and services to ensure trusted Internet transactions. We are increasingly focused on solutions for the financial services industry where HSMs play a critical role,” said Steve Zorn, Director of Marketing for Teknowledge. “Our financial customers are looking to use the best security products available, which is why we’ve partnered with Chrysalis-ITS, an established HSM leader in the financial PKI market.”

Symmetry: “Symmetry is focused on the banking, financial technology services industries, and we’re working on some very exciting deals with Chrysalis-ITS in Brazil,” said Jacob Feldman, Director of Sales and Marketing for Symmetry. “Chrysalis-ITS is a great partner and we’re pleased to represent them and distribute their leading HSMs to South American organizations deploying advanced e-business security solutions.”

About Chrysalis-ITS

Chrysalis-ITS Incorporated is a leading vendor of hardware security products that add trust and speed to e-commerce, PKI and VPN applications. Offering unmatched hardware-based key management and high-performance cryptographic processing, Chrysalis-ITS products enable fast, trusted Internet transactions. Chrysalis-ITS products power security solutions deployed to customers spanning the world's leading financial institutions, service providers, and government agencies. Chrysalis-ITS products are delivered through a global network of distributors and value-added resellers. Founded in 1994, Chrysalis-ITS is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with offices in England, Japan and the United States. The company website is www. chrysalis-its. com.

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Chrysalis-ITS, Chrysalis-ITS logo, Luna, and Ultimate Trust are trademarks or registered trademarks of Chrysalis-ITS Incorporated. All other trademarks mentioned herein are property of their respective trademark owners.

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Ceridian: Dependent Eligibility Audits Bring Employers ‘Immediate, Often Staggering’ Savings

Ceridian: Dependent Eligibility Audits Bring Employers ‘Immediate, Often Staggering’ Savings

Ceridian research shows American companies lose an estimated $22 billion annually paying for the health care of their employees’ ineligible dependents

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) February 22, 2010

Ceridian (http://www. ceridian. com/295pr8a) Corporation, a leading provider of managed human resource (http://www. ceridian. com/295pr8b) and employee benefits administration (http://www. ceridian. com/295pr8c) services, introduced today an expanded version of its dependent verification services (http://www. ceridian. com/295pr8d) for companies looking for a fast, reliable way to cut the rising cost of providing health care for employees.

"The cost of health care continues to be a top concern among employers," said Jon Attwooll, manager of Ceridian Verification Services. "A dependent eligibility audit is one of the fastest, most effective ways for employers to reduce their total health care costs as well as future costs."

Ceridian expanded its verification services to make it easier for employees to submit proof of their dependent's eligibility and to give employers greater transparency into the health care savings identified by the audit. Click here (http://www. ceridian. com/295pr8e) for more information.

For more than a decade Ceridian has offered dependent audits, in which companies request proof that employees' dependents, such as spouses and children, qualify for medical benefits. However, the spiraling cost of health care, combined with employers' increased focus on expense management, has increased demand for this service as a proven cost-containment strategy, Attwooll said.

American companies lose an estimated $22 billion annually paying for the health care of their employees' ineligible dependents, according to Ceridian. On top of that, employers are now finding that factors such as high divorce rates and blended families are leading to even higher numbers ineligible dependents, Attwooll said.

"Our research shows that up to 15 percent of employees' dependents receiving employer-provided medical benefits aren't eligible to receive them," he said.

By removing just one ineligible dependent from its health care plan an employer can save about $3,000, Attwooll said, regardless whether the plan is fully insured or self-insured.

"The savings that result from dependent audits are immediate and often staggering, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, depending on company size."

Not only are dependent audits a way to curb the runaway costs of health coverage, Attwooll said, but they also provide a way for employers to ensure that their benefit plans are administered consistently and fairly to all employees.

About Ceridian:
Ceridian is a global business services organization that offers a comprehensive range of innovative solutions. From human resources and benefits to accredited employee assistance, work-life and health and productivity services, Ceridian helps organizations maximize their human, financial and technology resources. As a leader in payroll outsourcing, gift cards and controlled spending, Ceridian is also a driving force in payment innovation. Whether partnering to improve employee productivity, save money or minimize financial risks, Ceridian's business is to help organizations stay focused on their business. For more information about Ceridian's comprehensive array of human resource solutions, visit www. ceridian. com or call 800-729-7655.

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Major Employers Increase Health and Disease Management -- Use of Incentives; Return on Investment Still an Important but Unanswered Question

Major Employers Increase Health and Disease Management -- Use of Incentives; Return on Investment Still an Important but Unanswered Question

Report released today by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) and IncentOne shows use of incentives for health and disease management programs growing more sophisticated. How to apply incentives, which incentives to use and when incentives are most effective are all important considerations when designing a health management and disease management program.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) June 22, 2007

Major U. S. employers are growing increasingly sophisticated in using incentives to encourage employee participation in health and disease management programs. They also face the challenge of maintaining employee motivation while demonstrating that these programs make strict business sense, according to a survey of major U. S. employers conducted by The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC), the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and IncentOne Inc.

When broken down by type of program, companies with disease management programs are less likely to offer incentives for those programs than for other types of programs, the survey indicated. This indicates that employers are targeting programs and incentives based on the needs of their employees rather than simply building a generic program. Since use of incentives with health and disease management programs was seen as a way to "create buzz" and "improve completion rates" among employees, application of incentive programs for persons with chronic conditions to maintain motivation and drive continued program participation may be an opportunity for growth and expansion as these programs mature.

The findings of the survey of 242 major employers were announced today at Institute 2007-AHIP's Annual Meeting in Las Vegas

"As health care costs rise, employers of all sizes continue to seek ways to control costs while increasing quality of care -- health and wellness and disease management programs have shown great promise," said John Engler, president and CEO of NAM. "This survey indicates that the American business community is highly interested in innovative strategies to improve their employees' health and productivity."

On average, employers said that health management should have a positive impact on the bottom line. For example, respondents strongly agreed with the statements that "productivity will improve with health management" and that "return on investment (ROI) increases as employee participation increases."

While measuring ROI was deemed important, almost two-thirds (62 percent) of companies offering incentives had not attempted to measure ROI for their programs, and only 14 percent of respondents had been successful in obtaining such measures. However, among respondents that were willing to estimate ROI for their programs, more than 75 percent estimated an ROI greater than break-even.

"Clearly, employers are finding that investing in their employees' health is both the smart thing to do and the right thing to do for both employers and employees," said ERIC president Mark Ugoretz. "And directing resources toward workers' health must be balanced with an understanding of how programs can both reduce benefit expenditures and improve workers' productivity. This survey shows that employers are serious about understanding the business case and they anticipate a return as these programs mature. It's a win-win for both employees and employers."
Among other key findings of the survey:

· Three-quarters of employers surveyed offer health management programs to their employees, and of those companies offering these programs, two-thirds encourage their employees to participate with incentives.

· The most common incentive offered across health management programs is premium reductions, with 40 percent of companies using these as incentives. A strong second is cash or bonuses, offered by 29 percent of companies.

· Disease management programs that did offer incentives were more likely to use health account contributions, although premium reductions were the second most popular incentive.

· The most serious challenge reported for health management programs is maintaining employee motivation over time.

"We have long been of the opinion that health management programs in general and the use of incentives in particular makes good business sense," said Michael Dermer, president and CEO of IncentOne. "But maintaining employee motivation, seen as a serious challenge among those employers surveyed, suggests that there is a need to use a combination of incentive design strategies and unique but effective employee communication techniques."

The web-based survey was sent to members of both organizations, resulting in a response by 242 companies (a 35 percent company response rate). The membership of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) were surveyed about the use of incentives in employee health management programs. NAM, ERIC and IncentOne sponsored the survey. NAM is the nation's largest industrial trade association, representing small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector and in all 50 states while ERIC's member companies provide health and retirement benefits directly to tens of millions within the U. S. population.

The survey was conducted to determine if employers believe that incentives are an important component of health, wellness and disease management programs and to understand the types of incentives used by employers for such programs, and whether they offer a positive return on investment (ROI). The survey also sought to understand the challenges employers faced in implementing and operating these programs.

About The ERISA Industry Committee The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) is the only organization dedicated exclusively to representing the employee benefits and compensation interests of America's major employers. Since 1976, ERIC has been preeminent in its effective lobbying and advocacy work in the nation's capitol on behalf of its members. For more information, please visit www. eric. org.

About the National Association of ManufacturersThe NAM is the nation's largest industrial trade association, representing small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector and in all 50 states. The NAM's mission is to advocate on behalf of its members to enhance the competitiveness of manufacturers by shaping a legislative and regulatory environment conducive to U. S. economic growth and to increase understanding among policymakers, the media and the general public about the vital role of manufacturing in America's economic and national security for today and in the future. For more information, please visit www. nam. org.

About IncentOneSince 1997, IncentOne has provided integrated incentive solutions to clients ranging from small businesses to the FORTUNE® 500, including half of the FORTUNE® 50. IncentOne's solutions combine its proven incentive platform with the industry's most comprehensive reward portfolio and best practices to provide companies with a tool to drive business objectives including healthcare cost reduction and productivity improvement. IncentOne's clients include Washington Mutual, WebMD, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Deloitte, ADP, NBC and the United States Postal Service. For more information, please visit www. IncentOne. com.

Karla Hurter, Health2 Resources
Phone: 703-319-0957

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Former Mall Worker, Now Millionaire Maker, Receives National Black Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Former Mall Worker, Now Millionaire Maker, Receives National Black Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Darnell Self was named the 2004 “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC). Self has built a team of more than 75,000 Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (PPLS) independent associates across the United States. This national award is given to the entrepreneur who demonstrates success, compassion, and dedication to economically empowering the African American community at large. Self accomplished this by partnering with Pre-Paid Legal, which provides legal expense plans that offer a variety of legal services in a manner similar to health insurance plans or HMOs. According to the company, the combined sales of Self’s network exceeds the $50 million mark.

Ada, OK (PRWEB) August 18, 2004

Darnell Self Empowers African Americans in Creating & Succeeding in Their Own Businesses. Darnell Self was named the 2004 “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC). Self has built a team of more than 75,000 Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (PPLS) independent associates across the United States. This national award is given to the entrepreneur who demonstrates success, compassion, and dedication to economically empowering the African American community at large. Self accomplished this by partnering with Pre-Paid Legal, which provides legal expense plans that offer a variety of legal services in a manner similar to health insurance plans or HMOs. According to the company, the combined sales of Self’s network exceeds the $50 million mark.

“Mr. Self has personally inspired Black Americans from all walks of life to build business networks that supply a valuable service to our communities,” says Harry C. Alford, President and CEO of NBCC. “This man demonstrates pure leadership and entrepreneurship at its best by adding to the ever-growing African American middle class.”

Before joining with Pre-Paid Legal, Self was selling clothes in a mall. He tried working in other network marketing programs with poor results. Then a friend introduced him to Pre-Paid Legal. Shortly after Self decided to sign up for the membership, he had an opportunity to test it. He called a Pre-Paid Legal provider lawyer about an old bill where he was overcharged by $92. After that one consultation and resulting phone call made on his behalf, the bill collection company removed the charge. “I quickly learned that this was a good product and could confidently sell it and encourage others to come aboard,” says Self. “I knew many people who could not afford an attorney but needed to get legal advice before a bad situation got worse.” The business that Self started in 1998 has grown to a network of 75,000 associates in all 50 states and Canada.

While, according to the U. S. Census Bureau, the average African American household earns $26,000 a year, Self has helped many people in his network achieve incomes far above the average, including many people achieving “Ring Earner” status -- $100,000 or greater during a 12-month time frame. Although the company does not capture such demographic information, Self believes nearly 98 percent of his organization is African American.

Some of the African Americans whom Self has helped grow into Pre-Paid Legal’s “Million Dollar Club” members are: Antonio Adair, former US Postal Supervisor; K. C. and Lorraine Townes, previously in the United States Air Force; and Michael Humes, who now makes more in a month that he used to make in a year as a letter carrier.

After receiving this award, Self’s hope is that more African Americans will adapt the guiding principles of his success, “Maintaining faith in one's belief, unity of our families, and creating financial independence with integrity. And, most importantly, learning to give more than you receive.”

Pre-Paid Legal Services® Inc.: Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. is the only publicly traded company in the United States organized solely to design, underwrite, and market legal expense plans. For a monthly fee, the Company's legal expense plans offer a variety of legal services in a manner similar to medical reimbursement plans or HMOs. The Company currently provides legal services to over 1.4 million families across the U. S. and Canada. Plan benefits are delivered through a network of independent provider law firms. More information is available at www. prepaidlegal. com.

The National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC): The NBCC is dedicated to economically empowering and sustaining African American communities through entrepreneurship and capitalistic activity within the United States and internationally. This business association represents 95,000 Black-owned businesses with 190 affiliated chapters locally based throughout the nation, as well as international affiliate chapters. More information is available at: www. nationalbcc. org.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reprints Desk Makes Pharmaceutical ePrint Procurement Service Available Through FIZ AutoDoc Document Delivery System

Reprints Desk Makes Pharmaceutical ePrint Procurement Service Available Through FIZ AutoDoc Document Delivery System

New service offering enables FIZ Karlsruhe customers in Europe and around the world to simplify electronic content re-use and improve visibility into enterprise content procurement

Santa Monica, Calif. (PRWEB) July 27, 2009

Reprints Desk, Inc., the content workflow company, and FIZ Karlsruhe, a European-based provider of information delivery services, today announced the immediate availability of Reprints Desk's article ePrint procurement service within the FIZ AutoDoc full-text brokerage routing system for document delivery. The new service offering enables FIZ AutoDoc customers, including dozens of major life science and other research-intensive companies, to simplify the content retrieval workflow for individual buyers and to improve internal visibility into electronic content spending and regulatory compliance.

"Besides expanding the content available via FIZ AutoDoc we are also continuously enhancing the delivery options," says Wendelin Detemple, Head FIZ Products and Services, Marketing and Sales, FIZ Karlsruhe. "Therefore, we are very pleased to be able to offer Reprints Desk's ePrint procurement service for convenient ordering of bulk copies of articles, which is especially important for our key customers from the pharmaceutical industry."

FIZ AutoDoc is the document delivery system of choice for many of Europe's largest corporations, supporting unmediated and mediated ordering for single journal articles, patent documents, reports, conference papers, proceedings or other publications. Reprints Desk offers ePrint procurement services as part of its Reprints NRx service that makes it easier for life science and healthcare communications companies to order bulk copies of peer-reviewed journal articles from scientific and medical publications for use in promotions and educational programs. Scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles are important educational tools for pharmaceutical and other life science companies who communicate with medical professionals.

FIZ Karlsruhe integrated Reprints Desk's STM Document Delivery service into the FIZ AutoDoc system in June 2008. Reprints Desk is a leading provider of content workflow solutions, including document delivery services in support of research plus reprint services in support of product promotions and educational outreach. Reprints Desk also launched the group purchasing software service Reprints GPO in March 2009 to help companies and their global affiliates save money by aggregating individual scientific and medical article reprint purchases.

About Reprints Desk®
Reprints Desk, Inc. (www. reprintsdesk. com) is a business software and information services company that simplifies how research-intensive companies and other organizations procure, manage and share journal articles and other copyright-protected content. The company's content workflow and compliance solutions help customers effectively use peer-reviewed literature in research, regulatory submissions, and product promotions. A channel supplier for more than 100 scientific, technical, and medical (STM) publishers, Reprints Desk earned the #1 ranking in the 2008 Document Delivery Vendor Scorecard by Outsell, Inc., and currently serves companies in life sciences, energy, aerospace, industrial products, consumer packaged goods, and information technology. Reprints Desk is a Derycz Scientific (DYSC. OB) company. For more information about Reprints Desk, contact Ian Palmer at +1 (707) 658-1931.

About FIZ Karlsruhe®
For more than 30 years, FIZ Karlsruhe (www. fiz-karlsruhe. de) has been developing and providing high-quality services for information transfer and innovative solutions for knowledge management in research. Its main activities are the operation of the online service STN International which focuses on science and patent information and is operated together with Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), and the development of the KnowEsis product line offering e-Science solutions for web-based scientific work. FIZ Karlsruhe also produces databases and information services and operates scientific portals, mainly in mathematics, computer science, energy and crystallography. Primary literature can be ordered through the full-text broker service FIZ AutoDoc. FIZ Karlsruhe is a member of the Leibniz Association (WGL) which consists of 86 research and service institutions and six associate members. The Leibniz institutes' fields of activity include natural sciences, engineering, environmental sciences, business and social sciences, territorial planning and building research, and the humanities. The institutes handle strategic and subject-oriented issues of public interest and are therefore jointly sponsored by the German Federal Government and the German Federal States.

Public and Media Relations Contact:
Ian Palmer, Head of Marketing
Reprints Desk, Inc.
+1 707.658.1931

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Idaho National Laboratory Deploying Lombardi Business Process Management (BPM) Solution

Idaho National Laboratory Deploying Lombardi Business Process Management (BPM) Solution

Government Research Facility selects Teamworks BPM Suite to Manage Administrative Processes

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) November 10, 2008

Lombardi®, a leader in business process management (BPM) (http://www. lombardi. com/) software, today announced that the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) (http://www. inl. gov/) has selected its award-winning Teamworks® BPM software suite to support numerous administrative business processes across the organization. INL is a science-based, applied engineering national laboratory dedicated to supporting the U. S. Department of Energy's missions in nuclear and energy research, science, and national defense.

TechTrend, a Lombardi consulting and services partner, will assist INL with the design and delivery of their administrative business processes in Teamworks. TechTrend is a provider of enterprise services and software solutions to the U. S. Government and private industry

"We are proud to partner with Lombardi to provide this comprehensive solution to INL", said Mohammad Amir, president, TechTrend. "Lombardi, as a recognized and proven leader in BPM, has the perfect solution for addressing the real world need of defining, maintaining, and improving business processes for any organization."

In operation since 1949, INL's mission is to ensure the nation's energy security with safe, competitive, and sustainable energy systems and unique national and homeland security capabilities. INL is operated for the Department of Energy (DOE) by Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA) and partners, each providing unique educational, management, research and scientific assets into a world-class national laboratory.

Idaho National Laboratory is deploying Lombardi Teamworks (http://www. lombardi. com/enterprise-bpm-software. php) initially to help manage many of its administrative processes. The new administrative processes will enable INL to reduce the manual effort involved, while providing greater visibility with a goal towards optimizing their efficiency. Using Teamworks, INL management will be able to review up-to-the-minute dashboards containing the performance information as needed to administer their business. Additionally, Teamworks' strong audit capabilities will help INL ensure compliance with any rules and regulations.

"Teamworks helps to streamline processes, deliver visibility, and increase the effectiveness across organizations of all sizes," said Olivier Gachot (http://www. lombardisoftware. com/about-lombardi-team. php#oliviergachot), executive vice president of worldwide sales, Lombardi. "Lombardi is proud to help government agencies such as INL manage, scale and improve their critical business processes."

About Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
In operation since 1949, Idaho National Laboratory is one of the Department of Energy's 10 multi-program national laboratories. The laboratory performs work in each of the strategic goal areas of DOE -- energy, national security, science and environment. INL is the nation's leading center of nuclear energy research and development. Battelle Energy Alliance manages and operates INL for the DOE. http://www. inl. gov (http://www. inl. gov).

About TechTrend
TechTrend is a leading provider of enterprise services and software solutions to the U. S. Government and private industry. We are certified by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) as an 8(a) and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) Corporation. TechTrend services combine best of breed transformational and technology expertise, in areas such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), Lean Six Sigma, Enterprise Architecture, and other IT related arenas. For more information, visit www. techtrend. us.

About Lombardi
Lombardi is a leader in business process management (BPM). We offer award-winning BPM technology (http://www. lombardisoftware. com/enterprise-bpm-software. php) and services (http://www. lombardisoftware. com/bpm-process-definition. php) to help our customers, partners and government agencies around the world succeed with their process improvement initiatives.

Lombardi is behind some of the largest, most successful BPM implementations in the world. Our customers include Allianz Group, Aflac, Banco Espirito Santo, Barclays Global Investors, Dell, El Paso Energy, FETAC, Financial Services Authority, Ford Motor Company, Hasbro, ING Direct, Intel, Maritz Travel, National Bank of Canada, National Institute of Health, Safety-Kleen, T-Mobile, UCLH, Wells Fargo Financial, Xbridge and numerous governmental agencies. For more information, visit www. lombardi. com.

Lombardi, Teamworks are registered trademarks and Teamworks Process Optimizer, Teamworks Portal, Teamworks for Office, Teamworks for SharePoint, Teamworks for Organization Management and Lombardi Blueprint are trademarks of Lombardi Software, Inc. All other company/product names and service marks may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


Monday, June 7, 2010

KarmaDharma Radio with Suzanne Podcast Encourages Listeners to Express Gratitude and Celebrate Life

KarmaDharma Radio with Suzanne Podcast Encourages Listeners to Express Gratitude and Celebrate Life

Host Suzanne Toro and her guests explore the theme of Gratitude and Celebration of Life this month. Her podcast show, KarmaDharma Radio with Suzanne is found on LifeStyleYak. com. Included in this series is a special Holiday bonus podcast and a podcast where Toro asks children what they are thankful for.

Long Beach CA (PRWEB) December 5, 2008

KarmaDharma Radio with Suzanne continues its podcast series on Yaktivate. com. Suzanne Toro, host of the show, is all about inspiration and giving back to people, the planet and the world. Toro, a global visionary, author, and healer, introduces her next series of podcasts, available in December. KarmaDharma Radio can be found on www. LifestyleYak. com, one of the many podcasting channels on Yaktivate. com. As 2009 comes to a close, Toro explores the grace of her guests and connects with how they express gratitude, what they are thankful for, and how they celebrate life.

December's theme is titled: Gratitude and Celebration of Life. Week one features guest Derrick Ashong who is a Soulfege musician and activist. In week two, Toro talks to Gerard Senehi, the Master of Mentalism, and a renowned corporate and private party entertainer in New York City. Week three finds Toro interviewing kids between the ages of 6 - 10 about the simple things they are grateful for and features some of past guest Anne Heaton's music. During week four KarmaDharma Radio explores gratitude and celebration through the expression and creation of creative visual media during a discussion with Nadia Saramanca, executive producer and co-founder of the Elevate Film Festival. Lastly, a bonus podcast airs December 23rd, focused on gift economy - the power of giving anonymously, featuring a discussion with Nipun Metha and Sukh Chugh from Charityfocus. org.

Derrick Ashong is a musician, activist and entrepreneur, and was recently dubbed a "YouTube phenom" by the New York Times. Toro celebrates his music, talks with Ashong about his homeland and gives thanks for all those who died without having a voice. His group, Soulfege, is poised to redefine the sound and image of urban music as they challenge a generation to literally "Take Back the Mic," his passion-filled project. Ashong is backed by a team of experienced and visionary leaders, including Dave Stewart with "Weapons of Mass Entertainment." Soulfege was recently signed to Independent Artist Representatives which represents Grammy and Oscar caliber artists.

Gerard Senehi is the Master of Mentalism, and a corporate and private event entertainer. He is a "superstar" in the world of psychic entertainment as a master of telekinesis, thought reading and telepathy often surprising his guests with their new abilities to perform amazing and impossible feats. Toro dives into Senehi's psyche and explores how the mind can find gratitude and exhibit grace from the intellect to the soul. They discuss his sense of where the world is currently residing within its own grace. And ultimately they share stories on how helpful it is to use the power of telepathy in day-to-day situations. Find out more about Gerard Senehi at whatisenlightenment. com and experimentalist. com.

Kids often have a way of simply stating how they see it and feel it. Join Toro as she interviews a group of 6 - 10 year old children about the things they are grateful for. The kids' obvious, yet often profound, insights remind the listener of all the simple things in life for which to be grateful. Anne Heaton, musician and former guest, lends her graceful sounds to the mix to bring the experience full circle. Check out myspace. com/anneheaton.

Nadia Saramanca is the executive producer and co-founder of the Elevate Film Festival. She speaks with Toro about how to express gratitude and celebration through the use of creative visual media. Saramanca discusses the power of celebrating a wide variety of views of life through the production of conscious media. The opportunity for creative expression is endless within this format and Toro enlightens the audience with examples of Saramanca's productions by showing some video examples (www. elevateexperience. com).

The bonus podcast on December 23rd includes a discussion with Nipun Metha and Sukh Chugh from Charityfocus. org about Gift Economy - the power of giving anonymously. The interview also includes music from a gift economy participant.

Each week, host Toro also invites listeners to implement small progressive steps in their daily lives in the "call to action" section of the show. In this way, she helps listeners actively build on what inspires them to feel the joy of living a life of passion and purpose.

Sponsors for this series of KarmaDharma Radio with Suzanne include:
Toms Shoes  www. Tomsshoes. com
DIY Fathers  www. DIYfathers. com
Book Habit  www. Bookhabit. com
Natural Health www. radioforyourhealth. com

KarmaDharma Radio with Suzanne, airing on lifestyleyak. com, is the creative endeavor of Suzanne Toro. She is in service to humanity and the environment with an emphasis on human spirit, global transformation and assisting in the healing of the planet. She has just published her first book, Bare Naked Bliss, which tells her own story of healing. Toro loves to help others connect to their spirit by remembering their life purpose and also teaches them how to celebrate and love life with pure joy--as Toro says, "All is possible." It is her intent that KarmaDharma Radio will provide the connectivity necessary to reach the many seekers in the world.

LifeStyleYak. com is one of many channels found on Yaktivate. com, an internet marketing organization and global media network. Yaktivate. com focuses on podcasts on a wide range of channels with topics that span the interests of all across the globe. From podcasts about health to business to living a life of giving, Yaktivate has it all. Yaktivate. com is always on the lookout for new podcasting talent and for businesses that recognize the importance and potency of reaching their niche marketing audience in an effective and cost-effective manner.

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Acorn Systems Announces ‘Powered by NetWeaver’ Certification

Acorn Systems Announces ‘Powered by NetWeaver’ Certification

Houston and Austin, TX (PRWEB) December 5, 2005

Acorn Systems, a leading provider of profitability improvement solutions, and MomentumSI, a systems integrator and professional services organization, today announced the successful completion of the SAP "Powered by NetWeaver" certification. The results will allow Acorn Systems’ customers to build extended business performance solutions utilizing the strategic technology provided by SAP.

“We saw the advantages that deeper integration with the SAP NetWeaver platform could provide for our Global 1000 clients,” said Torsten Weirich, EVP Product Development at Acorn Systems. “Acorn Systems provides clients the full benefits of SAP’s NetWeaver platform so that they can capture the greatest value in profitability improvement through deploying Acorn Systems solutions with their SAP deployments.”

Acorn Systems had made SAP-specific integrations and optimizations in order to receive the "Powered by NetWeaver" certification. The certification means customers will be able to run Acorn’s application on the Web Application Server platform including integrating with SAP’s single sign-on and viewing key user interfaces and experience a stronger connectivity and integration with the SAP Enterprise Portal and Web Application Server.

Acorn Systems worked with MomentumSI, a technology strategy and professional services firm to complete the SAP NetWeaver certification process. “Acorn Systems solutions bring unmatched profitability analytics to clients,” said Scott Campbell, Principal of the SAP NetWeaver Practice at MomentumSI. “With the SAP NetWeaver Certification Acorn’s customers will benefit from solutions that are tightly integrated with their SAP environments.”

As an SAP Services Partner MomentumSI provides insight both into the SAP environment but also a deep knowledge of the processes and technology infrastructure and architectures required to take pre-existing business applications and extend them to certified solutions for the SAP NetWeaver environment.

About Acorn Systems

Acorn Systems provides continuous enterprise-wide visibility into business performance enabling profit improvement at a low total cost of ownership. Acorn Systems delivers a solution that is verifiably accurate, auditable and actionable. Acorn Systems' solution is flexible and dynamic and provides a sustainable, scalable platform for Corporate Performance Management. Acorn Systems' clients come from many industries in North America and Europe, including Financial Services, Retail, Consumer Product Goods, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Distribution in the Metals, Foods, Electronics, Paper, Industrial, Office Products, Building Supplies, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Chemicals industries. For more information, visit http://www. acornsys. com (http://www. acornsys. com) or call 1-800-98Acorn.

About MomentumSI

MomentumSI has been at the forefront of business and technology consulting, continually setting new standards by designing and implementing integrated solutions that dramatically improve our customers' ability to drive business solutions. To learn how Momentum can assist you in building your Service Oriented Enterprise, visit our web site at www. momentumsi. com or call us at 888.886.8560.

Acorn Systems Contact:

Ted Bockius, Director of Marketing


Tbockius@acornsys. com

MomentumSI Media Contact:

Hjalmer Danielson, Director of Marketing

(916) 294-0747

Hdanielson@momentumsi. com

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Theta-Orthotics Quantify the Treatment of Posture

Theta-Orthotics Quantify the Treatment of Posture

New research that quantifies the relationship between foot function and human biomechanics has unraveled the age long question of human posture. Thousands of researchers and medical practitioners have reported a correlation between how we walk and stand and the curvatures of our spine. This postural relationship has been linked to many symptoms and conditions, treated currently and for more than two hundred years by physicians and therapists.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) May 15, 2005

New research that quantifies the relationship between foot function and human biomechanics has unraveled the age long question of human posture. Thousands of researchers and medical practitioners have reported a correlation between how we walk and stand and the curvatures of our spine. This postural relationship has been linked to many symptoms and conditions, treated currently and for more than two hundred years by physicians and therapists.

Brent A. Jarrett, DPM, primary researcher and president of Theta-Orthotics, has defined a one to one relationship between angular control of the human foot and our ability to stand straight during weight bearing activity. These measurements define the forces that rotate the lower extremity, stabilize the pelvis, and ultimately create the alignment of our spinal structures.

Physicians and patients have experienced and reported the benefits of postural improvement associated with the use of many different foot control devices. Medical literature has generally described how control of both forefoot and rearfoot function can be used to treat many chronic conditions of the muscles, tendons, and joints altered by walking activity. Never before has anyone quantified accurately this important relationship.

Until now, application of these principles has been confined to the realm of art, as the mathematical documentation necessary to permit study as a science, has not been available. Basic research that has defined these angular measurements began over 20 years ago and has since been studied clinically by Dr. Jarrett and his colleagues. Studies now document the specific correction levels that can be used to optimally stabilize and restore posture at levels previously believed impossible.

Patients report immediate changes in forces on their posture and are amazed at the benefits as they progressively increase correction to levels way beyond traditional application. Dr. Jarrett personally describes these postural benefits, with angular corrections more than twice those used by any other physicians, as "unbelievable."

Dr. Jarrett added, "These understandings will completely change our approach to the treatment of many chronic medical conditions." He suggests that the relationship between posture and health is one that has never been fully understood and is of the utmost importance. Additional information related to this unique scientific discovery, that Dr. Jarrett calls THETA, can be found at http://www. theta-orthotics. com (http://www. theta-orthotics. com) To schedule a consultation, answer treatment questions or place an order call, toll free, 1-800-55THETA (558-4382).

Contact Information:

Brent A Jarrett, DPM

Phone: 800-55THETA

(558-4382) toll free

Http://www. theta-orthotics. com (http://www. theta-orthotics. com)

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Organic India Launches Aggressive Global Online Strategy

Organic India Launches Aggressive Global Online Strategy

Organic India, a global producer of organic teas, foods and supplements announced the launch of www. OrganicIndia. com and www. TulsiPeople. com.

Lucknow, India / Boulder, Colorado (PRWEB) June 20, 2006

Organic India, a global producer of organic teas, foods and supplements announced the launch of its new corporate site (www. OrganicIndia. com), corporate blog (www. TulsiPeople. com) and overall online business strategy. The launch of the site signals the first step in a global initiative by the company that includes the international expansion of its branches in North America, Europe and Israel and the launch of a of a flagship online store.

Doron Levitas, Global Managing Director for Organic India said, "Organic India has a clear spiritual vision that is conveyed through our line of pure, 100% certified organic Tulsi teas and herbal products.

"Our model of sustainable agriculture and farming gives us the strength and resolve to become a global leader in the organic teas and products industry.

"The launch of the new Organic India site (www. OrganicIndia. com) and the Organic India company blog (www. TulsiPeople. com) represent the first steps in our online strategy that will deliver our vision and products globally, creating the opportunity for a healthier and more balanced life for consumers around the world."

Organic India is a global leader in organic products and an avid supporter of sustainable farming, wild crafting and village/tribal agricultural communities in India. Organic India remains true to its commitment to deliver the highest quality organic products while maintaining a socially responsible and sustainable business approach.

Organic India has quality assurance certifications from the world’s top authorities including SGS Certifications from Switzerland, SQF (Safe Quality Food) Certification, ISO9001:2000, USDA Organic Certification (United States Department of Agriculture), Demeter Biodynamic Certification and SKAL International certification for sustainable agriculture and holistic production processes.


Eyal Beit-On

Online Press Agent

Phone: 646.797.2846

Fax: 720.406.3942

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First pH Body Chemistry Test Online

First pH Body Chemistry Test Online

(PRWEB) November 25, 1999

First pH Body Chemistry Balance Test Online

 Dr. Michael Jonas Kahn, Ph. D. Nutritional Scientist, has created a revolutionary Self-Evaluative body chemistry balance test that can be done "ONLINE." And for the first time ever gives anyone the ability to do a truly Wholistic examination of their overall body chemistry balance, deficiencies and diet over the internet!

 Taken from the research of Dr. Carey Reams, emminent biophysicist and Naturopathic Doctor in the 50's and 60's,

Dr. Kahn has created a very easy way to assess overall balance with a simple mean pH test (done with pH tape), a deficiencies

Symptom and diet questionnaires. Which when combined together can provide the average person with a very accurate Wholistic

Biochemical look at their overall health, deficiencies, diet and body chemistry balance that has never been possible before.

And even better then this, the foods and supplements that would best fit each individuals self-evaluative findings based on their own mean pH, symptoms and dietary "ONLINE" Examination. 

 Now although the pH (acid to alkaline ratio) test in medicine is well known and documented, it's significance in

Regards to the digestive and eliminative systems, and consequent implications towards diet and deficiencies have been mostly

Ignored. And just as acupuncture, accupressure, reflexology,

Iridolgy, and kinesiology are based on points that are relative to organs in the body, so too the pH saliva/urine test is

Reflective of the overall metabolistic balance. The pH of the saliva being relative to the digestion and liver. The pH of the

Urine being relative to the eliminatory system and kidneys.

 So as the pH of the saliva becomes more alkaline, the digestion and metabolism start becoming weaker and slower,

Exhibiting symptoms such as weight gain and constipation asthe digestive system becomes less able to extract the heavier

Elements from their diet beginning with the calciums and metals. And one of the primary reasons calcium and iron deficiencies are

So prevalent.

   In other words, when we have a poor digestion, indicated by an weak SALIVA pH, we HAVE to eat more because we digest

Less. Which would explain many people's current weight dilemma. And why, despite exercise, the weight just keeps coming back.

We just don't have the digestive and metabolistic strength any longer.

 Opposite to the above as the pH of the saliva becomes more and more acidic, nutrients are lost from the acidity, as

Well as things moving too fast through the digestive system, which doesn't have the time to digest the nutrients, evidenced

By acid indigestion, loose bowels and/or weight loss.

   Thus the significance of the pH is that by its "relative" nature to the body chemistry we have a very concrete picture of

The overall chemistry balance. Because the strength of the pH is in direct relation to the bodies ability to produce a pH that

Is strong enough to break down the very foods it needs to survive.

   An example of the importance of the above is that MOST middle aged and younger people's digestion is too alkaline (weak),

And the taking of the alkalizing calcium CARBONATE (egg, oyster shell, the most widely used and recommended supplement) will just further WEAKEN DIGESTION. This then ADDING to a person's inability to assimilate the nutrients from their foods, and ironically contributing to disease's like osteoporosis!

 Thus, the significance of the pH factor is that it gives an objective overall biochemical picture of the our current

Digestive/metabolic health state in one simple to administer test. And also a concrete guide as to just where we are in our overall balance of elements. This then leading to specific recommendations

As regards the particular foods, minerals, vitamins and Herbs that would best return us to a balanced state. And instead of just

Guessing about what minerals and vitamins that would be good for us we can base those decisions on just where the body chemistry

Balance is at.

 There has never been so simple a way to get a basic body chemistry assessment. There never will be any easier way. And

Without some kind of biochemical test you cannot make a body chemistry evaluation that is complete. But combine the pH test with a

Deficiencies symptom and diet questionnaire,

And you can evaluate yourself as never before possible.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

If Laid Off, Most Americans Could Not Afford Health Insurance Says MedicareSupplementPlans. com

If Laid Off, Most Americans Could Not Afford Health Insurance Says MedicareSupplementPlans. com

As unemployment rises, many employed Americans indicate they could not afford their health insurance if they were laid off. Laid-off workers over age 65 can be especially hard hit.

Los Angeles, CA (Vocus) May 4, 2009

Almost a third (32 percent) of employed Americans could not afford to purchase health insurance if laid off from work, and almost two-thirds (65 percent) could only afford it for six months, according to a new consumer survey.

For employees age 65 and over on Medicare, the loss of that secondary employer insurance can be a major blow, leaving them without the complete medical coverage they need.

Surprisingly, about 64 percent of those who are covered by their employer—including seniors—don’t know how much their employers contribute toward their health insurance. Yet, if laid off, they would have to pay the entire monthly premium plus an administrative fee if opting for COBRA coverage. While the federal government is presently offering a 65 percent subsidy on COBRA premiums for up to nine months for eligible individuals, purchasing COBRA coverage can still be cost prohibitive for those collecting unemployment.

For seniors, an alternative to COBRA is an affordable Medicare supplement insurance plan (http://www. MedicareSupplementPlans. com). Yet finding the right plan that offers the best benefits for the lowest cost can seem overwhelming because of all the information seniors must wade through.

For Barbara Van Dellen of Woodlake, Calif., help was no further than a click away when she was referred to www. MedicareSupplementPlans. com for her Medicare supplement insurance needs. Of the site’s brokers, she said, “You came to us highly recommended by four of our friends. When I called, you responded in a timely manner…your explanation of the Medicare supplement program was excellent…”

The Web site, which specializes in Medicare supplement insurance, also known as Medigap insurance, gives those 65 and older the opportunity to compare rates, plans and benefits from several prominent insurance companies.

Despite the alternatives available, one in two Americans who currently have health insurance don’t believe if they lost their current health plan they would be able to find equal coverage elsewhere. What many don’t realize is that there are affordable alternatives out there, including Medicare supplement plans for seniors over age 65.


Wayne State University's Michigan Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science Selects the OnCore System to Support Centralized Clinical Research Operations

Wayne State University's Michigan Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science Selects the OnCore System to Support Centralized Clinical Research Operations

In support of its new Michigan Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science (MACTS), Wayne State University (WSU) has implemented the OnCore® Clinical Research Management system (OnCore-CRM) from Forte Research Systems, Inc. to support its centralized clinical research operations.

Madison, WI (Vocus/PRWEB) December 30, 2010

In support of its new Michigan Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science (MACTS), Wayne State University (WSU) has implemented the OnCore® Clinical Research Management system (OnCore-CRM) from Forte Research Systems, Inc. to support its centralized clinical research operations.

"The university recognized that we need to be providing centralized clinical research services for our investigators," said Michael Diamond, MD, director of MACTS, who helped spearhead the search for a clinical trials management system to support the new institute.

When looking for a system, Dr. Diamond's team knew that the system had to be easy to use, be able to create subject calendars, include functionality for billing and financial management capabilities, and have appropriate privacy and HIPAA controls.

Dr. Diamond points out that, while the OnCore system does have all the required functionality they were looking for, there were also some synergies with the clinical research operations at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, which is also affiliated with WSU.

"We thought there might be some opportunity for efficiencies of scale in the future since Karmanos was already utilizing the OnCore system, although not exactly the same way that we have set it up," said Dr. Diamond.

"It's an amazing opportunity to be helping support such an ambitious project. It's always a pleasure to see an organization streamline their operations and bring diverse research groups and multiple investigators together, in part through the use of a unified informatics system," said Srini Kalluri, President and CEO of Forte Research Systems.

The group at WSU MACTS began implementing the system earlier this year and went live on October 22, 2010.

"So far, we've been very impressed with Forte Research’s staff and their responsiveness," said Dr. Diamond.

About the WSU Michigan Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science:

The Wayne State University Michigan Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science consortium is founded on the vision to become the national model for the conduct of clinical and translational research in an inner-city setting, by creating a comprehensive, coordinated and integrated model for researching aspects of urban health. Their three core goals are to:

(1) Increase the volume and quality of clinical and translational research studies.

(2) Develop the next generation of clinical and translational researchers, with particular emphasis on inclusion of those from historically underrepresented minority groups.

(3) Achieve wider participation of diverse populations in clinical trials.

The emphasis on urban health reflects the uniquely diverse community within the Detroit metropolitan region served by WSU MACTS. The consortium focuses on engaging minority groups in clinical research efforts with particular emphasis on reducing barriers to access to participation by expanding outreach, increasing trust between community members and academic health care providers, improving cultural competency of health care providers, and expanding the numbers of minority clinical and translational scientists, so that, among other goals, research questions are motivated by a broad range of perspectives, mirroring the face of America.

The MACTS program has research strengths in the areas of cancer, neurosciences, and women and children’s health. An urban focus leads to prioritization of research efforts within each of these strength areas, resulting in special implications for the surrounding urban population.

For more information about MACTS, visit http://macts. urcmich. org.

About OnCore:

The OnCore platform is the flagship product from Forte Research Systems, Inc., a software development company specializing in clinical and translational research informatics for midsized to large organizations. As the nation's most widely adopted clinical research platform among academic research organizations and cancer centers, OnCore is the result of over a decade of experience working closely with large research organizations, including many world-class NCI designated cancer centers and institutes funded by the National Institute of Health's Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program.

OnCore-CRM offers a comprehensive set of modules for managing all aspects of clinical research:
Protocol & Subject Life Cycle Management Subject Safety Management Protocol & Subject Calendar Management Study Financials Management Electronic Data Capture and Data Management Paperless Committee Management with ePRMS Study Information Portal Custom Reporting Technology

In addition to the clinical research management system, two other systems complete the OnCore product portfolio. These are OnCore for Biospecimen Management (OnCore-BSM) and OnCore for Unified Registries Management (OnCore-URM).

For information about the OnCore clinical research informatics platform, contact Forte Research Systems at (608) 826-6000 or visit the company online at http://www. ForteResearch. com.


Research Report Shows Leading Companies Focus On Consistent Service Delivery Across Multiple Channels

Research Report Shows Leading Companies Focus On Consistent Service Delivery Across Multiple Channels

With Increased Use of Support Tools Such as Chat and Web Portals, Organizations Investing in the Regularity of Information Across All Channels are Seeing Higher Resolution and Retention Rates

Indianapolis (Vocus) July 27, 2010

Consona Corporation, a worldwide leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for companies of all sizes, today announced the availability of the latest research report published by Aberdeen Group (http://www. aberdeen. com/), a Harte-Hanks Company, titled Multi-Channel Service Delivery: Getting Customers the Service They Want, Where and When They Want It (http://v1.aberdeen. com/includes/asp/sponsored_registration. asp? ci=/launch/report/benchmark/6389-RA-multi-channel-service-delivery. asp&spid=30411417&camp=).

This complimentary paper, made available in part by underwriters Consona and Astute Solutions (http://www. astutesolutions. com/), found that leading service companies were not only looking to utilize channels other than the contact center as a means to capture customer requests and deliver service, but also invest resources in ensuring the consistency and efficacy of information and the overall experience available on all delivery channels.

“This report is a testament to the value of our Knowledge Driven Support Suite (KDS), and that is to create a single, holistic view of the customer via any service or support channel,” said Tom Millay, general manager of Consona’s CRM products. “Like many of our customers, those organizations investing in cross-channel service and support and intelligent search technology are seeing significant increases in customer satisfaction coupled with considerable cost savings throughout their support centers.”

While the contact center, fax, and e-mail have been the traditional channels available for customer service requests, channels such as live chat, customer-specific web portals, and others have seen increased support in the last three years. Looking ahead, organizations are actively looking to increase the availability of service information via live chat, social media platforms, messaging, and technical forums and discussion boards.

''The extended network of communication tools and platforms impacts the way customer service can be delivered. By no means is the phone the only way one can get in touch with a product manufacturer or servicing organization. As customers, whether in the form of consumers or businesses, we are afforded a variety of channels to capture service information, make service requests, share feedback and purchase additional products and services,'' said Sumair Dutta, senior research analyst at Aberdeen. ''These channels also allow for better visibility into issues of customer sentiment and customer feedback, all of which can greatly impact customer service strategy.''

Aberdeen’s benchmarked-focused report indicated that while all firms are looking to improve time-to-repair and first-call resolution, leading firms focus on increasing access to customer - and service-specific information via knowledge across the organization. As such, these best-in-class firms exhibited the following:
An 85 percent current performance in first-call resolution, in contrast to a 56 percent performance for all others. A 21 percent reduction in total support costs over the last 12 months, as opposed to a 1 percent reduction for all others. An 86 percent current performance in customer retention when compared to a 74 percent performance for all other organizations

To obtain a complimentary copy of the report, visit: http://www. aberdeen. com/link/sponsor. asp? spid=30411417&cid=6389 (http://www. aberdeen. com/link/sponsor. asp? spid=30411417&cid=6389)].

For more information on Consona CRM products, visit: http://crm. consona. com (http://crm. consona. com)].

About Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company
Aberdeen provides fact-based research and market intelligence that delivers demonstrable results. Having queried more than 30,000 companies in the past two years, Aberdeen is positioned to educate users to action: driving market awareness, creating demand, enabling sales, and delivering meaningful return-on-investment analysis. As the trusted advisor to the global technology markets, corporations turn to Aberdeen for insights that drive decisions.

As a Harte-Hanks Company, Aberdeen plays a key role of putting content in context for the global direct and targeted marketing company. Aberdeen's analytical and independent view of the "customer optimization" process of Harte-Hanks (Information - Opportunity - Insight - Engagement - Interaction) extends the client value and accentuates the strategic role Harte-Hanks brings to the market. For additional information, visit Aberdeen (http://www. aberdeen. com/) or call (617) 854-5200, or to learn more about Harte-Hanks (http://www. harte-hanks. com/), call (800) 456-9748.

About Consona Corporation
Consona Corporation is a worldwide leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for companies of all sizes. Consona is dedicated to becoming a valued business partner by helping each and every customer continuously improve business processes over time. Toward this mission, Consona invests in the people, processes, technology and tools needed to provide its customers with a unique combination of customer care; product fit; a broad range of consulting, IT and business services; and industry expertise. Consona serves more than 4,500 customers worldwide and across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, financial services, health care, high tech, and local government. Battery Ventures Thoma Bravo and NEA jointly own Consona. For further information, visit www. consona. com], e-mail infoATconsona. com, or call (888) 8 CONSONA.