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Chrysalis-ITS Extends Global Reach via Reseller Expansion

Chrysalis-ITS Extends Global Reach via Reseller Expansion

Chrysalis-ITS has signed new reseller distribution partners throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America. Chrysalis-ITSÂ’ leading HSMs which are used to protect private encryption keys, and accelerate cryptographic functions in sensitive online transaction environments, are now sold through channel partners in over 40 countries.

(PRWEB) January 30, 2002

Chrysalis-ITS Extends Global Reach via Reseller Expansion

Leading Luna® HSMs available to customers through partners in 40 Countries

Ottawa, Ontario – January 29, 2002 - Chrysalis-ITS, the leading provider of trusted hardware security modules (HSMs) for e-business, has expanded its global reach with new reseller distribution partners throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America. Chrysalis-ITS’ leading HSMs which are used to protect private encryption keys, and accelerate cryptographic functions in sensitive online transaction environments, are now sold through channel partners in over 40 countries. Chrysalis-ITS resellers benefit from the company’s indirect channel strategy, which covers both territories and verticals, and are realizing extensive benefits selling into the growing HSM market, which IDC predicts will expand by 33 percent annually from 2000 to 2005.

The latest Chrysalis-ITS resellers join an extensive list of system integrator and VAR partners. New Chrysalis-ITS resellers include: Cassarius AG of Switzerland, Cyber-Networks of France, ProWare of Hungary, BCQRE of Korea, EVALI of Korea, INITECH of Korea, SVOA of Thailand, ACT of Lebanon, Al Moammar Information Systems MIS of Saudi Arabia, GNS of Canada, ORC of USA, Symmetry of Brazil, and Teknowledge of USA.

Encrypted links and strong authentication are becoming baseline requirements for all online business transactions, and hardware security modules are fundamental ingredients in such solutions. Analysts also predict that HSM devices will be increasingly required for digital signing of e-commerce transactions, as individuals must be able to trust that signing operations are secure.

“The use of HSMs is already mandated within the financial, government and healthcare e-business sectors, so working with Chrysalis-ITS products and our indirect sales team affords resellers ready access to a growing market opportunity. Each of our reseller partners has focused security expertise and is a leading integrator in their respective geography, or vertical,” said Carlos Fox, Vice President of Sales, Chrysalis-ITS. “We are pleased to have each of them join our reseller program and we are dedicated to provide them with the technical and marketing tools required to integrate and sell Chrysalis-ITS products as a fundamental part of their electronic commerce and Internet security solutions.”

Reseller partners in Asia, Europe and North and South America are actively integrating Chrysalis-ITS products into security infrastructures within leading financial institutions, governments and Fortune 500 companies around the globe to provide these organizations with solid foundations of trust for their architectures. Chrysalis-ITS has received an overwhelming positive response from new reseller partners.

Cybernetworks: “Chrysalis-ITS is a pioneer in the hardware security space, and dominates the PKI market for HSMs,” said Philippe Bonnet, Sales Director for Cybernetworks. “With Europe being at the leading edge of deployment for security technology, we want to provide our customers with all the hardware and software components they need for successful e-business security operations - Chrysalis-ITS products are a must-have for hardware-based key protection.”

BCQRE: “BCQRE has partnered with Chrysalis-ITS to provide complete security solutions that meet the needs of our growing Korean customer base,” said Sungjoon Park, CEO of BCQRE. “Using Chrysalis-ITS HSMs, BCQRE is well positioned and equipped to support our clients through an extensive offering of Enterprise PKI Solutions, Digital Rights Management Solutions and Systems as well as Advanced Cryptographic Security Solutions.”

Operational Research Consultants: “The federal government is becoming North America’s hottest technology market given its high growth prediction for the next five years and a $45 billion technology budget in fiscal 2002. Security planning and expenditures will be critical,” said Ronald Howell, ORC Vice President Product Sales, ORC. “Chrysalis-ITS and ORC already have a large customer base within US government agencies, and we want to help that grow as increased government spending is realized.”

Teknowledge: “Teknowledge is focused on delivering security products and services to ensure trusted Internet transactions. We are increasingly focused on solutions for the financial services industry where HSMs play a critical role,” said Steve Zorn, Director of Marketing for Teknowledge. “Our financial customers are looking to use the best security products available, which is why we’ve partnered with Chrysalis-ITS, an established HSM leader in the financial PKI market.”

Symmetry: “Symmetry is focused on the banking, financial technology services industries, and we’re working on some very exciting deals with Chrysalis-ITS in Brazil,” said Jacob Feldman, Director of Sales and Marketing for Symmetry. “Chrysalis-ITS is a great partner and we’re pleased to represent them and distribute their leading HSMs to South American organizations deploying advanced e-business security solutions.”

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Chrysalis-ITS Incorporated is a leading vendor of hardware security products that add trust and speed to e-commerce, PKI and VPN applications. Offering unmatched hardware-based key management and high-performance cryptographic processing, Chrysalis-ITS products enable fast, trusted Internet transactions. Chrysalis-ITS products power security solutions deployed to customers spanning the world's leading financial institutions, service providers, and government agencies. Chrysalis-ITS products are delivered through a global network of distributors and value-added resellers. Founded in 1994, Chrysalis-ITS is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with offices in England, Japan and the United States. The company website is www. chrysalis-its. com.

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