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First pH Body Chemistry Test Online

First pH Body Chemistry Test Online

(PRWEB) November 25, 1999

First pH Body Chemistry Balance Test Online

 Dr. Michael Jonas Kahn, Ph. D. Nutritional Scientist, has created a revolutionary Self-Evaluative body chemistry balance test that can be done "ONLINE." And for the first time ever gives anyone the ability to do a truly Wholistic examination of their overall body chemistry balance, deficiencies and diet over the internet!

 Taken from the research of Dr. Carey Reams, emminent biophysicist and Naturopathic Doctor in the 50's and 60's,

Dr. Kahn has created a very easy way to assess overall balance with a simple mean pH test (done with pH tape), a deficiencies

Symptom and diet questionnaires. Which when combined together can provide the average person with a very accurate Wholistic

Biochemical look at their overall health, deficiencies, diet and body chemistry balance that has never been possible before.

And even better then this, the foods and supplements that would best fit each individuals self-evaluative findings based on their own mean pH, symptoms and dietary "ONLINE" Examination. 

 Now although the pH (acid to alkaline ratio) test in medicine is well known and documented, it's significance in

Regards to the digestive and eliminative systems, and consequent implications towards diet and deficiencies have been mostly

Ignored. And just as acupuncture, accupressure, reflexology,

Iridolgy, and kinesiology are based on points that are relative to organs in the body, so too the pH saliva/urine test is

Reflective of the overall metabolistic balance. The pH of the saliva being relative to the digestion and liver. The pH of the

Urine being relative to the eliminatory system and kidneys.

 So as the pH of the saliva becomes more alkaline, the digestion and metabolism start becoming weaker and slower,

Exhibiting symptoms such as weight gain and constipation asthe digestive system becomes less able to extract the heavier

Elements from their diet beginning with the calciums and metals. And one of the primary reasons calcium and iron deficiencies are

So prevalent.

   In other words, when we have a poor digestion, indicated by an weak SALIVA pH, we HAVE to eat more because we digest

Less. Which would explain many people's current weight dilemma. And why, despite exercise, the weight just keeps coming back.

We just don't have the digestive and metabolistic strength any longer.

 Opposite to the above as the pH of the saliva becomes more and more acidic, nutrients are lost from the acidity, as

Well as things moving too fast through the digestive system, which doesn't have the time to digest the nutrients, evidenced

By acid indigestion, loose bowels and/or weight loss.

   Thus the significance of the pH is that by its "relative" nature to the body chemistry we have a very concrete picture of

The overall chemistry balance. Because the strength of the pH is in direct relation to the bodies ability to produce a pH that

Is strong enough to break down the very foods it needs to survive.

   An example of the importance of the above is that MOST middle aged and younger people's digestion is too alkaline (weak),

And the taking of the alkalizing calcium CARBONATE (egg, oyster shell, the most widely used and recommended supplement) will just further WEAKEN DIGESTION. This then ADDING to a person's inability to assimilate the nutrients from their foods, and ironically contributing to disease's like osteoporosis!

 Thus, the significance of the pH factor is that it gives an objective overall biochemical picture of the our current

Digestive/metabolic health state in one simple to administer test. And also a concrete guide as to just where we are in our overall balance of elements. This then leading to specific recommendations

As regards the particular foods, minerals, vitamins and Herbs that would best return us to a balanced state. And instead of just

Guessing about what minerals and vitamins that would be good for us we can base those decisions on just where the body chemistry

Balance is at.

 There has never been so simple a way to get a basic body chemistry assessment. There never will be any easier way. And

Without some kind of biochemical test you cannot make a body chemistry evaluation that is complete. But combine the pH test with a

Deficiencies symptom and diet questionnaire,

And you can evaluate yourself as never before possible.