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KarmaDharma Radio with Suzanne Podcast Encourages Listeners to Express Gratitude and Celebrate Life

KarmaDharma Radio with Suzanne Podcast Encourages Listeners to Express Gratitude and Celebrate Life

Host Suzanne Toro and her guests explore the theme of Gratitude and Celebration of Life this month. Her podcast show, KarmaDharma Radio with Suzanne is found on LifeStyleYak. com. Included in this series is a special Holiday bonus podcast and a podcast where Toro asks children what they are thankful for.

Long Beach CA (PRWEB) December 5, 2008

KarmaDharma Radio with Suzanne continues its podcast series on Yaktivate. com. Suzanne Toro, host of the show, is all about inspiration and giving back to people, the planet and the world. Toro, a global visionary, author, and healer, introduces her next series of podcasts, available in December. KarmaDharma Radio can be found on www. LifestyleYak. com, one of the many podcasting channels on Yaktivate. com. As 2009 comes to a close, Toro explores the grace of her guests and connects with how they express gratitude, what they are thankful for, and how they celebrate life.

December's theme is titled: Gratitude and Celebration of Life. Week one features guest Derrick Ashong who is a Soulfege musician and activist. In week two, Toro talks to Gerard Senehi, the Master of Mentalism, and a renowned corporate and private party entertainer in New York City. Week three finds Toro interviewing kids between the ages of 6 - 10 about the simple things they are grateful for and features some of past guest Anne Heaton's music. During week four KarmaDharma Radio explores gratitude and celebration through the expression and creation of creative visual media during a discussion with Nadia Saramanca, executive producer and co-founder of the Elevate Film Festival. Lastly, a bonus podcast airs December 23rd, focused on gift economy - the power of giving anonymously, featuring a discussion with Nipun Metha and Sukh Chugh from Charityfocus. org.

Derrick Ashong is a musician, activist and entrepreneur, and was recently dubbed a "YouTube phenom" by the New York Times. Toro celebrates his music, talks with Ashong about his homeland and gives thanks for all those who died without having a voice. His group, Soulfege, is poised to redefine the sound and image of urban music as they challenge a generation to literally "Take Back the Mic," his passion-filled project. Ashong is backed by a team of experienced and visionary leaders, including Dave Stewart with "Weapons of Mass Entertainment." Soulfege was recently signed to Independent Artist Representatives which represents Grammy and Oscar caliber artists.

Gerard Senehi is the Master of Mentalism, and a corporate and private event entertainer. He is a "superstar" in the world of psychic entertainment as a master of telekinesis, thought reading and telepathy often surprising his guests with their new abilities to perform amazing and impossible feats. Toro dives into Senehi's psyche and explores how the mind can find gratitude and exhibit grace from the intellect to the soul. They discuss his sense of where the world is currently residing within its own grace. And ultimately they share stories on how helpful it is to use the power of telepathy in day-to-day situations. Find out more about Gerard Senehi at whatisenlightenment. com and experimentalist. com.

Kids often have a way of simply stating how they see it and feel it. Join Toro as she interviews a group of 6 - 10 year old children about the things they are grateful for. The kids' obvious, yet often profound, insights remind the listener of all the simple things in life for which to be grateful. Anne Heaton, musician and former guest, lends her graceful sounds to the mix to bring the experience full circle. Check out myspace. com/anneheaton.

Nadia Saramanca is the executive producer and co-founder of the Elevate Film Festival. She speaks with Toro about how to express gratitude and celebration through the use of creative visual media. Saramanca discusses the power of celebrating a wide variety of views of life through the production of conscious media. The opportunity for creative expression is endless within this format and Toro enlightens the audience with examples of Saramanca's productions by showing some video examples (www. elevateexperience. com).

The bonus podcast on December 23rd includes a discussion with Nipun Metha and Sukh Chugh from Charityfocus. org about Gift Economy - the power of giving anonymously. The interview also includes music from a gift economy participant.

Each week, host Toro also invites listeners to implement small progressive steps in their daily lives in the "call to action" section of the show. In this way, she helps listeners actively build on what inspires them to feel the joy of living a life of passion and purpose.

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KarmaDharma Radio with Suzanne, airing on lifestyleyak. com, is the creative endeavor of Suzanne Toro. She is in service to humanity and the environment with an emphasis on human spirit, global transformation and assisting in the healing of the planet. She has just published her first book, Bare Naked Bliss, which tells her own story of healing. Toro loves to help others connect to their spirit by remembering their life purpose and also teaches them how to celebrate and love life with pure joy--as Toro says, "All is possible." It is her intent that KarmaDharma Radio will provide the connectivity necessary to reach the many seekers in the world.

LifeStyleYak. com is one of many channels found on Yaktivate. com, an internet marketing organization and global media network. Yaktivate. com focuses on podcasts on a wide range of channels with topics that span the interests of all across the globe. From podcasts about health to business to living a life of giving, Yaktivate has it all. Yaktivate. com is always on the lookout for new podcasting talent and for businesses that recognize the importance and potency of reaching their niche marketing audience in an effective and cost-effective manner.

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